Dr. Adam Beguelin


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Dr. Adam Beguelin

  1. 1. Adam Beguelin, PhD Vice President, AOL Video CTO & Founder, Truveo, Inc. 0
  2. 2. The Market for Internet Video is Exploding Content Creators …want to distribute directly to consumers and bypass MSOs. 7B+ videos are currently streamed every month. Advertisers Consumers …demand better The market for …want access measurement and internet video is to all video, performance-based pricing models. doubling every all of the time. CPMs for online video are 6 months. Over half of all Internet users the highest in the business. regularly watch video online. Technology … can now support TV-quality video on the Internet. Broadband penetration has reached nearly 3 out of 4 US households. 1
  3. 3. The Next Wave for Online Video 2
  4. 4. AOL Video …has quietly become one of leading destinations for online video today 33
  5. 5. AOL Video Highlights • Fourth largest streaming video destination on the web • Largest video search syndication network – reaching over 25M UVs • One of the largest libraries of premium video – over 40K titles 44
  6. 6. Industry Firsts from AOL Video • Live8 – First to broadcast live video to millions of worldwide users • In2TV – First to offer free full-length television shows on the web • Hi-Q – First to support DVD-Quality playback • 10’ UI – First to provide complete online video experience for your TV • Open Video Search – First to offer open video search APIs to industry 55
  7. 7. Video-on-Demand Content Partners… more to come 66
  8. 8. AOL Video Search • AOL acquired Truveo in January • Over the past year, AOL’s Video Search network has grown to become the largest on the web, reaching over 25M UVs • AOL video search quietly powers many of the largest video destinations on the web • In September 2006, AOL Video opened its search engine to the developer community – Open APIs give developers access to millions of online videos – Director Program provides first self-service syndication mechanism for content owners 7
  9. 9. New AOL Video.com Portal -- Bringing it All Together One-Stop-Source for Best Online Video Experience 8 8
  10. 10. Build the Ultimate Video Destination with AOL • Put millions of videos at your users’ fingertips with our APIs • Let your users slice, dice, sort and share their videos using our rich search functionality • Sign up and access for free at developer.aolvideo.com 9
  11. 11. Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Video with AOL submit a feed using host the video on AOL Director Program Drive traffic to your own site your website we will syndicate your video upload your video create a branded across the to Brightcove destination and AOL Video monetize with ads or Make $$$ Search paid downloads Network reaching 25M UVs upload your video to AOL Uncut tag, label and share Become world with your friends famous 10