I liked librarianship before it went mainstream


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I liked librarianship before it went mainstream

  1. 1. Romany Manuell
  2. 2. ‘I graduated from college in 2001 with a degree inHumanities and Cultural Studies. With no idea whatthe hell to do with that, I went to work in abookstore. All my co-workers had degrees in Englishor Philosophy, and we all had scorn for the dumbbest-seller tastes of our customers — in exactproportion to our keen awareness of theuselessness of our own cultivated tastes, the worthof which apparently topped out at $12.50 an hour.What do you do in that situation except be ironic?’Ben Davis, Art Critic, in ‘Was the Hipster really all that bad?’ (2011).
  3. 3. What is this I don’t even*• Disambiguation and the history of the term• What was the Hipster?• What was the Hipster Librarian?• Integral concepts• Effect on Industry• Conclusions *http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/what-is-this-i-dont-even
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  5. 5. What was the Hipster?Ironic, consumer of a specific fashion aesthetic (skinnyjeans, fixies, etc.), postmodern, unique, a cool-hunter,cynical, detached, authentic or inauthentic or faux-authentic, a sell-out, enmeshed in late-capitalism, withalternative taste in art & music (Wes Anderson, Flight ofthe Conchords, Belle and Sebastian, New Folk) Instagram,DIY, anti-branding (American Apparel)...Nostalgic for the (recent) past:The paperback, the typewriter……and the Library. http://hipsterspot.info/famous-hipster-glasses- frames/
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  7. 7. Anti-Hipster (Librarian) Sentiment‘I don’t want to see a new cropof librarians who joined theprofession because it seemedcool and they thought thatthey would work with ‘Most librarians are ordinarytechnology all day.’ Mary Carmen Chimato, Librarian Blogger people who just happen to (2007) have superb organizational, and research kung fu... I’m an eating, shitting, drinking, fucking, librarian… I’m not proud, I’m real.’ @Woeful, Librarian Blogger, (2008)
  8. 8. Authenticity, Nostalgia, Irony‘There’s a sense that to be a hipster is to bepermanently and obsessively committed tobeing “for real” – that hipsters are the “real”people and their lives are authentic and that theexperiences they’re having are meaningful, so ifyou live in Bushwick in the McKibbin lofts you’re“for real” because you have bedbugs and itsucks.’ Manoah Finston, PhD Student, NYU (Greif 2010, p. 52).
  9. 9. Cool-hunting (Picture is unrelated)
  10. 10. Intellectualism Samuel Dwyer: The question I have is, I think that at the core of Hipsterism is a certain intellectualism… Raid71 aka Thornley, C (2013), The Smiths [online image], Raid71, C. Lorentzen: I would dispute that at the core retrieved 2 February 2013, <http://www.raid71.com/>. of Hipsterism is intellectualism. I say this from my living in Williamsburg for two years. I have found that, whereas often when I lived in other places and I saw someone who seemed like a hipster, they tended to be well read, when I was in Williamsburg, where everyone looked like that, most people didn’t, or a lot of people didn’t, know a damn thing. (Conversation from Greif 2010, p.40-41)
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  16. 16. Hipster as a pejorative term‘…there’s always a sense of a little bit of self-loathing with hipsters. So one of the recurringjokes in the book is any time I ask someone ifthey think they’re a hipster, immediately theanswer is “no”.’ Robert Lanham, Author of The Hipster Handbook (Greif 2010, p.67)
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  19. 19. Were you a Hipster Librarian?A) Are you nostalgic for the recent past: Cardcatalogues? Due date stamps?B) Have you worn any of the following ironically:cardigan, slogan t-shirt relating to libraries or IT,nerd glasses?C) Do you have (literary or other) tattoos?D) Have you ever wanted (desperately) to beauthentic and cool? Go to www.vot.rs and enter 71 57 32 to vote
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