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I am starting over at the age of 42. I have relocated and currently do not have my own classroom. Please view this presentation to see how I am trying to contribute to the profession I love and make a living.
This video will tell you all about me and how we can assist each other.
The economy is not kind, but I still believe in kindness. I believe this could work.

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Helping Teachers

  1. 1. Teachers HelpingTeachers
  2. 2. Who Am I?Ronna WilliamsBS in American and Latin American HistoryMinor in SociologyMS in Secondary Education HistoryBS in Criminal JusticeMinor in World History
  3. 3. How Can IAssist You AsA Teacher?I have created and still create dynamic presentations forclassroom use.All of my presentations are customizable, meaning youcan edit them to fit your curriculum and objectives.Most of my presentations are tested in my classroom toensure student interest and self-assessment.
  4. 4. Many Curriculum Packages ComeWith Powerpoint Presentations,Why Does a Teacher Need MyCreations?I have used those boxedPresentations. Not only were mystudents bored out of their minds,so was I.I decided to invest the time increating engaging presentationsthat teach.There is no comparison betweenthe presentations I create and theones that come boxed with yourTeacher’s Editions.
  5. 5. When YouPurchase Oneof MyPresentations,You Are HelpingA FellowTeacher* Rent *Utilities *Technology Expenses*Food and Necessities
  6. 6. What’s MyStory?I had a difficult childhood.I often felt unsafe and unsureabout my life.Very early, I determined thatanything I learned could not betaken away from me no matterhow many times I was relocatedor how many of my personalbelongings were left behind orlost.
  7. 7. ChangeBecame MyNormal* Changing Schools* Changing Homes*Making New Friends*Saying Goodbye
  8. 8. I became thefirst HighSchoolGraduate Inmy FamilyThen, though delayed, Iwent on to highereducation where Iexcelled.
  9. 9. Though My StartWas NotTraditional, I WasLoved.
  10. 10. EducationInspires Me andI InspireStudents,Colleagues andWeary Travelerson Life’sJourney
  11. 11. StudentCenteredLearningThatProvides theConditionsForSuccess
  12. 12. TeachersWork LongHours.* Why not partner with me, to help you with some of yourworkload?* Buying a presentation from me or making a small donation tome through my site will create a symbiotic relationship.*It’s like working with a teacher down the hall except maybeeven nicer. : )
  13. 13. Get Students Excited About Learning
  14. 14. I RecentlyRelocatedand Do NotCurrentlyHave myOwnClassroom.*Your willingness to try one of mypresentations will help to sustainme.*I consider it my honor to assistyou in this small way.
  15. 15. EducationalSuccess HasNot EndedWith Me.Both of my own sons receivedscholarships to AuburnUniversity based on theirAcademic Achievements, ACTScores and recommendations.
  16. 16. John-Michael chose to go to Troy University.After initially thinking my soul would die if he left these scholarshipsbehind, I realize, now, that this is his life to live, not mine. I am so proudof him. He is an excellent student, and Troy University is a great university.Credit to The Clayton Record
  17. 17. Dusty is LovingAuburn Universityand is Doing VeryWell.I am proud of him,too.
  18. 18. I will be adding to mypresentation collection.In addition to all thingshistory, I will be addingBiology Presentations to mycollection.I added a Biologyendorsement to mycertification to try and helpme in my quest to find myown classroom again.
  19. 19. My Students Actually Loved My Study Guides andThey Were Excellent For Effective Grouping
  20. 20. Samples ofStudentProjects I CallGraphicGuidesStudents Note CardsFit into the “Gorilla”Warfare MouthU.S. Government Can BeBoring or NOTEconomicsCan Torture Seniors orNOTStudents Note CardsAre Inside the Pumpkinon a Vine
  21. 21. Please VisitMy SiteI am sincerely trying toearn my way. Tell your co-workers; Tell the teacherin your life to visit Ms.Ronna’s Site.