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Indy arts league Indy arts league Presentation Transcript

  • Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    By: Ron Zimmerman, Jr.
    June 2010
  • Overview
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Introduction
    • We are all salespeople
    • Buyers need help
    • Selling 101
    • Conclusion
  • Background
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Vice President/Chief Operating Officer at Elona Biotechnologies, Inc.
    • Former Vice President/Director of Finance at McDaniel Automotive
    • Sold everything from $45 Million licensing deals, to automobiles, to insurance
    • Managed and trained sales forces for over 16 years
  • We Are All Salespeople
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Anyone who is an employee
    • Anyone who has, or has ever had, a boyfriend or girlfriend
    • Anyone who has ever been a parent to small children
  • Lose the Stigma
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Greatest hurdle is feeling that you are selling the customer something that they don’t want or need
    • In many cases, the customer is there for a reason—they have a need
    • YOU ARE NOT SELLING THEM YOUR PIECE OF ART! You are simply helping them make an educated decision
  • Most Buyers are Ignorant and Afraid
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Ignorant of: The process, the art, the protocol
    • Afraid of: Making a poor decision, looking too easy, looking like an idiot, paying too much
    • Customer may be asking themselves:
    • Is it proper to buy in this setting?
    • Is negotiating acceptable?
    • Is this a good value—or will my friends think I am stupid?
    • What is the real value…is this too much?
    Buyers need help making a decision
  • Buyers Need a Nudge
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Be yourself!!!
    • Your art may speak for itself; but if you don’t get the customer engaged, it will be speaking to itself
    • Be yourself!!!
    • Remember that you are just helping the customer make an educated decision
    • Be yourself!!!
  • Universal Selling Steps
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Meet and Greet
    • Build Rapport
    • Needs Assessment
    • Build Value
    • Make Recommendation (Trial Close)
  • Meet and Greet
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Opening Line
    • Needs to feel comfortable—does not need to be cheesy
    • Examples:
    • Do you have a space picked-out for this piece?
    • Does this piece match your décor?
    • Alternate examples (Warning: May be cheesy):
    • Did I meet you at the (Fill in the last show here)?
    • Introduce yourself confidently, and politely
  • Build Rapport—Make a Friend
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Make a connection, find a commonality
    • People LOVE talking about themselves
    • You need to listen
    • Do NOT dominate the conversation
    • Lightly sell yourself and your achievements
    • Ask questions; however…
    • People do not like feeling interrogated, or being “sold”
    • Remember, at this point, you are just making a friend
  • Needs Assessment
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Ask “qualifying questions” that you have not discovered during the Meet and Greet, and/or the Building Rapport stages
    • These are key questions that will help you recommend a course of action
    • These questions should be asked during casual conversation—discretely
    • Ideally, the customer should not realize that you are extracting valuable information—which will be used to help them make their educated decision
  • Build Value
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Sell yourself—the customers decision is HIGHLY based on you.
    • People buy from people they like
    • Highlight your expertise and your experience
    • If you painted a picture for Peyton Manning’s wife’s foundation’s janitor’s cousin’s, tell the customer
    • Don’t minimize your experiences
    • Convey your motivation or creation process
    • Tell them the story
    • Don’t be afraid to get a little personal—remember, they are now your friend
    • However, stay away from TMI
    • Don’t be depressing…be inspiring!
  • Make Recommendation
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • #1 problem in sales is not asking for the sale
    • You can spend endless amount of time with a customer, make a friend, and come away with nothing if you don’t ask for the sale
    • Use the information that you have received from the customer to make a proper recommendation
    • IE: Based on what you have told me, this piece will be perfect for you (insert justification). Do you want me to have them wrap it up for you?
    • IE: Sounds like it is simply a decision of “A” or “B”. Which do you prefer?
    • Note: Both of those have an easy question that helps the customer to remain in control, and make an educated decision
  • End-of-the-Day
    June 2010
    Helping Others Make Educated Decisions
    • Be yourself
    • Be comfortable in your conversations
    • Put everything in your own words—no scripts
    • Be friendly
    • People buy from people they like
    • Smile—not fake…people can tell the difference
    • Laugh
    • The two most powerful lubricants in this world is humor, and booze; since it is not advisable you to get your customers drunk, make them laugh
    • Ask for the Sale
    • Persistence (not pushiness) wins the race