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SoftServe Inc. is a leading global provider of software development, testing and consulting services. We are motivated and inspired to leverage advanced software technologies empowering your business to accelerate your growth, strengthen your market position and exceed your customer's expectations.

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SoftServe Overview

  1. 1. SoftServe Overview
  2. 2. Quick Facts  Established in 1993  2500 + employees; 2500 + successful projects  Microsoft Gold Certified Partner  Microsoft Partner of the Year for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013  2013- Microsoft Partner of the Year “Application Lifecycle Managements” for “SALMA” product  2012 - Microsoft Partner of the Year “Best solution in business analysis, data base and business-critical systems”  Best Employer 2010 and 2011 in Ukraine by Hewitt Associates  “Top 10 to Watch in Emerging European Markets” 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (Global Services 100)  Among Top 10 Leaders in IT Outsourcing Industry in Central and Eastern Europe by “Black Book of Outsourcing“  Cofounder of IT Ukraine Association  Honorary member of American Chamber of Commerce and European Business Association  First IT Company in Ukraine which opened own SoftServe University to offer education using SoftServe ІТ Academy and Microsoft IT Academy programs
  3. 3. SoftServe Earned Competencies Microsoft and Oracle • Gold Application Development • Gold Application Lifecycle Management • Gold Application Integration • Gold Data Platform • Gold Mobility • Gold Midmarket Solution Provider • Gold OEM • Silver Business Intelligence • Silver Collaboration and Content • Silver Identity and Access • Silver Server Platform • Java Platform - Enterprise Edition • Java Platform - Standard Edition
  4. 4. Certificates Certified:  ISO9001:2000  CMMI Level 3 In Progress:  ISO 27001
  5. 5. Strong Technology Partners
  6. 6. Representative Clients
  7. 7. Clients Locator Worldwide Europe
  8. 8. SoftServe Locations
  9. 9. SoftServe Growth 10 15 15 20 30 40 55 60 140 150 240 410 450 605 840 1040 1160 1610 2140 2500 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  10. 10. SoftServe Capacity • Business Analytics – 60+ • Project Managers – 70+ (PMP/CSM) • Software Engineers – 1600+ • .NET – 25% • C++ - 12% • Java – 26% • RDBMS – 13% • Other technologies – 24% • Quality Control Engineers – 350+ • Manual QC – 85% • Automation QC – 15% • Technical Communicators – 30+
  12. 12. Enterprise Architecture Method: multiple entry points lead to strategic partnership
  13. 13. “Mobility Value Map” as example “Enterprise Architecture Method”
  14. 14. Enterprise Analysis Enterprise Analysis • Capturing the necessary view of the business area • Investigating client’s business specifics • Investigating the client needs and existing solutions in the business area Project Business Analysis • Organizational environment/glossa ry • Stakeholders analysis • Determining expected deliverables at a high level in terms of products and services • Initial System Architecture description • Conducting feasibility studies Requirements Elaboration • Stakeholders requirements • Analyzing and documenting requirements • Validating and verifying requirements • Communicating requirements Evaluation/ Improvement • Managing requirements changes • Traceability • Reviewing technical design deliverables • Helping to build usability • Monitoring product development and introducing optimization changes Solution Assessment & Acceptance • Transition requirements • Supporting QA activities • Conducting internal acceptance and assisting in UAT • Trainings on product/user guides • Conducting post implementation assessment
  15. 15. SoftServe Services ▪ ALM and strategic consulting ▪ Information solutions and system support ▪ Cloud/SaaS Solutions ▪ Mobile Software Solutions ▪ SDLC Solutions ▪ System Integration ▪ Quality Assurance Business Domains: ▪ Finance ▪ Telecommunication ▪ Retail ▪ Healthcare ▪ Education
  16. 16. Consulting Services
  17. 17. Project Management Office PMO is the project management competence excellence center and home for project managers. It is functionally responsible for project management personnel, processes and tools as well as Software Development Life Cycles definitions. The main functions of PMO include:  Project Management competence development;  Project Managers training and certification;  Project Managers pool management;  Project Management processes definition and standardization;  SDLC’s definition, standardization and tailoring;  Projects metrics collecting and quantitative projects status monitoring;  Project management tools standardization and usage unification;  Providing qualified PM's from the pool for transition/rotations and new leads/prospects
  18. 18. Business Analysis Office The mission of BAO is to develop and maintain the standards for the practice of business analysis at SoftServe in order to provide efficient and effective BA services for clients and development teams. Business analysis is the set of tasks, knowledge, and techniques required to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems. Business analyst is the person who works as a liaison between the business side of an enterprise and the technical solution providers in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals. BA Services:  Enterprise Analysis and BPM  Solution Requirements Development  Product Owner Service  Requirements Management
  19. 19. Research and Development Team Every two years desktop technologies change. Every six month web technologies change. Every three month something emerges throughout the industry. R&D is in charge of evaluation and roll out of emerging technologies at SoftServe. Mainstream Application Services:  Assessment  Improvements  Design of scalability  Performance  Architecture  User experience (UX)  Usability  Maintainability Primary Enterprise Services:  Assessment  Improvements  Design of enterprise architecture  SOA  ESB  BPM/BPEL  Legacy optimization  Enterprise application integration (EAI) Consulting Services within new projects:  Feasibility study  Proof of concept  UX design
  20. 20. System Architecture Group  19 seasoned professionals  Serving more than 15 clients, including: Services:  Architecture Design  Architecture Assessment  Legacy Modernization Technology Domains:  SaaS/Clouds  SOA/EAI  BI/DW/Big Data Vertical Domains:  Healthcare  Education  Finance and Banking  Telecom  Retail  And more…
  21. 21. Engagement Team The mission of Engagement team is to establish reliable engagement process for new clients and successful start-up of new projects within Development. Engagement Manager functions:  Performing Gap Analysis between Client and SoftServe: people, process, tools in order to make sure that no gaps will interfere with your successful outsourcing  Developing and reviewing strategies and plans  Reviewing status and monitoring the resolution of issues  Mentoring individuals and assisting in hiring  Consulting on industry practices  Making sure the team integrates into Client project methodology and corporate culture
  22. 22. SmartStartTM Overview SmartStart is a set of processes and services performed at initial stages of a project that ensures efficiency and a successful collaboration between SoftServe and our clients. Deliverable: Gap Analysis Report focused on  People – Stakeholders and their expectations – Communication Plan  Business Domain  Process – Process Model Followed (SDLC, Requirements, Measurements, Planning and Control, Scheduling, Estimate) – Development Approach (Technology, Framework, Quality Assurance) – QA Approach (Methodology and Automation)  Tools – Project support and Development tools – Environments
  23. 23. Centers of Excellence
  24. 24. Software Development Office SDO was created as part of an integrating consulting center which takes care of all the company’s developers regardless of what department they work in. The main functions of SDO include:  Assessing the current level of knowledge  and skills within a certain competence with a  view to promotion;  Assisting in promotion and acquisition  of new professional skills and knowledge;  Providing technical consultations on  issues related to work on current projects  or a specific task;  Ensuring a possibility for developers  to be involved in the launch of new and  existing projects;  Providing materials (including video and audio) required  for individual training and insight in the material already covered;  Preparing and conducting workshops and training sessions to develop an insight into subjects related to software and advanced technologies;  Creating an informal environment for communication and sharing of experience gained through work in the IT industry;
  25. 25. Quality Management Office The main goal of QM Office is organizing and conducting the software quality assurance developed at SoftServe. QA Engineers are engaged in product development process at all project stages. The main functions of QMO include:  Developing special training system for QC  Ensuring QC experience exchange within  organization  Providing access to all the recourses and  experience in the quality assurance sphere acquired  during the time SoftServe has been in the software  industry  Assessing the current level of knowledge and  skills within a certain competence with a view  to promotion;  Assisting in promotion and acquisition of new  professional skills and knowledge;
  26. 26. Technical Publications Office The purpose of Technical Publication Department is to manage a software documentation intended for end users. Technical writers produce quick tours and tutorials, glossaries and process documentation, and manuals and help systems that explain how to properly use the product. Technical Publications service package includes:  Technical Writing  Technical Editing  Localization  Consulting
  27. 27. IT Department Services Portfolio at Glance Internet & Networking ▪ Network connectivity ▪ Remote access ▪ Access to clients networks IT Resources for Employee  Workplace  Help Desk  Business trip package  Print service Automated Project Environments (Project Infrastructure)  Automated Project Management – Jira/Confluence/Fisheye/Crucible… – SSE tools – Project Metrics and Reports  Timesheet reporting  Private Cloud Collaboration and Communications  Meeting rooms  Web conferencing  Audio conferencing  Videoconferencing  Portal/Wiki/CMS  File exchange  Telephony: Office /Toll-free /International  Mobile gateway (Callgate)  Messaging: Email, UC (Jabber, OCS) Automated Financial Reporting Automated Human Capital Management Automated Sales/Customer Service Business Process Improvement
  28. 28. Corporate-level Project Infrastructure Tools Corporate Virtualization Environment VMware vSphere Corporate Source Control systems  Subversion (SVN) Corporate Bug Tracking system  Atlassian Jira Enterprise Corporate Content Management System  Atlassian Confluence  Microsoft SharePoint Corporate File Servers Corporate FTP Server Corporate Collaboration System  MegaMeeting  Microsoft Live Meeting
  29. 29. SoftServe Processes
  30. 30. Projects Engagement
  31. 31. Abiliton™ a unique approach to software development based on effective team operations of highly qualified professionals, use of a flexible development methodology and advanced technologies resulting in a quick and successful creation of applications.
  32. 32. Abiliton™ People
  33. 33. SoftServe University IT Academy Language School Certification Center Training Management Group 2012: 650 certification exams (150 SoftServe employees and 500 external candidates)
  34. 34. SoftServe University Mission To build the corporate system of “professional knowledge management” and provide a full range of professional training to SoftServe employees based on company’s needs SS University Goals  provide a full range of professional training services  provide the general coordination and knowledge accumulation  assess professional competency and skills SS University Mission
  35. 35. SoftServe University Goals IT Academy Goal ▪ To generate the flow of specialists of entry level due to training launched at a regular base Language School Goal ▪ Help employees to develop the necessary English communication skills in order to perform their responsibilities on the required professional level Training Management Group Goal ▪ Provide a full range of professional trainings to maintain motivated and skilled workforce and to fulfill the training needs of the organization ▪ Ensure the effective delivery and coordination of the Corporate Training process Certification Center Goal ▪ Provide wide range of certifications that covers the spectrum of job roles within the IT industry and academic certification exams
  36. 36. Abiliton People ™ Competence Management Knowledge(What?) Skills(How?) Attitude(Why?) Standards Measurement Storage Development Knowledge Model Performance Model Performance Appraisal Knowledge Evaluation External Certification Analytics Self-Education Seminars Trainings Coaching New Assignment
  37. 37. Standard Qualification Levels Qualification Levels* PM Office Project Coordinator Project Manager Senior Project Manager Program Manager BA Office Requirements Manager Business Analyst Expert Business Analyst SD Office Junior Engineer Intermediate Engineer Senior Engineer Technical Lead QM Office Junior QC Engineer Intermediate QC Engineer Senior QC Engineer QC Lead
  38. 38. Qualification Levels - Difference Junior Engineer Intermediate Engineer Senior Engineer Tech Lead Software Development Lifecycle Coverage CapabilityLevel Requirements Design Coding Integration & Deployment Verification
  39. 39. Competence Measurement Competence Measurement Skills & Attitude Performance Appraisal Periodic Based on Performance Model Driven by EPM Team Other Criteria English Check Industry experience Delivered 1+ seminar Promotion New qualification level New responsibilities New compensation New project? or project role Knowledge Knowledge Evaluation External Certification Based on Knowledge Model Driven by Functional Offices
  40. 40. Promotion Path
  41. 41. Contacts Thank You! Europe Headquarters 52 V. Velykoho Str. Lviv 79053, Ukraine Tel: +380-32-240-9090 Fax: +380-32-240-9080 US Headquarters 12800 University Drive, Suite 250 Fort Myers, FL 33907, USA Main Tel: 239-690-3111 Main Fax: 239-690-3116 Representative Offices ul.Derbenevskaya, 1 Moscow 113114, Russia Tel.Fax.: +7 (495) 982 59 61 88 Wood Street London EC2V 7AJ, England Tel.Fax.: +44-20-3519-1216