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  • 1. When there's 92 professional football why are there only 3 black managers? • Synopsis – With the percentage of footballers being 50% black and 50% white and the majority of managers being ex-footballers why are there only 3 black managers? Jacob Miller investigates why.
  • 2. Research Into Existing Texts • The Imposter • Aileen • Kurt & Courtney • Frost & McCartney • Biggie &Tupac • The Million Dollar Conman • Is Football Racist • Stadiums Of Hate
  • 3. • • • • The Imposter was a cinematic documentary All documentaries had key interviews Voiceovers were used in all documentaries All documentaries used archive footage and still images. • All documentaries had one key interview and other shorter but very important documentary.
  • 4. Research Into Target Audience • Primary target audience – Mixed ethnicity, males, 35-45 and lower to middle class. • Questionnaire and interview as well as demographic and behavioral profiling. • With the use of a questionnaire I know now what my primary audience want in the documentary • Interviewing someone who fits into my target audience I now know what conventions appeal to him.
  • 5. Development Of Ideas • Original idea was generally about racism in football. • Final idea - Why are there only 4 black managers in all 92 professional football clubs? • The number of managers had gone down. • Became more specific and went from racism in football too the low numbers of black managers this was due to my feedback from peers.
  • 6. Pre-Production Paperwork -Interview with Marcus Gayle a black manager. -Interview with James Roper ( Editor/ Creative Director of the green soccer journal -Archive footage -Still images - voxpops
  • 7. Research Into Content
  • 8. • Anti-discrimination chief Jeffery Webb says there needs to be an urgency to involve nonwhite people with football clubs. • Rooney rule is a rule that means that at least one non-white has to be a candidate for the job. • Football is as meritocratic as any industry in Britain so why are there so few black managers, assistant managers and coaches? • The English league isn’t ready for the Rooney rule says Brendan Batson
  • 9. Costs & Budgeting • Budget of £300 split between Hand held mic, boom mic and 2 cameras • All facilities will not cost anything. • Within the budget I will have to pay for one crew member
  • 10. Purpose and filling a gap in the market • Cheap distribution methods so will always make profit. • Also all football documentarys I have seen touch on the topic but there is not a documentary out there that is specifically about this subject.
  • 11. Placement & Distribution Strategy • YouTube short documentary channel. • Links with online newspaper companies. • Advertise on twitter and at local football stadiums (flyers)