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Medieval europe

Medieval europe



8th Grade Student Kandice Leigh created this in World History Class

8th Grade Student Kandice Leigh created this in World History Class



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    Medieval europe Medieval europe Presentation Transcript

      • at it’s height
      Medieval Europe Kandice Price 8th Grade
    • Section 1: The Crusades
    • I. Call for a crusade
      • Jerusalem was a holy city for people of three faiths: Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
      • Jerusalem and the entire region of Palestine fell to Arab invaders in the A.D. 600s; mostly Muslims, the Arabs tolerated people of other religions.
      • In the late A.D. 1000s, the Seljuk Turls took Jerusalem , and the hazards of pilgrimage increased; the Byzantine emperor wrote to the pope in A.D. 1095 requesting military aid.
      • Pope Urban II called for a volunteer army to take Jerusalem and Palestine from the Seljuk Turks; knights and peasants alike vowed to join the expedition to the Holy Land.
      • The First Crusade marked the onset of a long period of Christian persecution of the Jews; three armies of Crusader knights and volunteers traveled to eastern Mediterranean.
      • In June A.D. 1099, the Crusaders finally reached Jerusalem; after a siege of almost two months, the city fell, and most of its Muslim and Jewish inhabitants were massacred.
      • After Saladin united the Muslim forces to capture Jerusalem in A.D. 1187, the Holy Roman Emperor of Germany and the kings of England and France launched a Third Crusade that was also unsuccessful.
      • Saladin refused to return Jerusalem to the Christians but did not allow Christian pilgrimages access.
      • In the Fourth Crusade of A.d. 1204, Crusaders destroyed city of constantinople, leaving a lasting bitterness between the Eastern orthodox world and western europe and seriously weakening the byzantine empire.
      • Although western Europeans failed to gain control of Palestine, the Crusaders helped to break down feudalism and increase the authority of kings.
      II. Effect of the Crusaders
      • Contact with the more advanced Byzantine and Muslim civilizations broadened European views of the world and heightened demand at home for Eastern luxury goods.
      • From Muslims, Crusaders learned many useful skills; for Muslims, the arrival of the Crusades provided a common enemy to unite against.