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BRI and Serial/V.35 Network Modules.doc

  1. 1. BRI and Serial/V.35 Network Modules Ultimate network versatility, mixed network support • Polycom VSX® 7000 standard configuration supports video conferencing over IP up to 2Mbps • ISDN or Serial/V.35 network interfaces can be added in place of or in addition to the IP network connectivity • Additional network module plugs straight into the Polycom VSX subwoofer —compact and convenient Features and Benefits Serial Module Polycom VSX serial module can be added to support V.35/RS-530/RS-449 with RS-366 dialing Quad BRI Module The Polycom VSX Quad-BRI module can be added to support up to four ISDN lines for up to 512Kbps data rates Solutions BRI and Serial/V.35 Network Modules are compatible with the Polycom VSX® 7000 series Polycom® PowerCam™ Presenter An integrated tracking camera solution for instructors, presenters, and teachers • Wireless tracking provides complete freedom of movement • Use any video conferencing platform • Easy-to-use Polycom remote • Long battery life • Automatic zoom function Features and Benefits • Use with any video conferencing system or video capture/streaming solution with a video input connection • Select framing options through the remote control for center, left, right, close-up, and wide angle • Ability to store and recall four presenter views/presets • Use as a stand-alone camera for applications like training presentations, video streaming, and motion media • Available in NTSC and PAL formats Solutions This product is one of numerous Polycom solutions that can enable you to build a comprehensive voice, video, and data conferencing experience. To learn more, please visit the Polycom Experience Center. Polycom® VSX® 8000 Network Modules The ultimate in network versatility, enabling mixed IP and ISDN network support • QBRI network module enables H.320 calls up to 512 kbps • PRI T1/E1 modules enable H.320 calls up to 2 Mbps
  2. 2. • Serial (V.35/RS-530/RS-449) enables calls with RS-366 dialing up to 2 Mbps Features and Benefits • These optional network cards add flexibility in network connectivity • Eliminates the need for external hardware bricks • Maintains the thin, clean profile of the 1U rack-mount form factor Solutions Use this network module to add flexibility in network connectivity to the Polycom VSX 7000e or Polycom VSX 8000 systems. Polycom® People + Content™ IP Easily share content from your PC during video conferences • Show content from your laptop or PC over an IP network connection • No resolution input adjustments required on presenter's laptop or PC • Supports CIF, SIF, 4CIF, 4SIF, VGA, SVGA, and XGA display resolutions • Zoom control • PC Utility available for unlimited download Features and Benefits • Share content from your PC with anyone in the video conference • Content is shared using the video conferencing standard: H.239 • Optionally create a password for security • No cables are needed. Content is sent over corporate IP connection from your computer to the video conference system • ISDN, SIP, or H.323 calls can include content shared from People+Content IP technology. Just assign a static IP address to the video conferencing system • Audio participants can share content just as easily as video participants • The Polycom People+Content IP application is free (see download on this page) and can be loaded on an unlimited number of PCs in the organization • A FREE 5-minute trial ships with every Polycom VSX® and Polycom HDX™ system. Simply download the free application and enjoy content sharing for 5 minutes Solutions Add People+Content IP to your Polycom HDX or Polycom VSX Series video conferencing unit to extend your conference capabilities. Benefits Send the free People+Content IP application to your colleagues and start taking advantage of easy content sharing in your next video conference. Just follow these instructions: • During the download process, select "save" instead of "run" and save the application to your computer. It will save as an executable file . Zip that file and name it "People+ContentIP"
  3. 3. • Send the zipped file to your colleagues with this message: "Install this light applet on your computer before our upcoming video conference. This will enable you to share data and content from your computer easily and cable-free . This includes any audio participants that will be joining, too." Which video conference systems can be used with People+Content IP? • Polycom V500™ • Polycom V700™ • Polycom VSX® 3000 • Polycom VSX 5000 • Polycom VSX 6000 • Polycom VSX 7000s • Polycom VSX 7000e • Polycom VSX 8000 • Polycom HDX 4000 • Polycom HDX 7000 • Polycom HDX 8000 • Polycom HDX 9000 How does People+Content IP work? First determine if one Polycom VSX or Polycom HDX system participating in the conference has the People+Content IP key loaded onto it. To confirm whether a system has the People+Content IP key, go to: System/Admin Settings/General Settings/Options • On Polycom V-series and Polycom VSX systems, you will see an option for People+Content IP with a green check mark next to it if it is loaded onto that system • On Polycom HDX systems, you will see an option for People+Content with a green check mark if the correct software is installed No green check mark? If your Polycom VSX or Polycom HDX system needs to be upgraded to include this software key, see your Polycom Reseller for a quick purchase of the software key. Once your system is upgraded and includes the software key, you can follow these steps: • Open the People+Content IP application. • Type in the IP address (or the E.164 or the name) of the Polycom VSX or Polycom HDX system and press "Connect". • Hit the "Play" button and the PC content will be sent to all video participants. • Hit the "Stop" button to stop sharing . At that point someone else can hit the "Play" button to begin their portion of the meeting. Polycom® VSX® People+Content™ Enhance face-to-face meetings with high-resolution content from a PC or laptop • Easily share data from your PC • Share presentations, movie files, audio files, pictures, graphics and other documents • Access and share the Internet with others in the conference Features and Benefits
  4. 4. Polycom VSX People+Content for the Polycom VSX 5000 and Polycom VSX 7000s systems Includes Polycom VSX Visual Concert™ and Polycom People+Content IP • VSX Visual Concert has three 10/100 Ethernet ports and serves as a mini-hub • XGA (1280 x 1024) input from laptop • XGA (1024 x 768) input from projector • Stop and start button easily activates data sharing; no special settings or software configurations needed Polycom VSX People+Content for the PolycomVSX 7000e and Polycom VSX 8000 systems Includes Polycom ImageShare™ II, VGA encoder license, and People+Content • Connect a laptop or PC directly to the VGA connection, or use the ImageShare II device to connect the PC • ImageShare II has an XGA (1280 x 1024) input from laptop • Integrated 25-foot VGA cable and 4-foot laptop-to-pod VGA cable Click here for additional information for People+Content and the Polycom VSX series. Solutions Add VSX People + Content to your VSX 5000, 7000s, 7000e, 8000 and optimize your video conferencing experience. Polycom® VSX® 5000 & Polycom VSX® 7000s Plasma Mounting Bracket Ideal for environments with plasma displays • Use with both the Polycom VSX 5000 and Polycom VSX 7000s form factors • Mounts securely to the top of a free-standing plasma • Change mounting brackets to mount flush to the wall above the plasma • Accommodating for any environment Features and Benefits • Versatile –bracket; mount to the top of a free-standing plasma or the wall above the plasma • Comes with mounting arms and wall mounting screws Solutions The Plasma Mounting Bracket is compatible with the Polycom VSX 5000 and Polycom VSX 7000s systems Polycom® Embedded MPPlus Multipoint Software Extend the reach of your Polycom VSX® system to more locations • Mixed protocol –dialing – IP/ISDN/Serial • Continuous presence, voice activated switching or presenter modes • Connect up to six participants—voice or video—with the Polycom VSX 8000 system • Supports content sharing from any endpoint in the call Features and Benefits
  5. 5. • Extend the reach of your Polycom VSX system to more locations • Enable up to four total participants in a single conference • Join multiple participants in a single conference, easily and quickly Solutions Learn more about the systems that support the Embedded MPPlus Multipoint feature, including the Polycom VSX 3000, Polycom VSX 7000s, Polycom VSX 7000e and Polycom VSX 8000 systems. Polycom® PowerCam™ and PowerCam™ Plus Cameras Experience high-resolution video with the Polycom PowerCam cameras PowerCam Camera: • Ultra-quiet, ultra-fast action pan-tilt-zoom camera • Built-in IR receiver • Use as primary camera for the Polycom VSX® 7000e system • Ideal as an auxiliary camera for either the Polycom VSX 7000e or the Polycom VSX 8000 systems PowerCam Plus Camera: • Silent, motorized pan-tilt-zoom camera • Embedded microphones enable pointing to presets • Built-in IR receiver • Use as primary camera for the Polycom VSX 8000 system Solutions PowerCam and PowerCam Plus cameras are compatible with the Polycom VSX 7000e and Polycom VSX 8000 systems. Polycom® Stereo Speaker Kit Experience the sound of Siren™ 14 audio technology in stereo • Add the experience of patent-pending Polycom Siren™ 14 stereo to your room • Easy to install, easy to set-up • All Polycom VSX® systems are stereo ready, no software to install • 14 kHz audio in stereo sounds just like being there Features and Benefits • Two speakers with 3/4" silk fabric dome tweeter and two 3 1/2" composite midrange drivers • Speaker frequency ranges of 100 Hz to 22 kHz • Subwoofer with 150 watts output power with two 6-inch drivers • Two speaker stands, 30 inches in height • One 20-foot RCA stereo plug wire • Total output power of 270 watts Solutions Add this high-fidelity Stereo Speaker Kit to your Polycom Media Center (requires Polycom VSX Release 7.0 or higher) for Polycom StereoSurround™ audio technology.
  6. 6. Polycom® VSX® Ceiling Microphone Array Extraordinary room coverage with superior audio pickup • Easy and flexible installation • Unobtrusive design • 360-degree voice pickup with three microphone elements • Polycom StereoSurround™ audio technology support so allows voices are to be heard distinctly heard even from opposites sides of a room Features and Benefits • Offers consistent, reliable, 360 degree voice pickup using 14 kHz audio standard from Polycom • Mounts unobtrusively to the ceiling of any classroom or boardroom • Provides absolute flexibility and superb audio Solutions Enhance audio quality on a Polycom® Instructor™ FS with this Polycom VSX Digital Microphone Array. You'll be able to pick up voices in a 360-degree area, delivering focus to the active speaker without physical intervention. Polycom® Microphone Kit Extend the reach of the powerful Polycom VSX® system audio to suit your meeting room • 360-degree audio pickup • Integrated mute button • Flotation feet reduce transmission of tabletop noise • Mountable on ceiling or walls Features and Benefits • Intelligent Polycom Digital Tabletop Microphone focuses on the speaker, not background noise • Delivers crystal clear audio, just like being in the same room • Ships with the VSX 7000 series and the Polycom VSX 8000 products • Use as an add-on microphone to an existing configuration • Choose a kit with either a 10-foot or 30-foot cable Solutions Add extra microphones to your Polycom VSX 7000s, Polycom VSX 7000e and Polycom VSX 8000 systems for a boost in superb audio quality. Polycom® Advanced Remote Controls The Polycom tool that makes video conferencing even easier • Home –button — Quickly return to the home (Place a Call) page • Directory–button — Instant access to the directory • Dot — Easily enter "." for IP addresses • Snap button - program to access calendar, recent calls, call statistics, system info or off • Graphics–button — Easily stop and start content graphics for Polycom People+Content™ collaboration.
  7. 7. Features and Benefits • Ideal for multinational organizations and bilingual environments • Available in the following 12 languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish • Single-click access to the most commonly used functions Solutions Remote Control is compatible with the Polycom VSX 3000, Polycom VSX 5000, Polycom VSX 7000s, Polycom VSX 7000e, Polycom VSX 8000 systems. Polycom® Voice and Video Integration Kit Video conferencing is now as easy as making a phone call • Wideband Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000® enhances the communications experience with crisper, clear audio • Easily dial, hang up, mute, and control the volume of the video conference from the phone • Allows users to speak naturally from up-to-20 feet away • Reduces clutter on the conference table • Industry's most advanced video technology—Polycom Pro- Motion™ and Polycom StereoSurround™—delivers outstanding video and audio • Purchase a SoundStation VTX 1000 with any Polycom VSX system to create a winning conferencing combination Features and Benefits • With the integration of the SoundStation VTX 1000, Polycom VSX system users can replace their video system microphones • Provides a familiar user interface to easily initiate video calls • Reduces cords and clutter to the conference table • SoundStation VTX 1000 can still be used for voice-only conference calls Solutions Use this Voice and Video Integration Kit to add a SoundStation VTX 1000 to the Polycom VSX - enabled Executive Collection Floor, Wall or Credenza System for optimum audio with wideband mode, crystal-clear voice quality.