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Developing%20a%20 Plan%20and%20a%20 Policy



"Developing a Social Media Plan" - Ara Topouzian & Rob Petty, MEDA Webinar

"Developing a Social Media Plan" - Ara Topouzian & Rob Petty, MEDA Webinar



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Developing%20a%20 Plan%20and%20a%20 Policy Developing%20a%20 Plan%20and%20a%20 Policy Presentation Transcript

  • Developing a Social Media Plan and Policy Presented by: Ara Topouzian – Economic Development Director, City of Novi Rob Petty - Chief Information Officer, City of Novi
  • When you leave this session you will have: 1. An understanding of why you want to use Social Media for Economic Development. 2. Knowledge of the potential legal issues involved in utilizing social media. 3. The critical items you should consider before your organization goes live with any social media implementation.
  • What is a Social Network? •  Communities of people who share interests and activities  Social networks connect people at low cost
  • Evolution of Social Media & Networks WEB 2.0 is the SOCIAL Web and simply put…. It supports 2-Way Communications!!!
  • Evolution of Social Media & Networks Member Community sites such as MySpace and Facebook account for almost 10% of all Internet time. These sites have a growth rate more than twice that of any of the other largest most popular activities on the Internet including: 1. Search 2. General Interest Portals 3. Software Manufacturers 4. Member Communities 5. Email Source: Nielson Online, Global Index December 2007 – December 2008
  • Evolution of Social Media & Networks4 Main Usage Tools structured around social platforms: Expressing Sharing Networking Playing
  • Evolution of Social Media & Networks Expressing tools allow users to express themselves, discuss and aggregate their social life. Publication Tools (Blogs, Wikis, Micro blogs) Discussion Tools (Forums, IMs, Chats) Aggregation Tools (Integration of all)
  • Evolution of Social Media & Networks Networking tools allow users to search, connect and interact with each others networks: Search networks Niche networks Business to Business networks Mobile networks Networks to access tools to build other online networks
  • Evolution of Social Media & NetworksExplosion of Social Media inGovernment during 2008Presidential Campaign
  • Evolution of Social Media & Networks What will the impact be on state and local Government?
  • SO, why use social media in your organization?  Help achieve business goals  Reach new audiences  Actively engage your audience  Provide information in a timely manner  Increase transparency of your organization  Expand communication tools
  • Evolution of Social Media & Networks Forrester Research, Inc. (2009) reports:  Adults younger than 35 approached near universal social participation.  Only 3% of 18-24 year olds and 10% of 25-34 year olds are social media “inactive”.  Almost 50% of the 18-24 year olds create content. Social applications are necessary in every plan to reach out or target young adults!!!
  • Evolution of Social Media & Networks Forrester Research, Inc. (2009) reports:  More than 4 in 5 U.S. online adults now participate in or consume social media at least once per month.  Most rapid growth occurred among consumers aged 35 and older. The time to build a social marketing application for citizens in every age group is NOW!!!
  • Evolution of Social Media & Networks
  • Social Media Issues Legal Issues Records Retention and FOIA - Unique to each Web 2.0 application Defamation - My Mayor is better than your Mayor Defensible Position - Waiver - Education
  • Social Media IssuesTechnology Issues Security - I.T. people have control issues Website Access - Why we blocked Facebook - Paid to work not play Email Traffic - Spam
  • Social Media – I.T. vs. Other Views (P&R, Communications) Raise Visibility Site International OutreachSelection SPAM
  • Our Process Cross-departmental Venture Team was formed Mission of Team: To develop City of Novi Web 2.0 (Social Media) guidelines by October 31, 2009, to enhance citizen engagement.
  • Our Process Research Began - Reviewed Social Medial Demographics - Surveyed Community and City Employed - Researched Policies around the country Policy Development - Considerations - Broad Based - Two-way vs. One-way Communication - Simplistic / Easy to Read - Responsibility / Maintenance
  • Outcome: Web 2.0 / Social Media Policy! Content of “OUR” Policy Purpose Scope Social Media = Interaction (making the case) Why Use Social Media (Buy-in) Rules of Engagement Topic Taboos Getting Started / Responsibilities - Form - Responsibility (Enforcement)
  • Launch  “Soft Launch”  Began with Launch of 3 Sites - City of Novi – Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn - Economic Devevopment – Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn - Novi Parks – Facebook and Twitter - Public Safety - Nixel  60 Day “Trial” Period
  • The Case of the Dead Red Wing…
  • The Facebook Post
  • Ummmm….  Sidney "Sid" Gerald Abel (February 22, 1918 – February 7, 2000) was a Canadian professional hockey player and later coach in the National Hockey League. His playing career spanned from the 1938–39 season until the 1953–54 season, playing for both the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Black Hawks and winning three Stanley Cups in 1943, 1950, and 1952.
  • Frequently Asked Questions  Limitations  Postings - Two way vs. one way - Span of time for posts – 30/60/90 days - Controversial / negative comments - Removing them  Waiver / Release (photos and videos)  Staff Time and Up-Keep
  • Who’s doing it? and many more!
  • Great Example
  • Great Example
  • City of Novi Economic Development Links
  • Questions ???? Contact Information: Ara Topouzian Rob Petty