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Case%20 Studies%20and%20 Best%20 Practices%20 Part%201
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Case%20 Studies%20and%20 Best%20 Practices%20 Part%201


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Social Media Case Studies - Ara Topouzian & Rob Petty, MEDA Webinar

Social Media Case Studies - Ara Topouzian & Rob Petty, MEDA Webinar

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  • 1. MEDA Social Media Marketing November 9, 2010
  • 2. Overview1. SEDP Background2. Why Use Social Media?3. Finding an Audience4. Providing Content
  • 3. SEDP Background• Serving Shiawassee County, Pop. 72,000• 501 (c) 6 Public/Private Partnership• Annual Budget of approximately $200,000. 2 Full Time staff members.• Began Social Media Marketing in 2009. To date: 800+ following facebook, 300+ LinkedIn, Growing Hometown Futures campaign facebook page 440+.
  • 4. DISCLAIMER:Social media are not a replacement for current marketing efforts. They are a supplement that can fill gaps and strengthen your existing strategy.
  • 5. Why Use Social Media• Opt-In nature leads to engaged audience.• More frequent contact with audience, including incidental contact.
  • 6. Where to Begin?What are you trying to achieve?
  • 7. Target Audience• Facebook reaches a broad and generalized audience. Good for public relations/awareness.• LinkedIn is professionally centered. Another avenue to communicate to clients and business partners.
  • 8. Adapt if NecessaryAlways keep an eye on who is viewing your page. The audience you planned for may not be the one you get. Adjust your messaging accordingly.
  • 9. Building a User Base• Invite personal contacts to join your group/“like” your page.• Every fan you add is another exposure point.
  • 10. Social Media Advertising• Sites offer advertising as an option to grow your audience, such as Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn’s “Direct Ads.”• Set profile keys to target who views the ads.• Pay per click, and set a daily spending cap to control costs.
  • 11. So now they’re listening… Social media can be prone to noise. Be sure your content has value. This will keep your audience engaged.
  • 12. Match Content to CrowdBe aware of who is viewing you page, and what information they might be interested to hear.
  • 13. A Small SampleSEDP’s main facebook page serves as an avenue toincrease public awareness of organizational activity, and toshow good news in the local economy.
  • 14. A Small Sample (cont.)Growing Hometown Futures is an SEDP marketing initiative to reintroduce former residents to the communities they grew up in, and encourage them to pursue future business opportunities in Shiawassee County.
  • 15. A Small Sample (cont.)SEDP’s LinkedIn page connects us to many local business leaders, as well as connections in the finance, development, and site selection worlds.
  • 16. User Generated Content• Allowing UGC opens opportunity for synergies and improved communication.• Allowing UGC opens opportunity for criticism and solicitation.
  • 17. User Generated Content• If you allow user generated content, check the site regularly to keep added information beneficial.• Some sites allow more control than others.
  • 18. Examples••• Search LinkedIn Groups for “Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership”
  • 19. Questions?
  • 20. ContactBrent JonesProject SpecialistShiawassee Economic Development 725-9241 …Or look me up on LinkedIn