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Keyword Intelligence - Socialize West 2011
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Keyword Intelligence - Socialize West 2011


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This presentation was given at the Socialize West 2011 conference in San Francisco. It covers the basics of keyword research principles and strategies but also explores keyword tools / techniques for …

This presentation was given at the Socialize West 2011 conference in San Francisco. It covers the basics of keyword research principles and strategies but also explores keyword tools / techniques for use with social media.

It provides links to mainstream keyword research tools as well as social media related keyword tools and how to use them.

Much of the content came from a book that has recently been authored by Ron Jones and published by Wiley Publishing called - Keyword Intelligence: Keyword Research for Search, Social and Beyond.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Keyword Intelligence Ron Jones Symetri Internet Marketing Twitter: @ron_jonesDownload at
  • 2. Some Keywords Influence Intent Intelligence
  • 3. Interest We are influenced by many kinds of messages that generates interest in products and services
  • 4. Searcher Expectation Understanding users expectation is key to delivering the right content and experience
  • 5. What Keyword to Use Keywords are the language of search.
  • 6. SERP / Landing Page Search engine results pages and landing pages should contain content that uses keywords that were originally searched on.
  • 7. Conversion Page If you have relevant content (using relevant keywords) and a good user experience you will have higher conversion rates.
  • 8. Keyword Research Brief
  • 9. Keyword Influence Unified Messaging Keyword Relevancy “Content Context in King”
  • 10. “Everything Begins with Search” - Brian SolisKeywords are the Language of Search
  • 11. Keyword Intelligence is central to all Marketing Channels SEO Positioning and PPC Branding Social Print, TV Media and Radio Marketing Keywords Real Time Local and Search Mobile Video and Display & Image Banner Ads Search
  • 12. 6 Steps to Build a Social Media Strategy Listen Goals Measure and Objective Social Media Strategy Develop Engage a Plan Develop Content
  • 13. Keyword Research helps you “Listen and Learn” the needs and wants of your Social Community
  • 14. Buying Cycle and User Intent Initial Broad Search Terms Research ie camera, digital camera, orange camera Refine Search More Specific Terms ie affordable digital camera Content Research orange, black digital slr camera zoom Decision / Very Specific Search Terms Conversion ie canon eos mark III, nikon d700, f2.8 24-70 zoom lens In the buying cycle for your product or service, how long does it take on average for someone to start their information gathering and then to make a purchase.
  • 15. Social Media adds “Context” tokeyword meaning and user Intent
  • 16. Keyword Research is about picking the “Right” Keywords
  • 17. Keywords should be incorporatedinto “Relevant” destination content
  • 18. Keyword Success FormulaPicking the Right Keywords + Relevant Destination Content = Conversions
  • 19. Keyword Research Process Refine Test• Find all • Break down possible • Identify best into categories • Test keywords performing or themes performance keywords Brainstorm Categorize
  • 20. Analyze More than Search Volume Score for Relevance, Competition, Specificity and Popularity Add Site Keyword Performance Data If you focus on search volume only you will miss other variables that will influence keyword performance. Score for relevance, specificity, competition and popularity, etc. Weight Accordingly
  • 21. Tools: Automation vs. Aided Mindset should be “Computer Aided”Build a qualitative layer into your processes
  • 22. Keyword ToolsSuggestion Tools Forecast / Trend Tools Google AdWords Keyword Tool Google Traffic Estimator YouTube Keyword Tool Google Search Insights Google Trends Keyword Discovery Paid Free Local Keyword Tools Wordtracker Paid 5 Minute Site Free Local Marketing Source Wordstream Paid Free
  • 23. Social Media Based Keyword Research Twitter Based Tools Networking/Blogs Advanced Twitter Search Foursquare Search Social Mention Technorati Tweetbeep Delicious Twassup PostRank Tweet QA Twitscoop Surchur TweetStats Images Socialoomph Advanced Flickr Search Google Image Search Video Bing Image Search YouTube Keyword Tool Blinkx MetaTube
  • 24. Track Popular and Trending TopicsKeyword Cloudgenerated Other notable sites are for trending keywords and www.twassup for insights on specific keyword search queries.
  • 25. Keyword Research for Twitter
  • 26. YouTube Keyword Research
  • 27. Understand User Sentiment Learn about user intent and sentiment Learn about top keywords Entered in the keyword “furniture” to gain social insights
  • 28. Share of Voice Share of voice refers to the number of conversations about your brand versus your competitors or your market.
  • 29. SOV and Sentiment Formulas Share of Voice Formula:(positive mentions) + (neutral mentions) / (total mentions for all companies)So for McDonald’s, You add 77 + 263, which is 340. Now divide this by 1,723 to get19.73 percent. This is the share of voice for McDonald’s.Sentiment Formula:(positive mentions × 5) + (neutral mentions × 3) + (negative sentiment × 1) total company mentionsUse a 5-point scale with positive = 5, neutral = 3, and negative = 1. For each type ofmention, multiply by the scale number and divide by the total number of mentions. Sofor McDonald’s, the calculation would be (77 x 5) + (263 × 3) + (13 × 1) / 353 = 3.36. Share of Voice: 19.73% Sentiment: 3.36
  • 30. Measure Keyword Performance Review Bounce To Gauge Keyword Relevancy You can take this model further by looking at which keywords are converting. This can only be done if you have conversion goals setup ahead of time.
  • 31. SOV – Top 6 Burger Restaurants
  • 32. Use Keywords in Social Media Content• Promotions with deals to • Top 10 lists participants - daily deals • Case studies• Tips or how Tos • Guides to help educate• Little known facts or • Interviews factoids • Live events• White papers • News• Relevant and timely • Opinions statistics • Photos• Ask your community - take • Gift ideas polls and share results• Invite guest authors By taking what you have learned from keyword research you can build better content for your social media campaigns.
  • 33. Influence and engage youraudience with keyword intelligence
  • 34. Keyword Intelligence Ron Jones Symetri Internet Marketing Twitter: @ron_jones Thank YouDownload at