PODER Hispanic Media Kit 2013


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PODER Hispanic Media Kit 2013

  1. 1. 2013 U.S. Hispanic Media Kit
  2. 2. Editorial / About Us Intelligence journalism for The Business Elite
  3. 3. Editorial Breakdown Business 35%Year Established: 2002 Entrepreneurship 25%Re-launch Poder Hispanic: General LifestyleJune 2010 and Entertainment 13%Frequency: 6 x a Year Opinion 10%(Bi-Monthly) Arts & Culture 8%P ODER Hispanic is a bi-month- ly publication producing Travel 5% intelligence journalism for the business-minded Hispanic, and Trade 2%anyone interested in becoming moreknowledgeable about America’s fastest Health 2%growing population. In keeping true Source:Publishers Estimate, 2012to its name, PODER Hispanic speaksto successful Latinos and those whoaspire to be. It was produced as a vehi-cle to provide the Hispanic corporateand entrepreneurial communities withvaluable, timely, and reliable informa-tion. As a leading business and lifestylemagazine, PODER Hispanic is writtenfor a global audience of influentialsenior business executives, politicaldecision-makers, and entrepreneursinterested in current events in bothpolitics and business.PODER Hispanic charts the growthof Latinos in all realms of business,politics and entertainment, while alsoreporting on Hispanic lifestyles and Power Editorial Movies: Looking at new movies that feature latino actors, writers Power andtrends. PODER Hispanic offers busi- Sections Influential and directorsness news, profiles and exclusive in-terviews with high-ranking executives BizBooks: Best books to read News Briefs: From US, Latinand political leaders, covering topicsof great concern as well as exposingnew issues impacting the world. Other America and Miami A Cut Above: The “insider’s in” Columniststopics of interest featured in the maga- The Big Story: The issue’s featuring the most recent gadgets, high end hotels/resorts/destinations,zine include culture, travel, currentevents, and lifestyle. feature story dining, cars and luxury items/gifts Our readers infuse and The Seat: A Q & A with a major inspire. They don’t lead,With specially themed signature issues politician / businessman / CEO Open for Business: A look at newlike “PODEROSOS”,“Top Franchises for businesses people just follow.Hispanics” and “20 Under 40”, PODER Hispanic Enterprise: ExaminesHispanic presents its readers opportu- Travel: Hot spot destinations The US edition has four columnists major business topics such asnities to expand themselves personally around the globe who write from around the nation: innovation, diversity, best businessand professionally. The magazine also Washington DC, Kansas, LA and Newfeatures a South Florida and Texas edi- practices and best financial and York.The US edition also features educational institutions Poder‘s ‘Fresh Look’ City Guidetion, targeting both South Florida and an exclusive business column by Series: Looking into the lifestyle,Texas’ corporate and entrepreneurial Antonio Lucio, head of marketingcommunities. Its innovative and com- Success & Motivation: Featuring business, and political life of at Visa.The Miami edition has fourprehensive cutting edge editorial cover- small business entrepreneurs growing Hispanic city centers columnists who examine local issuesage and exclusive insider access on the within the market. Other influentialUS Hispanic market and Latin America Movers & Shakers: Features Agenda: Featuring top business columnists include Veronica Villafañe,have made it an influence in social, businessmen and women on the rise and cultural events to attend in US Eric Farnsworth, Marcela Sanchez,economic, political and cultural arenas. and Miami Mary Sanchez, and Jorge Ramos.Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2012
  4. 4. reader / research The Poder Hispanic Reader / ResearchAbout Televisa Publishing + DigitalP ODER Hispanic is published 174 million.Televisa Publishing + by Televisa Publishing + Digital Digital’s titles are #1 in market and which is part of Televisa Group, audience share in most of its markets. the largest media company inthe Spanish-speaking world based in Televisa Publishing + Digital providesits market share and a major participant multi-platform opportunities forin the international entertainment optimum delivery and impact.Televisabusiness. With presence in 20 countries Publishing + Digital’s popular brandsand over 100,000 points of sale,Televisa extend to online properties, vents, andPublishing + Digital publishes over 189 branded products that reach a greatertitles with an annual circulation of over audience and exceed advertiser’s needs.
  5. 5. Demographic Profile Hispanic Enterprise: Four Latinos in the Pro Sports Owner’s Box p.69 Gender Language Spoken in Home Employment StatusARQUITECTONICATOMAS REGALADOGEO AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2012 / MIA Male 58% English Dominant 49% CEO / Owner / President 38% Female 42% Spanish Dominant 23% Other C-Level 3% www.poder360.com Bilingual 28% VP 2% Average Age Managing Director 3% As per Census, PODER HISPANIC Manager 22% 18 - 24 10% readers reside in Associate 32% ferran adria From elBulli with Love 25 - 34 23% The Latino Vote 35 - 44 27% South 31% Children in Household WILL HISPANICS BE THE DECIDERS IN THE 2012 ELECTION? 45 - 54 24% West 28% Plus Manny Diaz Receives THE WRITING’S ON THE WALL Artists Color Midtown Miami 55+ 16% Northeast 22% % of Readers Avg Age 42 Midwest 19% with Children in Household 43%AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2010 + ISSUE 76 / MIA the 2012 Climate Award AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012 $3.95 USD the queens of green Median Age 44 How ArquitectonicaGeo is Adding Natural Wonder to Miami’s new Museums Highest Level of Age of Children in Household 88 Intelligence for the business elite. Marital Status Education Completed Readership Ranking: Married 63% Graduated College+ 75% Under 2 3-5 12% 35% U.S. Hispanic Magazine Market Not Married 37% Masters Degree 37% 6-11 12-17 30% 25% (Numbers in 000/Avg issue audience) Country / Region of Birth Home Ownership Household Income 2,594 People en Español United States Mexico 34% 18% Own Rent 73% 27% $100,000+ 45% Central America 10% Average HHI $98,587 2,441 TVyNovelas South America Cuba 5% 5% Household Size Median HHI $85,600 Dominican Republic 4% Average People in Household 4 2,007 VANIDADES Puerto Rico 3% Average Children in Household 3 Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2012 / Other 21% Poder Hispanic subscriber study / BIGresearch, 2012 1,604 TV Notas 1,432 Cosmopolitan en Español Rate Base of business publications in the US Hispanic market “ 1,265 Ser Padres 400,000 224,003 1,247 Poder Hispanic Poder Hispanic is ranked as the 5th read magazine 1,181 National Geographic en Español among U.S. Hispanics: 80% share their issue with at 912 ESPN Deportes La Revista least one other person; Latino Leaders 43% share it with more than 911 Siempre Mujer just one person; 26% spend a minimum of 1 hour 908 Latina reading the magazine. Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Winter 2012 *Source: BIGinsight Televisa Poder Survey, December 2012 *ABC Audited, Hispanic Business is BPA audited Source: Media Economics, 2011
  6. 6. Psychographic InformationDefining the PODER Hispanic readerThey have refined tastesAgree with the following statements: PODER HISPANIC indexIt is worth paying extra for quality goods 115I consider myself interested in the arts 147I prefer driving luxury vehicles 166Everything I wear is of the highest quality 144They are global citizensAgree with the following statements: PODER HISPANIC indexI like to travel the unbeaten path 157I am interested in international events 81I am interested in other cultures 271 Marketing / Marketing / Promotional PromotionalThey are well connected and influencers OpportunitiesAgree with the following statements: PODER HISPANIC indexI am the first of my friends to have new electronic equipment 271I am often chosen to be the spokesperson 171 OpportunitiesI am good at leading discussions 125I like to introduce people to each other 133They are knowledgeable and ambitious when it comes to their careersAgree with the following statements: PODER HISPANIC indexI am a workaholic 190I want to get to the top in my career 127I like to share my knowledge with others 112I would like to set up my own business 112They are environmentally conscious which in turn shapes their shopping habitsAgree with the following statements: PODER HISPANIC indexI am more likely to buy from companies with environmentally friendly ads 111I am more likely to purchase environmentally friendly products 133I believe eco-friendly products produce higher quality products 112It’s important for others to see me as environmentally conscious 115Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2011, prototype based on Hispanic MagazineIndex against Hispanic Market
  7. 7. Signature Events Poder Business Awards Location: Miami Timing: November 2013 The Poder Business Awards celebrate excellence and leadership in the Americas by recognizing those men and women who have demonstrated remarkable strat- egy, vision and execution in their respective businesses and organizations as well as those who are changing or can change the region’s development dynamics on several fronts. Poder Business Awards is created in partnership with The Ameri- cas Business Council Foundation to identify and award best practices in the region in social entrepreneurship, sustainability and peace that are producing systemic change in their own communities. Past awards recipients have included influential business leaders and personalities such as Alberto Ibarguen, Gustavo Cisneros, Jorge Perez, Luis Alberto Moreno, Emilio Estefan, and Juanes. Emerge Location: HOUSTON, ATLANTA, MILWAUKEE, LOS ANGELESHispana Leadership Summit Timing: March, June, AUGUST, November 2013Location: TBD Poder Hispanic’s signature networking event series, Emerge is a one-of-a-kindTiming: September 2013 event for the “emerging” Latino professionals. It helps young Hispanic profession- als expand their network and enhance their personal development by taking theIn its eighth consecutive year, the Hispana Leadership Summit presented by traditional networking venues and elevating the conversation and experience toPoder Hispanic and Vanidades, is a destination weekend conference geared to target the Hispanic professional’s lifestyle. It is the first event of it’s kind to bringempower Hispanic women leaders. Offering panel based conversations from the together future Hispanic business leaders and give them the tools and motivationperspective of a wide realm of successful women who have excelled in their re- they need to go back and make an impact in their respective fields and commu-spective fields, HLS provides valuable advice that attendees can apply to their per- nities. In the “My Journey” panel discussions, successful professionals share theirsonal and professional lives.The highlight of the event is “An Evening in White”, experiences and key learnings attained during their personal journey to achieve-the traditional white party celebrating women in the Hispanic community. ment. Past sponsors include State Farm, Prudential, and Southwest Airlines.