Qg 2007 12 Gq Australia Media Kit 2007
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Qg 2007 12 Gq Australia Media Kit 2007






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Qg 2007 12 Gq Australia Media Kit 2007 Qg 2007 12 Gq Australia Media Kit 2007 Presentation Transcript

  • Media Kit and Reader Profile 2007 look sharp | live smart
  • w modern ma n's essenti al style Guide From ground-breaking features and celebrity interviews to technology, music, travel, fashion or politics, GQ australia informs, empowers and inspires. GQ has an audience of affluent, successful men who love style and design and who want to engage the world. look sharp | live smart
  • FreQuency: Qua rterly readership 44,000 distribution 50,784 (stand alone) GQ allows you to align yourself with a global brand and its pages contain both local and international content. portraying a luxury environment, GQ provides direct access to a quality, trend-savvy aB male readership that enjoys the finer things in life. *source: roy morgan readership survey, december 2006 look sharp | live smart
  • demoGr aphics & psychoGr a phics POPULATION GQ ALL - 44,000 Live in capital city 62% 77% AGe Average age 45 yrs 28 yrs MArITAL STATUS Single 41% 79% LIfeSTAGe Young singles 11% 41% SOcIO-ecONOMIc AB 20% 32% OccUPATION Professional or Manager 17% 28% White collar 20% 28% source: roy morgan readership survey, december 2006 look sharp | live smart
  • the GQ reader POPULATION GQ edUcATION Have diploma or degree 31% 47% HOUSeHOLd INcOMe Average $70,930 $105,890 vALUe SeGMeNT Young optimism 8% 38% Socially aware 14% 26% dIScreTIONArY exPeNdITUre Big spenders 33% 43% source: • roy morgan readership survey, december 2006 look sharp | live smart
  • GQ rea der proFile spendinG haBits readers of GQ are significantly more likely than the average australian to be deemed ‘big spenders’. With a high disposable income coupled with a desire to be stylish and fashionable, readers of GQ are discerning and pro-active big spenders on fashion, male grooming, technology, beverages, entertainment and other lifestyle products and services. male GroominG products readers of GQ are three times as likely than the population average to be men who have purchased facial moisturiser and fragrances over four times more likely to have purchased a facial toner within the last four months. GQ MeN’S STYLe rALPH MeN'S HeALTH cosmetics bought by men in the last six months INdex facial moisturiser - index to population 339 207 254 282 facial toner - index to population 453 280 309 270 fragrances Index to population 365 305 208 254 source: • roy morgan readership survey, december 2006 look sharp | live smart
  • Fashion, FootWea r & accessories 65% of GQ readers purchased clothing within the last four weeks – a greater proportion than that of readers of other men’s lifestyle magazines. these GQ readers spent an average of $268.80 on clothing within the last four weeks - higher than the population average of $156.94. GQ readers are also more likely to have purchased men’s footwear, sporting footwear and men's accessories than the population average. GQ readers are also 96% more likely to have bought watches or jewellery over this period. GQ MeN’S STYLe rALPH MeNS HeALTH Bought clothing last 4 weeks – index to population 116 108 93 103 Bought jewellery or watches in the last 4 weeks - index to population 196 148 97 136 source: • roy morgan readership survey, december 2006 look sharp | live smart
  • technoloGy readers of GQ embrace new technology. they are more likely than the population average to intend to buy a wide range of technology products within the next 12 months, including a plasma or lcd screen tv, a dvd player, an mp3 player, ipod, mobile phone, surround sound system, digital video camera and personal computer. they are also more likely than the population average to play computer and video games in their homes. GQ INTeNd TO BUY WITHIN NexT 12 MONTHS reAderS INdex Plasma or Lcd Screen Tv 355% dvd Player 198% MP3 Player 147% ipod 317% Surround sound System 278% digital video camera 138% Personal computer 137% Played computer games at home – last 3 months 108% Played video Games at home - last 3 months 222% Mobile Phone 212% source: • roy morgan readership survey, december 2006 look sharp | live smart
  • enterta inment, sports & leisure readers of GQ are significantly more likely than the population average to have been to the movies, bought a pre-recorded dvd and/or cd, and read a novel, and played a sport within the last three months. GQ reAderS INdex Saw a movie – last 3 months 163% Bought a pre-recorded dvd – last 3 months 145% Bought a pre-recorded cd – last 3 months 214% read a non-fiction - last 3months 150% read a novel – last 3 months 118% entertained friends/relatives – last 3 months 112% Played a sport – last 3 months 143% did some formal exercise - last 3 months (eg. gym, aerobics, running, cycling etc) 141% source: • roy morgan readership survey, december 2006 look sharp | live smart
  • u premium & imported Beer, taBle W ine, spirits & liQueurs GQ readers are significantly more likely than the population average to have consumed premium beer, imported beer, table wine, spirits and liqueurs within the last four weeks. GQ reAderS INdex TO POPULATION drank premium/imported beer – last 4 weeks 217% drank red wine – last 4 weeks 106% drank champagne or sparkling wine 164% drank spirits – last 4 weeks 163% drank liquerurs - last 4 weeks 222% drank white wine - last 4 weeks 106% source • roy morgan readership survey, december 2006 look sharp | live smart
  • a ir tr av el 56% of GQ readers travelled by air within australia over the last 12 months – 50% more likely than the population average. 42% readers of GQ travelled overseas by air within the last 12 months -2 times more likely than australian popluation average. GQ readers are 51% more likely then the average australian to have stayed at a 5 star resort or hotel on their last long trip. GQ reAderS INdex Travelled by air within Australia last 12 months 150% Travelled overseas by air in the last 12 months 215% Planning a long trip in the next 12 Months 139% Stayed at luxury hotel resort - last long trip 151% source: • roy morgan readership survey, december 2006 look sharp | live smart
  • r ates cASUAL 3x 6x 9x fULL PAGe cOLOUr $7,950 $7,550 $7,150 $6,750 dOUBLe PAGe SPreAd $15,690 $14,900 $14,120 $13,330 INSIde frONT cOver $18,562 $17,633 $16,705 $15,777 INSIde BAcK cOver $9,010 $8,560 $8,110 $7,660 OUTSIde BAcK cOver $12,000 $11,400 $10,800 $10,200 rATeS dO NOT INcLUde GST look sharp | live smart
  • dea dlines 2007/2008 ISSUe BOOKING MATerIAL ON SALe deAdLINe deAdLINe WINTer ’07 21 MAr 28 MAr 9 MAY SPrING ’07 20 jUN 27 jUN 1 AUG SUMMer ’07 15 AUG 22 AUG 26 SePT MeN Of THe YeAr 10 OcT 17 OcT 21 NOv vOL #1 ’08 5 dec 12 dec 20 feB vOL #2 ’08 20 feB 27 feB 2 APr vOL #3 ’08 23 APr 30 APr 4 jUN vOL #4 ’08 25 jUN 2 jUL 6 AUG vOL #5 ’08 20 AUG 27 AUG 1 OcT MeN Of THe YeAr 15 OcT 22 OcT 26 NOv AdverTISING cANceLLATION deAdLINe: 14 dAYS PrIOr TO BOOKING deAdLINe look sharp | live smart
  • contact deta ils national advertising manager anthony hennessy 180 Bourke road alexandria nsW 2015 tel (02) 9353 0900 Fax (02) 9353 6600 victorian advertising manager Jo constable level 5, 580 st kilda rd melbourne 3004 tel (03) 9539 6126 Fax (03) 9539 6166 Queensland advertising manager myles sharpe 26 chermside street newstead Queensland 4006 tel (07) 3620 2077 editor Grant pearce 180 Bourke road alexandria nsW 2015 tel (02) 9353 6624 Fax (02) 9353 6600 production manager michelle o’Brien 180 Bourke road alexandria nsW 2065 tel (02) 9353 6618 Fax (02) 9353 0221 For more information visit our website: www.fpcmagazines.com.au look sharp | live smart
  • mecha nical specs delivery address: fPc Living 180 Bourke road, Alexandria NSW 2015 attention: chrissy fragkakis Tel: (61 2) 9353 0678 fax: (61 2) 9353 0221 douBle-paGe spread Full paGe halF-paGe horiZontal Double-Page spreads are to be Bleed 303 x 226mm wide Bleed 154 x 226mm wide supplied as 2 single pages Trim 297 x 220mm wide Trim 148 x 220mm wide Type 277 x 200mm wide Type 128 x 200mm wide one-third -paGe one-third -paGe halF-paGe vertical vertical horiZontal Bleed 303 x 116mm wide Bleed 303 x 79mm wide Bleed 105 x 226mm wide Trim 297 x 110mm wide Trim 297 x 73mm wide Trim 99 x 220mm wide Type 277 x 90mm wide Type 277 x 53mm wide Bleed 79 x 200mm wide GateFold inside Flap GateFold outside GateFold spread Bleed 303 x 223mm wide Bleed 303 x 211mm wide Bleed 428 x 303mm wide Trim 297 x 217mm wide Trim 297 x 205mm wide Trim 422 x 297mm wide Type 275 x 197mm wide Type 275 x 185mm wide look sharp | live smart Type 402 x 277mm wide Gatefold spreads are to be supplied as DPS
  • reQuirements For suBmittinG advertisinG material to Fpc livinG • Fpc magazines only accepts advertising material via Quickcut, a service provider for electronic delivery of digital files. For more information regarding Quickcut, contact Quickcut on 02 9938 7500 (reception) or 02 9938 7599 (tech support), or visit www.quickcut.com.au • When supplying advertising material via Quickcut, please ensure that the cover date and magazine name is entered. this will assist in keeping track of your advertisement. • digital files will not be accepted via email or disk. colour prooFs • For accurate colour production, all advertising material must be accompanied by a 3dapv2 digital-approved proof, created from the supplied file at 100%. 3dapv1 proofs will be invalid after February 2006. • no responsibility will be taken for print colour reproduction when a 3dapv2 digital-approved proof is not supplied. • material supplied without a 3dapv2 digital-approved proof will be proofed by Fpc magazines at the advertiser’s expense. this proof will be supplied to our printers only. For more information regarding enquiries: advertising production co-ordinator: Bianca samaniego tel 02 9353 0170 email bsamaniego@fpc.com.au production manager: michelle o’Brien tel 02 9353 6618 email mobrien@fpc.com.au look sharp | live smart
  • recommendations File preparation Guidelines • pdF files are to be created in adobe acrobat distiller. • Fonts must be embedded into the pdF file. We do not accept true-type fonts. • register and trim marks must appear on all ads, located 5mm outside the trim area and a minimum of 4mm bleed on each page edge is required on all advertisements. • all colours are to be process cmyk breakdowns. • ensure white text/elements are set to knockout.coloured text with a black drop shadow should be set to knockout, otherwise the black drop shadow may overprint the coloured text. • all reverse type is to be no less than 10 points or made up of more than two colours. small type with fine serifs should be avoided. For white- reverse type we recommend 12 points as the minimum size. • no type is to be smaller than 8 points. • avoid running type across the gutter on double-page spreads. type must be designed to clear the spine by a minimum of 6mm each side of the spine (total 12mm). • When using solid black panels, printing 40-50% cyan under 100% black is recommended. • i is recommended that the total ink weight should be 300%. shadow to t be approx. 85k with cmy to fall proportionately behind this. disclaimer • While internal production processes may verify that material is within specifications, the onus is firmly on the client/agency to supply material within specifications. • it is also a requirement of our specifications that the advertising material be delivered on time so quality- checking procedures can take place. late material is liable to incur additional production charges. • Fpc magazines reserves the right to refuse any advertising material that does not meet our specifications. look sharp | live smart