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BSI Fleet Services

  1. 1. Fleet Management Services Program
  2. 2. Our Facility
  3. 3. Our Facility Broadband Fleet Services new 14-bay facility is one of the finest facilities in North Texas. The service center is equipped with the latest in “state of the art” diagnostic equipment, lifts, repair equipment, machines and tools. Our 14 bays host highly trained and experienced technicians to complete any size job. The facility, its staff, and our providers and vendors are capable handling any kind of repair, large or small, retrofits, aerial lift unit exchanges, body and bed installations, and auxiliary unit installations. We repair and maintain construction equipment and machines, directional bore rigs. Some of our equipment resources include:
  4. 4. Equipment Portable 15-ton Rotary HP415-MF Transpo Lifts
  5. 5. Equipment •Rotary SM-123-El2 6-ton Lifts •Rotary SM-18-EL2 9-ton Lifts •Rotary SPOA10 EHI 5-ton Lifts
  6. 6. Equipment •Rotary FA-5113 Alignment Packages •Accuturn 2310CCDW Computerized Alignment Systems
  7. 7. Equipment •Flow Dynamics Promax ATF Fluid Exchangers •Flow Dynamics RADV A/C Coolant Exchangers •Robinair 34000Z R-134 A/C Systems •Associated Heavy Duty Battery Chargers •Midtronics Conductive Battery Testers
  8. 8. Equipment •Accuturn 5602 hp European Style Tire Changers •Accuturn 1500 Computerized Wheel Balancers
  9. 9. Equipment 5 Ton ProServ Anchor Overhead Crane
  10. 10. Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance should be a part of all fleets, whether large or small. By practicing preventive maintenance, companies and individuals can not only increase the life and reliability of their assets, and increase safety, but they also can realized huge savings in cost due to crew down time and costly repairs as a result of equipment failure on the jobsite and/or on the road. Key Benefits: * Reduces repair costs as the truck, auto or equipment age * Promotes performance reliability * Reduces loss due to truck, auto and jobsite equipment failure * Reduces project completion delays due to truck, auto and equipment failures * Extends to useful life of existing assets * Increases safety
  11. 11. Fleet Management Broadband Fleet Services offers a practical solution to your fleet management. By focusing on regular checks and inspections, which leads to following manufacturer recommended maintenance intervals and fluid changes; your organization will gain confidence in your truck and equipment reliability. We partner with our customers in solving the problems associated with tracking service intervals that are mileage or hour of use driven. We consult with our customers and make recommendations that are based on factors such as safety, cost of operation, return on investment, and unit reliability. Whether you choose to use Broadband Fleet Services for your fleet repairs or not, we can still provide the fleet management service at a reasonable monthly rate per vehicle.
  12. 12. Truck and Auto Service and Repairs
  13. 13. Truck and Auto Service and Repairs No fleet is too large or too small for us. Utilizing our certified technicians, and our expanded network of specialized vendors, we can handle any repair needs your fleet may require. Our unique three-tier fee schedule ensures built-in economies for our customers. All labor rates are locked in yearly, so budget requirements can be anticipated and budget challenges can be met. Service bundling programs are available for even greater savings over time. And specialized repairs can be accomplished at reasonable and very competitive rates. A one-stop repair center for you utility and construction industries fleet of cars, trucks and equipment. Listed below is a sampling of some of our repair service offerings: •Engine Rebuilds or Repairs •Hydraulic Hose Replacement •Transmission Rebuilds or Repairs •Air Conditioning Systems Repairs •Brake Jobs •Power Steering Systems Repairs •Chassis Alignment •Linkage and Chassis Repairs •Tire Rotation, Replacements, Wheel Balancing •Electrical System Trouble Shooting / Repair •Hitch repair and installations •Fuel Injector System Repair
  14. 14. Mobile Repair Services Equipment and vehicular failure on the jobsite is costly. Likewise, having regular maintenance performed at your site, while the equipment or vehicle is not in use can save employee time and maximizes jobsite production. If time is of the essence, and convenience is a factor, mobile repair options are available. Our mobile repair units are fully equipped and can handle most minor roadside repairs, in addition to performing regular preventive maintenance services. The only added cost to providing any service or repairs remotely, at your vehicle or equipment location, is a very competitive portal-to-portal fee. However, huge savings for your organization can be realized through lower labor cost, and higher job-site productivity.
  15. 15. Mobile Repair Services A sampling if our Mobile Preventive Maintenance Services include: •Oil and Filter Changes •Chassis Lubrication •Tire Air Pressure Check and Adjustment •Check Level and Top Off Windshield Washer Fluid, Radiator Coolant, Power •Steering Fluid, Battery Fluid, and Axle Lubricant •Battery Check •Radiator and Hose Inspection •Bulb Replacement •Hydraulic Oil Changes •Hydraulic Hose Inspection
  16. 16. Mobile Repair Services A sampling if our Mobile Repair Services include: •Flat Repairs •Tire Replacement •Alternator Replacement •Starter Replacement •Hydraulic Hose and Fitting Replacement •Brake Pad Replacement •Pump Replacement •Machinery Component Replacements
  17. 17. Equipment Repairs Broadband Fleet Services performs service and repair on the following unique types of utility construction equipment: U-Dump Trailers Vactrons
  18. 18. Equipment Repairs Backhoes Directional Bore Machines Trenchers Generators Trailers
  19. 19. Thank You for considering Broadband Fleet Services