Blu-ray player: A Trojan horse for Internet video?


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Blu-ray player: A Trojan horse for Internet video?

  1. 1. Business analysis for over-the-top video participants November 2009 Blu-ray player: A Trojan Analyst: horse for Internet video? Stewart Schley Issue: Internet-connected Blu-ray optical disc players are likely to achieve significant scale in the U.S. as conduits for over-the-top video In this issue: delivery. We estimate 15–20 million units may 2 Blu-ray gains traction as over-the-top be in place within the U.S. in 2010. platform Background: With a unified software platform, 5 Social networking: Online video’s large-scale manufacturing processes and secret weapon? affordable retail prices, Blu-ray players combine 7 Streaming Media West: Where’s the attractive attributes other single-purpose Internet business model? video devices lack. What’s more, as a platform for Internet video delivery, the Blu-ray category got an 8 Rogers gets out ahead with TV Everywhere site immediate lift in November when Sony’s Blu-ray inclusive PS3 video game platform began 9 Hulu registers big rise in October supporting the Netflix Inc. streaming video viewers, streams service. The Netflix/PS3 arrangement means an additional 7–8 million Blu-ray devices in the U.S. are now enabled for video streaming, bringing the current installed base to around 12 million. Implications: With connected Blu-ray players growing in popularity at the same time that Internet video content offerings are proliferating, the first large-scale consumer platform for Internet video to the TV set is becoming a reality. As the installed base rises, Blu-ray players could represent a competitive affront to subscription video providers that historically have had control over in-home set-top devices. © 2009 One Touch Intelligence, LLC. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Blu-ray players offer scaled platform for Business impact: Incumbent subscription Internet video delivery video providers won’t feel a meaningful threat from the growing base of The idea that a consumer electronics product would emerge to present a connected Blu-ray players until (or unless) large-scale platform for Internet video delivery has long been theorized. a wider range of content is available over the systems. Currently, leading Blu-ray Over the last several years at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, a manufacturers have integrated support variety of companies ritually have introduced an assortment of special- for only a small array of video providers, purpose media adapters and receivers designed to liberate Internet video including the Netflix streaming service content from PCs and export it to living-room TV sets. But to date no single and pay-per-title services from Amazon, platform has won over mainstream consumers. Blockbuster Video and CinemaNow. But several Blu-ray players also support Now, that may be changing. A new breed of Blu-ray optical disc players streaming video from Google Inc.’s outfitted with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections shows potential for quickly YouTube, which is evolving to include rising beyond the realm of videophiles and hobbyists, and into the more mainstream video content from TV television mainstream. and film studios, and could grow to pose a larger threat to traditional cable Content owners are taking notice of a platform that reaches roughly services. We believe subscription video 12 million U.S. homes and may be poised for rapid expansion as player providers can expect to see some modest pressure over time from Blu-ray costs decline and HDTV set penetration rises. Already, one major Hollywood players that combine an attractive film studio plans to release a movie directly to Internet-connected Blu-ray consumer electronics value proposition players and TV sets before the film comes out on physical discs. At the — the ability to play high-definition same time, Netflix, Blockbuster Video Corp., Amazon and other video movies from disc — with a growing content distributors are arranging technical integration agreements with presence in streaming video. a handful of manufacturers that offer connected Blu-ray players as they pursue a new market for pay-per-view movies and TV shows. Blu-ray players with streaming video support MANUFACTURER SAMSUNG SONY LG INSIGNIA MODEL BD-1590 BD-P1600 BD-P3600 BD-P4600 BDP-N460 PS3 BD390 BD370 NS-BRDVD3 NS-WBRDVD CONNECTION PORTS Ethernet USB WI-FI Built in Adapter CONTENT SUPPORTED Amazon Video on Demand BD Live Blockbuster On Demand Bravia Internet Video CinemaNow Netflix PlayStation Network Vudu YouTube PRICE $199 $150 $230 $279 $250 $300–$400 $350 $300 $150 $200 Source: One Touch Intelligence, from manufacturer data 2 VIDEOTRAK — November 2009
  3. 3. With the holiday season looming, Blu-ray players appear to be gaining momentum in the market at large. According to the Digital Entertainment Group, which tracks industry sales, Blu-ray player sales grew 112 percent Sony film destined through the first nine months of 2009 over the same period last year to for early release on reach a total installed base of 11.7 million, including PS3 consoles. Price declines and rising awareness are fueling the gains. connected devices To be sure, not every installed Blu-ray player is currently being used to A big test for Internet-connected receive over-the-top video content. Only recently have prominent Internet consumer electronics will occur video providers like Netflix and Amazon begun to work with manufacturers in December as Sony Pictures to integrate support for their video services into new players. But the releases its hit animated movie majority of Blu-ray players present in U.S. households do allow for “Cloudy with a Chance of broadband Internet connections and firmware downloads that could Meatballs” to homes outfitted transform them into Internet video receivers. with connected Blu-ray players and TV sets made by Sony. As connected Blu-ray players proliferate, it’s possible they could do what a range of specialty devices in the past have failed to do: acclimate The film will be available for a mainstream TV consumers to the idea of getting content over the Internet, $24.95 pay-per-view fee for about potentially bypassing traditional cable and satellite TV providers. four weeks, from Dec. 8 to Jan. 4, before it’s released on customary The rising base of connected Blu-ray players represents “a Trojan horse for DVD and Blu-ray disc formats. For streaming to the television,” said Herve Utheza, president of The Related Sony, the unusual release window Content Database Inc., which provides streaming-video technology for is a chance to experiment with the Blu-ray players. At the November 2009 Streaming Media West conference emerging universe of Internet- in San Jose, Calif., Utheza said the combination of a common software connected devices. By pricing the reference design, volume manufacturing benefits and the enduring one-time viewing session at a popularity of movies-on-disc have helped to propel the market for higher price than the anticipated connected Blu-ray players. With some market researchers estimating there DVD and Blu-ray sell-through price, could be 20 million connected Blu-ray players in use by 2010, Utheza said Sony hopes to mollify retailers Blu-ray players will have a wide market-share advantage over other Internet- while finding out more about the video platforms. appetite for accessing content over PS3 role a new family of Internet-connected devices. The test comes as Sony Part of that advantage comes from Sony’s PS3 video game console, which is and other studios grow more present in roughly 7.5 million U.S. homes. PS3s, which include Blu-ray disc concerned about slumping players, represent the largest pool of Blu-ray players. Until recently, PS3s revenues from DVD sales. were confined to delivering TV and movie content only through the Sony- run Playstation Network, which offers downloadable, pay-per-view program Missing from this first trial will episodes and movies. But the November agreement with Netflix to support be the largest potential base of Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” streaming video service opens up the largest customers, however: Sony won’t installed Blu-ray player platform to a subscription-video offering. make “Meatballs” available in the early release window to users of The other big influence on Blu-ray as a streaming platform is the adjunct its PS3 Blu-ray and video game content service, BD Live, that’s supported by most Blu-ray players. BD Live platform, which is present in close uses a broadband Internet connection to pull down additional content tied to 7.5 million U.S. homes. The to movie releases on optical discs. It’s a walled-garden approach, limiting company did say it intends to users to content such as chat sessions with film directors and updated film release more films over the PS3 trailers. But the invention of BD Live has led to the inclusion of Internet and other devices in the future. connection ports on about 80% of Blu-ray players. Those ports can be used Sony conducted a similar trial on a going forward to convey firmware updates allowing for broader access to smaller scale in 2008 with the film Internet video content. “Hancock.” 3 VIDEOTRAK — November 2009
  4. 4. PS3 is second game platform to support Netflix streaming Netflix Inc. introduced video streaming support for software licensing terms for the Xbox. One bonus for PS3 players in November, making the Sony video PS3 users: there’s no annual fee required to subscribe game console the second gaming platform to enable to the Netflix Watch Instantly service, as there is for users to watch movies and TV shows over the Netflix Xbox Live, which requires that users pay $50 for access “Watch Instantly” service. Microsoft’s Xbox Live to the Xbox Live Gold membership required for Watch platform has supported Netflix streaming since Instantly. But either way, customers must maintain a December 2008. Netflix subscription costing $8.99/month or more. There are differences between the way Netflix works Most reviews of streaming quality over the PS3 were over the two platforms, however. To browse and select favorable, although some users complained the titles over a PS3, customers must insert a software disc image quality was inferior to that produced by Xbox provided free by Netflix. Xbox does not require a streaming. “We didn’t notice any significant quality separate disc because it contains embedded drop-offs in our testing,” wrote a reviewer from CNET, instruction code to support Netflix streaming. The Matthew Moskovciak. “In our experience, the image special disc, available free on request from Netflix, is quality of streaming Netflix movies is basically required so that Netflix can get around exclusive identical across devices. With 12 million households, Blu-ray players also have a commanding lead over newly minted TV sets that include Internet connectivity and support for over-the-top video aggregators. Those TV sets, from manufacturers including Sony, Vizio and others, are only beginning to appear on retail shelves. But the TV sets represent a more difficult sell than Blu-ray players, which are far less expensive, and enjoy built-in appeal stemming from their primary purpose, which is to play high-resolution discs. That could change over time. The Consumer Electronics Association estimates that by 2013, 60% of TV sets purchased by consumers will include broadband Internet connections. But for now, Blu ray players — including the PS3 — dwarf the population of connected TV sets. Netflix, which has established integration deals with a wide variety of CE device makers, believes Blu-ray players offer the most interesting opportunity among the new breed of Internet-to-TV platforms, said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos at a November conference presented by Piper Jaffray Cos. Currently, about 5.7% of Netflix “Watch Instantly” users connect to the service primarily over a DVD player, according to our October 2009 survey of 1,000 Watch Instantly users. Sarandos thinks Internet connections could further propel the popularity of Blu-ray players, which have fallen short of early sales projections as many consumers have opted to keep using their existing, lower-resolution DVD players. It’s possible, Sarandos said, that “the killer app of the Blu-ray player is streaming. And we might actually build a bridge backwards to (disc) from that.” 4 VIDEOTRAK — November 2009
  5. 5. CONTENT Business impact: The economic models are hazy at best, and there’s no proof Seeking to differentiate, online video goes social yet that consumers will flock to video platforms that integrate social-networking Borrowing technologies and practices from social-networking websites, features. But to ignore the possibilities online video developers hope to build a new model for television viewing of a television and social networking around the concept of community. marriage is to risk being left outside and looking in on what may be an important Several executives who spoke at the November Streaming Media West shift in television usage. conference expressed enthusiasm for the pairing of familiar video content The rise of social networking itself is with social interaction features that allow viewers to communicate with astonishing. Facebook, launched just friends and share their viewing experiences. Their hope is to captivate an five years ago, now counts 300 million emerging generation of digitally connected individuals in a way that registered users, half of whom log on in traditional one-way television doesn’t. a given day. On the video side, the two most advanced and well-deployed One example: Verizon’s integration of Facebook messaging into Verizon’s platforms for delivering social TV FiOS TV platform, a feature that has generated strong usage. In the first experiences are Microsoft’s Xbox Live month of availability, several million photographs shared through Facebook broadband entertainment service, and were viewed on FiOS-connected TV sets, said Ruchir Rodrigues, vice Verizon’s FiOS TV network. Both are positioned as alternatives to traditional president of Product Platforms for Verizon. subscription video providers, and both The embrace of social networking as a construct for television is especially have significant reach. We estimate Xbox prominent within Microsoft’s Xbox Live network, which recently introduced Live reaches about 9 million U.S. homes with a live Internet connection, and FiOS new features that encourage users to interact with one another as they TV has 2.7 million subscribers. watch, recommend or comment on video content played through the Xbox Live platform. A new “Live Party” application allows Xbox Live users to Xbox Live and FiOS TV are ahead of most cable and satellite providers in share real-time viewing experiences with up to seven friends, each of them integrating Facebook and Twitter onto represented on the TV screen by an animated avatar that serves as a sort of the television screen. While those digital expression of the participants’ personas. Through these animated applications are clearly subordinate characters, users can exchange messages, talk over a VoIP connection, to the everyday television viewing express emotions and invite others to join in watching a movie or TV show experiences the platforms offer, they have streamed from Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” service. proven to be addictive to millions of users of PCs and mobile devices who The Live Party feature is part of a new update to Xbox Live that also brings now make them part of their daily lives. social networking applications Facebook and Twitter to Xbox-connected What’s more, it’s important to realize screens. there’s more to this category of “social- video” applications than merely exchanging brief text messages and status updates. Facebook, for example, offers a ready platform for sharing and displaying photos with friends and relatives across expansive, high-fidelity TV screens. Xbox Live is taking the social video concept further by offering an inventive communal viewing application that seems particularly well-suited to younger consumers who are accustomed to being ever-present in their digitally connected communities. Making it possible for customers to integrate television into their social networking lives may become a requisite for competitors in the video sector, and the Source: Microsoft Corp. — Xbox absence of integrated social-networking features may become a serious competitive vulnerability. 5 VIDEOTRAK — November 2009
  6. 6. Beyond importing popular social networking applications to the TV set, online video developers hope to build usage for new “presence” applications that allow viewers to monitor what their friends are watching on Xbox Live launches television, said Itzik Cohen, CEO of social TV platform developer ClipSync. instant-streaming That sort of “heat map” of what acquaintances are watching could help guide viewers to recommended programs, said Xbox Live general manager Patience is no longer a required Marc Whitten. character trait for people who watch TV over Microsoft’s Xbox During a keynote address to the Streaming Media West conference, Live platform. Whitten said incorporating social conversation and community features into the Xbox Live platform changes the television experience by giving viewers In November, Xbox Live initiated a way to exchange thoughts “across living rooms” in a way that hasn’t been instant-streaming of TV shows and possible before. From a business standpoint, Microsoft hopes that movies, meaning programs start approach compels more people to use Xbox Live not just as an adjunct to play immediately once they’re device for playing video games and occasionally watching TV shows, but as selected. Previously, Xbox Live the centerpiece of a new shared media experience. Microsoft in November used a progressive-download began offering instant-streaming of TV shows and movies over Xbox Live. scheme that delayed playback of selected titles until a portion of “My goal is…to get the Xbox into the living room in all houses, making the program had been buffered. it input number one,” said Whitten. To get there, Microsoft is focusing The new service uses an adaptive on community and conversation over traditional TV and entertainment bit rate approach that starts with a industry metrics. “We never talk about our games in terms of audience,” lower bit rate and ramps up to Whitten said. “There is not an audience for [video game] ‘Halo.’ There is higher quality as the stream a community for ‘Halo.’” progresses. The instant-streaming service supports standard- resolution and high-definition (1080p) content. Content comes from Microsoft’s Zune repository of movies and TV shows, most of them available for per-view fees. Facebook does video…and lots of it So far, video has been very good to Facebook. the program.) Since Facebook launched support for video inclusion Facebook also is rising on the online video charts. in 2007, the medium has attracted tremendous In October, Facebook ranked 9th among U.S. online usage. In December 2008 Facebook reported users video providers for the total number of streams were uploaded about 100,000 new videos each day. delivered, according to comScore (see table on p. 9). Now, that number has swelled to 500,000 videos per With 245 million video streams, Facebook ranked day, or 14 million in a month. higher than ABC Television’s online video properties, and with 41 million unique video visitors, it barely Most are short, homemade clips, but in socializing its trailed Hulu. huge user base to video, Facebook also is creating a potentially profound platform for any kind of video Video providers that integrate Facebook functionality distribution. In a test earlier this year, Facebook into their services — FiOS TV, for instance — should carried the premiere episode of the NBC comedy be aware that it may be possible for Facebook series “Community,” signaling the potential to use registrants to use the service as a backdoor conduit to the platform as a vehicle for mainstream television an increasing amount of video content, particularly if content. (The debut wasn’t perfect, however. Many Facebook continues to pursue alliances with major users reported the video feed froze 20 minutes into television networks. 6 VIDEOTRAK — November 2009
  7. 7. STRATEGY Business impact: Depending exclusively on advertising revenue, as Hulu does, Streaming Media’s enduring question: Where’s the model? may not provide the online video category the economic muscle it needs At the 2009 Streaming Media West conference in San Jose, Calif., to compete with large, entrenched enthusiasm over technological advances and rising consumer adoption delivery systems such as cable. Instead, was in full view. But a clear picture of the sector’s economic future was category participants may turn to harder to find. subscription approaches to fortify revenues. Published reports suggest Even though online video usage is soaring and video quality improving, Hulu may be considering a subscription there was little evidence to suggest participants are close to solving fee for access to some of its content, and fundamental business challenges. Providers are hampered in particular by there have been unsubstantiated reports the inability to replicate or to improve on the model that has prevailed for that Apple Inc. hopes to transform its pay-for-download video service, Apple decades in the cable network business: a combination of recurring TV, into a subscription-based platform for subscriber fees and advertising revenues sufficient to support the creation Internet video. and delivery of content on a large scale. Today the largest online provider of If new subscription-based Internet video mainstream television programming,, is on pace to generate less platforms do emerge, it could provide an revenue in a year than most niche cable channels produce in a matter of ancillary market for cable networks that months. A recent report in Fast Company estimated Hulu’s annual revenue currently receive close to $20 billion at $120 million — roughly equivalent to what The Food Network generated annually from cable and satellite TV in its most recent quarter and barely a blip compared to the $40 billion distributors. Granting delivery rights to a network cable business at large. new breed of subscription video services, however, could strain relationships with Creating a new ecosystem to support online video may require finding existing partners. At the Streaming alternate models that draw on other revenue sources, such as e-commerce Media West conference, Avail-TVN chief strategy officer Doug Sylvester summed transactions, some participants said. Zillion TV, the online video start-up it up this way: “It’s a delicate balance backed by several Hollywood studios, hopes to develop a merchandising between preserving the economics today component that brings fresh revenue streams to the television platform, and having the flexibility to exploit new said vice chairman Mitch Berman. “Content itself is not the answer…it’s opportunities over time.” the stuff around it,” he said. Others recognize they’re unlikely to dislodge prevailing delivery systems such as cable TV. Vizio, the TV set manufacturer that is building Internet Roku introduces connectivity into a new breed of TV sets, hopes to use the growing base of devices to create new content distribution possibilities, such as advance new set-tops premieres of new motion pictures. But Vizio has no ambition to supplant Roku added two new versions of current subscription video providers, said vice president Matthew McRae. its Internet video set-top receiver “We have no right…to try to take a piece of the revenue that’s already for the 2009 holiday season: there,” he said. • The HD XR Player ($130) The Streaming Media conference illuminated, instead, a sort of native faith incorporates 802.11n Wi-Fi prevalent in the online video sector: that once an infrastructure is in place, and a USB port. business models will follow. “Our goal is to get millions of TVs in the field,” • The Roku SD Player ($80) is McRae said. Similarly, Roku, which sells inexpensive set-top boxes to receive limited to standard-resolution Internet video and display it on TV sets, is focused mainly on establishing video, but offers Roku’s lowest market presence for now. “Our [model] is very clear right now. We build a price point yet. box,” said vice president Jim Funk. But Roku’s broader ambition is to make money by creating a distribution platform, attracting content providers to it, Roku boxes support Internet and ultimately selling advertising against its viewership. Funk said Roku video content from Netflix, Major recognizes there’s little upside in selling a consumer electronics device. League Baseball, Amazon Video “No one wants to buy a box,” he said. on Demand and several niche content providers. 7 VIDEOTRAK — November 2009
  8. 8. PLATFORMS Canada’s Rogers begins online video deployment On the menu… Canadian cable operator Rogers Communications Inc. beat its U.S. The Rogers On Demand Online counterparts to the online video punch. In November, Rogers began trial video service offers 1,000 hours deployment of an online video service that allows Rogers video subscribers of content from 17 networks and to watch programs from 15 cable networks online, over PCs and other broadcasters including Citytv, connected devices. The deployment was scheduled to be rolled out more which offers popular primetime broadly by early December, and Rogers promises to expand the available series including “Ugly Betty” and channels over time. The Rogers “On Demand Online” service is similar to “Cougartown,” and GlobalTV, an initiative from Comcast that’s scheduled to be broadly introduced late which offers Fox’s “Glee” and this year. NBC’s “House.” Content providers Rogers (smartly, in our view) is making access available not just to video as of Nov. 30 are: subscribers but to customers who purchase Internet, mobile voice and • other services. The company has built its own web platform, drawing • Big 10 Networks mostly praise from beta-release reviewers who liked the user interface. • The Biography Channel • Connected TVs: on the rise • Citytv • Food Network About 12 percent of flat-panel sets sold in September in the U.S. were outfitted for Internet connectivity, up from less than 1 percent a year ago, • G4 according to market research firm NPD Group Inc. With support for online • Galaxie MVOD video services such as Netflix Watch Instantly, Blockbuster on Demand and • Global Television Amazon Video on Demand, connected TV sets could emerge as a • HGTV significant universe for movie and TV program delivery. • History Television But many potential applications are still on the drawing board, and it’s • Maple Pictures difficult for manufacturers to fathom exactly how consumers may use the • National Film Board of Canada connected devices. As a result, engineers have had to make sure the sets • OLN can be updated with firmware downloads for future applications and • Rogers Sportsnet content integration, said Matthew McRae, a vice president with Vizio, at • Setanta this month’s Streaming Media West conference. Vizio also has had to think • Slice about potential service and support issues that might arise as more users experiment with online video access. The current family of Vizio connected • Showcase TVs have more memory and processing power than their supported • Super Channel applications require, said McRae. That’s because “half of the uses for • Teletoon this thing we haven’t even thought of yet,” he said during a conference • Treehouse panel session. • TVO • TVtropolis • UFC • Vuguru • WarnerTV • YTV 8 VIDEOTRAK — November 2009
  9. 9. RESEARCH Hulu continues surge in October video delivery In October, according Hulu’s popularity continued to rise sharply in October as the advertiser- to comScore: supported video site drew 42 million unique visitors, a 9.7% gain from the • 84.4 percent of the total U.S. previous month. Internet audience viewed online According to comScore, Hulu delivered 855 million video streams in video. October, a 46% jump from September’s 583 million. Hulu outperformed the • The average online video viewer broader online video sector, which saw a 7% increase in total video stream watched 10.8 hours of video. delivery, to 27.9 billion. • 125.3 million viewers watched Top U.S. online properties by videos viewed, October 2009 nearly 10.4 billion videos on PROPERTY VIDEOS (000) SHARE (%) OF VIDEOS (83.1 videos per Total Internet 27,942,066 100.0 viewer). Google sites 10,524,187 37.7 • 41.1 million viewers watched 313.5 Hulu 855,559 3.1 million videos on Microsoft sites 450,957 1.6 (7.6 videos per viewer). Fox Interactive Media 446,396 1.6 • The average Hulu viewer watched Viacom Digital 407,205 1.5 20.1 videos, totaling 2 hours of Yahoo sites 338,035 1.2 videos per viewer. Turner Network 288,070 1.0 • The duration of the average CBS Interactive 255,124 0.9 online video was 3.9 minutes. 245,422 0.9 ABC Television 203,512 0.7 Source: comScore Video Metrix Top U.S. online properties by unique viewers, October 2009 VIEWERS (000) AVG. VIDEOS PER VIEWER Total Internet 167,231 167.1 Google sites 126,103 83.5 Fox Interactive Media 53,410 8.4 Yahoo sites 50,061 6.8 CBS Interactive 43,658 5.8 Hulu 42,464 20.1 41,155 6.0 Microsoft sites 40,692 11.1 Viacom Digital 39,509 10.3 NBC Universal 29,876 6.4 AOL 25,936 6.5 Source: comScore Video Metrix 9 VIDEOTRAK — November 2009
  10. 10. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Stewart Schley, Sr. Director, Industry Intelligence Stewart has been reporting on and writing about the cable television and media industries for more than 25 years, for publications and organizations including Multichannel News, Cable World, CED Magazine and Paul Kagan Associates. He has founded and served as editor of several national business magazines and is the author of the book Fast Forward: Video on Demand and the Future of Television; the editor of the book Definitive Broadband; and a co-author of Broadband Planet, published in 2004 by Cisco Press. He joined One Touch Intelligence as Senior Director of Communications Intelligence in September, 2007. ABOUT VIDEOTRAK VIDEOTRAK helps industry executives understand the emerging economics and dynamics of the Internet-video sector by offering exclusive analysis of distribution and content providers, business models, market statistics and consumer behaviors that are shaping the fast-growing category. VIDEOTRAK service deliverables include: business intelligence alerts, analyst support, monthly Internet TV analysis reports, and bi-annual sector analysis reports. For VIDEOTRAK subscription information please go to: 10 VIDEOTRAK — November 2009
  11. 11. ABOUT ONE TOUCH INTELLIGENCE One Touch Intelligence is the leading provider of managed market intelligence solutions for the Communications Industry. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with a combined staff experience of over 100 years in the Communications Industry, One Touch Intelligence works in partnership with our clients to develop custom designed intelligence solutions with a key focus on competitor activities and emerging opportunities. Our clients include industry leaders in the Cable, Programming and Equipment sectors. Armed with One Touch Intelligence, our clients have realized tangible benefits including an increase in corporate knowledge across the enterprise, reduction of information management costs, and overall improvement of the decision making process across various lines of business. At One Touch Intelligence, our daily focus is on helping you to increase your overall “Speed of Knowing.” Our business solutions will help you navigate through a marketplace flooded by minuscule bits of information and a steady stream of ever- changing data points. The intelligence you need now is just One Touch away. Visit us online at To provide feedback on this report, please send email to One Touch Intelligence, LLC 6312 South Fiddlers Green Circle Suite 240 East Greenwood Village, CO 80111 USA While One Touch Intelligence makes reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of the information contained herein, One Touch Intelligence cannot ensure that the information herein is accurate or current. The readers of this report accept all risk associated with using or relying on the information contained herein. ONE TOUCH INTELLIGENCE MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ABOUT THE INFORMATION, CONTENT OR OPINIONS IN THIS DOCUMENT AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY. Copyright © 2006 – 2009, One Touch Intelligence, LLC, all rights reserved. One Touch Intelligence™, the Speed of Knowing®, ONETRAK®, TELCOTRAK®, DBSTRAK®, WIRELESSTRAK™, VIDEOTRAK™, PRODUCTTRAK® and MEDIATRAK® are trademarks of One Touch Intelligence, LLC. Other product or company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. 11 VIDEOTRAK — November 2009