20130423 e mailmarketing market trends +ma + profiles


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20130423 e mailmarketing market trends +ma + profiles

  1. 1. Research ReportEmail Marketing2013
  2. 2. Content2I. Market TrendsII. M&A ActivityIII. Company Profiles
  3. 3. Mergers AllianceMarket trends
  4. 4. Interactive landscapeSource:Chiefmartec4
  5. 5. Email marketing5
  6. 6. 43%50%51%55%46%37%39%37%Email marketingOnline videoMobile marketingCreated social mediaIn the next three years, how do you thinkmarketings effectiveness will change comparedto today for each of the following channels?Interactive marketingInteractive embeds Itself in the mix• Interactive marketing includes Social Media, Email marketing, MobileMarketing, Display advertising and Search Marketing• By 2016, advertisers will spend as much on interactive marketing asthey do on television advertising today• Investment in search marketing, display advertising, email marketing,mobile marketing, and social media will near $77 billion and represent35% of all advertising, by 2016Growth of interactive media spend is fueled by:• Interactive marketing effectiveness• Interactive channels will generate better results over time.30%35%40%41%57%40%54%48%0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Paid search listingsDisplay advertisingSEOPaid placement in social mediaIncrease Stay same Decrease N/aSource:Interactive marketing forecast 2011 to 2016 – Forrester• Interactive channels will generate better results over time.• Increased measurability• Bigger interactive teams• Because of larger teams, programs can be expanded• Excitement about emerging media• Customer obsession• Marketers offer customized experiences across customers’preferred touchpoints• Forrester projects that by 2015 smartphone adoption will grow150%, and 82 million consumers (in the US) will own a tabletSource: December 2010 US Interactive Marketing Executive Online Survey6
  7. 7. AverageDeliverabilityRateAverage OpenRateAverage ClickThrough RateAverageamount of timetypicalMarketingdepartments84%24%13%24%Email marketing in Interactive Mix• Email marketing is one of the most powerfulmarketing tools available today. It is easy, affordable,direct, actionable, and highly effective• Most Email Service Providers (ESPs) are increasinglymaking use of more sophisticated campaigns andtactics instead of focusing on short term gains(boosting open & click rates)• Blending email and social media marketing utilizesthe strengths of each channel, and also strengthensthe capability and value of each individual channel inways that cannot be achieved by managing thesecapabilities seperately• Integration of Social and Email allows ESPs to emailEmail Marketing Statisticsdepartmentsspend on emailmarketingSource: iContact“2010 Email Marketing Benchmarking Survey,”Eloqua• Integration of Social and Email allows ESPs to emaila promotion to a high-value customer and, with theclick of a button (ideally, a button embedded in theemail), customers disseminate the same promotion,with the customer’s credible endorsement, to dozens,hundreds or even thousands of individuals in thatcustomer’s social network• Roughly 80% of marketers indicated that socialsharing “extends the reach of email content to newmarkets” and “increases brand reputation andawareness.”• Currently, the most important factors in marketingsuccess are delivering value to empoweredcustomers, fostering long lasting relationships withcustomers and capturing the value by measuringmarketing effectivenessCreate andsend youremailShare youremail acrosssocialnetworksEngage withan extendedsocialnetworkAttract NewEmail ListSubscribersTrack andanalyzerelatedactivity7
  8. 8. 02004006008001.0001.2001.4001.6002009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014€millionsForecast: US Email marketing Spend, 2009 -2014Retention email Acquisition email Transactional emailQuestion: What methods do you currently use toacquire email marketing addresses? Whichmethod of email acquisition produces your mostvaluable email subscribers?How is the budget spend?Types of emails sent:• The vast majority of emails sent are used for retention or customer acquisitionpurposes. It is expected that the share of emails sent to acquire new customerswill increase slightly• Customer retention email campaigns have highest conversion rates,therefore companies spend more resources on these programs• Transactional emails, such as order confirmations and account updates,hardly generate additional sale, thus little marketing budget is spend onthese programs• Retention email spend: budget spend on emailing existing customers0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%Not surePurchased on CDSMS text Opt-in Codemobile ads or co-registrationQR Codeco-registrationemail list rentalpaid searchwebsite banner adscall centerappend email addressin-store, point of salesocial mediawebsitevaluable email subscribers?Currently Used Delivers most valuable subscribersSource: US Interactive Marketing Forecast 2009 2014 – ForresterInteractive marketing forecast 2011 to 2016 – Forresterhttp://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2184428/how-to-drive-revenue-from-retention-email-marketing• Best ways to drive revenue from retention campaigns:• Birthday mail• Review Solicitation• Replenishment Program• Re-permissionEmail acquisition• Both the method through which email addresses are obtained, as howcareful acquisition programs are shaped, determine the successfulness ofan acquisition campaign• The most valuable subscribers to your email program actually come fromprevious customer interaction moments (website, in-store contact, customercontact centers)• Current email acquisition methods do not correlate with tactics that producemost valuable subscribers8
  9. 9. • The global size of the email marketing market is approximately €2.3 bn (2011)• This amount for the email marketing industry as a whole, representing less than 6% of total direct mail expenditures of € 38,6bn,recorded in 2011 and a mere 0.7% of total global advertizing expenditures of € 342.7bn• The US market for online marketing is, with annual spend of €24.5,slightly larger than the European annual online marketing spend60.00070.000Forecast: US Interactive Marketing Spend, 2011 - 2016US & Worldwide market30Online ad spend in €bn Europe vs UnitedStates010.00020.00030.00040.00050.00060.0002011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016€millionsSocial MediaEmail marketingMobile marketingDisplay advertisingSearch MarketingSource: http://www.email-marketing-reports.com/basics/why.htmNet Marketing Will Take 18% Of Budget By 2012 – ForresterInteractive marketing forecast 2011 to 2016 – Forrester05101520252010 2011Europe US9
  10. 10. Three major themes are dominating the development of email marketing• It becomes more common for ESPs to run both regular welcome programs, and coordinate content over multiple channels (email,website, etc)• In particular Social Media integration has proven synergy benefits• ESPs focus on integration of mobile• Specifically targeted campaignsIn addition, the quality offered by ESPs becomes one of their main selling points. Customers are increasingly focused on quality accountmanagement offered by ESPsTrends – three themes“What are the biggest email marketing challenges you expect to face in theVendor Offerings Average RankGood Account management 1,96Integration with other online tools 3,73Automation of next-best action 3,85Support for your database record 3,96Professional services 4,54Support for channels outside of email 5,01International campaign support 5,89Proprietary offices around the world 7,051 = most important, 8 = least importantPlease Rank how important the following venorofferings are to youn=7431%34%35%36%38%38%43%50%57%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%Having adequate staffing resourcesRetaining current email subscribersCreating and managing email contentFinding new email subscribersIncreasing open en click-through ratesManaging email frequency and cadenceLeveraging segmentationLeveraging dynamic contentIntegrating email with other channelsSource:The Forrester Wave: email marketing vendors Q1 2012 – Forrester“What are the biggest email marketing challenges you expect to face in thenext two years?”10
  11. 11. Email marketing – multi channel integration (i)Multi-channel Integration• Nearly every enterprise marketer uses email marketing as the workhorse of her interactive mix. But spend on email marketingdelivery, analytics, integration, and creative nears just $2.5 billion by 2016 because of its low CPMs• One of biggest challenges is integrating email marketing with other channelsMore email will be sent• Launch new interactive programs• For every action on every separate channel, you notify your clients/followers/relations via email. For example: for every entryon a corporate blog, an email is sent to its followers• The more channels marketers embrace, the more email programs they’ll need to support them• The more channels marketers embrace, the more email programs they’ll need to support them• Create calculated campaigns• Further email delivery growth will come as marketers spend to get more specific about what they send to whom and when• Upgrade email analytics• ESPs start spending more to send the right message to enrich customer lifetime value. Email marketers are investing inanalytics as part of a larger focus on customer relationship management (CRM) and customer intelligenceSource:Interactive marketing forecast 2011 to 2016 – Forrester 11
  12. 12. Email marketing – multi channel integration (ii)New Trends, New Behaviors. How does a marketing agencyadapt?• ESPs that understand how to integrate the various channelsthrough which a message is spread, are on the right path• ESPs only offering one or a few services are going to be leftbehind by the other agencies who can offer a one-stop-shopapproach for their clientsGeneralist specialists• Employees at generalist marketing agencies and ESPs that aretrained in several areas of marketing are able to accomplish a lotmore and a lot faster• Teams that are well-rounded will have an easier time working toput strategy in place and managing it over timeMeasure New Metrics• Across channels, the holistic agency will have to track new metricslike content reach, traffic, search rankings, social media shares,link-backs, and or leads/salesSource: Optify12
  13. 13. 71%Use email to promote presence on Twitter,Facebook and other social channelsObjectives for integrating email and social mediaHow are marketers currentlyintegrating social media?Email marketing – social media• The emergence of social media has transformed the way people communicate online, and particularly how companies market theirproducts and services to their target audience• Businesses use social media in their email marketing campaigns because social media has the capacity to reach a large audiencevery quickly, providing an opportunity for a company to share content, increase their online following and enhance their brandcredibility• Social media complements email marketing because it provides additional channels for sharing information and engaging readers91%FacebookHow are marketers currently integrating social media?5%17%35%48%63%71%0% 20% 40% 60% 80%OtherLeverage agency services to build anintegrated social media programIntegrate user-generated content/reviewsinto email marketing campaignsUse email to launch a referral/viralmarketing campaign in social mediaEnable recipients to share email contentwith their social networksFacebook and other social channels10%3%4%12%13%15%34%48%84%91%0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%OtherYelpFoursquareMyspaceDiggSharethisYouTubeLinkedinTwitterFacebookSource:http://www.marketingprofs.comhttp://wsiwebvision.com/10%3%4%12%13%15%34%48%84%91%0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%OtherYelpFoursquareMyspaceDiggSharethisYouTubeLinkedinTwitterFacebook13
  14. 14. 6%8%8%10%28%38%43%48%71%80%Companys blogYoutubeLinkedinTwitterFacebook21%6%29%Significantly betterSomewhat betterNeutralEmail marketing – effectiveness social mediaSocial media sites that produced the best email marketingresults according to email and online marketers in NorthAmerica (June 2010)Change in results from combining social media marketingwith email marketing according to email and onlinemarketers in North America (June 2010)3%33%4%6%5%20%0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Dont knowOtherCompanys online communityCompanys blogUsed Produced best result33%11%Not any betterDid not use SMM withemail marketing / NotapplicableSource:http://www.emarketer.com/• More than half of email and online marketers (53%) said that combining social media marketing with email marketing generated eithersignificantly better or somewhat better results• Facebook and Twitter were the most commonly used sites in integrated email-social campaigns, and Facebook integration producedthe best results.Note: in the past year, respondents were asked “if you used social mediatogether with email marketing to get better results this last year, how muchbetter were your results?”14
  15. 15. Email marketing – mobile• Over the course of 2011, the number of smart phones sold became larger than PCs sold• The amount of customers reading their email on mobile device is increasing too• It is crucial to the success of your campaign that the email content is suited for both PCs and mobile reading• Mobile email will account for 10 to 50% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product and email type.• ESPs are developing mobile apps to manage and track mobile campaigns• Simultaneously, campaigns are tailored to be mutually suitable for PC and mobile• ESPs start to automatically display campaigns in a mobile friendly way when viewed in a mobile browser11%15%18%20%32%35%41%56%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%Non-Shopping related applicationLocation-Based Social NetworkingTelephoneTwitterShopping related app (eBay,…FacebookText MessageEmailSource: http://www.emailmonday.comhttp://www.electriceasel.com/Mobile CommerceHow did you receive the message(s) that led to the purchase?15
  16. 16. Changing Market – targeting and analytics€ 1.400€ 1.600€ 1.800€ 2.000Whatis the email marketing budgetspendonTargeted Emails• Email marketing becomes more focused. Specific messages are sent tospecific groups. Email badges become smaller, and frequency of email sentgoes up (both per sub group as well as a total, as a campaign is targeteddifferently to multiple groups)Analytics emails• Email marketers are investing in analytics as part of a larger focus oncustomer relationship management (CRM) and customer intelligence• Only 13% of consumers say that the ads they see are relevant totheir wants and needs, and even fewer find direct mail and emailmarketing relevant€ 0€ 200€ 400€ 600€ 800€ 1.000€ 1.200€ 1.4002011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016€millionCreativeIntegrationAnalyticsDelivery• With increasing importance of delivering the right message to the rightperson at the right time, a larger portion of the email marketing budget will bespend on analytics over the next years• Also, with the increase of the amount of email sent, spend on ‘delivery’expenses also increases relatively faster than spend on creation andintegrationSource:Interactive marketing forecast 2011 to 2016 – ForresterThe intelligent approach to customer intelligence 2009 - Forrester16
  17. 17. The Netherlands• In The Netherlands, the total spent on email marketing campaigns during 2011 was € 177 mio.• Driven by the highest ROI among online marketing instruments, the email marketing market in the Netherlands is expected toincrease to € 360 mio in 2016 (CAGR of 15.3%)• The growth of the email marketing market will outperform the expectations for the online marketing spend as a whole. Whereas thetotal spend on online marketing amounts €1.1 bn in 2011, it is expected to grow 10.2% annually to € 1.7bn in 2016• The Netherlands are one of the leading European countries on online advertising. Dutch companies are the fifth largest spenders ononline advertising in EuropeDutch email marketing market€ 0€ 200€ 400€ 600€ 800€ 1.000€ 1.200€ 1.400€ 1.600€ 1.800€ 0€ 50€ 100€ 150€ 200€ 250€ 300€ 350€ 4002011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016onlinemarketingEmailemail marketing spend online marketing spendCAGR10,2%CAGR15,3%€ 0€ 1.000€ 2.000€ 3.000€ 4.000€ 5.000€ 6.000Total online ad spend (€m)Source: PWC Entertainment & Media Outlook 2012-2016Adex 2011 Online advertising in EuropeNet Marketing Will Take 18% Of Budget By 2012 – ForresterDeloitte & IAB17
  18. 18. Future role of email marketingEmail marketing is one of the dominant marketing instruments in the mix, and will remain to be so• 97% of marketers are using or planning to use email marketing this year• The use of email marketing is growing, and is expected to see an 11% CAGR (globally) over the next fiveyears• Reasons for increasing use of email marketing:• A current email renaissance• Turn on more and smarter programs to boost sluggish sales;• Shift money to email from direct mail; and•• Improve email effectiveness by linking it to other channels like search or user-generatedratings and reviews• Growth in marketing due to the social inbox• Further decline in email marketing costs – although already low, budget-strapped companies will relymore on emailSource:Interactive marketing forecast 2011 to 2016 – ForresterEloqua18
  19. 19. Dutch email marketing landscapeEmail Service Providers Software Development19Lead Generation
  20. 20. M&A Activity
  21. 21. Date Acquirer Country Target Country Pre-dealRevenuePre-dealEBITDAPre-dealEBITSalesMultipleEBITMultiplePending ORACLE INC. US ELOQUA INC. US € 55,1 € -3,9 € -2,5 12,0 n.s.Oct-12 EXACTTARGET INC. US IGODIGITAL LLC US € 1,8 n.a. n.a. 9,2 n.a.Oct-12 EXACTTARGET INC. US PARDOT LLC US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Oct-12 IZURIUMCAPITAL ADVISERS EUROPE LLP GB EMAILVISION HOLDINGS LTD GB € 66,9 € -11,6 € -23,3 0,3 n.a.Sep-12 EMAILVISION HOLDINGS LTD GB PREDICTIVE INTENT LTD GB n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Aug-12 IPO ELOQUA INC. US € 58,3 n.a. n.a. 1,5 n.a.Jun-12 CONSTANT CONTACT INC. US SINGLEPLATFORM CORPORATION US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Jun-12 APRIMO INC. US ECIRCLE GMBH DE € 22,0 € 0,9 € -0,3 n.a. n.a.May-12 TWITTER INC. US RESTENGINE LLC US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Apr-12 MARKETO INC. US CROWD FACTORY INC. US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.• A selection of recent interesting deals in the email marketing market are:*M&A (i)Apr-12 MARKETO INC. US CROWD FACTORY INC. US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Mar-12 IPO EXACTTARGET INC. US € 157,0 n.a. n.a. 0,8 n.a.Feb-12 VOCUS INC. US ICONTACT CORPORATION US € 37,0 n.a. € -4,6 3,4 n.s.Jan-12 CONSTANT CONTACT INC. US CARDSTAR INC. US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Dec-11 VERTICALRESPONSE INC. US ROOST INC. US € 0,9 n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Dec-11 STERLING INFOSYSTEMS INC. US ACXIOM INFORMATION SECURITY SYSTEMS INC. US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Nov-11 BATTERY MANAGEMENT CORPORATION US MARKETO INC. US € 17,7 n.a. n.a. 2,1 n.a.Sep-11 EXACTTARGET INC. US FRONTIER DIGITAL BR n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Aug-11 HUBSPOT INC. US ONEFORTY INC. US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Jun-11 HUBSPOT INC. US PERFORMABLE US € 74,0 n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Jun-11 LYRIS INC. US COGENT ONLINE PTY LTD AU n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Jun-11 EMAILVISION HOLDINGS LTD GB SMARTFOCUS GROUP PLC GB € 16,3 € 2,2 € 1,1 1,8 25,8Feb-11 CONSTANT CONTACT INC. US BANTAMNETWORKS LLCS ASSETS US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Source: ZephyrBlueMind 21
  22. 22. Date Acquirer Country Target Country Pre-dealRevenuePre-dealEBITDAPre-dealEBITSalesMultipleEBITMultipleJan-11 TERADATA CORPORATION US APRIMO INC. US € 59,8 n.a. € 2,4 6,5 164,8Aug-10 EXACTTARGET INC. US MPATH GLOBAL AU n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Jul-10 STRONGMAIL SYSTEMS INC. US CONVERSA MARKETING LLC US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Jul-10 RESPONSYS INC. US ESERVICES GROUP PTY LTD AU n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.May-10 CONSTANT CONTACT INC. US NUTSHELLMAIL US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.May-10 LYRIS INC. US INTAFACE MARKETING AR n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Mar-10 EXACTTARGET INC. US COTWEET INC. US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Feb-10 TA ASSOCIATES US ECIRCLE GMBH DE € 18,6 € 5,0 € 4,6 n.a. n.a.Dec-09 STRONGMAIL SYSTEMS INC. US EMAIL ADVISOR LLC, THE US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Dec-09 VIRID INTERATIVIDADE DIGITAL LTDA BR ZARTANA MARKETING DIRETO BR n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Nov-09 TCMI INC. US EXACTTARGET INC. US € 18,2 n.a. n.a. 2,6 n.a.M&A (ii)Nov-09 TCMI INC. US EXACTTARGET INC. US € 18,2 n.a. n.a. 2,6 n.a.Sep-09 ACXIOMCORPORATION US DIRECT MARKETING SERVICES UAE n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Sep-09 EXACTTARGET INC. US KEYMAIL MARKETING LTD GB n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Jun-09 STRONGMAIL SYSTEMS INC. US POPULARMEDIA INC. US n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.May-09 LYRIS INC. US FACULTAS LTD GB n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.May-09 BATTERY MANAGEMENT CORPORATION US EXACTTARGET INC. US € 20,4 n.a. n.a. 2,6 n.a.Mar-09 E-MARK SOLUTIONS BV NL OSWALD & RUBY BV NL n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Jan-09 WEST END VENTURES PLC GB DOTMAILER LTD GB € 3,1 € 1,0 € 0,9 2,6 8,9Jan-09 ONLINE MARKETING GROUP BV NL MAILMEDIA BV NL € 5,0 n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Oct-08 SELLIGENT SA BE OPTIZEN BE € 2,6 € 1,7 € 1,7 n.a. n.a.Jun-08 PROTUS IP SOLUTIONS INC. CA GOT CORPORATION CA € 4,1 n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.Sep-06 BAY PARTNERS LLC US ELOQUA CORPORATION CA € 19,5 n.a. n.a. 0,5 n.a.Average 3,5 66,5Median 2,6 25,8N 13 3Source: ZephyrBlueMind*22
  23. 23. The email marketing market is expected to grow further:• Foreign investorsThe M&A activity within the email marketing market has been an Anglo Saxon play mostly. These players have been looking intoexpanding to Europe, by opening up local branches. Meanwhile, a number of these foreposts have been closed, and it is expectedthat globally active, acquisitive email marketing companies will re-enter Europe by acquiring local companies for their expertise, clientsand network• Domestic marketA number of markets show a high number of fragmented players in the email marketing field. Consolidation activity in the market isexpectedGrowth Potential• Strategic PartnershipsA number of companies have developed specialized technology that enables its clients to targetconsumers in specialized ways. We foresee companies forming partnerships over thesetechnologies• Dutch MarketThe market in the Netherlands is characterised by many, relatively small, players. There is nosingle market leader. There has been a price war, initiated by big international players thatentered the Dutch market. We expect a shake-out that causes small players tobe liquidated, and several M&A transaction in the near futureSource: BlueMind23
  24. 24. Company Profiles
  25. 25. www.tripolis.comLocation: Amsterdam, NetherlandsManagement: Joost Nienhuis, Bas Kuntz• Founded in 1999• Offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Central America,Argentina and Shanghai• ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certifiedCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesTripolis Solutions• Tripolis is a technology developer in email marketing software• The company is a pure technology player and does not runemail campaigns, like ESPs do.• Email marketing SW is sold to third parties via partners, eitherVAR or Full Service Partners• Users pay via a yearly license, and in addition CPM based onfair use• Tripolis’ key product is ‘Dynamic Mail’, a solution that fills inemail frames at the moment it is opened, allowing to presentthe latest information, tweets, offers etc depending on thedevice (including app store) and geo location the email isopened• Tripolis is active in Europe, Latin America and Asia/Australia.Future roll out plans include Russia2012Turnover € 3 mEBIT ~20%Employees 40* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate Finance25FinancialsSector and activities
  26. 26. www.blinker.comLocation: Zoetermeer, NetherlandsManagement: Marc Schussler• Blinker has recently separated its services and software activities• Services to large customers is an increasing source of revenue• Blinker would consider undertaking an acquisitionCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesBlinker• Blinker is an ESP, that developed its proprietary SW (mailplus)• Recently, the services and SW development activities havebeen split in separate entities• Blinker = ESP• Mailplus = SW• SW is sold as SaaS solution (license fee), in addition a CPMfee is charged for sending out mailings.• Blinker runs its own hosting (ISP)• Clients are mostly CRM/LeadGen companies that operatelarge databases• The company has an automated survey & form tool thatgenerates sophisticated benchmarking reports (freemiummodel)262012Turnover € 4,5 mEBIT n.a.Employees 50* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  27. 27. www.e-mark.nlLocation: Haarlem, NetherlandsManagement: Ubbo Waardenberg, Eric Verhage• Ubbo founded E-mark in 1999 In 2008, he sold the company• After developing specialized database software tools, Ubbo needed acompany that could handle volume for this tool, and he bought back E-mark.• Recently, ESP Zoomio was acquired• E-mark would consider undertaking other acquisitionsCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesE-mark• E-mark is a ESP and SW developer for email marketingcampaigns• The company is essentially a SW manufacturer that distributesto the product to its clients• Currently the company is working on a switch to service basedincome model, into performance based272012Turnover € 4,0 mEBIT n.a.Employees 25* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  28. 28. www. dm-interface.nlLocation: Almere, NetherlandsManagement: Wiebe Barkey,• DM Interface is shifting its business model from print / email serviceprovider to development of software products• Currently software is developed for specific clients. All building blocksof the software are reusable• DM Interface is in the process of implementing a managed servicesbusiness modelCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesDM Interface• DM Interface is a cross media solutions bureau.• The company develops SW tools/applications that are usedfor segmented communications to specific customers• DM Interface has a history in handling print mailings and stillcoordinates print mailings• DM Interface’s current specialty is handling complex, multi-item mailings to specific subgroups of customers, includingspecialized follow up actions• Customers are typically large insurance companies, such asAchmea, Delta Lloyd, Zilveren Kruis, PGGM, etc.• In addition, DM Interface enriches its clients customer data toenable enhanced targeting282012Turnover € 6 mEBIT 20%Employees 40* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  29. 29. www.spotney.comLocation: Houten, NetherlandsManagement: Richard Musch, Robbert-Jan Hanse• Spotney is rapidly developing their services for new channels• Challenge is to roll this technique out throughout Europe• Contemplating small acquisition in Western Europe• The company anticipates rapid growth over the next yearsCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesSpotney• Spotney is founded in 2011 by the founders of E2MA• Spotney is a lead generation company that intents torevolutionize the concept of lead-gen.• By enriching email databases with data (big data analysis, realtime, chross channel) on specific consumer preferencesregarding timing, brand, device, media, message etc, andoptimizing commercial messages to the consumerspreferences• Spotney uses the customers email address as cross-devicetracing instrument• Currently implemented in email marketing, will roll out todisplay, social, search, content etc.292012Turnover (Gross) € 5,5 mEBIT 20%Employees 5* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  30. 30. www.yourzine.nlLocation: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NetherlandsManagement: Michiel van Riemsdijk• Yourzine is changing its customer strategy. Formerly focused on CPM+ fee, now changing to performance based (ROI) models• Organization is changing as well, different skills are needed to advisecustomers on strategy, instead of developing SW.• Yourzine recognizes that email plays central theme in interactivemarketing. The company starts integrating other channels in theirstrategy as well, covering al touch-points; DM fulfillment, CustomerContact Centers, etcCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesYourzine• Yourzine is an Email Service Provider, following an omni-channel approach to online marketing• Customer lifecycle is central concept in Yourzine’s services.Customer contact strategy is key theme .• Company started as SW provider, soon realised othercompanies were better utilized to provide those solutions• Partners with Pitney Bowes, Aprimo, Seligent and Tripolis fortechnologic solutions• Customers include Hema, ANWB, Ikea and V&D302012Turnover € 4,5 mEBIT ~ 20%Employees 5* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  31. 31. www.omg.nlLocation: Utrecht, NetherlandsManagement: Edwin Basten, Marcel Misdorp• OMG is focusing on traditional retail clients to increase the use ofemail marketing in their mix• The company has developed a specialized tool (MailMaps) thatenables local retailers to target only customers that are in thesame geographic area• Provides a channel next to the traditional door-to-doorleaflets• Potential marketsize of € 1b• The company considers making a move into the French marketCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesOnline Marketing Group• OMG is an Online Direct Media bureau, that focuses onlead generation and maintaining high-value relations withclients and customers• OMG provides its clients with high-value consumer emailaddresses, which enables them to send highly targetedemails• The company has collected a large email addressesdatabase (3-step opt-in) with rich demographic details toevery entry• Clients are able to target specific groups of leads throughOMGs database• B2B: CPM > 100,-• B2C: CPM > 500,-312012Turnover € 7 mEBIT naEmployees 30* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  32. 32. www.ematters.nlLocation: Amsterdam, NetherlandsManagement: Wouter Theijsmeijer, Ruben Niet• Ematters started as ESP, intending to become one of the topplayers in email marketing• After becoming the top 3 ESP in several annual lists, Emattersdeveloped additional services to anticipate to the cross-channeldevelopment in the market• Ematters’ intention is to become number 1 digital marketingcompany• Wouter is chairman of the DDMA search committeeCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesEmatters• Ematters is a full service Digital Direct Marketing company,chross channel• The company started as pure ESP, later developedadditional services• Today, the company offers services in email marketing,search, display and social media• Ematters uses email marketing SW of Tripolis322012Turnover € 2 mEBIT naEmployees 10* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  33. 33. www.measuremail.nlLocation: Dordrecht, NetherlandsManagement: Martijn Groeneweg, Ronald Dubbeldam• Measuremail has invested heavily in updating its email software overthe last years• The founders of Measuremail have developed a new SW tool(‘MailMerk’) that identifies unauthorized emails sent from clients’accounts (i.e. phishing mails etc)• SW is operated in separate entity• Shareholders would consider sale of the companyCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesMeasureMail• Measuremail is a full services email service provider (ESP),active in the Netherlands and Belgium• Measuremail has developed proprietary SW for its emailservices• Measuremail handles relatively many transactional emails forits clients• These are typically complicated email processes thatdiffer widely in follow up actions• Measuremail aims at servicing entire email processesfor its clients332012Turnover € 2 mEBIT naEmployees 15* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  34. 34. www.copernica.comLocation: Amsterdam, NetherlandsManagement: Michael Linthorst• Copernica has, since its start, grown through organic growth• Copernica has overcome the critical phase of being too small• Expects a shake-out among the smallest companies in themarket• The company intends to exceed its steady growth over the last years• Focus on organic growth, not via M&ACompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesCopernica• Copernica is a pure SW developer for the email marketingmarket• SW is sold through ~200 partners and resellers who provideadded services• Also, marketing agencies that develop online strategies fortheir clients use Copernica’s SW• Copernica has incurred YoY growth in excess of 25% over thelast 4 years• Revenues are mostly recurring (>95%)• Software is build in a way that makes it easy to add differentlanguages to it.• Translate agency should be able to deliver in~60hours342012Turnover € 2 mEBIT naEmployees 21* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  35. 35. www.e2ma.nlLocation: Houten, NetherlandsManagement: Joost van Driel• The company has grown quickly after its initiation• In 2008 the shareholders nearly sold the company, when the creditcrisis set it and cancelled the deal• The economic crisis and the introduction of the “Do Not Call Register”in the 2009 have caused the company some trouble• The founding shareholders have appointed a new CEO to run thecompany and are no longer involved with day-to-day operations• The shareholders intend to sell the company in a few yearsCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesE2MA Consumer Profiling• E2MA is a web-based lead generation company• E2MA excels in questionnaire management – asking the rightquestions at the right time• E2MA works with advanced ranking technology, opt-inverification, and active account management• E2MA delivers leads for‘Direct Response’, ‘List Broking’ and‘Social Media’ campaigns.352012Turnover € 4 mEBIT 20%Employees 30* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  36. 36. www.webpower.comLocation: Barneveld, NetherlandsManagement: Jacco Bouw• After rolling out to China, Webpower has become one of the mainplayers in email marketing software in the Netherlands• Webpower is currently developing SW that allows customers to take across-channel approach to their online marketing• Integrating CMS/CRM into email platform• Integrating 3rd party SW, such as ERPs, Salesforce &Magento• The company is aggressively expanding in China to become themarket leader in this region• Webpower advises the Chinese government on email legislationCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesWebpower• Webpower is a developer of an email marketing platform, thatallow clients to run email campaigns with Webpower• In addition, Webpower advises on optimal email strategies andother services• Value Added Services include:• Creation• Planning• Reporting• Analysis• The company is internationally active, and has offices in boththe Netherlands and China (Shanghai)• 69% of revenues come from licenses + CPM362012Turnover € 9,0 mEBIT 20%Employees 120* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  37. 37. www.e-village.nlLocation: Zeist, NetherlandsManagement: Robert Rebergen• Around 20% of revenue is from customers outside of the Netherlands• The shareholders are considering making a move in the emailmarketing market (sell/buy)Company Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitiesE-village• E-village is a SW developer and service provider in emailmarketing• Services include designing, planning, creation, campaignmanagement and reporting the optimal email / mobile / socialmedia campaigns• E-village has developed Clang, an email marketing softwareplatform that enables customers to run their online marketingcampaigns• Clang has an API with Magento• E-village has split the company’s activities between ESP (E-village) and SW (Clang)372012Turnover € 5,0 mEBIT 20%Employees 35* Figures estimated by BlueMind Corporate FinanceFinancialsSector and activities
  38. 38. www.ecircle.nlLocation: Utrecht, Netherlands (HQ: Munchen, Germany)Management: Volker Viewer (Germany)• Founded in 1999 in Germany• Acquired by Aprimo (Teradata ), global leader in Integrated MarketingManagement (IMM) software• eCircle is active in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands,Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Poland• The company is about to become the largest European player in thefield• eCircle is considering expanding through acquisitionsCompany Status and SituationFinancialsSector and activitieseCircle• eCircle is a full-service digital marketing solutions provider anda provider of email marketing solutions• Developing email marketing software• Mail marketing services, including• Consulting services• Email Audit• eCircle is member of DDMA (Dutch Dialogue MarketingAssociation) and holds several pan-European certificates andmemberships• eCircle typically focuses on the largest customers in themarket382011Turnover € 18,6 mEBIT € 4,6 mEmployees n.a.FinancialsSector and activities
  39. 39. Target Name Website Residence in Netherlands HQ-countryCountries Category EstimatedRevenuesGlobalEstimatedRevenues NL# EmployeesEmailvision www.emailvision.nl Amsterdam UK USA/EMEA/ASIA ESP + SW € 70,0 600Mail Pepper (Ad pepper) www.adpepper.nl Amsterdam DE USA/DE/AT/DK/CH/SE/SP/FR/NLLead Gen € 55,0 254Webpower www.webpower.nl/ Barneveld NL NL/DE/SW/SP/CN ESP +SW € 7,0 € 2,5 116Selligent www.selligent.nl Hasselt BE BE/FR/DE/IT/ SP/CN/PL SW € 15,0 115Cheetahmail www.experian.nl Den Haag US Worldwide ESP + SW n.a. € 2,5 64List of email marketing companies active inHolland (i)Cheetahmail www.experian.nl Den Haag US Worldwide ESP + SW n.a. € 2,5 64Blinker www.blinker.nl Zoetermeer NL NL ESP + SW € 4,5 € 4,5 50Veritate www.veritate.nl Amsterdam NL NL ESP + Lead Gen € 3,0 49DM Interface www.dm-interface.nl Almere NL NL SW € 6,0 € 5,9 40RapidSugar www.rapidsugar.nl Amsterdam NL NL ESP € 3,0 36Yourzine www.yourzine.nl/ s-Hertogenbosch NL NL ESP € 4,5 3539Figures are estimated by BlueMind Corporate Finance
  40. 40. Target Name Website Residence in Netherlands HQ-countryCountries Category EstimatedRevenuesGlobalEstimatedRevenues NL# EmployeesE-Village www.e-village.nl Zeist NL NL ESP + SW € 5,0 € 5,0 28E2MA Consumer Profiling www.e2ma.nl Houten NL DE/NL Lead Gen € 4,0 € 4,0 23Copernica http://www.copernica.nl Haarlem NL UK, DE SW € 2,0 21E-Mark Solutions www.e-mark.nl Haarlem NL NL ESP + SW € 2,5 19MeasureMail www.measuremail.com Dordrecht NL NL ESP € 2,5 13List of email marketing companies active inHolland (ii)MeasureMail www.measuremail.com Dordrecht NL NL ESP € 2,5 13OMG/Mailmedia www.mailmedia.nl Amsterdam NL NL Lead Gen € 6,0 11Tripolis Solutions www.tripolis.nl Amsterdam NL NL Software € 3,0 11eMatters http://www.ematters.nl Amsterdam NL NL ESP € 1,5 € 1,5 9eCircle http://www.ecircle.com/nl/home.htmlUtrecht DE DE/FR/IT/SP/NL/DK/FI/SE/POESP + SW n.a. € 3,0 8GraphicMail www.graphicmail.nl Amsterdam US Worldwide SW n.a. € 3,0 040Figures are estimated by BlueMind Corporate Finance