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  • 1. Masters Bakers Private Limited Business Plan
  • 2. OPPORTUNITY• An instant breakfast substitute for working adults who are diet, health and energy conscious wanting a quick nutritious tasty breakfast without a need to prepare an elaborate time consuming breakfast
  • 3. COMPANY ITS PRODUCTAND STRATEGY• Master Bakers private limited is well known established company in bakery business. Their Tommy bread is a leading brand and want to expand their brand portfolio.PRODUCT CONCEPT “TOMMY CRUNCHY BREAK”:• A Complete breakfast(meal) package containing oats, cornflakes and milk powder for people above 6 years of age especially those who are working and staying away from home.
  • 4. TARGET MARKET• USER GROUP: – Above 6 years of age. – Students staying away from home and working professionals. – Old people.• OCCASION OF USE: – Multiple – Recommended twice a day
  • 5. BENEFITS – Easy to use. – Easy to cook. – Easily available. – Affordable price (Sachets available). – Tasty and crunchy. – Complete meal therefore heavy. – Contains all nutrients (certified by MCI, FDA) – Storage life of 5 hours (remains crunchy for ½ an hr) – Shelf life of 2 years. – Available in different flavors and sugar free packs for old and health conscious people.
  • 6. BUSINESS CONCEPT• FORM: – Available in solid form, becomes semi solid on mixing with hot water but oats and cornflakes remains crunchy.• TECHNOLOGY: – Vacuum packs. Special packaging (to increase shelf life) – Natural preservatives to increase storage life. – Unique ultra heat preservation technology.
  • 7. MARKETING PLAN• MARKETING MIX – Different variants like honey, strawberry, chocolate etc. – Available in single pack size of 100 Gms priced at Rs 30. – Packaging in specially designed vacuum packs. – Extensive distribution, availability all retail stores. – Initial heavy promotion, both push and pull strategy to convert first time buyers to repeat purchase and repeat purchase to regular buyers. Once consumers become regular customers only pull strategy.
  • 8. Goals and Objectives• TESTING: – ALPHA, BETA AND GAMMA testing: free samples to selected target customers and their reactions and feedback are noted. Employees were asked to use our breakfast sachets and give feedback and suggestions regarding the benefits of breakfast sachets.
  • 9. FINANCIAL PLAN• HOUSE OF QUALITY:• VOICE OF CUSTOMER: – No time for breakfast. – Breakfast very heavy doze off in Office or School. – No time to prepare traditional breakfast.• VOICE OF ENGINEERS: – Easy to use, Easy to cook, Easily available, Affordable price (Sachets available), Tasty and crunchy, Complete meal therefore heavy, Contains all nutrients (certified by MCI, FDA) , Storage life of 5 hours (remains crunchy for ½ an hr), Shelf life of 2 years. Available in different flavors and sugar free packs for old and health conscious people.
  • 10. TEST MARKETING:• We have chosen Standard Test Marketing for survey of our consumers in test stage.• Select a sample representing target market segment and test market in small cities and rural areas.• Advertising Van.• Door to door sample.• Office displays
  • 11. TEST MARKETING:• Print Media• Road Side Hoardings• TV and Radio• We will take into consideration the response of the sample survey respondents and distributors and suitably develop alternatives with their feedback in mind.• Further interest will be developed on launch through Word of Mouth of consumer and advertising• Product to be launched in Bangalore first after the testing phase
  • 12. FULL SCALE COMMERCIALLAUNCH:• Near term – Identify key decisions and issues that need immediate or near-term resolution. – State consequences of decision postponement.• Long term – Identify issues needing long-term resolution. – State consequences of decision postponement.• If you are seeking funding, be specific about any issues that require financial resources for resolution.
  • 13. FULL SCALE COMMERCIALLAUNCH• Breakfast packet will be launched – To Whom • Above 6 years of age. • Students staying away from home and working professionals • Old people – When • Proposed Date – February 2012 (1.0 years) – Where • Bangalore
  • 14. FULL SCALE COMMERCIALLAUNCH – How • Through Wide and extensive distribution network so that product is available in all possible retail outlets anywhere and everywhere. 360 degree advertising strategies both in print media and TV. – Market Potential • High prospects in pan India. • Positive growth of healthy breakfast. • Positive trend in health conscious people. – Competition • Sole player in the market. First mover advantage
  • 15. POST LAUNCH PRODUCTMANAGEMENT:• After the full scale launch of the product following strategies should be followed:• Sales team: To increase the sales of product by setting targets and breaking own targets to achieve higher sales.• Marketing team: to design innovative offers so that pull strategy is used more than pull.• R&D team: To keep on innovating new product variants so as to delight the customers and prevent them from going to customers.• Customer service team: help the customers with prompt solutions and understand customer complaints which will help in understanding customer expectations for the product.• Management: commitment and proper allocation of resources to all the departments.
  • 17. DISTRIBUTION PLAN• We will launch Tommy crunchy break first in Bangalore and later on pan India.• We would distribute directly to retailers, avoid stockists as margins are less and they will eat away additional amount as commissions.• We will have our own sales team of 10 sales man who will look after retail sales.• We should also look in parallel look at options to start a full fledged distribution company, handling other brands of food products, in addition to ours.• We should also start by saying that we will not accept returns.• Based on this experience we can fine tune our strategy and expand pan India.