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Gueguense comedy for teachers of english
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Gueguense comedy for teachers of english

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Oldest Central American comedy recognized as cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Oldest Central American comedy recognized as cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

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  • 1. Author of the English Version: Rolando Ernesto Tellez
  • 2. How to introduce local culture into ESL • How to present this master piece of our culture Güegüense to students of English?
  • 3. Ask your students to share what they know• The teacher ask how many students have read or seen the play in Diriamba, Ruben Dario theater, etc.• Let them talk about their experience as spectators or actors.• Did they understand the Spanish version?
  • 4. This play is funny when it is understood• The teacher should have read and understood the play before reading to students.• The script reading may be divided into different Sections, so that they can have time to practice with classmates and enjoy it.
  • 5. This play is funny when it is understood• Teacher may have students repeat when they don´t have the right entonation.• Students should have studied the unknown vocabulary before doing the reading.• Teacher could help them when they don´t know the meaning of words or expressions
  • 6. This play is funny when it is understood• Students should practice in groups. The more they rehearse, the more they enjoy it.• If there is a contest, students are usually motivated to perform better, including the miming.
  • 7. Questions for discussion (Critical Thinking)• Does the main character or Güegüense is an old man?• Do most Nicaraguans know this play?• Have you seen the performance at Rubén Darío theater?• What do you think of the language used in the play?• Is it worth promoting The Güegüense?
  • 8. More Questions• Would you like to be an actor and perform the play in English at the International Poetry Festival in Granada and at the Diriamba festivities next year?• If yes, get further information at e.tellez2@hotmail.com• Do you have a friend or relative abroad you would like to give this booklet?
  • 9. More Questions• Does the Güegüense represent the characteristics of many Latin Americans?• Does this comedy may be as famous as Romeo and Juliet?• Do you think people from other countries like this kind of street theater or play?• Should the Ministry of Education promote the Güegüense in English, and why?
  • 10. Get down to work• A lot of other ???? may be asked for discussion. Contact ebacca7@gmail.com• Now, you make groups of 6 students.• After modeling the pronunciation, have them practice in groups and then perform in front of the classroom.The best performers may even memorize the script.
  • 11. Where is the play?• This excellent play started more than 4 centuries ago, and it is still enjoyed.• The Güegüense is played successfully in the colonial city of Granada and Diriamba town.• It is available in PDF file, contact the author.Scholars and researchers in literature continue studying and appreciating the Güegüense at home and abroad.
  • 12. My Güegüe project• I want to train teachers, so that students of English enjoy and play this comedy. Also, Nicaraguans should talk about the importance of this typical play to people from other regions of the world.• Gueguense talks about corruption, bureaucracy, lies, power, money, human nature, using poetry and music.
  • 13. Presentation of the Play• Have them read and record their reading.• Show them the RD presentation.• Further work• What is the importance of Gueguense?• Are you interested in helping to promote the Gueguense on the Internet or somewhere else. If interested, write your email.
  • 14. Thank you very much• My email to get more information about Gueguense in English.• e.tellez2@hotmail.com• ebacca7@gmail.com