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Clear Air Day 2013 Agenda


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  • 1. Contents• Canada Games Centre event map• Plan B – BAD WEATHER location• Event agenda• ‘LIKE CLEAN AIR’ t-shirts• Flash mob video ‘story board’• Clean Air Day History‘IDLE-FREE for our kids’ –The Children’s Clean Air Network
  • 2. Good weather:Flash Moblocation –front entranceEvent parkingCanada Games Centre event mapWednesday, June 5, 201326 Thomas Raddall Drive, Halifax
  • 3. PLAN B – Bad WeatherWednesday, June 5, 2013BADWEATHER:Flash Moblocation –insideEvent parking26 Thomas Raddall Drive, Halifax
  • 4. Agenda – Page OneWednesday, June 5, 20131:30PM - IDLE-FREE Pace Car arrivesSet up of PA system, small tables2:00PM - Jive Photographic arrives for set up2:30PM - Flash Mob begins to arrive2:45PM - Flash Mob guests begin to arrive and park (see event map)3:00PM - Welcome and agenda - GoGreen Guy emceeLIKE CLEAN AIR t-shirts: CALL TO ACTION-ONE LIKE = $200 / fuel + 1/4 to 1/2 ton of emissions annuallyAcknowledgements (event prizes at end of event)
  • 5. Agenda – Page TwoWednesday, June 5, 20133:00 – 3:15PM - Welcome and agenda - GoGreen Guy emceeGUEST REMARKS• Al MacPhee, Honourary Chair - welcomes crowd• Dr. Richard Goldbloom• Nancy MacReady-Williams, CEO, Doctors Nova Scotia• Anne McGuire, IWK CEO• Lung Association of Nova Scotia3:15 PM Flash Mob video shoot (see script)3:45 PM Aerobics First / Ambassatours Gray Line prize drawsPHOTOGRAPHY by Jive Photographic - throughout4:00 PM Event wrap-up
  • 6. Flash mob video ‘story board’Wednesday, June 5, 2013
  • 7. AL MACPHEETO CROWD:"Lets clear the airon a few things."Shot #1 close up of AlAL MACPHEETO CROWD:"Who wantsbetter fueleconomy..?"Shot #2 slight zoom out
  • 8. CROWD:"WE do, Al!"AL MACPHEETO CROWD:"Who wantsbetter airquality..?"Shot #3 wide shotShot #4 same as shot 1
  • 9. CROWD:"WE do, Al!"AL MACPHEETO CROWD:"Well then,lets CLEAR THE AIRon some IDLEmyths.”Shot #6 same as shot 1Shot #5 wide shot
  • 10. AL MACPHEETO CROWD:"Is IDLE-time goodfor today’s engines..?"CROWD:"NO, Al!"Shot #7 tight shot of AlShot #8 wide shot
  • 11. AL MACPHEETO CROWD:"Are re-starts HARDon todays starters..?"CROWD:"NO, Al!"Shot #9 tight shot of AlShot #10 wide shot
  • 12. AL MACPHEETO CROWD:"Are long warm-upsneeded..?"CROWD:"NO, Al!"Shot #11 tight shot of AlShot #12 wide shot
  • 13. AL MACPHEETO CROWD:"And on a warm day -whats the coolestway..??"CROWD of kids:"Windows areCOOL, Al!"Shot #13 tight shot of AlShot #14 medium shot
  • 14. AL MACPHEETO CROWD:"Im glad we got thiscleared up.Let’s go IDLE-FREE forour kids.”Al MACPHEE ANDCROWD:BIG CHEER EXTRO“Woo-woooo!”Shot #15 tight shot of AlShot #16 wide shot EXTRO
  • 15. National Clean Air Day has become the signature date on the calendar forThe Childrens Clean Air Network and the IDLE-FREE for our kids campaign:Clean Air Day 2009 Partnership with Ambassatours Gray Line and the launch of our IDLE-FREE busClean Air Day 2010 Clean Air Drive with Mic Mac MallClean Air Day 2011 IDLE-FREE Pace Car’ - Chair of The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association, Al MacPheeClean Air Day 2012 Clean Air Drive with Efficiency Nova Scotia, MacPhee Leasing and our IDLE-FREE Pace Car
  • 16. In support of