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Present Simple, routines, exercises
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Present Simple, routines, exercises


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presentation of present simple for primary school students

presentation of present simple for primary school students

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  • 2.
    • Fem servir el Present Simple per accions que es fan habitualment i per rutines.
    • Ex. I play football every Sunday .
    • Jugo a futbol cada setmana .
    • Mary does her homework everyday.
    • La Mary fa els seus deures cada dia .
  • 3. Formació del verb
    • Formar el Present Simple és molt senzill. Hem d’agafar la forma de l’infinitiu i conjugar-la:
            • To play
            • I play
            • You play
            • He play s
            • She play s
            • It play s
            • We play
            • You play
            • They play
    • Quines formes del verb eren diferents?
    • Exercise 1
    • Make sentences using the pictures and the verbs as in the example:
    • John/have breakfast:
    • - John has breakfast every morning. -John has cereals for breakfast every morning.
  • 5.
    • My friend/ play: My parents/ watch TV:
  • 6.
    • Tom/go to school: My brother/listen to:
  • 7. Tercera persona: third person
    • Com hem vist a la formació del verb, la tercera persona (he, she, it) és l’ única que varia:
    • He play s , she come s , it eat s : afegim una “s” a l’infinitiu.
    • Però hi ha uns quants casos especials:
    • Quan l’infinitiu acaba en -s,-z,-sh,-tch,-ss fa la tercera persona en -es:
  • 8.
    • watch watches
    • pass passes
    • crash crashes
    • També fem servir la terminació -es quan l’infinitiu acaba en consonant + o:
    • go goes
    • do does
    • Finalment, la terminació -es es fa servir quan el verb acaba en consonant + y. En aquest cas la y es transforma en i :
    • carry carr ies
    • marry marr ies
  • 9. Exercise 2: choose the right answer.
    • a) Mary washs the dishes everyday.
    • b) Mary washes the dishes everyday.
    • a) John plaies football with his friend Sam.
    • b) John plays football with his friend Sam.
  • 10.
    • Susan always carrys a lot of bags.
    • Susan always carries a lot of bags.
    • Mary misses the bus every morning.
    • Mary miss the bus every morning.
  • 11. Exercise 3: Habits. Write about Peter’s routine
    • Use the verbs in the box in every picture. Be careful, they are not in order!:
    • Peter at 7:30 in the morning then, he .After that he
    • Peter usually has cereals for breakfast!. At 8 he .At 2:00 he at the school
    • canteen. In the afternoon, he has some lessons and after that, he finishes school. After his lessons, Peter
    • it is his favourite sport! But he has some obligations too! Peter every
    • aftenoon. After dinner he and at 10:00 he .Good night, Peter.
    Go to bed, have a shower , play rugby, start school, have lunch, do his homework, watch TV, wake up, have breakfast.
  • 12. Exercise 4: Now, write about your routine at the weekend. Use these words if you want.
    • late meet friends
    • stay in do sport
    • relax
    • do homework go out
    • Early cinema grandparents video games