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PR Expert Commentary in Huffington Post

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PR Expert Commentary in Huffington Post

  1. 1. PR Expert Commentary in Huffington Post By 5W Public Relations
  2. 2. PR Expert: Ronn TorossianRonn Torossian founded 5W Public Relations, 1 of the 25 largest American PRFirms. Based in New York City, Ronn Torossian has overseen the growth of 5WPR,the PR Agency to the Inc. 500 list, and provided counsel to hundreds of companies,including members of the Fortune 500, Inc. 500 and Forbes 400. His work spansglobal interests, corporate entities, high-profile individuals, regional business entities,government agencies and academic institutions – both on routine public relationsmatters and extremely sensitive issues.A born and bred New Yorker, Ronn Torossian has overseen PR initiatives for clientsincluding Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Barnes & Noble, Cantor Fitzgerald,IHOP, McDonald’s, Evian, EDS, VeriSign, XM Radio, Seagram’s, The Loews Regency,Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, Marriott Hotels, Vail Resorts, Pamela Anderson,Snoop Dogg, the Government of Israel, and others.Ronn Torossian is a past semi-finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year,and wrote a Public Relations book “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, BuildBrands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations” which wasreleased late in 2011 and is an best selling Public Relations book.Ronn Torossian resides with his family on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and wasnamed to Advertising Age’s “40 Under 40″ list, as well as PR Week’s “40 Under 40″List. He is a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), and a board member ofnumerous non-profit organizations.
  3. 3. And last weeks Aurora massacre isnt only sitting squarely on the shoulders of "The Dark Knight Rises.” … So does a case of bad timing have the ability to permanently mar a film, making it a constant reminder of real-life tragedy rather than entertainment? "After congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot last year, people spoke of politics being more civil forever and now, only a year and a half later its back to normal," Ronn Torossian, CEO of top PR agency 5WPR, told The Huffington Post. "Movies will be the same. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both temporarily pulled negative campaign ads in Colorado and as sure as I am that their negative ads will return, so too will regular marketing for [The Dark Knight Rises]."Read More:
  4. 4. "For better or worse, celebrities have wacky parents, just like the rest of us mere mortals. One only wishes that many celebrity parents realize that, because of their last name, their words are going to be taken in a whole different light," says Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR. "Celebrity parents can absolutely hurt [or help] their child’s career. We have worked for celebrities who we have had to advise to stay away from certain family members for concern of how media would portray the relationship." Just as for celebrities, their family members need to learn quickly that once fame arrives, the spotlight shines brighter on what you say and do. "There is a price for success, and for parents of celebrities it means they have to watch what they say and do or can embarrass their children," Torossian says. "When celebrities become famous, the lives of their immediate families also change: do you think one of Justin Biebers siblings could hold down a normal teenage job? Could Ryan Reynolds dad have a regular nine to five, where everyone didnt whisper wow thats Ryan Reynolds dad? Life changes for celebrity parents and smart parents recognize it and adapt accordingly."Read More:
  5. 5. The anatomy of celebrity divorce statements reveals several key ingredients: 1. Lets pretend were friends and we wish nothing but the best for each other. I know you just petitioned for sole custody and are trying to break our prenup but come on, lets put on a good face for our fans. 2. We lasted seven years? Thats somewhat of an accomplishment, given that Ive hated you for six of them. (The only celebrities to mention how many years of marriage they endured are those who were hitched for seven years!) 3. There will be paparazzi at our front door in a matter of minutes, but if we ask politely for privacy maybe theyll give it to us? (Read: wishful thinking.) But just as much as the inclusion of the duration or privacy factor, its equally important to leave certain details out of the statement. "Often with celebrity divorces theres also the court of law to consider along with the court of public opinion," Torossian explains. "What we say can affect court proceedings regarding finances, children and other maritial matters."Read More:
  6. 6. By any reference, Lins marketing potential is sky-high. He reportedly has a shoe contract with Nike, and other deals will likely follow. The question isnt whether Lin will get paid plenty to push product; its whether he can do it over the long haul. "If this guy keeps going, forget it," Torossian said. "Hes a marketers dream. Hes Tiger Woods pre-scandal -- and to top it all off hes playing in the biggest media market in the world."Read More:
  7. 7. Demi and Ashton announced they were divorcing in November after six years of marriage, shortly after reports of Ashtons alleged infidelity surfaced. Insiders say the resulting tabloid attention, coupled with his seemingly callous response to Demis health crisis, could do long-term damage to his future in show business. "Its simply insensitive for Ashton to be out partying while Demi is in the hospital," said Ronn Torossian, CEO of public relations firm 5WPR and author of "For Immediate Release." "Their public personas are so intermingled -- the images of them in love etched in our minds -- its just completely unnecessary and wont score him any points at all.“ However, not everyone agrees. Veteran publicist and manager Howard Bragman (who does not represent Ashton) tells me, "Ashton was not partying. Incorrect. Ashton is doing just fine."Read More:
  8. 8. It takes the right kind of out-of-control behavior to push product. Not everyone has it. Lindsay Lohan certainly doesnt. One man most certainly does: Charlie Sheen. At least thats the word from image specialist Ronn Torossian after viewing Sheens new ads for Fiat and DirecTV. "His brand is a lot different than the Lindsay Lohan brand, which is seen as a perpetual car crash," Torossian, the president of the 5WPR agency, told The Huffington Post on Monday. "Hes going about it in a more likable matter."Read More:
  9. 9. However, Kris rep tells that the photos had nothing to do with getting back at Kardashian: "The allegations that he’s seeking revenge with this photo shoot are false and we remain adamant that personal issues will be handled by his legal team and not in the media.” Onlookers are divided over whether the pictures will improve public perception of Humphries. "The first-ever fashion shoot pictures of Kris Humphries are frankly ridiculous,” Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR tells me. “Humphries looks absurd and I fail to understand why he’d pose for such pictures. Seems Humphries wants his 10 minutes of fame to continue –- and while he’ll forever be known as the Kardashian ex, this shoot will keep him [in] mind. While Humphries is clearly good-looking and in great shape, I fail to understand how he may make money from this –- or who exactly from his fan demographic this photo shoot would appeal to.”Read More:
  10. 10. And right on schedule, as Lohan begins to regain her footing in Hollywood, Stodden is grasping at straws in her fourteenth minute. She recently went so far as to release a kitty fetish video. "It is very unlikely that Courtney Stodden will be successful at becoming a mainstream star, despite her brazen attempts to attract attention,” says CEO and president of 5WPR, Ronn Torossian, who has represented celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Pamela Anderson. “I couldn’t think of any brand who would associate with her in any sort of serious way. And at this point, I am doubtful that she has any earning potential at all.“ But in the wake of Lohans latest set-back -- an eyebrow raising collision with an 18-wheeler -- Stodden might just get a few minutes added to the clock.Read More:
  11. 11. "The Drake-Chris Brown brawl is an unfortunate incident which shouldnt result in any lifetime bans for either celebrity," Ronn Torossian, CEO of public relations firm 5WPR and author of "For Immediate Release," told me. "No one should overreact.” “Anytime there is alcohol and nightlife, whether it’s $2,000 bottles or a dive bar, there is bound to be occasional fisticuffs and random stupidity," Torossian said. "The nightclub in question recently changed ownership and one wonders if they had proper security arrangements in place.“ "Nightclubs and other venues which cater to celebrities are often made aware of what celebrities and entourages will be arriving and do an excellent job of ensuring that certain celebrities are kept apart from one another, seated far from one another to lessen the likelihood of disputes,” he added. Torossian is not alone in his opinion. Noah Tepperberg, who runs some of the most successful venues around the world, including Marquee and Avenue, said that neither Chris nor Drake has been banned from his venues.Read More:
  12. 12. “The entertainment business in general can be discriminating -- against Republicans, against gays, against many different things -- and as such there are many reasons that celebrities may choose to keep aspects of their personal lives, including their sexuality, personal,” Torossian told me. “Celebrities are people -- people who also are entitled to some degree of privacy," Torossian said. "There is freedom of the press and freedom of speech, and the right to a persons private life and privacy. Every celebrity is an individual -- and every celebrity deals with his or her sexuality differently.“ "PR firms that work with celebrities have to do all they can to control public appearances and interviews -- and do the best they can to keep the brand they want which maximizes their earning potential," Torossian said. "Can a celebrity who plays a tough playboy come out openly? Can a starlet who makes men crazy openly come out as a lesbian? Part of working with high-profile people is understanding the difference between their public persona and personal life.”Read More:
  13. 13. Marketing experts note that Penn State is not forever tainted as a brand. Karen Post, author of the book "Brand Turnaround: How Brands Gone Bad Returned to Glory ... and the 7 Game Changers That Made the Difference," said, "Time will be their best friend." Rob Frankel of the Frankel & Anderson agency said another story would eventually knock the scandal from the headlines. But Ronn Torossian, CEO of the public relations agency 5WPR, warns advertisers not to rush the process. "What marketer who has children can go home to look at their kids and tell them about being in business with Penn State?" he asked.Read More:
  14. 14. Madonna’s first North American show is on Aug. 28 in Philadelphia, after she spends the summer touring Europe, and she can expect her MDNA show to receive its biggest criticisms yet. “Madonna is a living legend. There’s no one alive today who is bigger than her, and her legacy is amazing. She is probably the biggest pop star in the world, but every great thing must come to an end ... she may have taken it too far this time with a swastika and pulling a gun onstage," Ronn Torossian, the founder of leading PR agency 5WPR, told me.Read More:
  15. 15. "I think Rihanna did the right thing by telling the truth about her relationship with Chris Brown. Lying to media is never a good idea, particularly for celebrities who are always in the public eye and can get caught at any time not telling the truth," Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, tells me. "While being with Brown may not be good for the Rihanna brand and Rihanna’s career, clearly people in love don’t always make rational decisions -- celebrities or average Joes. Rihanna seemed authentic, believable and it would be hard for anyone to watch that interview and not feel for her.“ However, not every public relations expert agrees. "I cant believe her team would allow her to do this interview," one A-list publicist tells me. "Rihannas brand is all about powerful girls -- ladies who get what they want and dont need a man to complete them. If Rihanna honestly believes what she told Oprah, then it changes everything that we thought she represented.“ Amy Rosenblum, who runs media training company Media Masters, had a more complex reaction, but also thought the interview was a good idea.Read More: interview_n_1817559.html
  16. 16. “The media and celebrities together create personas for people” said Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, one of the 25 largest public relations firms in the country. “Jay-Z is the drug dealer made good. He’s married to Beyonce, and the perception of Jay-Z today is that he’s a good guy, so even if there was a rumor about him, say, cheating on Beyonce, that story would be less apt to run than one about a playboy.” Ronn Torossian notes that celebrities have varying levels of leeway based on the image they’ve cultivated. “Both Madonna and Kanye West are people who say or do outrageous things, and of course it’s going to follow them,” he said. “Once you court controversy and you’re seen as a scandalous person, it’s hard to get away from that.”Read More: standards_n_1844143.html
  17. 17. 5W Public Relations provides full-service solutions from strategic planning to execution