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Learn to speak, read and understand conversational spanish in a flash with rocket spanish
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Learn to speak, read and understand conversational spanish in a flash with rocket spanish




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  • 1. Learn Spanish Order Rocket Spanish Free Spanish Course Rocket Spanish ReviewsLearn Spanish Online with Rocket Spanish... Learn to Speak, Read and Understand Conversational Spanish in a Flash with Rocket Spanish! "Rocket Languages is our Editors Choice for language- learning." PC MAG 4.5 out of 5From: Mauricio Evlampieff, Creator of Rocket SpanishJanuary 13, 2013Dear Spanish LearnerHere at Rocket Spanish we want to get you speaking, reading and understandingSpanish in a fun way. So, whether you are learning Spanish for personaldevelopment,to talk to friends or family, or for that trip to Spain youve beenplanning, Rocket Spanish Premium is for you.Exactly how will Rocket Spanish help you speak and understand Spanish ina fun way?How We Get YOU Speaking Spanish...Its well known that the best way to learn is by doing.Well, Rocket Spanish Premium has 32 repeatable audio lessons, averaging 25minutes each, that prompt you to speak Spanish out loud.Using a scientific process called chunking, Rocket Spanish breaks down everyday Spanish conversations into small segments so your mind can more easilyabsorb and remember them. The chunking method means that youll be able towork on your Spanish accent in the privacy of your own home and overcomeyour fear of saying the wrong thing.
  • 2. And, because you can download all the audio lessons, you can use Rocket Spanishat the gym, in your car, on the subway during your daily commute, anywhereyour MP3 player goes!REMEMBER; Spanish-speaking people just love it when tourists and travelers speakSpanish to them!PLUS, You can Master Spanish Pronunciation withRocket Record!The amazing new Rocket Record is the voice comparison system from RocketSpanish. This fantastic feature will soon see you speaking Spanish just like anative!Check out this example... ¿De dóndeeres? Where are you from?Heres how it works... Step 1: Click on the Rocket Record icon and listen to the native host saying the word or phrase. Note that as they speak a voice map is created. Step 2: Click on the red button and record yourself saying the same word or phrase. Step 3: Repeat until you get your voice map to match that of your host...Its as simple as that. Three easy steps to perfect Spanish pronunciation!And our 24/7 support means that youll always be able to check that youve got itjust right…How We Get YOU Reading Spanish... Click to view larger image
  • 3. One of the keys to learning a new language is to know what it looks like onthe page.With Rocket Spanish Premium each audio lesson comes with a completetranscript of the conversation in Spanish and English, along with all the extravocabulary mentioned in the audio track, so that you can follow along with theaudio and get a real feel for how this beautiful language works.Another of the great features of Rocket Spanish Premium is a tool called MyVocab. My Vocab lets you focus on specific Spanish words and phrases andstore them for future reference. A lot of current Rocket Spanish Members useMy Vocab to jog their memory about certain Spanish words or phrases and keepa record of the vocabulary they need to work on.Plus we have the Rocket Spanish Premium Language lessons, which have tons ofSpanish words, phrases and sentences for you to read and learn, to increaseyour comprehension.And, if you really want to get your reading and writing skills rocketing ahead, MyCommunity, our 24/7 online space, is the place to do it. You can ask and answerquestions about your course and the Spanish language in general, any time youlike 24/7.How We Get YOU Understanding Spanish... Click to view larger imageAs I just mentioned, Rocket Spanish Premium has31 language lessons thatexplain just how Spanish works.Designed to make it as easy as possible to absorb the dos and donts of theSpanish language, these lessons include step-by-step explanations, extraSpanish vocabulary, and use the power of Rocket Record to make sure youalways know just what to say and exactly how to say it!
  • 4. Plus, we know that the key to understanding the Spanish language is to understandthe Spanish people!Thats why there is a Spanish culture lesson to go with each languagelesson. The culture lessons give you insights into a wide variety ofsituations youre likely to encounter in Latin America, such as travel tips, markets,Spanish food, sport, cinema, television, literature, traditions, legends, employment,holidays, and more...You can view all of the Language and Culture lessons online, print them ordownload to your computer as a PDF.The language and culture lessons will really give you an understanding ofwhat Spanish is all about!What About Fun? Click to view larger imageAny top "Learn Spanish" course is going to have hundreds of hours of Spanishlessons.Rocket Spanish Premium is different because weve designed our lessonsspecifically to be as much fun and as engaging as possible. Whats more withthe variety of lessons that we have you can easily pick and choose the lessonstyle that suits you and your learning ability.To help you feel successful, and achieve to your potential, weve included amotivation center, progress tracking, and a certification process. These features willgive you targets and goals to aim for, to keep you moving forward on yourSpanish learning journey.With our advanced learning techniques you can be learning Spanish 50%fasterthan with other courses!
  • 5. And Games Click to view larger image Click to view larger imageAt Rocket Spanish we know that sometimes the best way to learn is to switch ofthe lessons andhave some fun, and what could be more fun than playing a game?With the Rocket Spanish Language-Master Games you get to hear exactly howwords and phrases are supposed to sound. That means thatyour ear becomestuned to natural Spanish speech. And, because theres more than one speakersaying the words and phrases, your ears will quickly get better at hearing Spanishin thereal world.With the new Word-Master game you get to learn how the sounds made by theSpanish speakers translate into letters and words on the page. That means youllsoon be able to take that information away and apply it to other Spanishwords you hear and be able to write them too!The Phrase-Master game goes a step further, by teaching you how the wordsfit together to formulate practical Spanish phrases. Youll quickly noticethe patterns and conventions that apply when speaking and writing inSpanish, and be able to apply them to your regular Rocket Spanish learning.Two great ways to relax, have fun, and learn at the same time...
  • 6. Anything else? Click to view larger imageOnce you get started with Rocket Spanish youll find that learning Spanish willbecome a lifelong love, thats why your membership lasts for a lifetime. Thatsright, no fixed term, no renewal fee, once youre a member youre a memberfor life!One of the things Ive noticed about other language courses is that you usuallyhave to pay for updates. Now I just dont think thats fair. Thats why Ive madesure that every time we add a new feature all our members get it for free!Like... Rocket Record; the Rocket Spanish voice comparison system that quickly has you pronouncing Spanish words just like a native speaker! My Level; The Rocket Spanish self-rating system that lets you rate how well you know each lesson, decide when youre ready to move on, and when you still have more work to do! My Vocab; where you can create your own personal word list! My Notes; so you can follow-up on words you had difficulty with! 24/7 access to My Community; the online space where you can ask any question! And of course, the fantastic personalized dashboard that allows you to use Rocket Spanish the way that suits you best!As these amazing features were developed all were supplied FREE to ALL existingRocket Spanish Premium members!There is plenty more to like about Rocket Spanish Premium, but you really needtocheck it out for yourself!And dont forget, we have one of the best Customer Support teams in thebusiness!You can contact us any time 24/7 by email, by phone, through MyCommunity, or via our contact form, and well be right there to help you out.
  • 7. How do you get started with Rocket SpanishPremium?This is an interactive, computer based course, but I know that some of youreally like to have a product that you can hold in your hands. Thats why I madesure that one way you can get Rocket Spanish Premium is as a 20CDpack delivered to you just about anywhere in the world for just $299.95 withfree shipping.However...I figure that if youve made the decision to learn Spanish then you want to begetting on with it ASAP. Thats why Ive made sure that you can get instantonline access to the entire Rocket Spanish Premium package. You can be learningSpanish in as little as 5 minutes!That means no waiting for delivery, no shipping or handling costs, no risk of loss ordamage, and, best of all, significantly reduced impact on your wallet!You can get instant online access to Rocket SpanishPremium for just $299.95!$99.95 Thats less than half of the cost of the shippedCDs! A massive 67% off!!And for that you get everything you get with the shipped version apart fromthe actual CDs. You get all the lessons, games, vocab, support, and the guaranteethatyoull be thrilled with your decision.Once youve ordered by credit card or PayPal, well email you your receipt and yourlogin details, and youll be automatically sent to the Rocket Spanish Premiummembers area where youll be able to access all of the Rocket Spanish Premiummaterial instantly.You can be having fun learning to speak Spanish with me, Mauricio, in just a fewminutes!Take a look at just some of the reasons why thousands of people aroundthe world have chosen Rocket Spanish Premium! In a recent survey 97% of members said that Rocket Languages courses were value for moneyFeatures Rocket Competitor Competitor Competitor Spanish One Two ThreeAudio LessonsVoice ComparisoniPod/MP3 CompatibleVocabulary
  • 8. Listening ComprehensionConversation PracticeCulture LessonsGamesOnline QuizzesProgress TrackingLifetime AccessFree UpgradesPrice $99.95 $345.00 $219.00 $180.00And thats just the beginning...Aside from all the high quality educational content, and the ease of use, andthe fantastic use of technology... this course is Fun.Thats just what I aimed for when I started developing a Spanish course for newlanguage learners. I know what its like to be bored to tears in the quest for asecond language. The last thing I want is for that to happen to you. IMPORTANT SPECIAL OFFER! TODAY ONLY Buy Rocket Spanish Premium and get an exclusive Rocket Spanish Survival Kit worth $49.95, FREE with your order!And it gets better! Get instant online access to Rocket Spanish Premium for 67%OFF the shipped price today and youll also get a Rocket Spanish Survival Kit worth$49.95, absolutely FREE with your order!
  • 9. Increasing the number of Spanish words you know is always a fast way to boostyour confidence. Even if you dont know a complete sentence in Spanish, knowinga few essential words will help to get your point across.This tailor-made Survival Kit for new Rocket Spanish members is specially designedto be fun, flexible and easy to use. No boring vocabulary lists or heavyphrasebooks for you!Your Survival Kit is made up of 10 Rocket Spanish Vocab Sessions with interactiveaudio that focus on essential Spanish words and phrases and theirpronunciation.You can use them online, download them to your computer, or transfer them toyour iPod/mp3 player, so you can use them anywhere, anytime. All togetheryoull get 3.5 extra hours of top-quality Rocket Spanish interactive audio FREE! Want to know more about these 10 great ways to improve your Spanish for FREE? Vocab Session 1: Spanish Pronunciation Vocab Session 2: City Life Vocab Session 3: Food Vocab Session 4: Numbers (Basic) Vocab Session 5: Numbers (Advanced) Vocab Session 6: Clothing Vocab Session 7: Colors Vocab Session 8: The Body Vocab Session 9: Days of the week and more! Vocab Session 10: CountriesYoull also get the interactive Rocket Spanish MegaCards Game (Beginnerand Advanced versions)  –  a fun, interactive memory game you can play online totest your knowledge of over 300 essential Spanish words and phrases.
  • 10. If youre interested in purchasing just the Survival Kit, get it here.Thats a whole lot of fantastic Spanish language learning for an amazing low price! SPECIAL OFFER on Rocket Spanish Premium! Right now you can get this amazing course + the Survival Kit for a very special price! But only for the next 23 Hrs 58 Mins 50 SecsGet Instant Online Access to Rocket Spanish Premium plus a FREE Survival Kit! Thats Right! Buy Today and You Can... Learn Spanish at your own pace, anywhere, anytime Learn to speak Spanish confidently and naturally See how much your Spanish has improved in a short space of time For only $149.90 $99.95!
  • 11. Order the HARDCOPY 20-CD Pack for just $299.95 with FREE shipping If you choose this option, you will receive the 32 Rocket Spanish Premium Interactive Audio Lessons on CD. You will also receive instant online access to the full Rocket Spanish Premium course.Im sure that youll really enjoy Rocket Spanish Premium. Ive worked hard, andapplied all my experience and knowledge, to creating this top of the linecourse, which is also the most fun that you can have learning Spanish.You can email me anytime; Im really looking forward to hearing how youre gettingon with the course, and how well youre speaking Spanish.
  • 12. Adios,Mauricio EvlampieffRocket Spanish Premium Rocket Languages Success Stories Success Story: Wayne Cramer - Andean Aid Illinois, USA "Your lessons are interesting and practical, they cover a variety of actual situations I encounter" Full Success Story
  • 13. Success Story: Mark Taylor - Honduras Mission Trip Tennessee, U.S.A "Whether you are interested in learning Spanish for your job, to communicate with neighbors, or ifyou are planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, Rocket Spanish Premium program is a great place to get started." Full Success Story Success Story: Helen Creed Spain“Thanks to Rocket Spanish I now feel a lot more confident and therefore more relaxed around Spanish people.” Full Success Story Success Story: Joan Richards Costa Blanca, Spain" is a Spanish language course that you can adapt to your own way of learning and one that is fun and a bargain." Full Success Story Success Story: Keith Castleton U.S.A
  • 14. “Ive tried *competitor* and even considered purchasing their Spanish language software but Im glad that I found Rocket Spanish before spending hundreds of dollars on a less effective program.” Full Success Story Success Story: Marlene Desquitado USA“If ones goal is to learn to speak conversational Spanish this is the course to take; it is the best value for the money..” Full Success Story Success Story: Jon McDonald U.S.A “The lessons are easy to understand and supporting materials are very good for expanding depth of understanding.” Full Success Story Success Story: Daniel Garcia U.S.A “Ive used *competitor* and tried out *competitor*, and many others… but since using Rocket Spanish I have improved in my recognition of words and phrases.” Full Success Story
  • 15. Success Story: Karen Russo CT. U.S.A“I own a business in Mexico I started it a year ago…. I think Rocket Spanish is by far the best product out there -it is enjoyable to listen to and easy to follow.” Full Success Story Success Story: Pamela Matthews California, U.S.A “I have tried other programs and hands down Rocket Spanish is the best! After two months of listening to each lesson… I was able to communicate immediately in Argentina …” Full Success Story Success Story: Kris Hancock WI, U.S.A“I transferred all the lesson files to my MP3 player, plugged an adapter into my car radio and listened everyday on my way to and from school - I was hooked.” Full Success Story
  • 16. Success Story: Jim Rigdon Mission Trip, Mexico “After only 5 weeks, I am amazed at how much I have retained.” Full Success Story Success Story: Leslie Doucette U.S.A“Im just a beginner, but have learned a tremendous amount in a very short time. We are leaving forMexico in January and I can hardly wait to be able to converse with the Spanish people we have met over the years.” Full Success Story