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  • 1. A-03-017 Technology Fee Proposal Worksheet Please include this worksheet as a cover sheet for your Technology Fee Proposal Fiscal Year 2003 Student Organization? ___Yes __X No Title of Proposal: Streaming Video Server Submitted by: David Edwin Stone E-mail: dstone@spsu.edu Phone: 770-528-3700 Program/Department/Organization: Center for Instructional Technology Proposals from students/student organizations require the signature of a faculty/staff advisor, indicating review; proposals from academic areas require the signature of the program head, indicating review; proposals from staff require the signature of the department director/head indicating review. Approved By: David Edwin Stone Title: Director, CIT (Please type) Signature: Please answer the following questions; they will summarize the details required for your request. 1. Please indicate the Category of Technology Fee Request, as defined in the SPSU Technology Fee Proposal: ___ STUDENT/ORGANIZATION _X_FACULTY/ACADEMIC ___ IT INFRASTRUCTURE 2. Is this request part of a continuing project for which you have received previous technology fee awards? _X_ No ___Yes (# previous awards ____) 3. What is the proposed project "lifetime" or "life expectancy" of any resources/equipment to be acquired? This first year of system use will be used to evaluate usage levels, additional hardware needs, and administrative services required. The availability of the server will be incrementally increased, as the initial testing is successful. A review of the results we be conducted after one year to determine any additional requirements for streaming video delivery. 4. Where will the resources acquired be located at SPSU? The server will be located in the Information Technology Data Center. 5. Who will manage/support the resources acquired? Information technology will host the server in the data center. CIT staff will provide administrative coordination and faculty support for streaming video development and integration. 6. How many students per semester will have access to the requested resources? Students will have access to the resources when instructors use streaming video for course enhancement; this is not limited to distance learning students. After the initial one-year launch we will determine additional requirements for the system. 7. Explain which students will be served by these purchases and how they will be served. Students will be able to view instructional video online. This also potentially leads the way for student media to host streaming content. 8. If the products/positions included in this proposal support a course(s), please list the course(s) here and indicate whether it is a core, elective or required course. Course ___ Core ___ Elective ___Required Course ___ Core ___ Elective ___Required Course ___ Core ___ Elective ___Required Course ___ Core ___ Elective ___Required Revised 11/7/2001
  • 2. Course ___ Core ___ Elective ___Required Course ___ Core ___ Elective ___Required Revised 11/7/2001
  • 3. 9. Define the “mission critical” level and nature of this proposal. This proposal provides the equipment necessary for students to have a richer learning environment. This capability has the potential to lead to more learning resources available for students online. Instructors could provide lectures, footage of industry practices, visualization aids, and student presentations online. 10. Are you requesting funds primarily to _X_ acquire new resources or ___ update/replace resources? 11. What other resources, if any, will support this project? Information Technology will provide support for the server and CIT will assist ITAC with the development of faculty usage procedures. 12. Are there any space issues related to this proposal (e.g., has space been assigned for a new lab)? ___Yes _X_No If yes, describe under #7 of the Proposal and attach approval documentation. 13. Are there any information technology issues related to this proposal? _X_Yes ___No See attached support memo from Ron Skopitz. 14. Determine and indicate if equipment will be maintained under a service agreement and how payment of these future service agreements will be funded. There is no service agreement necessary. Please complete the following budget summary: Fiscal Year 2003 $ Project Total $ Tech Fee Request Equipment $3,490.00 $3,490.00 Software $374 $374 Maintenance Operating & Supplies Student Assistant Salary Funds Regular Employee Salary Funds/Benefits Other, please explain below TOTAL $3,864 $3,864 Revised 11/7/2001
  • 4. Proposal for the Use of the FY2003 Technology Fee Submitting Organization(s): Center for Instructional Technology Contact Person (Name, email, phone): David Edwin Stone, dstone@spsu.edu, 770-528-3700 1. Proposal Title: Streaming Video Server 2. Please indicate the Category of Technology Fee Request, as defined in the SPSU Technology Fee Proposal: this document can be found at < http://www.spsu.edu/techfee/index.shtml >. ___ STUDENT/ORGANIZATION _X_FACULTY/ACADEMIC ___ IT INFRASTRUCTURE 3. Proposal Summary This proposal calls for the purchase of a server for streaming video delivery for campus. The purpose of the server is to begin providing online video for instructional enhancement and may eventually lead to development of the capability of live video multicasts (broadcasts) to campus. The initial year of the project will provide Information Technology and CIT with data about the capacity requirements for a campus video server, the amount of bandwidth required and the issues in the development of procedures to ensure quality video is available to students and the issues on the campus at large. This system is comprised of a server running Windows 2000 Advanced Server that will be housed in the Information Technology Data Center. Video is a proven method to increase student learning and provides a way to review material at his or her own pace, and asynchronously with the streaming video technology. This system will allow for the delivery of video from a central location with an Internet connection. The benefits include the ability to show video in a classroom without a VCR or DVD player, allows students to view video away from the classroom, and eases the use of small video clips to enhance a particular lesson or topic. This is directly related to the CIT goal of improving teaching and learning via technology. There are no existing resources that provide this capability. All students have the potential of participating in a class enhanced by this technology. This system will be evaluated based on the performance of the system under real conditions, by faculty interest and use of the technology, and by a review of the additional technical requirements after the first year of use. 4. Relevance to Regents Guidelines 1] Technology fee revenues should be used primarily for the direct benefit of students to assist them in meeting the educational objectives of their academic programs The streaming video server will provide students a direct benefit by providing faculty with the means to enhance their subject matter. This technology will help students achieve the educational objectives within these courses. [3] Technology fee revenues should be used for hardware and Network related expenditures that include support of general purpose or special purpose or special purpose laboratories used by students for body productivity and more discipline related activities. This system can be used to enhance lab related activities, provide asynchronous learning activities, and allow faculty to develop additional education tools. 5. Instructional/Educational Benefits • Who will benefit? Students in classes enhanced by streaming video. • When will they benefit? During their entire time at Southern Poly. • How many will benefit? All students with instructors who use the system. • How will you know that the students benefited? By the amount of usage the system receives, student feedback and instructor feedback. Revised 11/7/2001
  • 5. 6. Budget Details and Narrative Planned Costs: Streaming Video Server: $3,629.98 (See attached specs) Windows 2000 Advanced Server $364.00 Windows 2000 Advanced Server Media $10 Information Technology will provide support, installation and maintenance of the server. Faculty training and consultation will be conducted by CIT. If the proposal is not funded then we will not have streaming video available to students, faculty, and staff. 7. Impact on Computing/Network Infrastructure and Space Issues There is significant computing/network infrastructure impact. Please see the attatched statement. Attach approval documentation. 8. Supplemental Materials Supplementary materials (such as: product information, price quotes, computer lab design plans, space approvals, etc.) may be submitted and attached to the proposal. If you are unable to attach them electronically, please submit 11 copies of the supplemental materials to the office of the CIO by the proposal deadline date, with a cover sheet including the proposal title, and name and department of the contact person. Note that the Review Team is not obligated to review/evaluate supplemental materials. Excessive supplemental materials may cause the Review Team to deem a proposal as “non-responsive” to this Request for Proposals, and therefore may be counter- productive to the request. A document that will be accepted as an Appendix is an excerpt from the program, departments or organization’s strategic plan that defines the long-term goals for utilizing technology and computing to enhance instructional objectives. Please note this Appendix attachment in your narrative (Budget Detail and Narrative section.) The Appendix is included in the four page maximum limit of the proposal. Revised 11/7/2001
  • 6. Dave, Gee, I thought that's what the previous message was.... but here it is: we will host the server to the best of our abilities. If we do not get the assistant network manager position we have requested then I cannot promise ongoing, mission-critical levels of support, but we can certainly manage the test system outlined below. If need be, just print this and attach to your request. Bring it by and I will sign. If I'm not in, leave it and Christine will let you know when it's done. work for you? --ron Revised 11/7/2001
  • 7. Item Description Part # Qty Unit Total Motherboard Tyan Tiger MP, dual Thuderbird S2460 1 $ 250.00 $ 250.00 Processor AMD Thuderbird 1700 MP MP1600 2 $ 185.00 $ 370.00 512MB, PC2100, ECC, Memory Registered (total of 2GB, 2 $219.99 $ 439.98 Micron or equivalent) 3Ware Escalade 7410 4- RAID channel ATA-100 RAID 3w-7410 1 $ 350.00 $ 350.00 controller controller Drives IBM 60GB, ATA-100, 7200RPM 3 $ 125.00 $ 375.00 Hot swap 3w- 3Ware ATA-100, 2-unit, 3 drive 1 $ 250.00 $ 250.00 drive cage RDC-300 Drive Cables 24" ATA-100, teflon 3 $ 20.00 $ 60.00 Netgear Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet GA620 1 $ 375.00 $ 375.00 1000Base-SX fiber CD-ROM Sony 48X ATAPI 1 $ 35.00 $ 35.00 Video GeForce II GTS, AGP, generic 1 $ 50.00 $ 50.00 Floppy Mitsumi 1 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 CalPC 4U, 5-bay rack mount w/ Case 8I5A00 1 $ 385.00 $ 385.00 front hot-swap power Power CalPC 400W hot swappable, 6ARD-40 1 $ 535.00 $ 535.00 Supply front mount 0B007 Rack Rails CalPC 28" modified 1 $ 75.00 $ 75.00 CPU Fan High efficiency for AMD 2 $ 35.00 $ 70.00 subtotal: $ 3,629.98 Revised 11/7/2001