101 Ideas for Employee Referrals Rewards


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Find inspiration for your employee referral network with RolePoint's 101 Ideas for employee referral rewards.

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101 Ideas for Employee Referrals Rewards

  1. 101IDEAS
  2. ! The triggers that motivate your employees to engage in an Employee Referral Program are unique to every individual and workplace. There are a whole host of motivating factors which may effect your employee’s responsiveness to your company’s referral system. ! While some may be driven by financial rewards, the reward of social recognition may incline others. Even altruism may play a significant role in galvanising your employees to participate. Talent knows talent
  4. Motivate employees to refer by offering exciting micro rewards. ! These prizes can be used to reward both the act of referring and for successful hires. MICRO REWARDS
  5. #1. #2. #3. Spotify subscription Starbucks giftcard #4. #5. Breakfast for a week Kindle fire Gym membership
  6. #6. Tickets to an MLB game All access TV subscription to NBA season #7.
  7. #8. #9. #11. Movie tickets#10. #12. Personal day off Food tour Tickets to the theatre Target/Amazon/Walmart ! voucher
  8. #13. In house massage #14. #15. Bike tour Beats by Dre headphones
  9. iTunes giftcard #16. #17. Hotel giftcard Wholefoods giftcard#18. #19. Local coffee card CASE STUDY KPMG used micro-rewards like giftcards to increase participation in their referral program. By running these campaigns only in certain departments and locations they were able to stimulate engagement in hard-to-fill areas specifically. Check out our KPMG case study infographic here
  10. #20. Spa treatment#21. #22. Ferrari for a day $50 Shell gas card
  11. #23. #24. Graze box subscription Gourmet cookery course#25. #26. Netflix subscription Beers from a local micro brewery
  12. RAFFLE CAMPAIGNS Create a buzz around your referral rewards with exciting seasonal giveaways. ! Give away a raffle ticket for every qualified referral and do the drawing as part of an all- hands meeting. You can then use the story of the employee’s trip as content for your next campaign.
  13. #27. #29. Helicopter ride #30. Chauffeur for a day #28. Dinner cruise Weekend skiing
  14. #32. #31 Day at a race track Hot air balloon ride #33. Drawing classes
  15. #34. #35. Surf lessons Weekend away #36. Tickets to SXSW #37. Vespa #38. MacBook Air
  16. #39. Wine tasting #40. Bianchi Bicycle #41. Professional make over Appdynamics ran a raffle competition with a prize of a helicopter trip and wine tasting in Napa Valley. This gave them a great opportunity to create content around the winning employee to share with the rest of the organization and generated hires from entry to VP level. Check out our AppDynamics video case study here. CASE STUDY
  17. #42.Paragliding #43.Tickets to Coachella #44. Microsoft surface
  18. #45. #46. Tasting menu at an exclusive restaurant Round of golf at exclusive course #48. iPad mini #47. Bottle of Macallan whisky
  19. #49. Chocolatier course Wine club membership#50.
  20. CHARITY REWARDS Altruistic rewards can motivate employees who are driven by helping others. This may take the form of charity donations made in the name of the rewarded employee or through other creative ways of giving.
  21. Plant a tree with Plant a Billion #51. World vision micro loan Fairtrade hamper #52. Give a goat through Oxfam America #53. #54. #55. Buy a pair of Toms
  22. Adopt-a-rainforest with Rainforest Alliance #56. #57. #58. #59. Adopt a panda with WWF Feed a child for a year with Feed the Children Charity giftcard with! tisbest.org
  23. #60. Disaster relief Through the introduction of a 2 month charity donation campaign around the Philippines typhoon relief 2013, alongside their financial rewards, Informatica were able to triple participation in their employee referral program. Check out our Informatica case study here. CASE STUDY
  24. #61. #62. #63. #64. Donation in your name to St Jude Children’s Hospital Give to Wounded Warriors Project US National park pass Donate a mosquito net with Nothing But Nets
  25. #65. #66. #67. Housing costs for one Habitat for Humanity build Top referrer to choose company charity of the year Donation to Salvation Army foodbank #68. Donation to United Way
  26. #69. #70. Build a well with charity: water Donation towards research at the American Cancer Society
  27. SOCIAL REWARDS In many organizations social recognition can be a greater motivator than financial incentives. Simple recognition such as gratitude messages may be effective for employees who respond well to social motivation. Read on for more ideas.
  28. #71. #72. #73. #74. Thank you emails Recognition postcards Top referrer t-shirts Top referrer mug#75. Top referring department day out
  29. #76. #77. #78.Recognition in company newsletter Giant cheque Mention in staff meeting CASE STUDY KONE were able to use leaderboards of top referrers in different departments along with appreciation e- mails to engage 55% of their workforce in the referral program. Check out our KONE infographic case study here
  30. #79. #80. #81. #82. Company drinks celebrating top referrer Thank you gift on desk Training credits Leaderboard
  31. INTERNATIONAL REWARDS Global companies benefit from introducing rewards that resonate with employees in different geographic locations. ! It is also important to structure a reward system in consideration of local living costs. See the next few slides for some great international ideas.
  32. #83. #84. #85. Dinner at the Ritz, London Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge Skiing in St. Moritz, Switzerland CASE STUDY VCE were able to reflect the relevant rewards across 15 different countries in the local currency. Along with the opportunity to use international micro or raffle rewards to increase engagement in high growth geographies. Take a look at our VCE video case study here.
  33. #87. #88. #89. #86. Helicopter ride over New York Charter a junk boat in Hong Kong Dining at King’s Joy, Beijing Tickets to fashion week, Berlin, London, NYC, Milan or Paris
  34. Wine tasting in Stellenbosch Cape Town Dinner at Le Meurice, Paris Barchetto cruise in Florence, Italy #91. #92. #93. #90. Cocktails at Shiodome, Tokyo
  35. Microlight over Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro Private yacht charter in English Bay, Vancouver Breakfast at the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai #95. #96. #97. #94. Wimbledon tickets, United Kingdom
  36. #98. #99. Tickets to Verona Opera Amphitheatre, Italy #100. #101. Tickets for the ballet in St Petersburg Beer tasting, Bavaria Germany Night at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai
  37. Your referral rewards can be publicized effectively through email campaigns, highlighting the category of reward you are promoting.
  38. To hear more advice on how to enhance your employee referral program get in touch with our Head of Strategic Accounts Andrew Higashi ! andrew@rolepoint.com Take a look at our 2 minute overview featuring our clients Informatica, Appdynamics and DTS Please don’t hesitate to get in touch