Hypatia Software Overview Sheet


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Hypatia©, a Giuntini & Company financial software tool, provides a highly automated means of calculating product support financial value drivers, as well as an effortless way of being able to change any utilization assumption and immediately understand its impact upon total ownership costs. Hypatia is also a proven, trusted and highly effective tool for assisting in the development of product support business case analysis.

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Hypatia Software Overview Sheet

  1. 1. Hypatia ©Scenario-based Product Support life cycle financial,availability, and resource planning software tooln Reduces time to perform n Provides all the elements n Enables rapid identification of analytics and delivers outputs required for delivering a Product those Product Support Enterprise that are accurate; customer does Support Business Case Analysis (PSE) elements that materially not require large amounts of data (BCA) , OEM Product Support impact Total Ownership Cost to be acquired. market size study and end-user (TOC) of hardware and software. budgeting/funding requirements,n Precedent has been established n Software tool is in transition from successfully through DoD Program n Provides extensive “what-if” MS Excel workbook to MS SQL Offices and OEM initiatives. capabilities on Product Support Server web-hosted product. life cycle costs, availability and resource requirements.Employed on many platforms and with many customers: Giuntini&Company Inc. , Ron Giuntini, Principal • ron@giuntinicompany.com 570.713.4795 • www.giuntinicompany.com
  2. 2. Hypatia ©Scenario-based Product Support life cycle financial,availability, and resource planning software tool Hypatia Inputs and Outputs Hypatia Product Life Cycle Focus Total Product Life Cycle Product Product End-Item Product Support Life Cycle Resource Support Support Types Drivers Processes Removal In-Service of like-kind products Product End-Item Product Disposal Output Scenario Production Sources of Population Product Optimizers Based & Fielding Resources Retirement Planning Product Redistribution Resource Requirements, Financial Availability Quantities Design and Performance Performance T&E Product Product Support Enterprise Solutions Delivered Employed Life Cycle Stage Product Total Ownership Cost (TOC) Product Support Life Cycle Selected Inputs: Product Support Drivers Selective Inputs: Product Support Processes Correct Regulations/ OPTEMPO/ Replace Test/ CONOPS Minor Policy Mission Consumables Calibrate Damage Prevent Correct Replace Failure Failure Shrinkage Item Design Frequency of Source Processes Product Support Field/ Install Field Redistribute Drivers Maintenance Performance Configuration Assurance Variations Oversee Performance Product Retire Manage Support Fielding Technology …Many… PSM EOL Configuration Processes Schedule Volatility Others Dispose Organize Not all PSE processes Life Cycle Sustainment applied to all Maintenance end-itemsOUTPUTS Store for Repair Reconstituten Planned cost per end-item per year per OPTEMPO Future Use Parts Resetn Planned cost per Product Support process Extend/ Correct employed Assure Major Modifyn Planned Availability Physical Life Damagesn Planned FTE maintainers Life Cyclen Others Giuntini&Company Inc. , Ron Giuntini, Principal • ron@giuntinicompany.com 570.713.4795 • www.giuntinicompany.com