Social Media for Brands


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What Onit Marketing can do for your brands social media presence.

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Social Media for Brands

  1. 1. WE ARE a social media marketingcompany. Working with some of thecountry’s most exciting clients, wecreate master strategies andcreative concepts across allconsumer touch points thatconnect target audiences to abrand’s authenticity.
  2. 2. BOUTIQUE SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCY PR AGENCIES ARE GOOD AT BROADCASTING. BUT THEY AREN’T GOOD AT INTERACTING. ONIT IS.OTHER AGENCIES broadcast information, facts, figures, products, and events.SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIENCES aren’t looking for information. They are looking for interaction.WE AT ONIT put together an integrated strategy, immerse ourselves in your company, and develop an authentic voice that engages audiences and encourages them to interact.
  4. 4. Our plan is to…• RESEARCH conversations involving you and your competitors• CREATE a social media STRATEGY• ENGAGE online communities on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, your blog, and other media• IGNITE conversations which create experiences for people to share their lives with us• PROLIFERATE brand awareness
  5. 5. RESEARCH and STRATEGY• The web as we know it is an amalgamation of different communities. Onit and it’s Social Media Alchemists MINE these communities to EVALUATE conversation and brand awareness.• Onit will develop a thorough RESEARCH REPORT describing the social media landscape within your specific industry.• Onit will take that competitive analysis and turn it into a fully integrated SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY.
  6. 6. IGNITING CONVERSATIONS• ENGAGE consumers through Facebook, Foursquare, the blogosphere, YouTube and the Twittersphere.• MINE conversations about your brand, brand, aspiration, and competitors.• MAINTAIN a consistent and engaging public image for your brand.• COMMUNICATE in a way that resonates with consumers.• Create content that ENGAGES INFLUENCERS• ENCOURAGE INFLUENCERS to create content and spread the word.
  7. 7. “Social Media is a focus group on steroids”
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA IS ON FIREFacebook Are you present and are people talking about you?•  Facebook now has 630 million users, 250 million joined in 2010•  It has topped Google as the most visited site in the United States.•  48% of young people said they now get their news through Facebook•  In just 20 minutes 1,000,000 links are sharedBlogs•  The blogosphere is now 70 million + weblogs wide•  30 of the 100 most popular websites in the world are blogs•  70 million users in the U.S. are visiting blogs every monthTwitter Are you a part of the conversation?•  100 million more people joined Twitter in 2010•  It’s adding 300,000 every single day•  55 million tweets go out every single dayFoursquare How connected are you?•  Foursquare grew by 3,400% in 2010•  6.5 million have now joined•  By January 2011, there have been 382 million check-ins
  9. 9. FACEBOOKFan Pages have become secondary websites, but better…The web of interaction that takes place within Facebook leaves endlessopportunity for extending your voice and building brand awareness. ONIT CAN • Write your engaging content • Interact with your fans • Customize your page • Build in ecommerce • Grow your fan base
  10. 10. Great Facebook Use For BrandsDove has many customized pages within it’s Facebook page, ranging from games, to polls, to product information.
  11. 11. WEB & MOBILE DEVELOPMENT• 1 out of every 13 people in the world are on Facebook. Facebook pages are becoming the new website. If your brand doesn’t have a strong Facebook presence, you won’t be able to actively engage with your fans.• We help CUSTOMIZE YOUR CATALOGUES to put into Facebook social commerce to sell through Facebook or through your website.• We customize your FACEBOOK FAN PAGE in a way that’s a true representative of your brand and acts as an additional web presence.• We create TWITTER APPLICATIONS to integrate and streamline your Twitter Accounts.• We create iPHONE APPLICATIONS.
  12. 12. WEB & MOBILE DEVELOPMENTFor Boiron USA, we customized Facebook so fans could share their story. With Merrell, we created a custom page to meet a global audience.
  13. 13. TWITTER• Connect with influencers• Engage influencers to interact with your brand to help spread the word and sky-rocket your Twitter presence• Twitter will allow you to convey your message by interacting with users and promoting your brand.
  14. 14. Great Twitter Use For Brands Kodak Co-Tweets which brings out Personalitiesand closer connectivity to the audience. It also micro-targets specific audiences depending on their desired interests. On Kodak, there is a “Chief Blogger” and “Chief Listener” each with a personal feed, as well as a master feed that Tweets each of their accounts.
  15. 15. BLOG STRATEGY, BLOG DEVELOPMENT , BLOG OUTREACH ONIT CAN • Write your blog content • Develop a network of other bloggers to promote your brand • Hold contests to encourage audience awareness of product or brand
  16. 16. Great Blog Use For Brands The Most innovative of brands are utilizing experts to createcontent rich blogs, constantly updated by a network of experts.THE POWER OF 10: 10 experts with 10 friends = 100 blog posts. HOW POWERFUL IS YOUR BLOG?
  17. 17. FOURSQUAREWith the EXPLOSION of location based social platforms, yourbrand can propel it’s presence by becoming a voice of knowledge and engagement by offering tips on relevant things to do and places to go.
  18. 18. Great Foursquare Use For BrandsBrands have the opportunity to offer tips to their followers. Brisk has gotten creative by quoting famous pop culture icons as their featured tips on Foursquare.
  19. 19. Proliferating Brand Awareness• The goal: EDUCATE and CULTIVATE a knowledgeable group of DEDICATED online consumers.• Crowdsourcing: We will utilize the wisdom of crowds to innovate, create, produce, predict, collaborate, and engage your audience.• By ENGAGING consumers, your brand will be assured of a PROPELLING PRESENSE online.• The campaign will be generated to effectively engage both POTENTIAL consumers and EXISTING enthusiasts.
  20. 20. CHOOSE YOUR PLANWe have different plans available to best meet your budget, needs, and audience.SILVER- Research Report, Conversation Mining, Establish voice, Twitter, FacebookGOLD- Research Report, Conversation Mining, Establish voice, Twitter, Facebook, blogoutreach, FoursquarePLATINUM- Research Report, Conversation MIning, Establish voice, Twitter,Facebook, blog outreach, Foursquare, catalogue customization on Facebook, blog linking,blog writing, blog strategy. multiple twitter accounts, multiple Facebook pages.
  21. 21. Alchemists’ Specialties Roni Rudell Digital Media Alchemist P 202-258-0657
  22. 22. ONIT MARKETING PORTFOLIO• Boiron• Smarty Had a Party• Adam Capital• Merrell• iX Mixer• Pocket Shot• Kickstand Magazine••• Ola Loa• JoJo Energy• Chrome Bags• Sketchers• Sigg/mySigg• Puritans Pride• Lulan Artisans• myEarth360• And more…
  23. 23. ONIT MARKETINGhttp://OnitMarketing.comOnit News and Blog Roni Rudell Digital Media Alchemist P 202-258-0657