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Testing JavaScript Applications

Testing JavaScript Applications



Some brief overview of technologies and frameworks that are used for testing front-end and javascript.

Some brief overview of technologies and frameworks that are used for testing front-end and javascript.



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    Testing JavaScript Applications Testing JavaScript Applications Presentation Transcript

    • TESTING JAVASCRIPT APPLICATIONS by Alexander Gerasimov and Dmitrey Gerasimov
    • ¿POR QUÉ?
    • ¡PORQUE! refactoring organization, modularization, extensibility documentation defect prevention collaboration
    • "Any feature without a test doesn’t exist" Steve Loughran HP Laboratories
    • TDD & BDD
    • RED/GREEN/REFACTOR Red: Write a failing test
    • RED/GREEN/REFACTOR Green: Make it pass
    • RED/GREEN/REFACTOR Refactor: Eliminate redundancy
    • STRUCTURE Setup: Put the Unit Under Test (UUT) or the overall test system in the state needed to run the test. Execution: Trigger/drive the UUT to perform the target behavior and capture all output, such as return values and output parameters. Validation: Ensure the results of the test are correct. Cleanup: Restore the UUT or the overall test system to the pre-test state. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Test-driven_development#Test_structure
    • TDD ASSERTIONS var assert = chai.assert; assert.typeOf(foo, 'string'); assert.equal(foo, 'bar'); assert.lengthOf(foo, 3) assert.property(tea, 'favors'); assert.lengthOf(tea.flavors, 3);
    • BDD Behavior-driven development
    • GIVEN-WHEN-THEN Story: Returns go to stock In order to keep track of stock As a store owner I want to add items back to stock when they're returned Scenario 1: Refunded items should be returned to stock Given a customer previously bought a black sweater from me And I currently have three black sweaters left in stock When he returns the sweater for a refund Then I should have four black sweaters in stock
    • CUCUMBER Feature: Addition In order to avoid silly mistakes As a math idiot I want to be told the sum of two number Scenario: Add two numbers Given I have entered 50 into the calculator And I have entered 70 into the calculator When I press add Then the result should be 120 on the screen
    • CUCUMBER Given /I have entered (.*) into the calculator do calculator = new Calculator(); calculator.push(n); end
    • EXPECT var expect = require("chai").expect , foo = "bar" , beverages = { tea: [ "chai", "matcha", "oolong" ] }; expect(foo).to.be.a("string"); expect(foo).to.equal("bar"); expect(foo).to.have.length(3); expect(beverages).to.have.property("tea").with.length(3);
    • SHOULD var should = require("chai").should() , foo = "bar" , beverages = { tea: [ "chai", "matcha", "oolong" ] }; foo.should.be.a("string"); foo.should.equal("bar"); foo.should.have.length(3); beverages.should.have.property("tea").with.length(3);
    • UX/BEHAVIOR VERIFICATION Unit tests just prove that your code doesn't work
    • METRICS & PROFILING Execution time Loading, rendering, painting CPU & Memory Google Chrome Metrics
    • HELPS QA TESTERS Why not let QA guys concentrate on quality rather than routine?
    • TOOLS & EXAMPLES generators frameworks [assertion] libraries plugins stat tools complex solutions + Grunt
    • STUBS
    • MOCKS
    • SPIES
    • What is it?..
    • JASMINE Suites & specs describe("A suite is just a function", function() { var a; it("and so is a spec", function() { a = true; expect(a).toBe(true); }); });
    • JASMINE Matchers expect(x).toEqual(y); expect(x).toBe(y); expect(x).toMatch(pattern); expect(x).toBeDefined(); expect(x).toBeUndefined(); expect(x).toBeNull(); expect(x).toBeTruthy(); expect(x).toBeFalsy(); expect(x).toContain(y); expect(x).toBeLessThan(y); expect(x).toBeGreaterThan(y); expect(function(){fn();}).toThrow(e);
    • JASMINE Spies
    • SPIES Tracks Functions calls Arguments Number of calls
    • SPIES Access All calls of function Every argument of every call
    • SPIES Can Track and delegate Substitute returning values Call faked functions Create mock objects
    • JASMINE Any describe("jasmine.any", function() { it("matches any value", function() { expect({}).toEqual(jasmine.any(Object)); expect(12).toEqual(jasmine.any(Number)); }); });
    • JASMINE Clock beforeEach(function() { timerCallback = jasmine.createSpy("timerCallback"); //create spy jasmine.Clock.useMock(); //use wrepper of system timer }); it("causes a timeout to be called synchronously", function() { setTimeout(function() { timerCallback(); }, 100); expect(timerCallback).not.toHaveBeenCalled(); jasmine.Clock.tick(101); //make time to go expect(timerCallback).toHaveBeenCalled(); });
    • JASMINE Async It exists, but...
    • JASMINE Reporter
    • describe("Jasmine", function() { it("makes testing JavaScript awesome!", function() { expect (yourCode).toBeLotsBetter(); }); });
    • MOCHA ['mɔkə]
    • MOCHA Supports TDD assertions and BDD should/expect Reporting & CI integration JavaScript API Browser Test Runner
    • MOCHA describe('Array', function(){ describe('#indexOf()', function(){ it('should return -1 when the value is not present', function(){ [1,2,3].indexOf(5).should.equal(-1); [1,2,3].indexOf(0).should.equal(-1); }) }) })
    • MOCHA describe('User', function(){ describe('#save()', function(){ it('should save without error', function(done){ var user = new User('Luna'); user.save(function(err){ if (err) throw err; done(); }); }) }) })
    • MOCHA Hooks: before(), after(), beforeEach(), afterEach() beforeEach(function(done){ db.clear(function(err){ if (err) return done(err); db.save([tobi, loki, jane], done); }); })
    • MOCHA
    • MOCHA Console reporter
    • MOCHA HTML reporter
    • MOCHA Nyan reporter
    • CHAI
    • CHAI Assert, expect/should chai.should(); foo.should.be.a('string'); foo.should.equal('bar'); foo.should.have.length(3); tea.should.have.property('flavors') .with.length(3);
    • QUESTION TIME! How would you test an RNG?
    • CHAI Plugins here
    • CASPERJS PhantomJS API SlimerJS SpookyJS
    • CASPERJS var casper = require('casper').create(); casper.start('http://domain.tld/page.html', function() { if (this.exists('h1.page-title')) { this.echo('the heading exists'); } }); casper.run();
    • QUESTION TIME! What happens if not everyone on the team adopts TDD/BDD?
    • ISTANBUL Statement, branch, and function coverage Test running tools HTML & LCOV reporting esprima-based
    • TESTING + CI = ❤ fail builds statistics & reporting Github is integration paradise
    • IRL, 100% COVERAGE IS A LIE legacy & untestable code permissive tests not applicable to functional testing
    • MUTATION TESTING Who tests tests? Coverage is paramount! (it isn't) Mutations: remove lines, alter operators, rename identifiers The Future of Unit Testing
    • QUESTION TIME! What do you do when you're offerred a project without TDD?
    • THE END