Railcover: service concept for increased vehicle availability


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Railcover: service concept for increased vehicle availability

  1. 1. Changing locations every day.Can service be as mobile as alocomotive? Railcover – the flexible service concept for increased vehicle availability and optimized maintenance for your locomotives. Answers for mobility. 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Mobility anywhere, anytimeSiemens RailcoverRail operation requirements are changing. Cross-border traffic within Europe is adaily business. The Distances between two points have become less important.It’s time and customized logistics that are needed. Rail operators who want to offera state-of-the-art service – today and in the future – need vehicles they can rely on:anytime and anywhere. After all, maximum availability and cost-effectiveness aretop priority. Flexibility for those who are always Availability based on a modular on the move concept: Railcover Support, maintenance, materials: Service Railcover provides exactly what you need requirements vary from case to case. To – no more and no less. It comes with meet these needs, Siemens has developed modules which fit together like building Railcover. Increase the availability of your blocks. Coordinated service modules for vehicles. Optimize the maintenance expen- support, maintenance, and materials allow ditures of your locomotives. Railcover us to precisely meet your specific require- keeps you moving. Our customized service ments. Whether you are seeking support concept delivers service wherever your lo- for fault clearance in order to achieve comotives are located and whenever you greater efficiency, maintenance on demand need it. for optimized availability in central Europe, or full service to keep every aspect of your rail operations running smoothly – we can provide you with the appropriate package. Rail Support Mobile Service facilities SuppoRT Center technicians Maintenance Corrective Preventive management maintenance maintenance MAINTENANCE Spare parts Periodic maintenance packages MATERIAlS 3
  4. 4. Immediate assistanceThe Railcover support modulesJust in case fast assistance is needed: wherever youoperate your vehicles, our Railcover services assistyou with our Rail Support Center, mobile service tech-nicians, and a tightly knit network of service facilitiesin central Europe.Fast communication: Short distances: Field support deviceRail Support Center Service facilities From single mobile technician to aYou can contact our locomotive experts Some maintenance activities and major team: The field support device con-directly at any time via our Rail Support repairs require a suitable depot infrastruc- nects mobile technicians on-site toCenter. All it takes is one call, and our ture and highly qualified service specia- our back office experts via a state-of-experts will immediately devise a solution lists – ideally, close to your locomotive‘s the-art, secure Internet connection.for your technical incident. We utilize re- current location. Our extensive network A real-time, head-mounted camera fea-mote diagnosis: A respective data trans- of contract service facilities operated by turing a microphone transmits videomission system installed in the locomoti- qualified partners on the main traffic and audio data about the current situ-ves delivers environmental, operational, routes in central Europe offer direct, easy ation from the site to the office. Thisand diagnostic data for effective support. access to depot capacities. You bene- highly sophisticated tool helps furtherDepending on the situation, the incident fit from competent, trained personnel reduce downtimes. Each service vehiclecould be cleared either by phone, by wherever your locomotives go. carries a field support device. Whendispatching a service technician, or by necessary, the locomotive may also beexecuting repair works in the closest equipped with one of these devices.service facility.Fast deployment:Mobile techniciansIn case a problem cannot be fixed byyourself, our mobile technicians are ableto reach the location of your locomotivesvery quickly with their service vehicles.They are trained in the technology oflocomotives, train radio, and automatictrain control systems, and they have ac-cess to the latest maintenance manualsand software versions for Siemens loco-motives. The service vehicles are equip-ped for fast and professional repairs on site– from tools, test equipment, and a fieldsupport device to selected spare parts. Thecurrent home bases for our mobile tech-nicians in Wegberg-Wildenrath, Erlan-gen, and Munich are being continuouslyexpanded along the main line corridors.4
  5. 5. Mobile maintenanceThe Railcover maintenance modulesMaintenance activities should be based on the location of your locomotives and youroperation schedule – not vice versa. The Railcover maintenance makes use of scheduleddowntimes. Maintenance management, corrective and preventive maintenance, over1,000 contractual years of experience in maintenance prove us as your competentservice partner.Targeted workload relief: Anticipating your needs:Maintenance management Corrective and preventive maintenance Remote data transmissionWhile you focus on your operation, our Whether you need short-term fault A remote data access box installed onoptimized maintenance management clearance and repair or want to perform the locomotive uses mobile phone dataensures a consistent availabiliy of your maintenance work at scheduled intervals, transmission technology to transfer in-vehicles. All repairs, maintenance time- we provide full support. Our many years formation about the condition of yourlines, and changes are recorded and sche- of experience as a manufacturer, a close vehicle. Our Rail Support Center turnsduled with a proven Computerized Mainte- contact with our suppliers, and the re- diagnostic codes into work orders fornance Management System (CMMS). The spective R&D departments are at your the service facility – the necessary cor-information concerning the condition of disposal to solve all kinds of technical rective actions are already known andyour vehicles is always up to date, allow- problems. This will result in shorter down- can be prepared before your locomo-ing us to better plan and track mainte- times. Take advantage of planned main- tive even arrives at the depot. Datanance work. tenance activities that fit your schedule. transmissions and logging activities Our knowledge and experience may also are encrypted via Siemens’ proprietary be applied to improve preventive mainte- IT platform, which is not accessible nance: Condition monitoring for vehicles by third parties. State-of-the-art data increasingly helps to optimize main- security takes top priority. The platform tenance regimes. In coordination with is ISO 27001-certified and thus meets customers, manufacturers, and authori- all security standards. Even Siemens ties, more and more activities are being employees only have access to those transferred from corrective to preventive customer systems for which they have maintenance. received explicit authorisation. 5
  6. 6. Consolidated supply of materialsThe Railcover material modulesTransit routes have become more diverse. This requires new flexibility. Keepyour rail systems running efficiently. Railcover’s intelligent spare parts conceptserves you quickly and reliably. You receive the specific parts that you need –at the right time and at the right place. Fast access: Express logistics Spare parts Place the order late in the evening Our approach is to deliver parts quickly and receive the delivery early the next and thereby avoid downtimes. To accom- morning. With Railcover’s sophisticated plish this, we have defined a range of and powerful logistics concept, you parts geared towards minimizing opera- get more than just overnight delivery tional downtimes after a defect occurs. of urgently needed spare parts. We Our central warehouse in Neu-Isenburg, can also handle other complex require- which is geostrategically located for Eu- ments: normal spare parts, heavy spare ropean deliveries, and a tried-and-tested parts, or on-site delivery with support company-wide logistics system guarantee from a technician. You can also view first-class parts availability and easy access. the delivery status and destination via A defined range of parts is therefore able an IT connection with track-and-trace to be delivered to you within a short period functionality. This means that rendez- of time. This allows you to minimize your vous deliveries can be arranged on own logistics operations and inventory. short notice. It reduces your tied up capital and allows a more reliable planning. Increased flexibility: periodic maintenance packages Keep all parts needed for scheduled main- tenance in one place. Our pre-picked, ready-to-ship packages are tailored to the various maintenance schedules and contain all the parts you need for your periodic maintenance work – if you like, even including tools. The packages will arrive at your maintenance facility on time. Therefore, maintenance work can always be performed in conjunction with the deployment of your vehicle. And you remain flexible.6
  7. 7. Complete customizationThe Railcover service packagesReliable mobility: Efficient networking: peace of mind:Incident support Maintenance on demand Full serviceDo you organize your own preventive Do you want to organize and carry out Gain local flexibility and focus entirelymaintenance work, but you are also most of your own maintenance activities on your operation. The Railcover “Fulllooking for expert assistance, 24/7 ope- independently, but still receive support Service” package is especially suitable forrational support, and a warehouse for – for example in other countries? With operators of small fleets who do notcorrective spare parts? The Railcover ”Inci- the Railcover “Maintenance on demand” possess their own depot or maintenancedent Support“ package keeps you mobile package, maintenance work is carried out organization. In addition, operators onanywhere within central Europe. Support, by Siemens’, operators’, and the Railcover extensive, long corridors or those whomaintenance, and material modules will network‘s service facilities as needed – cover wide areas will also benefit from ourimprove your availability. With this packa- including support from our experts. aligned service modules. Whether you re-ge, Siemens handles spare parts logistics quire maintenance management, or cor-and short-notice supply of spare parts. rective and preventive maintenance in ourJust in case, all it takes is one call and the Europe-wide network of service facilities,mobility of your vehicles can be restored immediate technical assistance on-site, orquickly. short-notice supply of spare parts with ac- cess to Siemens spare parts logistics: the Railcover ”Full Service” package keeps your rail service running smoothly. Support Maintenance Materials periodic Rail Support Mobile Service Maintenance Corrective preventive maintenance Center technicians facilities management maintenance maintenance Spare parts packages Incident support Maintenance on demand Full service 7
  8. 8. RailcoverYour quick path to mobilityMake your business plans a reality. Whenever something happens, assistanceis quickly at hand – anywhere, anytime. Cutting-edge technology and sophisticatedcooperation among everyone involved minimize unscheduled downtimes. Rail Support Center Three paths to repair Rail Support Center Repair with remote diagnostics Diagnostic data is transferred by remote Rail Support Center data transmission Train crew describes the incident via phone Support and instructions from the Rail Support Center Train crew is able to resolve the situation Rail Support Center on-site repair by mobile technicians Data is transferred by remote data transmission Rail Support Center Train crew describes the incident via phone Mobile technicians are dispatched quickly with express delivery of spare parts, organized by the Rail Support Center Rail Support Center Repair or replacement of parts in the field Repair in a service facility Data is transferred by remote data transmission Rail Support Center Train crew describes the incident via phone Mobile technicians, the closest service facility and parts are dispatched quickly by the Rail Rail Support Center Support Center; if needed, we support the transferring of your locomotive Rail Support Center 9
  9. 9. overview of a service incident One call is all it takes: Locomotive facility Service experts will devise Logistics solutions for clearing the incident with the help of remote data transmission. Express Rail Support Center Rail Support Center Service facility Logistics Express Service facility Logistics Just in case: When a fault cannot be handled on site, mobile technicians, spare parts, and the closest Service facility service facility are immediately at your service. Express Rail Support Center Rail Support Center Service facility Spare part Logistics Rail Support Center Express Express Rail Support Center Service facility Everything is ready at the service facility: A professional, rapid repair can start immediately. Rail Support Center Spare part Express Rail Support Center Rail Support Center Full speed ahead: Vehicle mobility has been reestablished quickly. Documentation and invoicing will be handled promptly and transparently.Rail Support Center 10
  10. 10. Siemens AG Industry Sector Mobility Division Integrated Services Postfach 32 40 91050 Erlangen Deutschland service.mobility@siemens.com www.siemens.com/mobility/railcover © Siemens AG 2010 Printed in Germany HL 10055008 199840 WS 09101.0 Dispo 21704 c4bs 3902 Bestellnr.: A19100-V920-B120-X-7600 Railcover TM is a trademark of Siemens AG. The information in this document contains general descriptions of the technical options available, which do not always have to be present in individual cases. The required features should therefore be specified in each individual case at the time of closing the contract.www.siemens.com11