PODER Hispanic Media Kit 2013

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  • 1. 2013 U.S. Hispanic Media Kit
  • 2. Editorial / About Us Intelligence journalism for The Business Elite
  • 3. Editorial Breakdown Business 35%Year Established: 2002 Entrepreneurship 25%Re-launch Poder Hispanic: General LifestyleJune 2010 and Entertainment 13%Frequency: 6 x a Year Opinion 10%(Bi-Monthly) Arts & Culture 8%P ODER Hispanic is a bi-month- ly publication producing Travel 5% intelligence journalism for the business-minded Hispanic, and Trade 2%anyone interested in becoming moreknowledgeable about America’s fastest Health 2%growing population. In keeping true Source:Publishers Estimate, 2012to its name, PODER Hispanic speaksto successful Latinos and those whoaspire to be. It was produced as a vehi-cle to provide the Hispanic corporateand entrepreneurial communities withvaluable, timely, and reliable informa-tion. As a leading business and lifestylemagazine, PODER Hispanic is writtenfor a global audience of influentialsenior business executives, politicaldecision-makers, and entrepreneursinterested in current events in bothpolitics and business.PODER Hispanic charts the growthof Latinos in all realms of business,politics and entertainment, while alsoreporting on Hispanic lifestyles and Power Editorial Movies: Looking at new movies that feature latino actors, writers Power andtrends. PODER Hispanic offers busi- Sections Influential and directorsness news, profiles and exclusive in-terviews with high-ranking executives BizBooks: Best books to read News Briefs: From US, Latinand political leaders, covering topicsof great concern as well as exposingnew issues impacting the world. Other America and Miami A Cut Above: The “insider’s in” Columniststopics of interest featured in the maga- The Big Story: The issue’s featuring the most recent gadgets, high end hotels/resorts/destinations,zine include culture, travel, currentevents, and lifestyle. feature story dining, cars and luxury items/gifts Our readers infuse and The Seat: A Q & A with a major inspire. They don’t lead,With specially themed signature issues politician / businessman / CEO Open for Business: A look at newlike “PODEROSOS”,“Top Franchises for businesses people just follow.Hispanics” and “20 Under 40”, PODER Hispanic Enterprise: ExaminesHispanic presents its readers opportu- Travel: Hot spot destinations The US edition has four columnists major business topics such asnities to expand themselves personally around the globe who write from around the nation: innovation, diversity, best businessand professionally. The magazine also Washington DC, Kansas, LA and Newfeatures a South Florida and Texas edi- practices and best financial and York.The US edition also features educational institutions Poder‘s ‘Fresh Look’ City Guidetion, targeting both South Florida and an exclusive business column by Series: Looking into the lifestyle,Texas’ corporate and entrepreneurial Antonio Lucio, head of marketingcommunities. Its innovative and com- Success & Motivation: Featuring business, and political life of at Visa.The Miami edition has fourprehensive cutting edge editorial cover- small business entrepreneurs growing Hispanic city centers columnists who examine local issuesage and exclusive insider access on the within the market. Other influentialUS Hispanic market and Latin America Movers & Shakers: Features Agenda: Featuring top business columnists include Veronica Villafañe,have made it an influence in social, businessmen and women on the rise and cultural events to attend in US Eric Farnsworth, Marcela Sanchez,economic, political and cultural arenas. and Miami Mary Sanchez, and Jorge Ramos.Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2012
  • 4. reader / research The Poder Hispanic Reader / ResearchAbout Televisa Publishing + DigitalP ODER Hispanic is published 174 million.Televisa Publishing + by Televisa Publishing + Digital Digital’s titles are #1 in market and which is part of Televisa Group, audience share in most of its markets. the largest media company inthe Spanish-speaking world based in Televisa Publishing + Digital providesits market share and a major participant multi-platform opportunities forin the international entertainment optimum delivery and impact.Televisabusiness. With presence in 20 countries Publishing + Digital’s popular brandsand over 100,000 points of sale,Televisa extend to online properties, vents, andPublishing + Digital publishes over 189 branded products that reach a greatertitles with an annual circulation of over audience and exceed advertiser’s needs.
  • 5. Demographic Profile Hispanic Enterprise: Four Latinos in the Pro Sports Owner’s Box p.69 Gender Language Spoken in Home Employment StatusARQUITECTONICATOMAS REGALADOGEO AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2012 / MIA Male 58% English Dominant 49% CEO / Owner / President 38% Female 42% Spanish Dominant 23% Other C-Level 3% www.poder360.com Bilingual 28% VP 2% Average Age Managing Director 3% As per Census, PODER HISPANIC Manager 22% 18 - 24 10% readers reside in Associate 32% ferran adria From elBulli with Love 25 - 34 23% The Latino Vote 35 - 44 27% South 31% Children in Household WILL HISPANICS BE THE DECIDERS IN THE 2012 ELECTION? 45 - 54 24% West 28% Plus Manny Diaz Receives THE WRITING’S ON THE WALL Artists Color Midtown Miami 55+ 16% Northeast 22% % of Readers Avg Age 42 Midwest 19% with Children in Household 43%AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2010 + ISSUE 76 / MIA the 2012 Climate Award AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012 $3.95 USD the queens of green Median Age 44 How ArquitectonicaGeo is Adding Natural Wonder to Miami’s new Museums Highest Level of Age of Children in Household 88 Intelligence for the business elite. Marital Status Education Completed Readership Ranking: Married 63% Graduated College+ 75% Under 2 3-5 12% 35% U.S. Hispanic Magazine Market Not Married 37% Masters Degree 37% 6-11 12-17 30% 25% (Numbers in 000/Avg issue audience) Country / Region of Birth Home Ownership Household Income 2,594 People en Español United States Mexico 34% 18% Own Rent 73% 27% $100,000+ 45% Central America 10% Average HHI $98,587 2,441 TVyNovelas South America Cuba 5% 5% Household Size Median HHI $85,600 Dominican Republic 4% Average People in Household 4 2,007 VANIDADES Puerto Rico 3% Average Children in Household 3 Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2012 / Other 21% Poder Hispanic subscriber study / BIGresearch, 2012 1,604 TV Notas 1,432 Cosmopolitan en Español Rate Base of business publications in the US Hispanic market “ 1,265 Ser Padres 400,000 224,003 1,247 Poder Hispanic Poder Hispanic is ranked as the 5th read magazine 1,181 National Geographic en Español among U.S. Hispanics: 80% share their issue with at 912 ESPN Deportes La Revista least one other person; Latino Leaders 43% share it with more than 911 Siempre Mujer just one person; 26% spend a minimum of 1 hour 908 Latina reading the magazine. Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Winter 2012 *Source: BIGinsight Televisa Poder Survey, December 2012 *ABC Audited, Hispanic Business is BPA audited Source: Media Economics, 2011
  • 6. Psychographic InformationDefining the PODER Hispanic readerThey have refined tastesAgree with the following statements: PODER HISPANIC indexIt is worth paying extra for quality goods 115I consider myself interested in the arts 147I prefer driving luxury vehicles 166Everything I wear is of the highest quality 144They are global citizensAgree with the following statements: PODER HISPANIC indexI like to travel the unbeaten path 157I am interested in international events 81I am interested in other cultures 271 Marketing / Marketing / Promotional PromotionalThey are well connected and influencers OpportunitiesAgree with the following statements: PODER HISPANIC indexI am the first of my friends to have new electronic equipment 271I am often chosen to be the spokesperson 171 OpportunitiesI am good at leading discussions 125I like to introduce people to each other 133They are knowledgeable and ambitious when it comes to their careersAgree with the following statements: PODER HISPANIC indexI am a workaholic 190I want to get to the top in my career 127I like to share my knowledge with others 112I would like to set up my own business 112They are environmentally conscious which in turn shapes their shopping habitsAgree with the following statements: PODER HISPANIC indexI am more likely to buy from companies with environmentally friendly ads 111I am more likely to purchase environmentally friendly products 133I believe eco-friendly products produce higher quality products 112It’s important for others to see me as environmentally conscious 115Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2011, prototype based on Hispanic MagazineIndex against Hispanic Market
  • 7. Signature Events Poder Business Awards Location: Miami Timing: November 2013 The Poder Business Awards celebrate excellence and leadership in the Americas by recognizing those men and women who have demonstrated remarkable strat- egy, vision and execution in their respective businesses and organizations as well as those who are changing or can change the region’s development dynamics on several fronts. Poder Business Awards is created in partnership with The Ameri- cas Business Council Foundation to identify and award best practices in the region in social entrepreneurship, sustainability and peace that are producing systemic change in their own communities. Past awards recipients have included influential business leaders and personalities such as Alberto Ibarguen, Gustavo Cisneros, Jorge Perez, Luis Alberto Moreno, Emilio Estefan, and Juanes. Emerge Location: HOUSTON, ATLANTA, MILWAUKEE, LOS ANGELESHispana Leadership Summit Timing: March, June, AUGUST, November 2013Location: TBD Poder Hispanic’s signature networking event series, Emerge is a one-of-a-kindTiming: September 2013 event for the “emerging” Latino professionals. It helps young Hispanic profession- als expand their network and enhance their personal development by taking theIn its eighth consecutive year, the Hispana Leadership Summit presented by traditional networking venues and elevating the conversation and experience toPoder Hispanic and Vanidades, is a destination weekend conference geared to target the Hispanic professional’s lifestyle. It is the first event of it’s kind to bringempower Hispanic women leaders. Offering panel based conversations from the together future Hispanic business leaders and give them the tools and motivationperspective of a wide realm of successful women who have excelled in their re- they need to go back and make an impact in their respective fields and commu-spective fields, HLS provides valuable advice that attendees can apply to their per- nities. In the “My Journey” panel discussions, successful professionals share theirsonal and professional lives.The highlight of the event is “An Evening in White”, experiences and key learnings attained during their personal journey to achieve-the traditional white party celebrating women in the Hispanic community. ment. Past sponsors include State Farm, Prudential, and Southwest Airlines.
  • 8. Special Collector’s Issues On Demand Every year, Poder Hispanic publishes its signature special issue,The “Poderosos,” Events acknowledging those in power.This special issue provides great advertiser These events are ongoing exposure because of its unique content and high impact format. throughout the year Hispanic Enterp rise: Opportunities on the Supply Side p.78 tomas regala most influential cs of 2012 dohispani december - janua www.poder360.com ry 2013 / uSa clean art Oscar Murillo, from La Paila to London First Step for Dreamers season, the Panama- Special Advanced Movie special cor- during the baseball pitcher is called on ruben navarrette boards to serving as anchor and The doesn’t,” Gast York Yankees jr for what works and what has taken lots nian New respondent for CNN/U.S. the toughest job in the sport, experience on Wall Street says. Samper, only 46, has that, and more. she started to do perhaps as well. than 20 years of of guts and gumption. When tens of thousands of people: ones beneficial to the viewers banker and lawyer fo- many times in front of Year’s Monica Lozano She’s worked with telenovela weave in information about producers to as an investment cancers that cused on Latinvik muniz American finance. Now, after unanimous Senate confirmatio the n in Brian Sandoval working in TV she was told that she should change refused to do so. Over the her name but she close a game, making sure that his years she has lead is preserved in a win. That Rivera team’s preternatural ease, striking Most disproportionately affect Latinas. CEO, Impremedia Portraits of 2009, Arnavat represents the U.S. on stories she does this with Nevada governor been told no repeatedly on Screening Packages/ globally: De Castro Buffing- batter with one pitch—the Going viral Board of the IADB. Arnavat and has been out batter after world to share Executive the People wanted to do. She persevered makes him so feared. ton has traveled around the on IADB recapitaliza- in “La- cut fastball—is what Influential media* and spent 2011 working governmen t* able to tell untold stories like those analyst and program’s model with nonprofits now under the Ask any player, coach or sports Third Generation’s The Charm: Her her tion. The capital structure is and “Black in America.” the reserved, hoping to make a differ- the IADB’s A year after tino in America” chances are they’ll agree that in 1926 TV executives, Better Bank Agenda to improve GOP Hispanic Darling: closer that has grandfather founded La Opinión Hispanics humble Rivera is the best health. pricing and gover- wanted ence in TV audiences’ effectiveness, transparency, becoming Nevada’s first Hispanic and ran it for years. But Lozano into understands senator, Julian ever played the game, so deadly to batters didn’t go prudence in lending. Arnavat nor, Sandoval, along with Florida Posada usually in the to be a teacher instead. She Election that he walks to the mound, an audience Arturo is eco- Rubio and New Mexico governor, President, that the better off Latin America Poder Hispanic at Miami Marco metal music teaching but ended up with Aftermath and stable the politics and 8th inning, to ominous heavy of 9.8 million. That’s Vargas that Repub- From Art and nomically, the more a Susana Martinez, is a Latino . anyway, an audience in turn garner Latino Chicago Fire (Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”) are reached Executive Director, the better developed it will become, licans are counting on to how many Hispanic adults Look Ahead record: Rivera has been so consis- Politics to Busines by impreMedia, which includes La Opin- NALEO increasing the demand for American goods votes in these vital swing states. At 48, business* Broken rookie year s La Prensa in education & philanthrop y* and services. The IADB is currently devel- Sandoval has an unlikely resume: at 35, he The first Latino president of tent and accurate since his 1995 and Sports, 20 Page ión in Los Angeles, El Diario Rumbo in for 26 borrowing countries became the youngest chairman ever of the A sports first: sports franchise comes from that this past season he officially became s People who Matter of New York, La Raza in Chicago, Vargas, 2011 oping programs on; at 42, he a major U.S. the most saves in the histo- Getting out the vote: For Nevada Gaming Commissi executives. the pitcher with and five other publications. out for Latino voters. and 48 member countries. year of negoti- outside the world of sports ry of the game. His tally: 603 and counting. Film Festival Houston, federal judge. Newspa- was all about looking Coming up: 2012 will be a was the state’s first Hispanic president of the Chica- Transforming the Legacy: , Vargas, executive director of increases family has When he became pers and magazines are “old media”. How In September ation with Congress for funding Hispanic identity? Sandoval’s go Fire of Major League Soccer a year ago, august/septe Association of Latino Elected instru- roots that date three gen- Posada’s Janet The answer? the National to make the bank a more effective New Mexico a dramatic change in december/janu are they going to survive? Officials, was elected chair- out U.S. development father didn’t it marked a Murguía Rates / of a cus- and Appointed Council Re- ment for carrying erations. He once said his With Colombian roots and $3.95 usd Transform them into the heart man of the Los Angeles City up “to pro- career path. President and CEO, en media empire that deliv- foreign policy in the Americas. teach him Spanish growing business from Northwestern which oversaw policy and $3.95 usd pr tomer-driv Commission, would call us master’s in NCLR video, social districting tect us...from people who highly rated Kellogg School ers content via print, online, of Congressional districts reportedly University’s philanthropy* Lozano is the redrawing led Cristian wetbacks or beaners.” He also of Management, Posada had made a name education & mber 2010 ++issue media, and mobile platforms. Through NALEO, he’s also reporter off-camera that legacy by serv- in the city. Samper told a Univision in publishing, first as general the National also building on the family naturalize eight million Latino ary 2013 issue America and an effort to he wouldn’t worry about his own three for himself Not afraid: Presiding over ing on the boards of Bank of legal residents and continued Museum director, law enforce- manager of Hoy, Chicago’s only Spanish- La Raza’s annual conference this the University permanent children being targeted by , and then as Council of Tie in your brand with Poder Hispanic language daily newspaper out Disney as well as USC and to provide policy and skills development Smithsonian Why? Murguía wasn’t afraid to call ment if they were ever in Arizona. for publisher of Café, an English-language summer, of California. to Latino elected officials. In education* ” As Obama for not addressing Latino seminars “My children don’t look Hispanic. toward second President 2012, NALEO, aims to increase the Latino n “lifestyle magazine” aimed in depth in his speech to the group. fire: Raised in Colombia, edu- newer and stricter immigratio Latinos. In his new issues Sandra de a voter engage- Feet to the Alabama’s “I don’t see it and third generation and influence of Murguía, electorate by implementing ing scien- cultural Such is the power law, Sandoval recently said, and a star powered upcoming76 / mia cated at Harvard, this globe-trott90 / usa Castro Posada has sought to bridge Latino advocacy or- Buffington ment program. From would-be teacher to advocate: As tist found Plus himself named interim director as being a model” for Nevada. role, gaps again, trying to promote the Fire to who oversees the largest the country. Under her leader- n Institution in early strong old- ganization in Director, Hollywood a kid, Vargas, whose office Tony Bennett’s is in the same of the Smithsonia to lead the 164-year- first Latino Soledad futbol fanatics who often hold clubs as ship, NCLR continued its work to establish Health & Society, USC where he grew 2007, the country loyalties to such popular Latino voter engagement and empower- Los Angeles neighborhood Hollywood movie by participating as may have been O’Brien arts & entertainment* Viva Duets wanted to old institution, during what Chivas Guadalajara. rant legislation up prior to attending Stanford, , the national treasure’s most trying period. atten- ment and fought anti-immig teacher. But after graduation journalist To-do list: Includes increasing local level, including via a COVER_USA_Dec She may not become a For the next 15 months, he endured Con- a jersey at the state and Jan_NEWkjc.indd 1 A prescription for health: School District was not hir- scrutiny while dance at Toyota Park; signing successful boycott of Arizona. NCLR helped her work has L.A.’s Unified s gressional grilling and media sponsorship deal; and winning the Fire’s Latino families save their be a household name, but media* a sponsor in movie screenings in top the son of Mexican immigrant Along the way, he capturing thousands of in the country: ing. Instead, of tackling budget cuts. hip since solidified a re- reached nearly every home policy at the National Council n’s reputa- Maria de first league champions team in 1998. homes from foreclosure and seen “House,” “Grey’s created helped 12:09 the Smithsonia Legal 11/15/12 stabilize The changing face of America: as an expansion Latino based Anyone who has La Raza and the Mexican American PM What a great MLS Cup gional presence to help support and countless other TV shows Fund before taking tion and finances. la Soledad Teresa... O’Brien. t this Anatomy” ’s influence. Defense and Education back in his When some- communities. Expect more involvemen Prepped in the jungle: Now pre-conceived notion buster. o news reporter Marian Hispanic DMA’s. Packages include ad has felt De Castro Buffington to registering, Hollywood, the reigns at NALEO in 1994. the Smithson- year, especially when it comes prior position as director of one says “network anchor, That’s because as director of History, kind of Rivera educating and mobilizing Latino voters prior of the Uni- ian’s National Museum of Natural and documentary maker” what Health & Society, a program l election. Circulation / Dates Annenberg Gustavo to the November presidentia Hispanic Sci- not a half Pitcher, Samper was recently named person do you think of? Probably once worked versity of Southern California Buffing- Arnavat Impressive: Murguía, who Yankees of Science Irish, Harvard New York entist of the Year by the Museum Afro Cuban, half Australian pages, email blast to our readers, logo Norman Lear Center, de Castro President Bill Gast, a who has trav- sports* as a deputy assistant to ton advises show writers and producers Executive Director, & Industry in Tampa, Fla. Fernando graduate and mother of four from a family that em- Inter-American in Colombia, says Samper reporting the is a clay Clinton, comes from former colleague eled America and the world Enter Sandman: His office and has two sib- on health storylines—everything ranging from untold. a phasized social justice, diseases Development Bank learned to handle challenges news and telling stories previously the middle of a diamond— cervical cancer to rape to exotic his teeth go from a job mound in are federal judges. political to scientific while cutting Guts and Gumption: To any given day lings who inclusion in movie passes, signage government* encountere d overseas. She also connects patrolled by and bulletin baseball diamond—and on profession- a researcher in cloud forests pulling staples off of walls them with all kinds of health e of money: Arnavat, as an instinct showrunners A deep knowledg American, has more armed guerrillas. “You develop www.poder360.com • 29 als and specialists, helping Cuban storylines, but an East Coast build not only believable MAGAZINE opportunities, sampling in movie 2012 8 PODER HISPANIC DECEMBER/JANUARY 2012 8 DECEMBER/JANUARY PODER HISPANIC MAGAZINE 28 • www.poder360.com theaters, and more! / Specs Cross Platform As part of Televisa Publishing + Digital, we provide a number of multi- platform opportunities that bring advertiser’s brands and products to life. From fashion Capabilities shows and themed events, to conferences and multi-media programs, we take brands to the next level! Aside from the signature events listed, PODER Hispanic puts together custom events tailored to meet your brand’s needs. PRINT AND CUSTOM PROMOTIONS ONLINE & MOBILE TALENT USE & Rates / Circulation PUBLISHING MANAGEMENT Dates / Specs Televisa Magazines Multi-Media Programs Esmas.com / Retail to content / Televisa Portal In-store Print Advertising Signature Events Vertical Sites DVD’s, Novelas, etc. Advertorials Shopper Marketing Content Integration Televisa Talent / In-Book Promotions / Customized Programs Celebrity Endorsement Sweepstakes Promotions & Grassroots Strategies Advertising Creative Rights Print Online Tie-Ins Integrated Polls & Surveys In-store appearances Custom Publishing Opportunities Site Sponsorship Content Development iPad Apps Database Creation Mobile Apps Special Issues
  • 9. 2013 Rate Base 400,000*2013 Audience 1,247,000*ABC AuditedSource: Simmons NCS/NHCS Winter 2012Based on Estimated FiguresCirculationVitalityRate Base Growth 2011-2013 “2011 400,0002012 400,0002013 400,000 PoderHighest circulating Hispanicbusiness magazine in continuesthe US Hispanic market. to be the #1 businessRates magazine4C 1X Rates among U.S. ” Hispanics.Full Page $32,0001/2 Page $20,000 *Source: ABCinteractive, June 20121/3 Page $14,400 2013 Closing Dates2 Page Spreads $64,000 ISSUE ISSUE ON SALE RESERVATION MATERIALPremium Positions NUMBER MONTH DATE DEADLINE DEADLINE* 12-01 Feb / Mar 02-12-2013 01-07-2012 01-10-20122nd Cover $40,000 12-02 April / May 04-16-2013 03-11-2013 03-14-20133rd Cover $38,400Back Cover $41,600 12-03 June / July 06-11-2013 05-06-2013 05-09-2013 12-04 Aug / Sep 08-13-2013 07-08-2013 07-11-2013 12-05 Oct / Nov 10-08-2013 09-03-2013 09-05-2013Additional sizes, special positions,2C and BW rates available upon request. 12-06 Dec / Jan 12-10-2013 11-04-2013 11-07-2013Rates are in gross.Frequency discounts available. *No extensions Note: Televisa Publishing will not be held responsible for any unpublished ads if the materials were not turned in by the above mentioned deadlines.
  • 10. In inches–indicated in width by height. Perfect Bound (1/8 gutter allowance). Live Matter (7/16 each side from trim). Full Page Trim Size - 7.875 x 10.5 Bleed Size - 8.125 x 10.75 Non-Bleed Size - 7.375 x 10 Digital 2 Page Spread Trim Size - 15.75 x 10.5 Bleed Size - 16 x 10.75 Offerings Non-Bleed Size - 15.25 x 10Material GuidelinesPrintSure Electronic AdsIn order to guarantee the safe and Whether you are a high volume for 2013timely arrival of your materials, we advertiser or agency, or a smaller, lessencourage you to use PrintSure. frequent advertiser, PrintSure is thePrintSure is our new, reliable and best ad delivery option. 1/2 Page Horizontal Trim Size - 7.875 x 5.25 cutting edge solution software thatcollects job information from the File Formats Bleed Size - 8.125 x 5.5user via a form, performs an optional Non-Bleed Size - 7.375 x 4.75 local pre-flight check and delivers Preferred format: Adobe Acrobatassets from the user’s workstation PDF/X-1a.over the internet to the PrintSureserver, thereby making the process Noteof delivery safe, fast and easy. Televisa Publishing + Digital’sProof Submission Production Department has introduced a new software for the exclusive useA conventional proof (MatchPrint, of our clients.This software (PrintSure) 1/2 Page VerticalChromalin) or digital color proof (Fuji, is meant to facilitate the traffic of Trim Size - 3.9375 x 10.5Kodak, etc) are recommended, but incoming materials, from the agency Bleed Size - 4.1875 x 10.75laser prints for layout are acceptable. or the client, directly to our server. Non-Bleed Size - 3.4375 x 10For color accuracy, a digital color The PDF/X-1a format will be Televisaproof MUST be provided with every Publishing + Digital’s preferred formatad, otherwise we will not be held for all accepted materials. Clients areresponsible for “Make-goods”. asked to send all documents electronically in PDF/X-1a format Digital offeringsRemote File Delivery through our new software server. PrintSure will not only facilitate the for 2013Adobe Acrobat PDF/X-1a files only. traffic of materials, but will also workWe DO NOT accept other formats. as a “filter” as it verifies and controls 1/3 Page VerticalColor ads should be sent as composite the quality of all documents sent.This Trim Size - 2.625 x 10.5files. Remote ads which require will ensure excellent reproduction Bleed Size - 2.875 x 10.75changes must be re-submitted. quality of your ads. Non-Bleed Size - 2.25 x 10.125
  • 11. About Televisa Televisa Publishing + Digital’s Signature EventsDigital/Esmas.com Business / Men / Lifestyle Network MicrositesTelevisa leverages all of its unique talentand properties, including the vastly popu- EMERGElar programs on US Hispanic television, When it comes to business, lifestyle, and men’s interests, Televisa Publishing +via a digital entertainment platform in- Digital delivers in the online space. From politics and business, to news in thecluding a robust portal, mobile platform booming US Hispanic market, or the new lifestyle trends for today’s modernand various magazine websites.Thesedigital channels bring to consumers Hispanic man, Televisa Publishing + Digital provides the affluent and educatedunique and exclusive worldclass content, Hispanic with the content to satisfy their needs and special interests. Withsuch as late breaking news, entertain-ment, women’s interests and sports. With fresh content that is updated daily, we deliver unparalled coverage to target10.5 million monthly visits, 4.4 million today’s modern and informed Hispanic male. Esquireunique visitors and almost 53.1 millionpage views in the US,Televisa Digital/ (www.esquirelat.com) Men’s HealthEsmas.com delivers advertisers a large, (www.menshealthlatam.com)highly desirable audience and offersconsumers a complete digital entertain- Esquire is the most reputable men’sment platform experience. With the US magazine brand in the world. Its verti- Men’s Health understands that menHispanic online audience growing faster cal magazine website, Esquirelat.com, like to be healthy and to have a sound- HLSthan the total US internet population, thrills and challenges its users giving less body, mind and soul. Menshealth-Televisa Digital/Esmas.com’s proper- them information about the people, latam.com presents its users withties are the perfect medium to reachingan engaged and ever-growing audience places, and things they need, and daily advice on managing stress in the Our signature events come to lifedue to its strong impact and penetration ought to know. It features information workplace, having successful careers, in their own microsites featuring anwithin the market. on lifestyle, power, politics, relation- eating healthy, keeping a positive at- extensive photo gallery, videos of the ships, business and economics for the titude, balancing relationships, love events, interviews, behind the scenes,Product Ad Size most influential Latin American and and tips on looking and feeling their and everything else associated withLeaderboard 728x90 Hispanic men. absolute best. our events. Microsites are created forMedium Rectangle 300x250 Hispana Leadership SummitSponsorship Button 300x100 Audience Audience and EMERGE events.Video Preroll 640x480 Affluent male, ages 25-54 Male, ages 18-44 Poder 360.com / MyAutomovil “Floating Ads Varies. Televisa sites support Source: Projected target Source: Projected targetRich Media and Standard Flash Ad Units.Custom placement available. Esmas Negocios (www.myautomovil.com)Traffic Numbers for Televisa digital/ The official site for Poder Hispanic My Automovil offers motor contentesmas.com magazine, written in both English and to the USH market through 87% of Poder Hispanic readers visit Facebook, andVisits 10.5 MILLION Spanish, Poder 360.com offers exclu- Myautomovil.com, a professional 46% visit Facebook on a daily basis, while 62% of sive online content featuring a thor- vertical auto content website in Span- ”Unique Visitors 4.4 MILLIONAvg. Time on Site 00:06:38 ough analysis of business, economic ish-language for US Hispanics. Myauto- Poder Hispanic readers use Twitter, and 19% usePage Views 53.1 MILLION and social trends. As of late 2010, movil.com also serves as Esmas.com’s Twitter on a daily basis. Poder 360.com lives on the Esmas por- auto channel. Backed by Motor-Presse,Traffic Numbers for Televisa digital/ tal making it Esmas’ premier business its content is reliable and respected, *Source: BIGinsight Televisa Poder Survey, December 2012esmas.com Mobile Sites channel. An important component of focusing on the US market with Poder 360.com is PODERtv, which international expertise. MyAutomovil. 4.0 MILLIONVisits Unique Visitors 1.7 MILLION features image and video feeds from com has unparalleled access to auto Esmas NoticiasAvg. Time on Site 00:05:58 high profile events, presentations and makers and international auto informa- (www.esmas.com/noticias)Page Views 18.3 MILLION discussions as well as exclusive inter- tion through Motor-Presse, offering car views with top executives, policy mak- enthusiasts the range of auto content Your gateway to what’s going on in theSource: Google Analytics, August 2012 ers, financial gurus, and heads of state. they are seeking including test-drives, world, Esmas Noticias offers up to theUser Profile for Televisa digital/ Providing daily news briefs , blogs and auto shows, auto makers, videos, and minute international and local news,esmas.com opinion columns by renowned writers, photogalleries. current events,RSS feeds, weather, Poder 360.com delivers marketers photogalleries and biographies. EsmasMale 50.5% with a premium environment to reach Audience Noticias also features “Reportero”, userFemale 49.5% influential business leaders and entre- Gender Male 68% / Female 32% generated news reports through vid-18 - 24 35.9% preneurs. 25-54 82% eos and photos providing users with25 - 34 29.7%35 - 44 12.9% Avg Age 39 an interactive platform for their news. Audience 45 - 54 17.1% Avg HHI $55,608 Gender Male 56% / Female 44%55+ 4.4% Audience 25-54 77% Source: BIGresearch/Esmas Custom study, Spring 2012Median Age 33 Gender Male 57% / Female 43% Avg Age 40Presently Married 47.8% 25-54 77% Avg HHI $114,450Not Married 52.2% Average 40Median HHI $82,210 Source: BIGresearch/Esmas Custom study, Spring 2012 and Average HHI $50,034Children in HH 52% Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2011 based on projected target HHI Source: BIGresearch/Esmas Custom study, September 2011Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2012,Esmas.com users last 30 days
  • 12. Digital Offerings for 2013Televisa Publishing + Digital is committed to entertaining and informing millions of US Hispanics whileinnovating our content through the latest technologies in order to provide Hispanics with informationeverywhere and anywhere. We deliver our content through various different formats so that our readerfully experiences our brand in all of its dimensions. Vanidades.comiPad Apps Tvynovelas.com Cosmoenespanol.com Fashion Decoration Vertical Magazine Sites Caras.com.mx VANIDADES AÑO 52 NUMERO 4 ISABEL VS.  ® Zinio     DIANA CARIÑO AL RECHAZO DEL  Smartphone Sites    Un nuevo libro cuenta  la verdadera historia En exclusiva Enemigos MENA y SUVARI famosos ESTADOS UNIDOS SOUTH EAST* Las grandes  peleas      de Hollywood MADONNA VIDA REAL: “Mi suegra Z casi acaba con Frank Sinatra AMORES, TRIUNFOS apatos mi hogar” Y TORMENTOS DE “LA VOZ” LAS DIVINAS 3.25 Dólares Vanidades.com, www.vanidades.com ESCULTURAS Esmas Mujer, ABRIL, 2012 DEL VERANO *COVERS 7-52.indd 17 c1VAN04_USAabr12.indd 1 USA S.E. 2/27/12 2:03 PM 2/23/12 4:21 PM Cosmoenespanol.com Targeted Microsites Vanidades Icons of Style Cosmo Summer Splash QR codes in our major publications Esmas Mujer Online Destinations and Targeted Channels Esmas Salud Social Media 1,214 Facebook fans, 6,276 Twitter followers
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