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Green Thanksgiving
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Green Thanksgiving


Published on

Tips on how to "Go Green" for Thanksgiving.

Tips on how to "Go Green" for Thanksgiving.

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  • Sales of local food in the U.S. in 2007 is $5 billion,
    up from $4 billion in 2002
    $7 billion: Expected sales of local food in 2011
  • Reduce emissions from cars and airplane

    17 million invitations per month are sent from electronic invite website Evite

    Sources: New York Times, Evite, Packaged Facts, Renewable Energy Works, Food and Agriculture Organizations Fisheries and Aquaculture Department.
  • 27% of food available for consumption is wasted by Americans
    The cost of wasted food in the US is $48 billion
  • Transcript

    • 1. The path to a Green Presented By: Ronit R. Levy Environment Commission Meeting Tuesday, November 3, 2009
    • 2. Green Thanksgiving – Really? • Learning starts at home • Old habits can change • You can make a big difference • Every little bit counts Don’t wait - Start today!
    • 3. Decorating • Reuse decorations • Use items from your back yard • Find creative ideas online • Use candles, plants, fresh fruits and vegetables
    • 4. Shopping • Carry reusable bags • Buy and eat locally grown food • Make your meal organic • Shop less – Buy fewer things
    • 5. Celebrations • Celebrate at or close to home - Invite neighbors to join you • Send electronic invitations and holiday greeting cards • Before departing on holiday trip reset thermostats and check tire pressure •
    • 6. Cooking • Cook less food • Omit the use of garnish • Cook seasonal food • Wash in buckets/bowl • Use Green cleaning supplies
    • 7. Mealtime • Use cloth napkins • Wash dishes in the dishwasher • Reduce the use of disposable plates/utensils • Keep your thermostat down • Use reusable containers for leftovers
    • 8. Gifts • Give food products • Wrap with reusable bag • Give plants, trees, fruit and vegetable baskets • Gift a community service or donation • Offer assistance
    • 9. Trash • Recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminum containers • Use fruit and vegetable trimmings to start a compost bin - the compost will enrich the soil in your garden next spring • Turn trimmings into mulch
    • 10. Every little bit counts • Reduce • Reuse • Recycle • And Conserve conserveconserve
    • 11. Thanksgiving = Giving Thanks
    • 12. Next Month: Path to a Green Holiday Season Thanks for listening, Ronit R. Levy Environmental Commissioner, City of Calabasas