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Video mastery 2012 series1_ver3

Video mastery 2012 series1_ver3



Texas State University SBDC, Video Mastery Inaugural Class. Day One and Day Two Presentations Combined.

Texas State University SBDC, Video Mastery Inaugural Class. Day One and Day Two Presentations Combined.



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    Video mastery 2012 series1_ver3 Video mastery 2012 series1_ver3 Presentation Transcript

    • Video Mastery June 20 – 27 , 2012 Texas State UniversityRound Rock Higher Education Center
    • Orientation & OverviewIntroductions: Host & PresentersParticipants: Burning Questions
    • Orientation & OverviewClass Concept & Structure: Video Mastery • Countering the Hype & Herd Mentality • Taught in Series with Online, Video, Profit  Premises Don’t Support Conclusion • 4-Topic Areas split  Don’t Jump Straight to Mechanics over 2-Days  Determine Appropriate & Relevant, ROI • Part of an Overall Marketing Strategy  You Know It, That’s Why You’re Here • Instead  Make Sense of it, Manage it, Make Use of it Anywhere to Practice?  Good Info: DIY, Hire Someone, Do Nothing • Presenters SBDC Free Video Studio
    • Orientation & OverviewWhy Video for Small Business? • Global Reach (24/7/365) • Search Optimization • Blogging / Dynamic Content • Metatags / Transcription • Youtube / Google • Engagement Thru Story • Promote, Inform, Entertain • Thought Leader: credible, real, authentic • Speed of Trust (Know, Like, Trust) • Efficiently Captures Attention
    • Orientation & OverviewUses of Video for Small Business  The Talking Head Interviews Product Demo Instruct/Educate Profiles Testimonials Branding/Promotion News/PR Revenge (Cust_Service) Handout Kickstarter/Bus_Plan Content Blogging Entertain/Humor Hiring BrainstormingExamples of a Talking Hed… Self-Made -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8r6ReAA_Zs&feature=g-upl Professional -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTKOG41xYZQ
    • Orientation & OverviewBefore You Start – Unique Challenges of Video … Trends• Managing Expectations • Video Itself is a Trend • No Turnkey / “One-Size-Fits-All” Solution • Do-It-Yourself / Guerilla • All about the Content• Few Do-Overs / No Luxury of Time • Paradigm Shift: Information• From End-to-End: Your Objectives Rule (Decision Points Along Path of Bits & Bytes) (Get What You Pay For: Dollars, Time, Expertise)
    • Pre-ProductionWhere Marketing Begins !!! Things to know before you shoot your Video
    • Pre-ProductionProject Planning  • What is the Purpose of your video ? Brand Development or Brand Promotion ? • Who is Your Audience ? Know your Audience by knowing your Customer ? • What is Your Message ? What do you want your Audience to hear ? • What is The Take-Away ? What Conclusion do you want to Develop ? • What is Your Call-to-Action ? When the Video is over, What should happen ?
    • Pre-ProductionNow You Can Start Oh, One More Thing …
    • Pre-ProductionNow You Can Start Oh, One More Thing … DIGITAL RIGHTS: Just because it is on theinternet, does not give you the right to use it.
    • Pre-Production Budget & Cost ConsiderationsHow much does it cost?How much should you expect to spend?
    • Pre-Production Video LengthThis only matters if you want people to watch your video
    • Pre-ProductionStyles of Video-Making
    • Pre-Production Kickstarter What is it?Is it Worth Learning About? http://www.kickstarter.com/
    • Pre-ProductionTips & Tricks If you were your audience, Would you want to watch this?
    • ProductionGetting Started:  Pervasive Decisions  Camera Options  Shooting Recommendations  Codecs, File Formats, Resolutions  Audio & Microphones  Lighting: Sources, 3-Point Lighting  Other Considerations
    • ProductionBusiness/Marketing Decisions  • Purpose, Audience, Message, Take-Away, Call-To-ActionProduction Decisions  • Do it Yourself or Hire Someone? • Do-It-Alone, or Get Help (Behind the Camera)? • Produce in a Studio Environment or Live Action? • Do You Want to Post-Production Editing or Not? (Record Audio On-board the Camera or Not) • What is Your Budget? How Much will you Invest? • What Type of Camera/Equipment Do You Need?
    • ProductionCameras: 1. HD Pocket Camcorders (Bloggie, Flit) 2. Webcams (Desktop, Laptop) 3. Smart Phones, Tablets, Point+Shoot 4. DSLR’s (Interchangeable Lens) 5. Prosumer / Camcorder 6. Hybrid / Camcorder Tradeoffs  • Convenience / Portability • Post-Production Editing • Depth of Field • Recording Time • Video Quality • Format / Resolution • Audio Quality • Power Options
    • ProductionShooting Recommendations Multiple Cameras & • Cameras on tripod to stabilize B_Roll Fluid Head Tripod for Video • Hand held for informal effect • Avoid zooming; instead, “dolly” • DSLR for slow moving or still shots • Camcorder for “run and gun” style • Shoot pre-roll and post-roll
    • ProductionFile Formats:  Codec = Compress/Decompress H.264 is the best codec  File Formats Youtube or Vimeo: .mov/.mp4/mpeg4  Aspect Ratios & Resolutions (SD & HD): 16:9 aspect ratio = Widescreen Youtube or Vimeo: 1920x1280, 1280x720, etc.
    • ProductionAudio: Audio alternatives  Most cameras have on-board audio  Off-board mics are used for better quality  Multiple mics / Mixers enhance quality  See Handout Link to Audio Alternatives Distance Matters ???  Mics should be close to the subject  Audio Monitored on Headphones (Help)  Room Noise, A/C, Fans, are all issues  If an interview, seeing mic is acceptable Otherwise, use a boom or hide mic
    • ProductionAudio (Cont’d): Types of Microphones …  Dynamic/Rugged  Condenser/Sensitive  Lavalier/Lapel  Shotgun Tradeoffs of Each !!! Using Voice-Overs ???
    • ProductionLighting (Sources): Poor lighting  The Sun, The Room, On Stands  Beware of Backlight, Flat light, Contrast, and Flourescent Lights  Light should not look green or yellow  AWB (Automatic White Balance)  On Camera vs Stands/Umbrellas  Using Reflectors (Cheap/Effective) Trend alert: LED lights are cool, inexpensive, and last.
    • ProductionLighting (3 Point Lighting): 3 point lighting  Key light, Fill Light, Bounce/Reflector  A Back Light (aka rim/kicker)  Provide Contrast  Avoid black shadows and blown-out highlights  Green screens need distance
    • ProductionOther Considerations: Actors (Austin Actors) Voice Overs (Acclaim) Props (Austin Props) Set / Location / Permission Teleprompters & Scripts Wires, Power, Tape, Etc.
    • Wrap Up
    • Day Two
    • Video Mastery June 20 – 27 , 2012 Texas State UniversityRound Rock Higher Education Center
    • Sharing Q&AFeedback from inaugural session-one… • Time-Management: Material Demands • Registration Confusion: Series of 2 Classes • Interruptions, Storytelling, Moving-Around • Pace, Reading, Bullets, Fundamentals • More Video Examples & Critiques • 50/50 Tech-Talk vs Business-Talk (Pairing) • What about a Coop, or Place to Practice? Links: Slideshare/Handout Any Burning Questions ???
    • Post-Production / Editing Why Edit?  B-roll Hardware / Shoot-to-Edit Pkgs  Sync Audio & Video Software & Freeware  Audio Editing, Music, Sound Effects Editing Steps  Color & Special Effects Titles  Rendering
    • Post-Production / EditingWhy Edit?  Video Editing is like Writing (Can be Creative and Inspiring)  Organizes your video/stills/audio/music into a Sequential Story  Virtually all videos have been edited (editing determines quality output)  Time Consuming Process (Longer than Shooting, 12-to-1)
    • Post-Production / EditingHardware?  The First Question: Apple or PC (+ / -)  The Video Editor Requirements  Very Fast Processor and Lots of Hard-Disk Space  High-End Graphics Card, Sound Card, Monitor, DVD/BDR  Audio Editing Requirements  Monitor Speakers, Headphones, Sound Card, Peripheral Devices  USB 3.0Shooting-to-Editing Packages ?  Ipad & Iphone Short Learning Curve  On-Board HD Video Camera Ease of Use  iMovie and Garage Band
    • Post-Production / EditingSoftware?  Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X  Final Cut X is an approachable tool to edit on the Mac (About $300)  After Effects is for titles, color, effects ($1,000)  Premiere is for editing footage, long videos ($800 or CS6 $49/Mo.)  Adobe Premiere Elements is a low cost version of Premiere ($100)  Adobe Audition for editing audio
    • Post-Production / EditingFreeware? (Or included with OS) iMovie on the Mac Windows MovieMaker on the PC Audacity for recording and editing audio Jing to record voice and computer Low cost alternatives muvee RevealX Studio HD Camtasia
    • Post-Production / EditingEditing Steps (Page 1) … 1. Transfer Video Files to Computer (Cable, Card, Software) • Tape Capture 2. Import Footage/File into Editing Software 3. Organize & Name your Project/Footage 4. Sequence Footage into Logical Order (Like a Storyboard)
    • Post-Production / EditingEditing Steps (Page 2) … Do the Magic  • Trimming (Remove Unwanted Footage) • Unlink or Remove Audio Tracks Where Needed • Add-in Voice-Overs, or Music, or Separate Audio Track • Transitions (cross-dissolve, simple cut, fade to/from black/white) • Insert Stills, Graphics, and/or Other Photos and Headshots • Keyframing (Animate Text or Graphics / Scale, Rotate, Fade) • It’s all about Timing !!!
    • Post-Production / EditingTitles … • Include Openers, Credits, Notations, any Text • After Effects Reign Supreme  Blurs Video Copilot http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/  Tracking & Wiggling  Randomizing Letters  3D Text Video Hive http://videohive.net/category/after-  Text Crawls effects-project-files/titles  Notations
    • Post-Production / EditingB-roll … Footage that plays while someone is talking A product still, map, diagram, graphic, other video A wide shot or a scene for mood or place A reaction shot (interviews) Shoot your own or use royalty free shutterstock.com http://www.pond5.com/stock-video-footage/1/*.html iStockPhoto/Video http://www.artbeats.com/
    • Post-Production / EditingSync Video & Audio … Many times high quality audio and video are recorded separately The high quality audio then needs to be synchronized to the video Avoid manual syncing if whenever possible (The Clapper) Align wave forms - audio captured separately from video Multi-Mic and Multi-CameraPlural Eyes
    • Post-Production / EditingAudio Editing, Music, Sound Effects … Audio Editing: Pond5 Music  Simple adjustments can be done in the video editor http://www.pond5.com/m (Adjusting decibel level, Fading in & out) usic/1/*.html  Remove room noise, hiss, random noises, etc. Audio Jungle Music (May require separate Audio-Editing Software) http://audiojungle.net/cate Examples: Adobe Audition, Audacity, etc. gory/music Sound Effects: Pond5 Sound Effects  Video Editor, Record Your Own, Purchase from Library … http://www.pond5.com/so  http://www.premiumbeat.com/ und-effects/1/*.html  http://www.neosounds.com/ Audio Jungle Sound Effects Music: http://audiojungle.net/cate  Sets the Mood of the Video gory/music  Record Your Own, Royalty-Free, or Copyright  Adjust Volumes for Narrative Sections
    • Post-Production / EditingColor & Special Effects …  Like Still Photo Editing:  Adjust Exposure , Color, Contrast (For Dramatic Effect)  Techniques:  3D Motion, Particles  Vintage Movie Effects, Light Leaks, Etc.  After Effects Reign Supreme http://videohive.net/category/after-effects-project-files http://videohive.net/category/after-effects-project-files http://www.pond5.com/after-effects/1/*.html
    • Post-Production / EditingRendering …  After Editing is Complete, then Render  Encodes Video to be Re-Played  Can be Fast or Slow Depending on Effects  Video Editors have Presets for youtube or Vimeo Rendering  Help from Vimeo & Youtube: http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/static.py?hl=en&topic=17 28573&guide=1728585&page=guide.cs http://vimeo.com/help/compression
    • DistributionNow What Do I do with my Video File? What are your objectives. Hosting (Vimeo & Youtube). SEO Tagging & Transcribing.
    • Distribution Execute, Evaluate, Repeat● Social Media Channels & Syndication Engines● Your Newsletter / Your Customer Base● Press Releases, and Ezines● Video Blogging● Geo-Marketing● Google News
    • Distribution Return on Investment● Calls to Action● Measuring Impacts● Analytics
    • Distribution The Power of Video● Conversation & Engagement● Speed of Trust (Know, Like, Trust)
    • If We Have TimeCritiques:  Educate your customer, sell an idea Selling Real Estate in Spain  Get to know the CEO / the Product Kiwi Beer  Video Blogging  Product Demos Anushka Handbags  Member profiles An artist on Etsy  Kickstarter for crowd source funding Author of Graphic Novel  Interview Author of Duct-tape Marketing  Animation Commusoft  Product demo BBQ Guys  Business plan Student at Full Sail  Seeking employees Trucking company
    • Wrap UpComing in July …SBDC Video Studio