Celebrity brand endorsement


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It is a ppt on celebrity brand endorsement. It gives you an overview about the topic

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Celebrity brand endorsement

  1. 1. ―A sign of a celebrity is that his name is often worth more than his services.‖ -Daniel J Boorstin
  2. 2. Marketing Strategy Everyday consumers are exposed to thousands of voices and images in magazines, newspapers, billboards, websites, radio and television, etc. Every brand attempts to steal at least fraction of a person’s time to inform him/her of the amazing and different attributes of the product at hand. The challenge of the marketer is to find a hook that will hold the subject’s attention. In helping to achieve this, use of celebrity for endorsement of a brand is widely used marketing strategy.
  3. 3. Who is a celebrity?
  4. 4. What is celebrity endorsement? The use of celebrities in order to increase the sales and/ or the recall value of a brand is called celebrity endorsement.
  5. 5. Celebrity endorsement in INDIA... India stands at No. 5 worldwide in the advertisement industry. Television - Valued at Rs 329 billion (US$ 5.76 billion) in 2011, the television (TV) industry is expected to expand at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17 per cent through 2011-16 to touch Rs 735 billion (US$ 13 billion). Radio- The radio industry with around 36 FM radio operators, is estimated at Rs 1,200 crore (US$ 210 million). Print- An estimated growth of 10 per cent is anticipated till 2015. Digitization- Digital advertising is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30 per cent during 2011-16.
  6. 6. Why celebrity?  Greater believability  Favorable evaluation of the product.  Positive purchase intention.
  7. 7. Q. Brands endorse by Shahrukh Khan?  Dish tv Videocon Pepsi Hyundai- Santro Pepsodent Sunfeast  Navaratan Tag Heuer Airtel
  8. 8. Perfect Face For a Brand  Target youngsters  Connect with the brand story  Aspiration figure
  9. 9. Celebrity endorsement are impelled by virtue of the following motives 1 • Instant brand awareness and recall. 2 • Celebrity values define, and refresh the brand image. 3 • Celebrities add new dimensions to the brand image 4 • Instant credibility or aspiration PR coverage. 5 • Lack of ideas. 6 • Convincing clients.
  10. 10. Who endorses what?
  11. 11. “Any brand can get a celebrity. That is easy. But getting a celebrity consistent with the right brand, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way... that is not easy.”
  12. 12. Impact of celebrity endorsement on a brand S=P* D*AV --the multiplier effect Where S is a successful brand, P is an effective product. D is Distinctive Identity and AV is Added values.
  13. 13. Compatibility between the celebrity and brand image • Celebrity’s fit with the • • • • • brand image. Celebrity—Target audience match Celebrity associated values. Costs of acquiring the celebrity. Celebrity—Product match. Celebrity controversy risk. • Celebrity physical attractiveness. • Celebrity credibility. • Celebrity prior endorsements. • Whether celebrity is a brand user. • Celebrity profession. • Celebrity popularity. • Celebrity availability.
  15. 15. Advantage Brand awareness and recall. Celebrity value define and refreshes brand image
  16. 16. Increase in sales figure. E Repair tarnished brand image.
  17. 17. Easy to distinguish products. Giving message to the target market.
  18. 18. Risk  Celebrity overshadowed the brand  Creditability of celebrity
  19. 19. Conflicting image Multiple endorsement Influence of celebrity scandals and moral violation on brands
  20. 20. Failure of Celebrity Endorsement  The Bachchans were endorsing Maruti Versa  Shahrukh Khan endorsing Lux.  James Bond endorsing Reid & Taylor.  Virendra Sehwag endorsing Reliance Telecommunication.  Milind soman tuff shoes advertisement by woodland.
  21. 21. How to make it a success mantra?  Have a long term celebrity association with the company Eg: Sachin tendulkar - boost.  Focus on idea that connects brand and celebrity.  Think how the celebrity can used in the interest of the brand. Eg: Hrithik Roshan – Hide n Seek  Multiple celebrities for a single brand dilute the associations. Eg: Pepsi
  22. 22. Celebrity endorsement is not the „do all, end all of a brand‟s success…  Celebrity Vs Brand Heroes  Animated characters.  Common man
  23. 23. Conclusion
  24. 24. As per conducted survey Q). Which factor related to product affects you most?  Price  Quality Out of 200 people  Celebrity endorsement  Others 30 45 Price Quality 75 50 Celebrity Endorsement Others
  25. 25. Endorsing a celebrity is a means to an end and not an end in itself……