U.s market for orthopedic braces & support devices


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U.s market for orthopedic braces & support devices

  1. 1. U.S Market for Orthopedic Braces & Support DevicesThe U.S. bracing and supports market includes: * Knee bracing and supports, * Ankle bracing and supports, * Spinal orthoses, * back soft goods, * Upper extremity bracing and * Soft goods and pain management (including cold therapy and pain infusion pumps)The spinal orthosis segment is particularly fast-growing due to the strong correlation between anaging population and the incidence of lower back problems that may require spinal orthoses toprevent further injury or control stability post-surgery.Within theU.S.orthopedic bracing market, companies such as Bledsoe, Breg, DeRoyal, DJO, andÖssur lead the market, among many others. This report provides a comprehensive and detailedanalysis of market revenues by device type, market forecasts through 2018, unit sales, averageselling prices, market drivers and limiters and a detailed competitive analysis, includingmanufacturer market shares and product portfolios.Buy Your Copy of Report: http://www.reportsnreports.com/reports/173639-us-market-for-orthopedic-braces-support-devices.htmlReport Details:Published: July 2012Price Single User License: US $ 7495 Price Corporate User License: US $ 8995
  2. 2. Table Of contentsLIST OF FIGURES. VIILIST OF CHARTS XIEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 11.1 U.S BRACING AND SUPPORTS MARKET. 11.2 GROWTH TRENDS BY SEGMENT 21.3 KNEE BRACING AND SUPPORTS MARKET 31.4 ANKLE BRACING AND SUPPORTS MARKET 41.5 SPINAL ORTHOSIS MARKET 51.6 BACK SOFT GOOD MARKET 61.7 UPPER EXTREMITY BRACING AND SUPPORT MARKET 71.8 PAIN MANAGEMENT MARKET. 81.9 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 9RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 102.1 RESEARCH SCOPE 102.2 IDATA’S 9-STEP METHODOLOGY 10Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection 11Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research 13Step 3: Preparation for Interviews & Questionnaire Design 14Step 4: Performing Primary Research 15Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates 17Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis 18Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities 20
  3. 3. Step 8: Final Review and Market Release 21Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring. 22U.S BRACING AND SUPPORTS MARKET OVERVIEW 233.1 INTRODUCTION 233.1.1 Knee Braces and Supports Rigid Knee Braces Knee Soft Goods and Immobilizers. 253.1.2 Ankle Braces and Supports Rigid Ankle Braces Ankle Supports263.1.3 Spinal Orthoses. 273.1.4 Back Soft Goods Retail and Clinical Soft Goods Occupational Soft Goods Distribution Channels.283.1.5 Upper Extremities 293.1.6 Pain Management 303.1.6.1 Pain Infusion Pumps303.1.6.2 Types of Infusion Pumps313.1.6.3 Cold Therapy 323.2MARKET OVERVIEW 343.3 TREND ANALYSIS BY MARKET SEGMENT 393.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 42
  4. 4. 3.4.1 Market Drivers 423.4.2 Market Limiters. 433.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 45KNEE BRACING AND SUPPORTS MARKET. 504.1 INTRODUCTION 504.1.1 Rigid Knee Braces 504.1.2 Knee Soft Goods and Immobilizers. 514.2MARKET OVERVIEW 524.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 574.3.1 Knee Ligament Brace Market 574.3.1.1 Prefabricated Ligament Brace Market 624.3.1.2 Custom Knee Ligament Brace Market654.3.2 Postoperative Knee Brace Market 684.3.3 Osteoarthritis Knee Brace Market 714.3.3.1 Prefabricated Osteoarthritis Knee Brace Market 754.3.3.2 Custom Osteoarthritis Knee Brace Market 784.3.4 Knee Soft Good and Immobilizer Market 814.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 884.4.1 Market Drivers 884.4.2 Market Limiters. 884.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 90ANKLE BRACING AND SUPPORT MARKET 94
  5. 5. 5.1 INTRODUCTION 945.1.1 Types of Ankle Braces 955.1.1.1 Rigid Ankle Braces 955.1.1.2 Ankle Supports955.2MARKET OVERVIEW 975.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 1015.3.1 Rigid Ankle Bracing Market 1015.3.1.1 Rigid Ankle Stirrup Market1065.3.1.2 Trainer Brace Market 1095.3.2 Ankle Support Market 1125.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 1195.4.1 Market Drivers 1195.4.2 Market Limiters 1205.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 121SPINAL ORTHOSIS MARKET. 1266.1 INTRODUCTION 1266.2MARKET OVERVIEW 1276.2.1 Total Spinal Orthosis Market 1276.2.2 Spinal Orthosis Market by Spine Region 1296.2.3 Spinal Orthosis Market by Manufacturing Type 1346.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 1396.3.1 Spinal Orthosis Market by Spine Region 1396.3.1.1 Cervical Spinal Orthosis Market 139
  6. 6. Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis Market.1426.3.1.3 Lumbosacral Spinal Orthosis Market 1456.3.1.4 Lumbar Orthosis Market 1486.3.1.5 Sacral Orthosis Market1516.3.2 Spinal Orthosis Market by Manufacturing Type 1546.3.2.1 Prefabricated Spinal Orthosis Market 1546.3.2.2 Custom Spinal Orthosis Market 1576.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 1606.4.1 Market Drivers 1606.4.2 Market Limiters 1616.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 162BACK SOFT GOOD MARKET. 1677.1 INTRODUCTION 1677.1.1 Retail and Clinical Soft Goods 1677.1.2 Occupational Soft Goods 1677.1.3 Distribution Channels. 1687.2MARKET OVERVIEW 1687.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 1737.3.1 Retail Soft Back Support Market 1737.3.2 Clinical Soft Back Support Market 1767.3.3 Retail Rib Belt and Abdominal Belt Market 1797.3.4 Clinical Rib Belt and Abdominal Belt Market 1827.3.5 Occupational Back Support Market. 184
  7. 7. 7.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 1867.4.1 Market Drivers 1867.4.2 Market Limiters 1877.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 189UPPER EXTREMITY BRACING AND SOFT GOODS MARKET 1948.1 INTRODUCTION 1948.2MARKET OVERVIEW 1968.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2018.3.1 Shoulder Bracing and Supports Market 2018.3.1.1 Rigid Shoulder Braces and Supports Market 2038.3.1.2 Retail Soft Shoulder Supports Market 2048.3.1.3 Clinical Soft Shoulder Supports Market 2058.3.1.4 Retail Arm Slings Market2068.3.1.5 Clinical Arm Slings Market 2078.3.2 Non-Occupational Elbow and Upper Extremity Bracing and Supports Market 2088.3.2.1 Retail Soft Elbow Supports Market2138.3.2.2 Clinical Soft Elbow Supports Market 2168.3.2.3 Retail Soft Upper Extremity Supports Market 2188.3.2.4 Clinical Soft Upper Extremity Supports Market.2208.3.3 Occupational Elbow and Upper Extremity Bracing and Supports Market 2228.3.3.1 Occupational Soft Elbow Supports Market 2238.3.3.2 Occupational Soft Upper Extremity Supports Market 2248.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 225
  8. 8. 8.4.1 Market Drivers 2258.4.2 Market Limiters 2258.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 227PAIN MANAGEMENT MARKET 2319.1 INTRODUCTION 2319.1.1 Pain Infusion Pumps 2319.1.2 Types of Infusion Pumps 2329.1.2.1 Patient-Controlled Analgesia Infusion Pumps 2339.1.2.2 Conventional Ambulatory Infusion Pumps 2339.1.2.3 Single Use Ambulatory Infusion Pumps 2339.1.3 Cold Therapy 2339.2MARKET OVERVIEW 2359.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2409.3.1 Pain Infusion Pump Market. 2409.3.1.1 Total Pain Infusion Pump Market 2409.3.1.2 Patient-Controlled Analgesia Infusion Pump Market 2449.3.1.3 Conventional Ambulatory Infusion Pump Market 2479.3.1.4 Single Use Ambulatory Infusion Pump Market 2509.3.2 Cold Therapy Market 2539.3.2.1 Total Cold Therapy Market 2539.3.2.2 Traditional Cold Therapy Market 2579.3.2.3 Powered Cold Therapy Market 2609.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 263
  9. 9. 9.4.1 Market Drivers 2639.4.2 Market Limiters 2659.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 2679.5.1 Infusion Pumps 2679.5.2 Cold Therapy 272ABBREVIATIONS 276Browse more Research Reports @ http://www.reportsnreports.com/market-research/medical-devices/Contact Us:TX, Dallas North - Dominion Plaza,17304, Preston Road,Suite 800, Dallas 75252.+ 1 888 391 5441Email: sales@reportsandreports.comConnect With Us: