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Carrier-Class Content Management for Streaming Video over IP ...

Carrier-Class Content Management for Streaming Video over IP ...






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    Carrier-Class Content Management for Streaming Video over IP ... Carrier-Class Content Management for Streaming Video over IP ... Document Transcript

    • Carrier-Class Content Management for Streaming Video over IP Services HotStreams™ provided by the Siemens Information and Communication Networks division represents an advanced JAVA 2 (J2EE) based content management and delivery platform for on-demand IP streaming video services. HotStreams provides a highly scaleable WEB based platform for content aggregators to offer personalized video content, interactive video advertisements, and additional WEB information to end-users. HotStreams JAVA 2 software can be deployed on SUN Solaris, Windows 2000. HotStreams targets ISP/carriers, hosting providers and corporate content aggregators that deploy IP streaming video services to distribute on-demand personalized rich-media content over xDSL access networks. 1
    • Real Benefits for Content Providers and end-users • Rich-media integration on PC Advertisement is a real end Internet browsers or advanced user choice. Video ads can be set-top-boxes. accepted or refused by the end- user. The content delivery price • Rich-media (Video, Audio, may change dynamically combined with traditional WEB according to the content owner content) integration on- business model demand: the WEB/Video information you want, when An effective way to win quickly you want and how long you new customers: customers click want. the “buy now” button in the video, and off they access the WEB site • Interactive video service. to get information or directly order Video-clips are linked to “more the product info” WEB site. • Customers enjoy real IP based Content Management interactive IP video services. and Distribution platform for • Customers view videos • Video breaking news according to their selected • Corporate news profiles. So they access • On-site employees’ training directly the video content they (product, marketing) are looking for. • Customer care and video based help desks • End-users primarily enjoy • ISP streaming video hosting videos first and get on- service in broadband xDSL request additional related access or wireless LAN content from the Internet. networks. e-Commerce engine for content providers and aggregators Dynamic video advertisement insertion into video content, allow content owners to generate revenues out of traditional video advertisement not only WEB banners. Content aggregation: ISP and new carriers can aggregate video and WEB content of small companies and localized video advertisements. This is a valuable extension to their actual WEB hosting service. New revenues out of specific video ads, which may not find the right audience in prime time TV networks. 2
    • An advanced content management and delivery platform for IP streaming services Added-value Service platform for Internet Service Providers HotStreams targets ISPs, large corporates that roll-out large xDSL based networks, corporate LANs or cable networks and are willing to differenciate their service approach by offering customer friendly B2B added-value IP- based appplications E-commerce and B2B enabled HotStreams offers optionally the integration of an E-commerce payment server like X*Pay 2.1 from Brokat AG. This international credit card payment server is integrated with HotStreams JAVA 2 software using the JAVA Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) as JAVA 2 transaction services. A user-friendly interface for Rich-Media HotStreams offers an advanced content integration of streaming video and Brokat X*Pay 2 as a major credit JAVA 2 Content management and card payment server software is WEB content. delivery platform for video / audio certified by VISA and Click on the “MoreInfo” button to access the WEB IP Streaming services with: MASTERCARD. Brokat server • Dynamic video content can interface more than 100 generation commercial payment Gateways Customer friendly access to the WEB site from the video commercial. • Interactive videos over IP worldwide and can be used to Just click on the “Buy Now” Hotspot in the • Content Personalization handle the SET/SSL payment video • Dynamic Advertisements gateways with internal banking transaction networks. Scalability based on the de- facto Java 2 platform HotStreams rely on the SUN Java 2 Enterprise Edition platform (J2EE) E-commerce and application server platform adopted by international vendors like IBM (WEBSphere),BEA WEBLogic, Inprise/Borland, Netscape (iPlanet ), SilverStream, etc. Therefore HotStreams can be deployed on a scalable standard IT platform based on major operating systems like Micosoft Windows 2000 / Windows NT 4.0, SUN Solaris and LINUX 3
    • Personalized, Interactive Media Content on the Web This is changing now, however. Digital video storage and access to video information over the Internet are more and more becoming commodities with the advent of the new streaming technology. At the same time, the network bandwidths are increasing with the introduction of ADSL, cable modems, digital broadcasting satellites, etc. These, and other technologies, are competing to deliver broadband for interactive video, voice and audio, and computer data traffic. Electronic payment systems are Customers enjoy the WEB also being developed. from a new perspective: by surfing from videos to videos Content providers and agencies are still facing the challenge of providing electronic information services that really will attract potential customers that are willing to pay for access to their content. Customization and personalization for digital (video) content over the WEB Electronic commerce is becoming To differentiate themselves from an important factor in today’s traditional TV broadcasting market place. Currently, large companies, it will be important for amounts of goods and services video content providers and are sold over the Internet every agencies to be able utilize the day. The Internet is also an interactive potential of the Internet important source of electronic technology to provide interactive information. Most of the video content and to offer information on the Internet today personalized content. Internet is for free, and electronic users are getting used to not only information commerce is yet to have information pushed to them develop as a significant business. but also to actively pull information This is largely due to lack of they find interesting from the technologies for distribution, lack Internet. Their skills, interests and, of tools for content preparation of course, time available to view and distribution, and for lack of video information or entertainment payment systems that customers clips and/or commercials will really trust. determine how much they are willing to pay for the content being offered. 4
    • HotStreams to host and personalize Media Content Internet access & Hosting Service Provider Remote JAVA Encoding Hosting Networking Management Servers Servers Remote JAVA Management End Users Hosted WEB pages End Users End Users City B Video Content Video content Edge routers Video content DSLAMs Streaming video content End Users Advertiser End Users Advertiser End Users Advertiser City A Streaming video ads Edge routers Localized IP Streamed DSLAMs services: Basic Services Value-added Services •news-on-demand, •Traditional WEB hosting (standard) + •Remote Content Management Services •Video-on-demand, •Dynamic Video Advertisement •Video Content Replication Service (multicast) •entertainment, •Video Encoding Services •Payment Server hosting (billing) •video E-mail •IP Video streaming hosting •Interfacing to payment / accounting gateways •Video games •IP Broadcasting The Siemens HotStreams It provides an interactive service application provides customers a for delivering media-rich content Customers define their versatile platform for video content over IP networks. The HotStreams own profile and video versions hosting and personalization. application integrates the RealNetworks Real8 streaming server, and Windows Media Server Windows 2000-platform, Hot Spot : Link to Information or and offers unique personalization other videos and billing added-value features. Corporations on their Intranet, 10 $ Internet Services Providers or that A B C D E provide Internet hosting and First sequence or video combination access services can greatly benefit from all advanced A B D E 6$ HotStreams services. Second sequence or video combination In all cases, HotStreams offers A D E 2$ unique solutions (US patent pending) for digital content Third sequence or video combination personalization and payment- Fourth sequence or A For free based streaming audio/video video D services. It builds on top of the combination World Wide Web standards and hence provides a easy way to Or ... access potentially huge amounts of videos and WEB information. 5
    • Key features of the HotStreams • It supports content re-purposing Application areas for HotStreams application components are: without media data replication by Entertainment (games and films generating XML/SMIL script files on-demand) • No need for application specific on top of the media files. software on the client side. In video entertainment, dynamic video re- • Customers can decide whether purposing provides obvious capabilities and • The media service provider can advantages. A video server can deliver an or not commercials are to be “airline version” or an “adult” version of the same combine the primary video inserted in the video information. movie without any content duplication. Revenues streaming service with any can be generated by advertisements, shared “media-rich”, value-added • It performs an intelligent revenues or by credit card transactions. information selection of where to insert “More info” in-video kickable buttons allow the provisioning of value-added information about commercials into the video • It can deliver hypervideo the immediate video content, game results, “fan stream (always between news club” related news etc. including video “hot spots” and stories, for instance, and never Employee training, product hyperlinks to create rich and within a story).It offers a variety briefing, and maintenance interactive video content. Media of payment models, such as companies may use the By accessing the same video database, different payment based on subscription, product descriptions can be offered to corporate hyperlinking technology between on-demand payment, (that is, employees. Sales people, for instance, view only video clips to offer valuable marketing videos while maintenance teams may customers only pays for the interactive video information. In get access to presentations that contain more parts of the video they actually technical details or dynamic pricing information. the same way an advertiser may play back). provide direct access from his Training services on-demand video advertisement clip into the • The system is build on top of a Third party companies offering training services company’s Web site, which media asset management can adapt their Internet training videos to each of their corporate customers. Each user or business would allow the customer to system and thus provides unit can select the service that offers the best directly order products. This content owners a low-cost way cost/benefit ratio. immediate interactivity between to port rich-media content on the Financial breaking news and end-users and product Internet or Intranet. videos on-demand maximizes marketing investments and branding. • The system can easily be Business TV videos for investors can be enhanced by the addition of content related to adapted to the interest of the the investor’s favorite companies. Investors can • The system may offer various content owner regarding thus receive customized and value-added and “version” of a hypervideo “product definition” and pricing. have more knowledge to decide to purchase new or sell their shares in a selected company. product – each product tailored to the needs an interest of the In summary, the interactive and Political and economical content customer. The various versions personalization functionality of access restriction may include different sequences HotStreams, its rich support for Using the Siemens patent protected filtering of the video, man provide a various payment models, and its capabilities, it is possible for a media company to different number of hotspots, flexibility will provide an excellent stream (deliver) customized video or WEB content over the Internet worldwide to any credit and may have different platform for content providers in card holder. As each credit card number gives destinations for the same facing future’s challenges. information about the origin country, video content can be “adapted” in real time from the hotspots server to each political, legal or cultural situation. HotStreams fits in the overall access network product offering XpressLink ERX XpressPass 144 1400 IP Backbone ADSL Ethernet 100BT End-User Client Win98, 450Mhz, 128MB Real Player 8.0, I-Explorer 5.0, ATM Switch 1 IP Switch-Router ADSL End User Client Activy300 - Set Top Box Edge Streaming Server DSLAM Solaris 8, TV monitor Nbr. 1 2 to 4 processors .... 2 – 4 GB RAM . .... 1 or 2 Quad-Ethernet 100BT Real8 Streaming Server Local video/music Content Central Server Database Server Solaris 8 Solaris 8 2 - 4 GB RAM HotStreams 2 to 4 GB RAM SDSL 2 to 4 Processors Content Broker Client / 2 to 4 processors 1 or 2 Quad-Ethernet 100BT Content / Video up-load 1 or 2 Quad-Ethernet 100BT Std. PC J2EE Application Server Real Player 8.0, Netscape 4.7 Oracle 8i. Database MS Int.-Explorer 5.0, IP ATM Standard or Enterprise Edition Real8 Streaming Server (spare) ....................... Switch n DSLAM Nbr. N Central Video/Audio repository 6
    • HotStreams Platform Components Content Generation Server The Siemens HotStreams J2EE software constitutes the kernel element of the content delivery process. A database stores necessary meta-data and is accessed by this J2EE server to create dynamically a personalized version of the content that fulfills the customer’s interest and payment selection. The database manages payment information to determine the price for any given (personalized) video content. The content generation process generates dynamically XML files for each registered customer session on the J2EE Server by using Enterprise Java Beans™ (EJBs). Open Database Interface The JDBC interface to a database server (e.g. Oracle 8i) allows HotStreams to scale on any J2EE A WEB based Content Management Several servers build up the interface allows content aggregators to conform database supported by Siemens HotStreams content major Java Application Servers. access remotely to the content hosting server management and distribution (Panel Overview) platform. The architecture scales Accounting / Billing Server according to the JAVA 2 Legacy systems for accounting Enterprise Edition (J2EE) SUN and/or billing can be integrated specifications endorsed by many with the HotStreams JAVA 2 JAVA 2 Applications servers like software. WEB Sphere (IBM Corp.), iPlanet (Netscape-SUN alliance), Advanced Remote Content SilverStream 3.7 (SilverStream Management Workstation Software Inc.) or WebLogic (BEA HotStreams includes a J2EE Systems Inc.). based management application IP Streaming Server that allows remote content and advertisement managers (content HotStreams integrates the brokers) to access the media RealNetworks Real8 server and asset through standard WEB Microsoft Media Server as IP browsers like Netscape 4.7 or streaming server. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0. Any other IP streaming servers might be supported in the future. This server interfaces the J2EE HotStreams server used for generating personalized video and WEB content by using standard XML scripts. On option, the integration of other IP streaming platform vendors (e.g. Streaming21, nCUBE streaming engine) can be envisaged. 7
    • HotStreams J2EE servers • Dynamic content distribution and management server software • Deployment using Java Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), Java Server Pages (JSPs), and Servlets) • Java 2 based management workstation for o Authoring, logging and indexing o Video /Audio content selection o Commercial ads management Standard IT Platform o Content pricing management • SUN Solaris 8 • Integration with Brokat Pay@Once • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server transaction server to support billing • Netscape 4.7 or I.E 5.0 browser services initiated from any mobile • RealNetworks Real8 Streaming Server device. on Solaris8, Linux or Windows 2000 • Interface to third-party payment platforms gateways accredited by major credit • Windows Media Server (Windows 2000 cards organizations. Server) • Broadcasting over IP supported by the • Oracle 8i Std. Edition Database third-party software of RealNetworks and • SUN Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) EMC2 MPEG-1 software for Real8 including JSP, Servlets, XML, JDBC 2.0 servers and EJBs 1.1 Recommended Java 2 Application Server Key Features • SilverStream 3.7.3 J2EE Application • Support of the de-facto-standard Internet Server on Solaris or Win2000 Server video/audio streaming over IP platform over RTSP (e.g. RealNetworks Real8 Hardware Platform audio/video streaming servers, Microscot ASF) Operating systems • Set-Top-Box enabled for broadband SysteIP Intel Pentium III, IV based Internet TV services Siemens Fujitsu server • Individual on-demand video computers or Sun Solaris Sun customization Enterprise • Direct access from the video Option on Linux for the Streaming Video commercials in the WEB site using servers hypervideo HotSpots. • No video content duplication on the Networking Interfaces storage server; no re-encoding 1000T or 100T Ethernet • Full screen mode in MPEG-1 and interfaces MPEG-2 video standards xDSL, ADSL or cable modem • Database independent using JDBC database interface Streaming over IP bandwidth • Option for Brokat X*Pay® 2.1 SSL/SET 56 Kbps to 400 Kbps payment server (optional payment (RealMedia RealPlayer 8 format, server) Windows Media ASF, • Integration option for additional specific Apple QuickTime) accounting system 150 Kbps to 3,5 Mbps (MPEG-1) -no additional hardware required- 2.5 Mbps to 8 Mbps (MPEG-2) -only with NetStreams2000 decoder Application and usage card- • Business TV (rich-media: video + WEB content) Application Server Computer • Corporate training on-demand Minimum RAM: 521 MB • Advanced WEB/video Hosting Recommended: 1GB MB services for ISPs • Entertainment-on-demand including video games and commercials To get more information about the HotStreams application for xDSL based access networks, contact: All rights reserved, particular in case of patent approval Siemens AG, ICN AS SN S 2 or GM registration. Distribution and technical Tel. +49 (0) 89 722 45 488 alterations remain subject to change. All hardware and Mob. +49 (0) 175 58 66 509 software names are trademarks and/or brandnames of E-mail: Yves.Leaute@icn.siemens.de their respective manufactures ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Siemens AG Information and Communication Networks 8