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message master(R) xsp - Mobile Messaging Platform
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message master(R) xsp - Mobile Messaging Platform


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Mobile messaging platform for mobile application service providers.

Mobile messaging platform for mobile application service providers.

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  • 1. message master® xsp 7Defining a new standard in mobile messaging software
  • 2. Content1. What is message master® xsp?2. Why message master® xsp?3. System architecture4. Available editions5. Customer scenarios6. How to proceed and contact information© 2009 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 2
  • 3. What is message master® xsp?message master® xsp is an unique mobile messaging softwarefor wireless Application Service Providers providing unrivalledflexibility. message master® xsp is architected for both rapiddeployment and efficient management of SMS and MMSservices. Powerful Flexible Reliable Intuitive© 2010 Derdack GmbH 10/7/2010 3
  • 4. Why message master® xsp?© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 4
  • 5. A rapid start for your new mobile messaging VAS business Quickest Time-to-Market and revenue generation Minimum start-up costs – but scalable and grows with your needs Offer a wide range of services right from the start© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 5
  • 6. Benefit with an existing mobile messaging VAS business Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – e.g. no SMS revenue sharing You are in control – significantly less need for internal or externaldevelopment resources Easy to operate and to maintain – even with multiple services running Scalable – the system grows with your needs xsp 7 In-House Development 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Average Service Design Time of one VAS Application in hours© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 6
  • 7. Powerful Support of SMS, MMS, WAP Push and email Two-way messaging with up to 100 messages / sec. Built-in VAS templates, e.g. Facebook, Bulk, Outlook MobileServices Comprehensive user management and traffic control Built-in billing including prepaid and postpaid Rich API‘s, e.g. SOAP, .Net, HTTP, SMTP, SMPP, SQL© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 7
  • 8. Flexible Highly flexible, workflow-based service logic for VAS design Ready-to-use VAS templates with Drag & Drop support Programmatic service tuning with JavaScript or VBScript Scalable licensing options, e.g. VAS, Gateway and Bulk editions Customizable and brandable end-user Web portal© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 8
  • 9. Reliable Mature software, running at VAS providers in over 50 countries Persistent messaging with Store & Forward, auto-recovery, etc. Auto-reconnect for dropped connection Failover, workload balancing, redundant server support Integrated SNMP and email notifications© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 9
  • 10. Intuitive Intuitive, Web-based interface supporting different user roles Graphical Service Studio for designing VAS messaging services Operations center for monitoring, management and system health Central management of all VAS applications including userprovisioning Report center for comprehensive real-time usage and traffic reports Wizard-based creation of VAS application, communication links, bulkcampaigns, etc.© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 10
  • 11. System Architecture© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 11
  • 12. Screenshots – Administrator PortalTraffic Reports Service Studio© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 12
  • 13. Screenshots – User PortalWelcome Page with Services Creating Bulk Campaign © 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 13
  • 14. Available editions Core SMS/MMS messaging capabilities for high- Gateway Edition performance aggregation and routing services Bulk Portal For a comprehensive bulk campaign engine and Edition portal VAS Platform Coming with numerous ready-to-run value-added Edition services for the quickest start of your SMS/MMS business© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 14
  • 15. Customer Scenarios© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 15
  • 16. Wireless ASP – Business Challenges:Actel Communications Ltd.,Lebanon  Find a robust and reliable product to be the central platform for their SMS and MMS messaging business to replace the existing solution  Cope with the strong growth and high demand for new mobile messaging services in the Middle East now and in the future. ‚We set out to find a robust and reliable software product to be the central platform for our SMS and MMS messaging business. message master® xsp has delivered all of this and more.‛ Khalil Khalil, Sales Manager© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 16
  • 17. Wireless ASP – Business BenefitsActel Communications Ltd.,  Short time-to-market through rapid applicationLebanon design with no vendor interaction  It takes only one to two hours to create an average new VAS service  Host over 50 VAS services, like SMS-to-TV, content download or news  Grows with customer needs, e.g. MMS added later without loosing the initial investment or configuration »message master® xsp has enabled Actel to maintain its reputation for reliable and innovative mobile messaging solutions.« Khalil Khalil, Sales Manager© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 17
  • 18. Media and Entertainment – Business Challenges:Arab Media Group, UAE  Support of interactive media services (interactive radio and TV)  Replace a home-grown solution which became too difficult to maintain »The right solution at the right price after series of research over the Internet. From time to time we are offered SMS solutions from existing and new companies in the region. It does get hard for them to believe that we are able to do so much now. After all we are just a radio station.« Rashid Hussain, IT Manager at Arab Media Group© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 18
  • 19. Media and Entertainment – Business BenefitsArab Media Group, UAE  Reduced initial deployment costs – Saved one month compared to internal in-house development using an SMS component  Short time-to-market through rapid application design – Introducing a new service takes 2 days compared to 2 weeks for the in-house solution  Frees developer resources  Reach a multinational audience by using multi- lingual messages© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 19
  • 20. Wireless ASP – Business Challenges:The Marketing Arm, USA  Provide SMPP support  Connector to multiple aggregators and carriers  Provide high-performance SMS and MMS capabilities ‚We considered building our own mobile messaging gateway, but quickly realized that of the specialized solutions that were available, message master® xsp offered a cost effective and proven system. Its ability to connect to aggregators via SMPP was a key factor in our decision to choose their mobile messaging software.‛ Mike Jelley, co-founder of The Marketing Arm’s wireless practice© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 20
  • 21. Wireless ASP – Business Benefits:The Marketing Arm, USA  Increases reliability of SMS and MMS message delivery  Enables traffic control  Frees development and maintenance resources  Easily scales up with growing messaging volumes ‚I would certainly recommend Derdack and message master® xsp to companies looking for a modern mobile messaging platform.‛ Mike Jelley, co-founder of The Marketing Arm’s wireless practice© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 21
  • 22. Wireless ASP – Business Challenges:Newline Technologies,  Build mobile messaging applicationsBotswana  Provide effective mobile messaging connectivity  Connect to major mobile networks  Provide a reliable message delivery capability ‚We selected message master® xsp as a best of breed product for mobile messaging, we are very pleased with our decision and anticipate a significant return on investment (ROI).‛ Ditirwa C. Mphoeng, Founder and Managing Director of Newline Technologies© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 22
  • 23. Wireless ASP – Business Benefits:Newline Technologies,  Quickly build and roll-out mobile messagingBotswana products and services  Generate new revenue streams from the development and launch of innovative mobile messaging applications  Operational flexibility and agility  Develop award-winning mobile solutions© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 23
  • 24. Start your evaluation today! Visit for videos and product sheets Request a personal online demonstration Get an evaluation copy or request a PoC Get further product or licensing informationRonald CzacharaSenior Consultant VAS+49 (331) 29878-33 | +49 (331) |© 2010 Derdack GmbH 07.10.2010 24