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  1. 1. [BUSINESS COMM September 2, 2011 COURSE DESCRIPTIONS Bachelor of Arts in Business CommunicationBUSMATH Business Mathematics 3 The course covers the basic arithmetic skills as well as general information on businessprocedures. It aims provide the students with confidence in the mathematicalcomputations on business problems such as the four fundamental operations ofmathematics, whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentage, and interest.ELESTAT Elementary Statistics 3This course presents basic statistical concepts and essentials in data analysis. Topics fordiscussion include collection, presentation and analysis of empirical data with emphasison the applications of descriptive statistics to real-life situations. Descriptive numericalmeasures of variations will be discussed through problem solving. It introduces thenormal distribution, simple correlation and linear regression which are essential inunderstanding basic ideas of statistical inference.ADVSTAT Advanced Statistics 3 This course will introduce students to different types of statistics and statisticalmethods applied in business problems. Includes descriptive statistics, businessforecasting, statistical inference, and regression. Students will then be able todetermine which statistic and /or method is appropriate for a given situation. Emphasiswill not be placed on memorizing formulas, but instead will be placed on applyingstatistics to real world business problems.Lit 2 World Literature 3 The course emphasizes the study and consideration of the literary, cultural, andhuman significance of selected great works of the Western and non-Western literarytraditions. An important goal of the class is to promote an understanding of the works intheir cultural/historical contexts and of the enduring human values which unite thedifferent literary traditions. The courses pedagogy gives special attention to criticalthinking and writing within a framework of cultural diversity as well as comparative andinterdisciplinary analysis.NatSci 3 Environmental Science 3This course will introduce students to major ecological concepts and the environmentalproblems that affect the world in which we live. Topics covered will include ecosystemsand how they work, population, agriculture, water and air pollution, pesticides, solidwaste, alternative energy sources and a variety of other topics. This will provide thestudents to become aware of the interactions of people and their environment. It alsorelates important environmental issues to the lives of the students and their families.
  2. 2. [BUSINESS COMM September 2, 2011Psych1 General Psychology 3A course designed to cover important conceptual, scientific and historic foundations ofthe field of modern psychology.PerDev Personality Development 3This course deals with the dynamics of personality development. It aims to guidestudents to develop themselves to their ideal persona as to become more aware of theirpersonality handicaps. It will also provide teachings that would expand their self –realization as they reflect on their existing value system, their life philosophy, paradigmsand perceptions. Through this course students will be able to understand how differentfactors of personality influence their present behavior. This course will develop student’soutlook to success and happiness, customer orientation, company values, grooming andself-presentation.KBDG 1 Computer Keyboarding I (Lab Course) 3 This course is designed for students to develop and enhance touch skills for enteringalphabetic, numeric, and symbol information on a keyboard. It also helps students toemphasis on the technique, keying rate, numeric keypad proficiency and errorcorrection.KBDG 2 Computer Keyboarding 2 (Lab Course) 3 This course is designed to enhance students speed acceleration and accuracy toachieve the 30 words per minute target. It also includes encoding different businessletters and memoranda using MS Word.CC TECH1 Call Center Technology 1 (Lab Course) 3This course shall provide the students skills on the basic computer concepts andoperations , Windows exploration, Internet Fundamentals , Word Processing andspreadsheet application. It will also discuss computer networking concepts and VoIPPhones operation.CC TECH2 Call Center Technology 2 (Lab Course) 3 This course will provide the students discussions on Call Center trends andtechnologies. Students are also expected to acquire the skills in creating powerfulpresentations, and creating and managing databases.Comm2 Cross Cultural Communication 3 This course aims to help students develop cross-cultural knowledge; distinguishcultural outlook; identify cultural differences and comprehend the importance ofcultural awareness in effective communication. This course will also guide student indeveloping and understanding cross-cultural communication strategies and techniquesthrough comprehension of Intercultural Communication Theories and Patterns. Thiscovers American, Australian and European cultures.
  3. 3. [BUSINESS COMM September 2, 2011CC CUST 1 Customer Care and Call Handling Skills (Lab Course) 3 This course is designed to give call center and help desk professionals the core skills,competencies, confidence and practice to build customer relationships, create a positivebusiness image, recognize customers demands, and adapt strategies to meet thoseneeds through use of world-class customer care and call handling techniques.CC CUST 2 Enhanced Customer Relations Skills (Lab Course) 3 This course provides students with the techniques and skills needed to performCustomer Relations Associate tasks. Procedures are introduced and practiced withhands-on experience. Students also participate in taking “live” customer interactionsand increases the number of tasks they are able to assist with based on the new skillsthey are acquiring. This course provides students with the basic understanding and skillset for delivering the highest quality of customer service and customer loyalty.CC OPS Contact Center Operations and Management (Lab Course) 3 This course is designed to introduce the art and science of contact center operationswhich aims to develop student’s tactical skills. This course also focuses oncomprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to manage a small, midsize, new, orchallenged center. Course content covers tactical management responsibilities, fromthe most fundamental tasks of hiring, training, coaching, maintaining morale,forecasting, scheduling and using performance metrics; all the way through leadership.CC SALES BPO Sales and Collection (Lab Course) 3 This course will cover the process involved in effective sales and collection,marketing strategy this involves different techniques that have been proven to maximizeefficient sales result. This course introduces students to the different phases in sellingthat would help them develop selling skills.Rec Mgmt Records Management 3 The course will cover the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude in managing andmaintaining the records of the organization for purposes of innovation, improvingbusiness processes, protection of organizational stakeholders interests, avoidance ofdata loss, quicker disaster recovery, lowering costs and risks of litigation, and protectingthe cultural aspects of organizational information for long-term use. It will deal onrecords management tools, filing systems, information management program, creation ,distribution, storage and preservation of records.OJT On-The-Job Training (300 Hrs- Industry Based Training) 6 This course covers skills, knowledge and competencies necessary for the normalworking situation, using the actual tools, equipment, documents or materials toimproved ones capability, capacity, and performance. Students are taughtcommunication skills approaches and strategies in processing and transmittinginformation in the workplace.
  4. 4. [BUSINESS COMM September 2, 2011AdEPT Advanced English Proficiency Training 6 This course covers the knowledge , skills and competencies needed to enhance thestudents proficiency in the English language prior to employment.PR 1 Introduction to Public Relation 3 This course deals on the basic look at business public relations, including introductoryeducation in marketing as one visible form of business communication.PR 2 Public Speaking 3 This course is designed to introduce students to public speaking, and assist in gainingself-confidence while developing formal and informal communications skills. Studentswill learn organizational and time management processes as well as delivery in a varietyof pubic speaking forums including informal speaking, demonstration, informative,persuasive, and extemporaneous and impromptu speaking. Introduction to competitivespeaking is an extended or enrichment activity.Prin Man Principles of Management 3 This course is an introduction to the management function. It will focus on the theoryand fundamental concepts of management including planning, organization, leadership,and control. This class will review the evolution of management thought, function andpractice and will stress current approaches and emerging concepts.BComm1 Introduction to Business 3 The course will cover the fundamentals of business organization and procedures toacquaint you with management principles, business terminology, types of businessorganizations and their control, the role of business organizations in contemporarysocietyBComm2 Project Management 3 This course covers some of the issues related to manage projects in an organizations.Topics will include concepts of project planning and organization, budgeting and control,and project life cycles, concepts related to organizational workflow including the staffingprocess, project planning, elements, and the project plan contents and projectcommunications, project scheduling techniques including WBS, CPM, PERT, GANTTCHARTS, resource constrained scheduling.BComm4 Business Ethics 3 In this course, the ethical issues facing businesses including acceptable risk,intellectual property, worker ’s rights, whistle-blowing, outsourcing, and ethical issues inmarketing will be discussed.
  5. 5. [BUSINESS COMM September 2, 2011BComm5 Web Design (Lab Course) 3 This is a course designed to prepare a student to plan, create, design, critique, andmaintain web sites. Usability issues such as architecture, navigation, graphicalpresentation, and page structure are examined. Students will learn a wide variety ofproficiencies including Joomla and HTML coding, graphics, and design. Internet usageand research is an integral component of this course, as well as, the use of the digitalcamera, scanner, and Microsoft PhotoEditor. Major projects include: community websites, current event websites, and professional business web sites.OrgComm Organization and Communication 3 The course will cover the theories and practice of organizational communication, therole of communication in business organizations and the application of communicationtheory to the solution of communication problems in organizations. The student willalso study the themes of communication, empowerment, and technology and theirimpact on organizations.PR4 Public Relations Writing 3 The course covers all forms of writing for public relations, including press releases,public service announcements, magazine queries, securing television and radiointerviews, coverage memos, media alerts, features, trade press releases, newsletters,backgrounders, and public relations presentations. It teaches skills of persuasive writingthat will be of great value for anyone seeking employment in any of the informationindustries, from arts and entertainment to politics.BComm6 Business and Labor Laws 3 This course provides an overview on the laws that shape the way business is carriedon, general introduction to the legal environment that affects individuals, businesses,and business transactions, the manner in which contracts are made and enforced,agency law, business organizations, employment and labor laws, creditors rights,bankruptcy, property law (real and personal), and estates.BComm7 Events Management 3 This course covers an indepth knowledge about the specialized field of "eventmanagement". The students will learn and apply management techniques andstrategies required for successful planning, promotion, implementation and evaluationof special events.BComm8 Social Media and Electronic Communication 3 The course will explore the new media landscape in terms of online expression, socialnetworking, identity management, community building, and citizen journalism. Identifyopportunities and challenges individuals, news organizations, and businesses faceregarding communication, identity/brand management, and community building. stu-dents will be required to participate in social networks, forums, blogs, wikis, micro-blogs,folksonomies, and virtual worlds.
  6. 6. [BUSINESS COMM September 2, 2011Psych2 Business Psychology 3 This course will provide a survey of Industrial and Organizational Psychology,focusing on the application of psychological theory to understand and solve problems inthe workplace. topics such as selection, training, performance appraisal, workmotivation, and organizational theories, job and task analysis, the effects of attitudes,motivation, group dynamics, leadership, job satisfaction, productivity, and morale.PRACTICUM (700 HRS ) OR Thesis Writing 12 This course will cover the application of skills, knowledge and competencies learnedin the classroom through practicum for 700 hours or thesis writing. Field ofconcentration will be focused but not limited to News writing / Creative Writing,Marketing / Advertising and Promotion, Management Support, Event Organizing,Web Designing, Technical Support, TV/Radio/Print Media Production, ContactCenter/Call Center.