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DC2000 Reviewer's Guide.doc.doc


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  • 1. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 DC2000: Professional Editing & Interactive Authoring Solution This guide is intended to help those evaluating the DC2000 to see the process and procedures for a more complete understanding of the unique technology Pinnacle Systems, Inc. has designed into this product. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 1 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 2. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 Introduction Different emerging video applications generate various Markets are requirements for today's video processing solutions. Whereas changing in the past video was only distributed on tape or via transmission on TV, consumers today prefer individual solutions that fit their applications. Pinnacles goal is to provide solutions that fulfil the needs of editors, operators, producers and those who are involved in the processes of video creation, storage and distribution. Professionals request tools that provide them the highest listens Pinnacle possible quality, best productivity and optimum support for current and future video distribution technologies. and moves In addition to classic non-linear video editing for tape production professionals are looking for support to create content for DTV, DVD, CD and Web. The Pinnacle Systems DC2000 is based on the widely used MPEG2 compression technology. It combines real-time non- linear editing with direct MPEG2 IBP encoding - to deliver for MPEG2 broadcast servers and archive systems-, DVD Authoring and web-streaming. Of course it also incorporates support for conventional video equipment like Betacam decks and DV Camcorders. Sophisticated features for various editing and delivery requirements 1 Tech Background The Pinnacle Systems DC2000 is a computer-based video- and audio processing system that combines non-linear video editing with direct MPEG2 (DVD) encoding and web streaming. The DC2000 is based on MPEG2 implementation for some very good reasons: all new high quality video processing and distribution solutions are based on MPEG2. DC2000 talks their language and can access their materials in native format – with superior quality due to the advantage of lossless data processing. MPEG2 is also the Codec of choice for professional video editing. Integration of unique multiple product features have reduced the cost below the price of dedicated individual solutions for either encoding or editing. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 2 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 3. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 Edit, Encode, Stream .... Integration is MPEG2 is standard! key! Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 3 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 4. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 1.1 Native MPEG2 Imagine a lossless transfer between source media, edit MPEG rules the station and distribution media! Ideal world? ... it's the video world! standard of the future! With MPEG2 video devices video dubbing is simply copying data. DC2000 closes the editing gap between MPEG2 assets and typical MPEG2 storage media ... all professional video input and output signals are supported as well. Native MPEG 1.2 Component video (YUV) What is component video? So many video signal formats are Component: the used but it's never enough: DC2000 utilizes component video universal studio but what is it good for and what is so special about it? To format understand the benefits of component video it's necessary to understand how video is recorded, stored and transferred when highest quality should be maintained. A video camera (not necessary DV) digitizes the light-signals received through it's lens into three separate images The quality of representing the three colors: Red, Green, Blue. Those three the original color components can be used to recreate any TrueColor video! image. digitising Since three colors are enough to generate any colored image in a way that it exactly matches with it's original natural representative it would be ideal to use those three color components for high quality video too. In fact video is a sequence of pictures that are generated by Red, Green and Blue pixels, abbreviated RGB. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 4 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 5. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 1.2.1 Transfer component video To transfer this video via cable RGB images could be used; Transfer without but for compatibility and bandwidth reasons RGB video is quality loss transcoded into the YUV color space before it gets transferred or stored. The YUV space is build by a combination of luminance (Y) and color-difference (UV) signals. The transcode follows the a mathematical equation: A luminance signal can be build by uY = 0.3 uR + 0,59 uG + 0,11 uB. The color-difference signals are build by u R - uY = uR-Y uG - uY = uG-Y uB - uY = uB-Y (see video files for details) Compatibility Compatibility was necessary when TV stations started with consumer broadcasting color video and TV sets were still black and and studio white only. In that case only the luminance signal (Y) got equipment used and the color(-difference) signal (UV) was suppressed. Bandwidth can be reduced since the human eye is 1000 times more sensitive for luminance changes (or details) than Reduced for color details. For the human eye image details maintain, bandwidth as long as luminance details maintain whilst color details are requirements reduced; the color details are reduced by 50%. The saving in the color signal provides a bandwidth reduction of 2/3. Therefore a YUV 4:2:2 signal provides a data reduction of 1/3 against a YUV 4:4:4 signal. Uncompressed RGB PAL video sampled at 8 bit would result in 31 Mbyte/sec. The more efficient YUV 4:2:2 signal only needs a bandwidth of 21 Mbyte/sec. 1.3 Balanced Audio Very long audio cables but no decrease of the signal to noise Suppress ratio? No problem with balanced signals. Balanced signals distortion with are robust enough to eliminate any electrical interference. Balanced Audio Transferring audio with its original and opposite phase via separate cables and processing only the differences between both signals automatically eliminates all interference. Two signal and one ground cable are needed to establish the balanced procedure. Typically the connectors for balanced audio signals are called XLR connectors. They are developed for high duty studio For studio usage use. interference Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 5 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc signal during received cable signal transmission
  • 6. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 2 Main features Digital & analog video- and audio capture All in one - get Digital & analog video- and audio playback finished instantly and Real time post production: titles, effects, transitions, audio affordable! Direct MPEG2 IBP encoding from analog (Betacam) or digital (DV) MPEG2 Delivery (Elementary streams) DVD Authoring CD Authoring Web streaming Device control (RS422, DV/1394) DC2000 PCI card and the professional breakout box. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 6 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 7. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 3 Description 3.1 Professional features DC2000 is the most versatile video creation solution intended Versatile for video professionals who need to edit, encode, author and solution 4 stream. Highest quality is maintained during all processing professionals while video and audio are accessible via industry standard data-formats. DC2000 combines real-time non-linear editing with direct DC2000 is the MPEG2 IBP encoding, DVD Authoring and web-streaming: most complete capture from Betacam component or DV sources, edit in creation and the high quality MPEG2 422P@ML editing format and choose finishing tool for from various distributions formats like tape, disk or web streaming. tape, DVD, CD and streaming video @ professional level! No quality loss due to Native MPEG2 3.1.1 Real-time non-linear editing The video inputs and outputs support professional video connected equipment featuring component video and balanced audio VCR or export on a high quality breakout box. DC2000 is ideally prepared the timeline into the for Betacam decks or camcorders and professional studio appropriate devices. DC2000 provides a direct digital data transfer to formats for DV devices in real-time. DVD or web Greatly enhanced productivity is achieved with the real-time delivery. Export pre- effect playback benefiting from DC2000's dual stream sets eliminate technology and the on board full resolution effect mixer. any hassling Transitions, filters and titles are available in real-time. Edits with individual are instantly visible on video in full quality, frame rate and parameterisati color depth. Lip sync audio with all kind of sound effects is on. available in real-time as well. All video editing and processing is done in MPEG2 the professional format of choice. MPEG2 is the codec developed by video professionals for video professionals to set the standard for the best video quality. Unlike other Codecs MPEG2 is originally only developed for video maintaining highest quality at low data rates and providing cost saving compatibility. When the production is complete, it is easy to finish the movie in the distribution format of choice. Either master to analog or digital tapes playing directly from the timeline to the Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 7 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 8. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 Connect professional studio equipment Productivity - the most often used elements are available in real time MPEG2 finishing -- all distribution formats MPEG2 422 Professional Profile Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 8 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 9. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 3.1.2 Video encoding In addition to the complete editing capabilities DC2000 can Tape 2 Disk directly encode existing productions into the attractive MPEG2 video format. During encode DC2000 acts like a converter between any deck (tape) and the new storage media (disk). Direct MPEG2 This technology is ideal for archiving or content storing on encoding 4 MEPG2 servers for broadcast or playback. DC2000 encodes archiving or also to mounted network drives/servers in a Windows NT broadcast network. Complete new applications like video archiving and video broadcasting from hard disk are possible - and DC2000 is a substantial component. Video and Audio encoding is DVD compliant. Encoded materials can get directly imported into a DVD Authoring software. DVD encoding For the existing DVD Authoring market DC2000 and the fully and authoring enhanced Authoring version DVD2000 are more than included appropriate. DVD Finishing with DVD2000 - no problem! And it's so easy to use that anybody can do it in minutes! 3.2 Details 3.2.1 Hardware The DC2000 is based on a dual Codec PCI busmaster board A/V interfaces and a professional breakout box. The breakout box is equipped with BNC connectors for component video (YUV) Professional and XLR connectors for balanced audio. Standard video formats like composite and S-video are supported as well as breakout box unbalanced audio. DV inputs and outputs are available in real-time simultaneously to analog I/Os. This allows for real-time DV in real time! effects playback via IEEE 1394 - unique @ price point! The two onboard hardware MPEG2 Codecs allow for real- time dual stream MPEG2 processing. Two MPEG2 Codes 3.2.2 Real-time effects The DC2000 is equipped with a real-time mixer, making it turns up via possible to mix and output, according to the specifications of the analog or an effect, two videos that are simultaneously being played digital outputs back from the hard disk. This method is especially useful for of the card. cross fades and dissolves, since those consist of two DC2000 can chronologically overlapping videos. Real-time effect playback reproduce Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 9 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 10. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 more than 300 effects in real-time. DC2000 can even Full resolution superimpose true color titles and other graphics over a video effect mixer without prior rendering. Most often needed FX in real time Simultaneous real time outputs 3.2.3 SmartGOP™ Pinnacle offers the most innovative video technology for The intelligent today's video editing products: the patented SmartGOPTM editing interface editing software. MPEG2 editing has been difficult since usual for MEPG2 edit applications - not specially prepared for MPEG editing - can not refer to individual frames anymore. MPEG2 encodes video into Groups Of Pictures (GOP) and the recreation of a Pinnacles single pictures depends on the content of several frames. A patented intelligent technology is needed to deal with the encoded technology! material and provide frame accurate editing in real-time. SmartGOP™ is this technology - it's Pinnacles unique MPEG2 editing interface. The value for the user: edit DVD content in the Premiere timeline. DC2000 is the only product which can edit elementary streams - the streams used in DVD Authoring - in real-time. 3.2.4 Real-time color tinting DC2000 processes superimposed color mattes on a video Trick effects in clip in real-time. By adjusting the transparency of the color real time! matte real-time key-frameable tinting with any color can be done. Very well Color mattes are generated within Premiere. Alternatively any integrated with bitmap can be used even with color gradients. Premiere 3.2.5 3D Effects – FreeFX™ With FreeFX, customers can create fancy and throw a clear benefit spectacular fly-aways, curtains, oil drops or other 3D shapes to the into the video. DC2000 does it all – fully accelerated with no customer. need for an expensive workstation. DC2000 takes advantage of the 3D engine of today’s VGA cards and uses them for very efficient video rendering. Without any additional investment the powerful software of DC2000 enables accelerated 3D effects for the users. This is Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 10 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 11. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 3D VGA power for video! Dual usage of one investment 3.2.6 Hollywood FX Bronze Pinnacle Systems’ Hollywood FX delivers 3D transitions and A users dream: effects based on polygon rendering technology, similar to 3D effects animation programs. The HFX Bronze software can be used unlimited as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere to extend the effect capabilities, or it can be used as a standalone application to compose video. Generate DVD Together with the DVD Authoring software of DC2000 HFX Bronze is a perfect tool to generate Motion Menus for DVDs. Motion Menus with HFX Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 11 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 12. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 3.2.7 Device control Device control is done via the industry standard interface Convenient RS422. The cable to connect the deck to the serial port of the handling PC is included with DC2000. DV device control is also available via the IEEE 1394 interface. Connected decks and camcorders can be fully controlled by the software. The device control plug-in for Adobe Premiere provides frame accurate control for batch capture and print to tape (assemble edits). All the usual control features of Premiere are supported. Simply mark scenes while they are still on the tape using the jog and shuttle mechanism. The software remembers the timecodes of each scene and batch-captures the material to the hard disk. 3.2.8 INSTANT Video RT™ The product is shipped with the INSTANT Video RT software. Save time, This plug-in for Adobe Premiere takes care of all rendering increase tasks on the timeline. Its intelligent detection mechanism productivity, renders only those parts of a video which are not playable in real time and stores them to a file. Rendered and captured maintain quality! material can be played back directly from the timeline using Intelligent cut list playback. The support for non real-time segments is Rendering very useful when editors work with plug-ins like Hollywood FX and rendering is required. Cut List Playback 3.2.9 INSTANT DVD™ While INSTANT Video is used for timeline playback (print to Save time, tape) INSTANT DVD is used for timeline export (print to file). increase It utilises the same intelligent detection and rendering productivity, mechanisms than INSTANT Video. Unmodified material gets just copied during export - without any quality loss - edited maintain quality! portions get rendered. Everything is stored into one file. Intelligent Typically INSTANT DVD generates elementary streams that Rendering allow video delivery in the distribution format of the future: MPEG-2 on CDs and DVD. However, INSTANT DVD exports Ultra fast the native format used in the timeline. timeline export 3.2.10 Real-time filters -Image Correction Simultaneous adjust of Brightness, Contrast and Saturation - from different the Pinnacle Image Correction Filter does it all in real time. sources and This filter is a great feature for those who work with material need to adapt Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 12 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 13. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 a certain color for all materials. A typical application for Real-time color professionals. adjust The Pinnacle Image Correction Filter is key-frameable for the Features for first and the last frame of the filter selection. professionals Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 13 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 14. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 3.2.11 Real-time Character Generator Titles are the most often used elements in video post Smooth edges - production. DC2000 offers a powerful broadcast title broadcast generator to provide titles with outstanding quality: TitleDeko. quality Absolute clean edge smoothing and quick accessible styles for practical usage are the impressive features. TitleDeko integrates very well with the editing application Adobe Premiere. Simply click on any TitleDeko title in the timeline and the title editing mode is available immediately. Real time Convenient title touch ups in broadcast quality - all real-time. integration 3.2.12 StreamAnyWhere LE A complete production on the web? No problem with Settings for any Pinnacles StreamAnyWhere plug in for Adobe Premiere. web consumer StreamAnyWhere exports a complete timeline into a Real (RM) or MS streaming format. Due to distribution requirements users can choose between RealMedia RMA files or MPEG4 ASF files. A MPEG4 (ASF) wizard helps to find the right settings to generate streams for certain consumers. 3.2.13 CD & DVD Authoring DC2000 is equipped with a professional CD and DVD Author CD and Authoring application. Minerva Impression CD Pro lets users DVD content out generate self-running CDs with menus, video and audio of the box tracks that can be played back on most of the current PCs with a CD-ROM drive (we suggest a PII 266 or better with a 24x CD-ROM drive). A new way of video delivery for prosumers is available now. 3.2.14 MPEG2 timeline management Content material is stored in the MPEG2 format and the MPEG2 auto DC2000 automatically generates a MPEG2 copy on the convert timeline. When it comes to export the timeline is already completed with MPEG2 material. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 14 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 15. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 15 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 16. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 Positioning The DC2000 is intended to meet requirements of video Professionals professionals. Highest encoding quality, real time effects, and I/Os that fit perfectly with the studio equipment are part of the professional nature of the product. Its supports the platforms Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0. DC2000 provides the latest edge technology together with a Leading future solid functionality at a exceptional price. The technology is proof the most modern available on the market and guarantees a technology save and long lasting investment. DC2000 meets all sophisticated video and audio requirements for creating video for broadcast use as well as industrial video, commercial video, corporate presentations and training tapes. The Broadcast-quality output delivered by Solution of the DC2000 makes it the ideal system for video and audio choice! post-production projects with the highest quality requirements. DC2000 integrates video editing, DVD Authoring and web streaming into one product. It's the industries first solution that covers all major distribution formats and provides direct MPEG2 support. It's the complete all in one solution for Various today's video processing requirements combining direct applications production for tape, DVD, CD and web. In addition, DC2000 offers significantly better performance than other products in the same price range. DC2000’s true real-time editing during all production stages provides a Studio productivity level that isn’t even reached by many revolution professional products selling at a much higher price. High performance Server Betacam capture Print to DV DC2000 tape MPEG2 Export for Streams DVD& Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 16 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 17. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 4 Product feature list 4.1 Device control – features and benefits Jog & Shuttle The integrated deck control for RS422 and DV can be used to jog and shuttle through the tape and set frame accurate markers utilizing the time code on the tape. Timecode display The time code of the current position on the tape is always visible in the edit application - even during real- time capture. Offline edit + recapture The MPEG2 editing mode allows for relatively low data rates that can be used to support off line editing. Since DC2000 can capture the time code together with the video a complete off line on line editing is available by recapturing trimmed productions in full quality or EDL export. Time code export Use the EDL feature to export the time code of a complete arranged timeline for use with other editing stations. Playback of finished When a production is finished the DV video data can productions to the DV be played back to the camera in real-time through the device 1394 link. The upload can be done either from DVTools™ or from INSTANT Video™ in Adobe Premiere. Camera control Camera control is provided with the Premiere capture window to edit individual scene in and out points or support the live video mode and provide access to all necessary functions of the camcorder: * Device control (wind, rewind, play, pause ...) * Capturing of DV data from tape using device control * Capturing live video * Overlay window Previewing tapes to select The controls in Premiere allow for simultaneous clips scene previewing via video monitor and overlay window. Assemble and Insert Edit With DC2000 and the RS422 device control frame accurate inserts on the tape are supported. Use the device control dialog to position the tape a print a certain length of the production to the tape. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 17 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 18. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 4.2 Real time editing – features and benefits Transitions (real-time) More than 300 transitions play back without prior rendering. Drag and drop this transitions between the video tracks A and B and DC2000 does a real time AB roll directly from the timeline. Titles (real-time) The professional title generator TitleDeko offers real time titling within Adobe Premiere. Simply put the title in one of the superimposition tracks (Video 2 – Video 99) and hit the space bar. The title is immediately visible on video. Real time fade ins and fade outs can be controlled by the rubber band Filters (real-time) Very useful are filters like real time luminance correction or real time saturation. Clips that have been shot under unfavourable conditions can be corrected during playback. The Pinnacle Image Correction Filter even corrects brightness, contrast and saturation at once in real time. Layering (real-time) Layer two videos by superimposing them in two video tracks. The rubber band of the upper clip adjusts the transparency of this video from opaque to full transparent and allows nice dynamic effects with the second video. The rubberband can be altered from frame to frame Stills (real-time) Stills with video resolution or near video resolution can be played back in real-time from the timeline. They can carry any real-time effect or title too. People who use scanned photos and incorporate them into video get a very powerful tool by taking advantage of this feature. Turn your photos into a video with music, effects and titles – all real-time. Key frames Apply key frames at the beginning or the end of a clip and the filters effectiveness is controlled by the value assigned to the key frames. Scrubbing (real-time) Take the timeline cursor and move it through the material on the timeline. The video is displayed like doing a fast forward or fast rewind. This allows for a quick overview and a very fast but direct selection of certain frames. Scrubs can be viewed either on the analog output or the digital output. They are always simultaneously displayed in the VGA overlay window. Control window – status The real-time playback conditions are always displayed INSTANT Video RT by the INSTANT Video control window. A red or green line indicates if the timeline can be played in RT or if prior rendering is needed. Need2Render-Sign Portions of the timeline that need to be rendered can always be played in real-time but only the upper most clip is visible on video. A red cross in the upper left corner of the video monitor indicates that this is not the Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 18 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 19. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 final rendered material. Output to Component, DV, Real-time effects are immediately visible on video. S-Video and Composite All time line activities like play, scrub or trim and even the transition and filter previews are immediately visible on the connected video monitor. Individual real time Generate your own real-time effects by designing transitions gradient luminance bitmaps and importing them into the gradient wipe transition plug in. It was never that easy to turn your creativity into high quality accelerated playback performance. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 19 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 20. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 4.3 MPEG2 processing – features and benefits Frame types DC2000 supports all frame types like I, B, and P- Frames. Thus allows editing of the various MPEG2 GOP structures in full resolution if mixed GOP types are used. SmartGOP TM Absolutely unique: frame accurate editing of MPEG2 delta frames in real-time. This patented technology is key for any high quality non destructive MPEG2 or DVD editing. Capture to AVI or MP2 With DC2000 captures can either be done in the file format AVI - for compatibility with animation or 3D effect software – or for Native MPEG2 editing directly to MP2 files (elementary streams). MP2 files are ideal, if video shall be exported for DVD or MPEG2 servers. VBR and CBR For capture or export the bit rate of the MPEG2 streams can be set to constant or variable. Whereas constant bit rate defines a maximum data rate variable bit rate is a index bit rate for a certain amount of frames. Constant bit rate = variable quality Variable bit rate = constant quality Individual GOP structure Define the length of a GOP from I-Frame only up to 15 frames and set appearance and frequency of B and P frames by adjusting the m:n ratio. Individual GOP types are possible. For instance a "IP" or a "IPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" GOP can be build. Flexible data rates When the 422P@ML mode is used (AVI files) data rates may vary between 25 Mb/s and 2 Mb/s. In the MP@ML mode (MP2 plus WAV files) data rates vary between 15 Mb/s and 2 Mb/s. -- This is the data rate to the hard disk, it's not the actual video data rate, representing the quality of the video. The advantage of settings For any major application DC2000 provides a appropriate setting to avoid lengthy adjustments and parameterisation. For instance: a single pre-set takes care of the settings for capture, editing and export for a DVD production. Encode 4 DVD DVD compliant elementary streams get encoded by utilizing the direct MPEG2 IBP capture. Those streams can be used in the DVD Authoring application without further pre processing. Editing modes Two editing modes are available: MP@ML for any MP@ML or 422P@ML DVD related editing and 422P@ML usually used for productions that should be distributed on tape. Editing MP@ML provides also direct IBP capture. Whereas the 422P@ML editing mode uses AVI files the MP@ML mode edits MPEG2 elementary streams (MP2 + WAV). Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 20 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 21. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 Pre and Post Rolls Some timeline arrangements can cause that the actual playback of a clip starts a few frames ahead of the trimmed position in the timeline to start with the first frame in a GOP. Sometimes this causes more than 2 playback streams, and the INSTANT Video status window indicates, that those frames need rendering. MP2 + WAV handling If a MP2 video clip and the according WAV (identical within Premiere name, different extension) audio clip are loaded into the Premiere project bin, drag and drop of the MP2 file into the timeline will also drag the WAV file into the according audio track - convenient!. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 21 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 22. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 5 DC2000 Technical Overview Computer Bus PCI Version 2.1 Compression MPEG2 422P@ML (422 Professional Profile @ Main Layer), MP@ML (Main Profile @ Main Layer) Effective data 422P@ML: 50 Mbit/sec (MPEG2 IP Frames, GOP=4) transfer rate (max.) MP@ML: 50 Mbit/sec (MPEG2 IBP Frames, GOP=15) for Component, DV, S-Video and Composite sources Data transfer rate to 422P@ML: 25 Mbit/sec - 2 Mbit/sec hard disk MP@ML: 15 Mbit/sec - 2 Mbit/sec for Component, DV, S-Video and Composite sources Video formats NTSC 422P@ML: 720 x 480, YUV 4:2:2, 29.97 frames/sec NTSC MP@ML: 720 x 480, YUV 4:2:0, 29.97 frames/sec Audio formats PCM stereo 16bit, 32/44/48 kHz Sample rate PCM stereo 12bit companded, 32khz Sample rate - I/O only (DV Option) Support of 1394 1394: One 4-Pin IEEE 1394 device (4 to 6 pin devices cable) Support for DV video devices only connectors: 1 IEEE 1394 6 pin connector @ bracket External connectors Analog: 2x Component (Y, R-Y, B-Y), BNC; 2x S-Video (Y/C), MiniDIN, Hosiden; 2x Composite Video (CVBS), RCA, Cinch Adapter from RAC to BNC available (2x) 2x Stereo Audio balanced, XLR 2x Stereo Audio unbalanced, RCA, Cinch all on a professional breakout box IEEE 1394: 1 x 6-Pin 1394 connector on card bracket (DV) Cable Analog: high duty flexible connection to BOB Control: RS232 to RS422, 9 pin to 9 pin IEEE 1394: 6-Pin to 4-Pin to connect DV-Devices (DV) Operating system Windows NT 4.0 SP 4, 5, 6 Windows 2000 Windows 98, Windows 98 SE Compatible – for the latest compatibility list please check Camcorders – GOP = Group Of Pictures Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 22 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 23. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 5.1 System requirements Minimum Recommended 450 MHz or faster 700 MHz or faster Pentium II compatible processor Pentium III processor 1 x 32 bit PCI 2.1 slot with bus 1 x 32 bit PCI 2.1 slot with bus mastering mastering 196 MB RAM 512 MB RAM 1 GB free hard disk space 1 GB free hard disk space 9 GB hard disk space on 19 GB hard disk space on UW SCSI AV hard disk UW SCSI AV disk 16-bit Direct Draw graphics board 24-bit Direct 3D graphics board CD-ROM drive DVD-ROM drive Windows 2000 / NT / 98 Windows 2000 / NT / 98 5.2 Alternative Hard-disks To support dual stream playback it is always recommended to use very fast hard disk. Dual stream MPEG2 with DC2000 needs at least hard disks with a continuous data transfer rate of 10 MB/sec during playback. Due to the fact that the hard-disks head needs to be repositioned between two clips during transitions and layered clips, a short access time is needed too. Some modern eIDE or UDMA disks are also capable of these data rates and access times. However the IDE interface has some limitations when more than one device is connected. Modern eIDE drives connected as a single device per controller and switched to DMA mode offer enough performance for MPEG2 dual stream playback. IDE Raid-controllers may cause problems together with the DC2000. Please contact the Pinnacle Support before using any IDE Raid- controller. For best results it is recommended to use a Ultra Wide (UW) SCSI controller and SCSI disks with 10.000 rpm or more. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 23 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 24. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 6 Key selling points Quality - Component and DV Productivity - Real-time effects Compatibility - MPEG2 6.1 Key differentiators Unique: SmartGOP:patented frame accurate MPEG2 editing Direct IBP (DVD) encoding Edit AVI or MP2 format Edit I-, P-, and B-Frames Native MPEG2 - no quality loss Complete: Real-time non-linear editing Encoding (DVD, Server) DVD Authoring Webstreaming Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 24 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 25. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 6.2 Feature comparison DC2000 Others Direct IBP (DVD) Encoding  No Analog + digital I/O  No Real time effects  a few SmartGOP, real-time MPEG2 editing  No Flexible, accelerated 3D engine  No Native MPEG2 (import MP2 assets)  No MEPG-2 export  a few INSTANT Video™  No INSTANT DVD™  No Real-time Image Correction  No Included DVD Authoring  a few Webstreaming  No Lip-sync audio  a few Capture more than 2 GB  a few Overlay  Yes MP2 + AVI Editing Modes  No Batch capture (RS422, DV)  a few Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 25 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 26. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 7 Product content DC2000 DC2000 dual codec PCI bus master card Breakout Box with 2 m cable Adobe Premiere 5.1c Hollywood FX Bronze 4.0 Impression CD Pro 2.0 INSTANT Video RT™ INSTANT DVD™ Sonic Foundry ACID Music TitleDeko 1.5 StreamAnyWhere LE ProVTR (RS422 deck control) Internal 1394 cable and DV connection DC2000 manual Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 26 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 27. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 8 Competitive Overview Feature DC2000 DPS Matrox Canopus Canopus Velocity DTV Rex M1 Amber RT Codec MPEG2/ MPEG2 M-JPEG DV MPEG2 DV Data rate 50 Mb/s 5 MB/s 3,5 MB/S 15 Mb/s (effective) (=40Mb) (=25Mb) YUV I/O Yes Yes Yes Yes No Quality *** ** *** ** ** RT 2DFX Yes Yes Yes Yes No BOB yes No no yes No FX Pack yes no ? ? No RS422 deck yes No control DVD Yes No Yes No Yes Export RT DV out Yes Yes No Yes No (timeline) IBP Edit Yes No No No No Native Yes No No No No MPEG2 Price $2999 $2999 $5999 $2999 $2499 Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 27 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 28. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 8.1 DC2000 brief competitive comparison DC2000 others High quality Native MPEG2 M-JPEG or I-Frame Real time features with practical Advanced real time features usage Quality questionable High quality Just the editing format Various modern formats Just editing Integrated encoding, editing and distribution 9 Frequently Asked Questions 9.1 Compatibility Q: Will DC2000 encode directly into a DVD compliant format? A: Yes, DC2000 encodes MPEG2 IBP elementary streams. Those can be used directly in DVD Authoring Q: Is the DV connection on the DC2000 compatible with my DV Camcorder? A: Please check the compatibility list on Q: Will DC2000 work in my computer? A: DC2000 is designed in a way that it is compatible with most of the computer equipment. However, some components may limit the performance of DC2000. Please try to solve any performance or incompatibility problems using the "PCI Performance Enhancer" (PPE) from your DC2000 install CD. Q: Will the DC2000 work with other editing software than Adobe Premiere? A: The drivers for the DC2000 hardware can only provide their complete features and functions when DC2000 is used with Adobe Premiere. With other editing application capture and dual stream playback is not supported. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 28 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 29. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 9.2 Product features Q: Does using DV with theDC2000 edit in native DV format? A: DC2000 always encodes to MPEG2. Even DV signals are captured to MPEG2 and will be processed in native MPEG2 format. During export to DV devices, DC2000 provides real-time DV Output all the time. Q: Will real-time effects playback be available via the IEEE 1394 interface? A: Digital (DV, 1394) and Analog outputs are driven equally. DC2000 offers simultaneous output of analog and digital signals. Q: Can I capture to mounted network drives? A: Yes, DC2000 supports capturing via networks. Depending on the networks bandwidth and the network adapter card the achievable maximum data rate may vary. Even under though conditions it should be possible to achieve a continuous data rate of 4 Mbit/sec under Windows NT. Using other operating system may result in lower performance. Q: What's the maximum production length achievable with DC2000? A: DC2000 is able to manage timelines up to 3 hours. Q: What's the maximum capture limit when encoding with DC2000? A: DC2000 can capture up to 12 Tera Byte under Windows NT or Windows 2000. Q: Which operating systems are supported by DC2000? A: DC2000 supports Windows 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows 98. Q: I'm logged in as a user on a NT-system. Can I install DC2000? A: To install DC2000 on a NT-system you need to have Administrator access. All specifications mentioned subject to change. Pinnacle Systems 2000. Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 29 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc
  • 30. Reviewer’s Guide Pinnacle Systems DC2000 Pinnacle Systems - Rev 0.04 30 dc2000-reviewers-guidedocdoc1559.doc