Balloons tutorial by rokas petskevicius visualpelican


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Photoshop tutorial by Visual Pelican: Creating a photo manipulation with flying balloons in a giant room.

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Balloons tutorial by rokas petskevicius visualpelican

  1. 1. Photo manipulation tutorial byfor Photoshop CS6: Flying balloonsSome time ago I wrote an article on my blog about 10 tutorials any designer should know how to do.They inspired me to make this new tutorial about beautifull surrealistic ballons flying in the giantroom. So in this tutorial I will show a quick way to simulate that effect using only Photoshop and somebrushes.Final designBefore we get started, let’s take a look at the image we’ll be creating. Click the screenshot below to viewthe full-size image.Start: Step 1Create a new document and place the photo, you can download the one I used at: Room. Grab thecrop tool and rotate the image till it perfectly aligns to horizontal 0 degrees level. Crop some extracorners too.Step 2Place a balloons image in your document and rename it to balloon. The one I used in this tutorial canbe downloaded at this link.Step 3Use the Path Tool (P) and stroke all over the first (bigger) balloon. Than with the pen tool selectedpress right mouse button and choose “Make selection”. Make sure that the layer balloon is selectedand press ctrl + j (or cmd + j in mac) to crop out the balloon from the sky.Step 4With the cropped image layer selected create a layer mask (Layer>Layer Mask or a small icon inLayers panel). Then select the Brush Tool (B), with black for the color, and changing the brush sizedelete small sky areas around the bag and inside. Tip: white brush undoes what you had erased.Step 5Grab Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and select the balloon area as it shown in the picture. Once youdone duplicate it Layer>Duplicate Layer or just press ctrl + j. Change this layer blend mode to SoftLight and lower the opacity to 50%. Then create a new group, rename it to balloon and put all balloonrelated layers there.Step 6Select the burn tool and paint shadows as it shown with the black arrow. Then take a dodge tool andhighlight the illuminated spaces on the balloon (arrow white). Use 10% opacity soft brush settings.Step 7Grab the balloon copy layer from the group and put it on the top of all layers. Grab the Pen Tool (P)and trace the stroke aroud black balloon like you did before. Once you done, with Pen Tool selectedpress right mouse button and choose “Make selection”. Apply it with regular 0px settings. Press ctrl+ j to duplicate the selected area and rename the new layer to balloon 2. At this point you shouldhave cropped balloon from the sky.Step 8With the balloon layer selected grab the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and trace the selectionaround the balloon canvas. On the top of menu press Select>Transform selection and align a balloonto make it look as at 90 degrees. Press enter to apply selection. Duplicate the layer (ctrl +j). Grab theDodge Tool to draw highlights (O) and Burn Tool (O) for shadows. Smoothly draw as it shown withlines in the picture. Change the layer blend mode to Soft Light and lower the opacity to 55%.Step 9Add brightness, contrast and color filters from the Adjustments menu to the second balloon layerlike it shown in imagine. Values of Brightness: -30, Contrast: 10, Midtones: +7/-10/+12, Shadows:+16/-6/-10, Highlights: +11/+4/+7. TIP: in order to apply settings to concrete layer press alt + left mouseclick on the space between layers (marked as red)Step 10Create a new folder and new layer inside and rename both of them to “raw”. Grab the pencil tool andaplly 1pt white stoke settings to it. Don’t forget to turn off the fill settings. Slightly draw 2 nice ellip-sis from the one boarder to another. Once you done change line color to black and draw 2 sticks tohold up the raw.Step 11Create a new layer on the top of the others and rename it to lighting . Go to the top menu>Edit>Fill...and fill it with grey. Grab soft brush, and add extra highlights with color white and shadows withblack. Change layer bend mode to “soft light” to make it transparent.Step 12Select a Eliptical Marquee Tool (M). With the background layer selected draw big elipsis all over thedesign work . Select on top menu Selection>Transform Selection and then resize and rotate it untilthey will look as in the picture. It should. Press enter to apply the changes.Step 13without deselecting the previous selection, on the top of menu press Selection>Inverse. Once youdone, press command ctrl + j (cmd + j on Mac) to extract the selection from the image. SelectFilter>Blur>Gussian Blur” and put ~5 px for Radius. Change the layer name to ”sides”.Step 14We need the Cloud brushes that you can download at this link. Next we will create the folder andrename it to “Cloud”. Inside of it create 4 new layers and rename them to “Cloud 1,2...”. Then with theBrush Tool (B) selected, from the brush menu choose 4 different cloud brushes, and with white colordraw each of them to a new layer.Step 15Select the closest cloud layer and duplicate it (ctrl +j). Then select both layers and press ctrl + e tomarge them. On top menu press Filter>Blur>Gussian blur and set the value to ~5 px. This tweak willlet us to imitate a 3d effect. Select another cloud layer and drag it behind the balloon group.Step 16Select the lighting layer. Chose the white soft brush and draw some extra highlights to the clouds tomake more realistic lighting effect.Step 17Create new group and call it “Composition”. Put all layers there. Duplicate the group by pressingright mouse button on the Layer>Duplicate Group. Once you done select the new group and pressctrl + e to marge it.Step 18Select the “Composition copy” layer and on the top of menu select Filter>Stylize>Find Edges. Next,change the layer blend mode to multiply and lower the opacity to 30%.Step 19Open the composition group and duplicate balloons group. Like before, slect new balloon grouplayer and restarize it by clicking command ctrl + e. Go to top menu and press Filter>Stylize>Windand apply it with the basic settings. Lets add some blur to make it smoother. Press Filter>Blur> Gus-sian blur and put 4 px to the Radius. Here we are trying to achieve more realistic movement effectfor balloons.Step 20Select saturation filter in the Adjustments menu and put it on the top of the others. Set -20 values tosaturation and lightness.Step 21Grab the rounded Gradient Tool (G). Select the saturation filter mask. Choose black and white colorsin your Color Picker and drag with mouse from the middle to corner without realizing the button.Here we are trying to highlight the main object.