Siemens Rail Services. Customized service solutions for rail systems


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Siemens Rail Services. Customized service solutions for rail systems

  1. 1. Around-the-clock operation.When do trains and infrastructureactually undergo maintenance? Siemens Rail Services Customized service solutions for rail systems Answers for mobility.
  2. 2. 02
  3. 3. Linking people: Complete mobility. Mobility is one of the greatest challenges of our time. To ensure our mobility both today and in the future, we need fully networked transportation and information systems. We will only be able to meet future mo- Today transportation solutions have to bility requirements through efficient co- be much more than the result of innova- ordination and the perfect interaction of tive development work and professional all modes of transportation. With this in production processes. Comprehensive mind, Siemens has adopted a “Complete concepts, with integrated services tai- mobility“ approach, which is aimed at the lored to the needs of the customer, are creation of integrated transportation and required to achieve the desired results. logistics systems for safe, cost-effective After all, you expect your railway systems and sustainable passenger and freight to be highly available throughout their services. Siemens has all the necessary entire lifecycle. expertise – from infrastructure systems for railways and roadways to solutions for rolling stock, airport logistics and postal automation.Complete mobility. Rail Services Global service networkIntelligent networking of city center and Precisely the right servicing concepts Internationally active experts in over 50metropolitan regions with pioneering for maximum reliability and availabil- countries, from Melbourne to Sacramen-solutions for both road and rail. ity through the absolute integration of to, and from St. Petersburg to Buenos maintenance services within platform Aires, ensure comprehensive service for concepts. all your railway systems. 03
  4. 4. Ensuring mobility:Siemens Rail ServicesSustainable, intelligent service concepts mean investment protection, and ensureseamless operation throughout the entire life cycle of the rail system.04
  5. 5. Investments in new railway conceptsshould bring a sustainable, long-termreturn. Effective service concepts aretherefore essential, and the only way toguarantee – and even extend – the maxi-mum reliability and availability of a trans-portation system over its entire life cycle.You can count on Siemens Rail Servicesas your strong, reliable partner when itcomes to innovative service concepts thatprotect your investments. Maintenance ServicesYou mobilize goods and people –we mobilize your railway systemsWith our innovative technologies, wedesign maintenance processes for youthat are entirely efficient – such asRemote Services and predictive mainte-nance. You can depend on our extensiveservice expertise backed by years ofexperience with all types of rail transpor-tation solutions. As a vehicle and systemsmanufacturer, we are not only familiarwith your technical requirements, but we Spare Part Servicesknow how much importance you placeon rigorous obsolescence managementand the optimization of spare part assets.You expect precisely tailored service –we have the answerOur extensive range of services includesflexible, customized service solutions.Our service experts are happy to workwith you in developing fast, reliable solu-tions for your trains – throughout theirentire life cycle. Workshop Services Test- and Validationcenter 05
  6. 6. Optimizing operating procedures:Maintenance ServicesLong-distance travelers, commuters and industryexpect punctual and reliable train operation.Our customized services help you provide it.Our Maintenance Services ensure that You have individual needs –your rail systems are always reliable and we offer precisely tailored solutionsavailable. In close cooperation with your Our service agreements are precisely ori-experts, we work out tailored service ented to your particular requirements. Ourconcepts for your light rail, regional, Maintenance Services are freely scalablemain-line and high-speed service. These thanks to their modular structure. Com-are always formulated and implemented, bine our three service levels – Support,in line with your needs, with the goal of Management and Execution – with theincreasing or maintaining the efficiency modules you need to create a serviceof your fleet and infrastructure. product that is right for you.
  7. 7. Support Management ExecutionOur experts analyze and optimize your Certified Siemens project managers carry Siemens specialists execute all mainte-maintenance processes, focusing on the overall responsibility for controlling and nance activities. Vehicle and infrastruc-development of specific processes for a monitoring the defined maintenance mod- ture services are performed on site andlong-term improvement in the efficiency ules, including personnel and material worldwide.of your maintenance activities. management.Service modules Preventive Maintenance Condition-based and predetermined maintenance activities based on well- established standards Corrective Maintenance Maintenance carried out after failure Spare Part Logistics Logistics concepts and spare parts supply Vandalism and Accident Repair Repair of damage caused by vandalism and accidents Overhaul Comprehensive examination and restoration of components and systems
  8. 8. Whether you need specific consulting onservice-related issues, the incorporationof self-contained levels of the servicevalue chain in our Performance Packages,or a complete maintenance solution inthe form of Charter Rail with your ownpersonnel or Full Service provided bySiemens specialists – our packages covera wide range of requirements and alsoinclude Railcover, a mobile service thatarrives on site without delay wheneverthe need arises.You operate rail systems –we maintain themAs your satisfaction and that of yourcustomers are the primary concern of ourdaily work, our experts are there to helpyou every day – 24/7 if need be – keepingyour operations running. So whether it isoverhead contact lines, signals, inter-lockings or grade crossings – trainsets,locomotives, metros, trams or light railvehicles: We have many years of experi-ence when it comes to maintaining fleetsand entire systems worldwide. Takeadvantage of our international networkto achieve your goal of ensuring and con-solidating your success in the future.
  9. 9. Maintenance contract packagesConsultingExpand your knowledge: Siemens provides qualified and comprehen-sive consulting expertise on all aspects of maintenance in the railtransport sector.Performance PackageOrganize intelligently: With the Performance Package, Siemensassumes full responsibility for part of the value chain in themaintenance process.Charter RailRational workload reduction: The Charter Rail package includes plan-ning and performance of all maintenance activities while bearing fullresponsibility, using experienced customer personnel, plus supplyingthe materials.Full ServiceFocus on operation: The Full Service agreement defines the terms fortaking over and implementing all maintenance, including responsibilityfor personnel and materials – all from a single source.RailcoverOperate with no worries: Railcover is your modular, mobile service,supporting you through the Rail Support Center, mobile technicians,and an extensive network of service facilities in Central Europe.
  10. 10. Supplying replacements:Spare Part ServicesThe efficiency of a railway company hinges onthe continuous availability of its rolling stockand infrastructure. And that calls for an optimumsupply of spare parts.Spare parts supply is always a balance late evening, it can be delivered the next it takes is a single mouse-click. As abetween keeping down the amount morning: With our sophisticated, high- company steeped in tradition, Siemensof inventory and ensuring availability. performance express logistics, you have stands for reliability and sustainability,The flexible concepts of our Spare Part easy access to a defined range of parts. including and especially when it comes toServices permit the best possible com- life-long material availability. We supportpromise for making sure your specialists You need help – we provide it you in monitoring obsolescence andreceive exactly the components they You can also take advantage of our pack- supply compatible replacement productsneed – quickly and reliably. Whether you age solutions. They contain everything as needed. Place your trust in an experi-have a logistics contract or just want to you need for your corrective and preven- enced service provider.order items individually, we react swiftly tive maintenance – including for the longto your specific inquiries and get the term. And with our e-business solutions,necessary parts to the right place at the we make ordering spare parts even moreright time. If you place your order in the convenient and less complicated – allExpress Logistics Rail MallOvernight delivery: The track-and-trace With a mouse-click to your spare part: Thisfunction enables you to view the current e-business solution provides access to overstatus and location of a delivery via an IT 20,000 spare parts and components forconnection. Siemens vehicles and infrastructure.11
  11. 11. Obsolescence ManagementSpare parts supply over the entire service lifeand beyond: Consistent preventive and reactivemeasures guarantee the ability to deliver.Individual Orders and Package SolutionsWe process individual orders for the spare partsyou want at short notice or package solutionscustom-made for your maintenance intervals –quickly and easily.Component Repairs & ReturnsWant to have defective parts, components ormodules repaired? Our Return Center will takecare of all the details for you. 12
  12. 12. Refurbishment After Sales Product Support Replacing obsolescent equipment or Support after warranty: Product support installing new systems – modernization includes customized services, from tech- makes vehicles and infrastructure fit for nical consulting to design changes. operation again.13
  13. 13. Making rail systems fit for the future: Workshop Services Our experts will get your vehicles and infrastructure ready for daily service again – today, tomorrow and in the future, improving their attractiveness and extending their service life. Reduced emissions, increased energy conversion, system upgrade, or basic efficiency, greater comfort, and enhan- component refurbishment are quick ways ced technology – there are plenty of to update your systems to the state of good reasons for modernizing your rail the art. And you can be certain that your systems. The most important, though, fleet will be equipped for comfortable, is extending their lifetime – because a low-emission, and energy-efficient travel long operational life saves your own as far into the future – on a most modern well as the planet’s resources. Interior infrastructure. You need support – we provide it You’ve suffered damage – Our specialists have gained experience we’re qualified to handle it in numerous projects worldwide, and we You can be sure that as a reliable partner, gladly offer their expertise to you. From we are at your side to help whenever engineering, installation and startup, to damage occurs. We assume responsibi- testing and system training courses – our lity for all the technical, commercial and experts are happy to support your entire logistics aspects of accident repairs, thus product line with customized service offe- reducing your cost of repair – and we rings and expertise from a single source. do it around the world. With innovative repair concepts and tools, we ensure that your damaged vehicle is back in service without delay.Crash & Accident RepairWe take the problem off your hands whendamage occurs – from damage assess-ment to repair, by acting as consultant oras contractor either locally or in a Siemensworkshop. 14
  14. 14. Safeguarding quality:Wegberg-Wildenrath Test- and ValidationcenterState-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise in testing at a single location –this unique combination makes us the ideal partner for testing, validation andcertification.Rail operators expect innovations thatfunction perfectly right from day one.However, it is becoming more and moredifficult to carry out tests and trial runson increasingly busy public lines. The ac-credited and certified Wegberg-WildenrathTest- and Validationcenter is the logicalanswer to changing conditions in railtraffic, providing customized rail-systemtesting services from a single source.State-of-the-art infrastructure Standards-based test facilities Special testsWork pits, elevated track sections, roof- Measuring curve, turn-tilt table and ve- Tilting coefficient, safety against derail-height working platforms, and bogie hicle weighing scales are just some of the ment, high-voltage tests – with ourchanging devices in two 220-meter-long numerous test items we provide to give state-of-the-art infrastructure we can alsotrain formation halls make it easy to gain you the results you need for acceptance perform special tests.access to a vehicle from every conceiv- by the relevant certification angle, permitting a variety of tests tobe performed quickly and conveniently.15
  15. 15. You expect reliability – You want realistic conditions –we test it for you we have themThe Test- and Validationcenter has been Thanks to an infrastructure in line withcertified and accredited for its test me- the latest technological standards, wethods and procedures by independent can test practically all standard-gaugebodies. Whether stationary or dynamic, and meter-gauge vehicles as well as railthere is virtually no limit to the tests that systems and components commonly usedcan be performed at Wegberg-Wilden- throughout the world – 24 hours a day,rath. You can rely on our wide range of 365 days a year. You can set the agendafacilities for testing high-speed, main- yourself by carrying out your own tests atline, regional and mass transit systems. our facility under highly realistic condi- tions. Or have our specialists perform the tests on your behalf – giving you the cer- tainty that only systems of proven quality leave the facility.Track facilities for every need All from a single sourceCurve and gradient performance, braking On request, we also offer an all-inclusivedistance measurements, and measure- service package, whereby we coordinatement of noise levels – train operation un- the transfer of your vehicles to and fromder realistic conditions can be simulated the test center or actually carry out trans-on 28 km of test track. fer ourselves. 16
  16. 16. Infrastruktur Multiple Units Impressive worldwide: Our references With customer projects around the world, our Rail Services have been applying their expertise to create tailored solutions for several decades. As a globally active company, we are the service concept that meets your requi- never far from our customers. Whether rements best. The success of this approach in Brazil, the Netherlands or Russia – for is evident – our global experience with our us, local customer service is a given. customers started back in 1881. We work closely with you to develop Velaro RUS, Russia: Charter Rail for High Speed Trains In 2009, Russia’s fastest train – achieving PDAs and Computerized Maintenance speeds of up to 250 km/h – is placed Management Systems (CMMS). All the into service. At the same time, Siemens technicians undergo intensive practical enters into a maintenance agreement for and theoretical training – with successful the next 30 years and sets up one of the results. The Velaro RUS comes through world’s most advanced maintenance de- its first winter with flying colors, experi- pots, which uses innovative maintenance encing only two minor delays despite ice, technologies and methods, including snow, and temperatures as low as -32°C. Metro BTS Bangkok, Thailand: Full Service for a Turnkey System As part of a 15-year contract, Siemens the track superstructure, and the depot has been maintaining Bangkok’s 35 air- and workshop facilities for a line totaling conditioned metro trains, signaling and 33 km. Thus, for over 10 years Siemens interlocking equipment, and operations has been ensuring that 99 % of the trains control center since the year 2000. Among reach their destinations on time. other things, the agreement also inclu- des maintaining the medium-voltage po- wer supply, the “third rail” power supply,17
  17. 17. Siemens Rail Services We keep rail systems running. Components High Speed Mass Transit Locomotives Infrastruktur Multiple UnitsHSL Zuid, The Netherlands: Full Service for InfrastructureIn 2006, the Dutch government contracts services are provided from two differentwith Siemens to maintain the HSL Zuid locations. In addition, a spare part storerailway network, comprising two lines is constructed near the main office inwith a total length of 100 km. Besides the Dordrecht. Since the start of the contract,power supply system and contact lines, these services – which are coordinated bySiemens will also be maintaining all sig- an independent maintenance corporationnaling technology and communications (IMBV) – have achieved all availabilityequipment until 2031. To reduce distan- goals.ces and speed up response times, theMetro São Paulo, Brazil: Refurbishment of a whole fleetStarting in 2009, the entire metro fleet such as the traction unit, on-board powerof the Companhia do Metropolitano de supply, entrance doors, air conditioning,São Paulo is being completely renova- compressed air supply, fire alarm system,ted and brought up to the technological passenger information system and CCTVstate of the art. Within a period of 63 are being replaced with new, modernmonths, Siemens modernizes all 150 systems. These measures not only extendcar bodies and eliminates the central the operational lifetime of the fleet, butdriver’s cabs. In addition, subsystems also increase passenger capacity. 18
  18. 18. Siemens AG Sektor Industry Division Mobility Integrated Services P.O. Box 32 40 91050 Erlangen Germany © 2010 Siemens AG Printed in Germany HL 10055004 241284 WS 09101.0 Dispo 21700 c4bs 7638 Order no.: A19100-V920-B118-X-7600 The information in this document contains general descriptions of the technical options available, which do not always have to be present in individual cases. The required features should therefore be specified in each individual case at the time of closing the