Banana Pack House at Anand


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Banana Pack House at Anand

  1. 1. Management Research Project on;Name of Student : Ronak ThakkarRoll No. : 1350Faculty Guide : Dr. N. K. PatelSpecialization : Marketing CMS DDU
  2. 2.  Agriculture Marketing• The National Commission on Agriculture defined agricultural marketing as a process which starts with a decision to produce a saleable farm commodity and it involves all aspects of market structure of system, both functional and institutional, based on technical and economic considerations and includes pre and post- harvest operations, assembling, grading, storage, t ransportation and distribution. What is PPP?• A cooperative project between the public and private sectors, built on the expertise of each partner, that best meet clearly defined public needs through the appropriate allocation of resources, risks and rewards.Ex: Amusement Park, Somnath Training Center for Automobile Industry, Sanand CMS DDU
  3. 3. Hurdles in fostering PPP CMS DDU
  4. 4. Literature ReviewAccording to Shri M SSwaminathan, theNext (second) GreenRevolution would bebased on,1. Environmentalfriendly soil2. Ecological3. Post Harvest Losses CMS DDU Source: Talk with CNBC Awaaz on 23/12/2011
  5. 5. Research Objectives To study the Present Scenario of Infrastructure Development in the field of Agriculture Marketing in the study area. To Find the Gap, What development F would be helpful to the small and marginal farmers. a Design a way how that can r implement/work/marketable and m feasibility study of it. e CMS DDU r
  6. 6. Anand District Produces 22.75% of Gujarat, 3.24% of India and 0.921% of the world Banana. (calculation based on data of year 2009-10 from FAO, NHB, DAG websites)  In 2009-10, yhe banana cultivation in the world was 93390721MT, In India was 26469500MT, In Gujarat was 3779811MT and in Anand was 860220MT.Banan Cultivation Areaa Production (MT) (Ha.) Yield (MT/Ha.) ContribuYear Gujarat Anand tion rank Gujarat Anand Gujarat Anand2006 2498776 454750 18.20% 3rd 49234 10625 50.75 42.802007 2912576 526185 18.07% 3rd 53422 11693 54.52 45.002008 3157737 585360 18.54% 3rd 57668 12195 54.76 48.002009 3571599 796500 22.30% 2nd 60863 13500 58.68 59.002010 3779811 860220 22.76% 2nd 61919 13770 61.04 62.472011 3952263 877391 22.20% 2nd 64680 14045 61.10 62.47 ▒China produces 8% of world production of banana ▓Current status of Indian ketch-up Industry CMS DDU
  7. 7. CMS DDU
  8. 8. Observations• Every buyer dislike/not appreciate the banana with black marks, even though where first stage is Negotiation of Price.• Who wants a quality banana, for them also where it is available?• Prices are high in season• Ripening with help of Carbide- Illegal CMS DDU
  9. 9. RESEARCH METHODOLOGYSource Of Data; •Primary Data: Personal Interviews •Secondary Data : Government publications, research papers, press releases, Gov. and Companies websiteSample Tools : Case Study MethodSample Design: Qualitative Research, (Non-Probability and Judgment Sampling) : Exploratory and DescriptivePrimary Data Collection Method: Semi-Structured InterviewsMethod of contact: Personal InterviewSampling Method : Snow BallSample Size : 111 - Cooperative Association, 1 – GovernmentOrganization, 3 – Private Firms, 5 – Prospectus and 1- CMS DDUInternational Brand
  10. 10. Variables• Depended Variable: investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure• Indepeded Variable: risks and uncertainty of returns, capital, technology, quality, lack of awareness to invest in the sector etc.Hypothesis• H0: There is not a significance association between investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure AND risk (uncertainty of returns).• Ha: There is a significance association between investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure AND risk (uncertainty of returns). CMS DDU
  11. 11. • H0: There is not a significance association between investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure AND capital.• Ha: There is a significance association between investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure AND capital.• H0: There is not a significance association between investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure AND technology.• Ha: There is a significance association between investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure AND technology.• H0: There is not a significance association between investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure AND quality.• Ha: There is a significance association between investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure AND quality.• H0: There is not a significance association between investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure AND lack of awareness to invest in the sector.• Ha: There is a significance association between investment in agriculture marketing infrastructure AND lack of awareness to invest in the sector. CMS DDU
  12. 12. Case – 1 Desai Fruits and Vegetables, Navsari Founded by Shri. Ajitbhai Desai, adynamic, visionary farmerIn 2006, With an investment of overUS$ 5,00,000 in production and farmmanagement JV with Pal & Partners, SwitzerlandIn 2006-07, India’s Banana exportwas 11475tons.Today, DFV is India’s largest exporterof bananas with annual exports ofclose to 10,000 MT. Imported TechnologyGAP, HACCP, BRC CMS DDU Sources : APEDA , website of Desai F&V, ET
  13. 13. • Deepak Fertilizers picks up 49% stake in Desai Fruits, with management Control• The deal values the firm at Rs 124 crore. The current market value of the facilities and infrastructure of DFV is close to Rs 24 crores• Agribusiness division of DFPL has Clients $ in this category are large corporate houses located in various parts of India such as: Tesco, Aditya Birla Retail, Metro Cash & Carry, Bharti Walmart, Food World, FVRLSources : BS/ET/Money control of dated 16th November, 2011 and website of CMS DDUDeepak Fertilizer
  14. 14. Case : 1.2 • Vendor from village Boriya, District Anand to Safal (fruit and vegetable division of Mother Dairy, Delhi) and • Vendor from village Kanthariya, District Anand to Reliace Life Science Ltd., Jamnagar  Both are on small scale and procurement fromPic. Source: Gujarat Samachar of Dated own farms only. 16th January 2012 CMS DDU
  15. 15. Case – 2.Co-Operative Society : Mahabanana • Established in year 2002 at Jalgaon • 26 co-operative societies registered • Total base about 8000 farmer members  “Jain®”(FarmFresh™ ) makes 100MT of banana puree/day and supply to coca-cola, U.S. and that utilizes about 230MT of banana a day. CMS DDU
  16. 16. Case -3 :Government Initiative• In 2010, Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited, has implemented a Banana Pack house at Ta. Jaghadia, Dist. Bharuch• The project is implemented under the financial assistance from APEDA and Govt. of Gujarat for exporting of banana.• Now, Plant is shut down. CMS DDU
  17. 17. Once upon a time Gandhiji said, “Swadesi Apnavo”And Patel has beautifully elaborated…….. CMS DDU
  18. 18. Case-4: Chiquita® Brands International Inc.  since 1876  Revenue: $4.663 Billion (2007)  Net Income: $49 Million (2007)  Employees: 10,000 (2007)  own over 15,000 hectares of banana plantations
  19. 19. Pic. Source: Cont….. CMS DDU
  20. 20. Prospect’s View Constrains;o Risk Factor – Importer Country may throw into a sea (due to not unloading in proper time period and so banana will got spoiled in this duration) and also takes penalty for itVs. Philippianso Tariff rates in European Uniono No. of Cold storages – all can use some part (chambers) as a pack house CMS DDU
  21. 21. Proposed Public Private Partnership Model for Banana Pack House at Anand CMS DDU
  22. 22. Government Banana N.A. Land for pack house on R&D for tissue LEASE culture – low cost, high Growers Subsidy for building infrastructure and machineries productivity and (25%) strengthen to fight Pack House Subsidy for R&D against diseases Use Banana Comb Cutter Freight benefits, exemption in (©CIPHET, 2006-07)Provide Training exercise duty for export to farmers for Cleaning Back ended Interest subsidy Spraying of hand crowns Discount in light-bill, for first implement Good five yearsAgricultural Practices/ with fungicide Organic Grading Farming, teach usingharvesting equipment Labelling fruits with “brand “ Refrigerated Supply Packing and strapping chain Value Added Pre Cooling Van – Marking Products Farm to processing Cold store (13’C) Hub Banana chips Loading the container Banana pulp Refrigerated Van for Facility Charge Anand to Pipavav Banana puree (port) and Banana powder Ahmedabad (airport) Banana flour Banana juice Banana jam Banana pickle Where, Banana sweet Consumer Monetary Flow chutney Importer Product Flow Banana fruit bar CMS DDU (Leather
  23. 23. BANANA FACTS• Anaemia :- High in iron, prevents anaemia.• Blood pressure :- This unique tropical fruit extremely high in potassium and low salt , hence helping to beat the BP. The USFDA has allowed the banana industry to make official claims for the fruit ability to reduce BP and strokes. Eating banana a day cuts the risk of stroke by 40 %.• Brain power :- Research has shown that the potassium packed fruit can assist learning by making pupils more alert.• Depression :- Banana contains tryptophan, the body converts into serotonin known to make you relax, improves mood and makes you feel happy.• Ulcers :- It is used as a dietary food against intestinal disorders because of its soft texture and smoothness. It is the only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in over chronic ulcer cases. It also neutralizes acidity and reduces irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.• Smoking :-Bananas can also help people trying to give up smoking, as the high levels of Vit. C, A1, B6, B12, as well as potassium and magnesium found in them , help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawl.• Stress :- Potassium is a vital mineral , which helps normalizing the heartbeats, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates body’s water balance. When we are stressed our metabolic rate rises, thereby reducing our potassium levels. These can be rebalanced with the help of a high potassium banana snacks.
  24. 24. Nutritional composition (per 100 gm of edible portion)• Parameters Banana• Moisture (g) 70.1• Protein (g) 1.2• Fat (g) 0.3• Carbohydrate (g) 27.2• Fibre (g) 0.4• Calcium (mg) 17• Phosphorus(mg) 36• Potassium (mg) 88• Iron(mg) 0.6• Sodium(mg) Nil• Vit. A (mg) 12• Niacin (mg) 0.7• Vit. B6 Rich source• β Carotene (mg) 0.05• Cholesterol Nil• Energy (Kcal) 116(Source:Nutritive value of Indian Foods, NIN, ICMR, Hyderabad)
  25. 25. Future Scope of Study Build a roadmap forBranding into niche market Calculate Install Productioncapacity and Breakevenanalysisrestructure/modify itaccordingly needs, how thisreplicate in other states. CMS DDU
  26. 26. Dr. N. K. Patel, Head, CMS DDU (Faculty Guide)Dr. H. M. Desai, Vice Chancellor, DDU and FarmerMr. Madhusudan Nair, Asst. Manager, GAICMr. Ketanbhai Patel, Farmer and Vendor of SafalMr. Alpeshbhai Patel, Farmer and Vendor of RelianceMr. Tarunbhai Patel, FarmerMr. Bharatbhai Patel, Farmer CMS DDU
  27. 27. Partial List Of ReferencesDr. B. K. Paty (2010), Public Private Partnership In Agricultural MarketingMr. Amit Patel, Dr. Mahendra Sharma, Ms. Maurvi Pandya, Public Private Partnership (PPP) Approach – for sustainable development of APMCs inGujarat, Conference on Global Competition & Competitiveness of Indian Corporate, IIMK, IIMLP V Indiresan (2003), “Vision 2020: What India can be, and How to make it happen”, ICFAIGujarat Agriculture-A Synoptic View (2004) Reading material for “Training Program on Agri-clinic and Agri-Business Centers”, EDI Gandhinagar/MANAGESurendra Singh, Balraj K. Sikka, Ravinder Kalra, ‘Public-Private Partnership for Food Supply Systems: A Case Study of Wheat Supply Chain in India’ TennesseeState University, TNDavid J. Spielman, Frank Hartwich, Klaus von Grebmer (2006), ‘Public–Private Partnerships in International Agricultural Research’, IFPRIMichael Warner and David Kahan (2008), ‘Market-oriented agricultural infrastructure: Appraisal of public–private partnerships’ Food and AgricultureOrganization of the United Nations and Overseas Development Institute, U. K.Frank Hartwich, Carolina Gonzalez, And Luis-Fernando Vieira (2004) ‘Public-Private Partnerships For Innovation-Led Growth In Agrichains: A Useful Tool ForDevelopment In Latin America?’ IFPRI,WashingtonAndy Hall (2006), Public private sector partnerships in an agricultural system of innovation: concepts and challenges, working paper series, United NationsUniversity, NetherlandsSharma, Vijay Paul, Jain Dinesh (2010), High-Value Agriculture in India: Past Trends and Future ProspectsSharma Vijay Paul, India’s Agrarian Crisis and Smallholder Producers’ working paper number WP2007-08-01 of IIMAKrishna, Vijesh V., Qaim, Matin (2007), Potential Impacts of Bt Eggplant on Economic Surplus and FarmersÂ’Health in India, American Agricultural EconomicsAssociation (New Name 2008: Agricultural and Applied Economics Association) in its series 2007 Annual Meeting, July 29-August 1, 2007, Portland, Oregon TNwith number 9909Marco Ferroni and Paul Castle, Public-Private Partnerships and Sustainable Agricultural Development Syngenta, Foundation for SustainableAgriculture, Schwarzwaldallee 215, 4058 Basel, SwitzerlandRich, Karl M., Narrod, Clare A. (2010), The role of public–private partnerships in promoting smallholder access to livestock markets in developing countries10008, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DCT. Koti Reddy (2007), Challenges to Indian agriculture : future strategy, ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad in journal of University of the Philippines School ofEconomics and Philippine Economic Society, Volume (Year): 44 (2007) Issue (Month): 2 (December) Pages: 149-169Yoginder Alagh (2007), Natural Resource Conservation, Use and Sustainability in Drylands, the conference on Natural Resource Conservation Use andSustainability in DrylandsBachev, Hrabrin (2010), Needs, Modes and Efficiency of Economic Organizations and Public Interventions in Agriculture, working paper no. 25979 of UniversityLibrary of Munich, Germany,Chowdhury, Shyamal Gulati, Ashok Gumbira-Said, E., (2005), High value products, supermarkets and vertical arrangements in Indonesia, International FoodPolicy Research Institute (IFPRI) in its series MTID discussion papers with number 83Singh, Saurabh (2009), Integrated Agribusiness Model- A Public Sector Success Story of Instructional Dairy Farm, AIMA Journal of Management and Research[AJMR] E-Journal ISSN:0974 – 9497 3/4.5(2011)Rowena T. Baconguis (2007), Extension Delivery System in a Layer and Swine-Based Farming Community: The Case of San Jose, Batangas, East Asian Bureau ofEconomic Research in its series Microeconomics Working Papers with number 1723 CMS DDUAdriano, Fermin D. (2008), CARP Institutional Assessment in a Post-2008 Transition Scenario: Toward a New Rural Development Architecture, PhilippineInstitute for Development Studies in its series Discussion Papers with number DP 2008-06
  28. 28. Book titled, Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological EconomicsOccasional paper- 6 titled, Export Potential of Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers From India by M.Dattatreyulu, NABARD, MumbaiBanana Exports from Latin America and the Caribbean; the market, the evolving policy framework and development options, FAO, IICA, WB, CMS DDU
  29. 29. Post harvest management and valueaddition to our unique agricultural wealthcan bring prosperity to rural (real) India “Healthy People, Wealthy Farmer” CMS DDU
  30. 30. REQUEST FOR FEEDBACKEsteemed & Most Respected Reader, At the very outset, I would like to take this opportunity torequest to your good self to supply your criticalcomments & suggestions about the reportprepared, on my e-mail forfurther improvements in the interest of researchHoping an appropriate considerationThanking you profoundlyBest regards,Ronak Thakkar
  31. 31. First Deputy Prime Minister, Sardar Patel strongly believes that, “If Marketing Revolution for Agriculture Produce can be carried out then it would be beneficial to Farmers and it is very important” Source: “I too had a dream”, An Autobiography of Dr. V. Kurien“General economic development requires rapid agricultural development” CMS DDU
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