Why Karl Keeps his Shades On: Style and Social Media


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My panel at SXSW, entitled 'Why Karl Keeps his Shades On', which looks at how high fashion and the high street are finding their feet in social media, and how brands should be looking to the future.


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Why Karl Keeps his Shades On: Style and Social Media

  1. 1. Y K A R L K E E P S H IS S H A D E S S T YL E A N D S O C IA L M E D IA # S h a d e s On @R o is in t h e M ir r o r
  2. 2. # S h a d e s On
  3. 3. W h y a s k W h y K a r l K e e p s H is S ha d e s O n? # S h a d e s On
  4. 4. Where does fashion come from?Designers --->Style leaders ---> Journalists---> Bloggers--> High streetHow trends work?Launch--->worn by leaders--->remade by highstreet--->ubiquityAnd then...Played out OR Remains niche OR Hangs around due to ONLINE SOLIDARITY # S h a d e s On
  5. 5. nt, launching the trend into the social space.tly more acceptable and accessible, because theyre real people.ends. They remain the first face of fashion online, more than the desi # S h a d e s On
  6. 6. ally?b lo g g e r r e a lly m o r e p o w e r f u l t h a n a p r in t m e p r in t n o t g o in g t o g o w it h o u t a f ig h t ? # S h a d e s On
  7. 7. HE BATTLE OF THE BOBHope Glangloff # S h a d e s On
  8. 8. # S h a d e s On
  9. 9. # S h a d e s On
  10. 10. # S h a d e s On
  11. 11. tor since 1984, US editor of Vogue since 1987aia, who commented that she scares everybody.. But when she sees me, she is s # S h a d e s On
  12. 12. Tavi # S h a d e s On
  13. 13. # S h a d e s On
  14. 14. # S h a d e s On
  15. 15. SHIP:96,380 hits per day ookie.com, 168,383 per dayENCE: 4 years bloggingROWS: Dior CoutureAT)S: Rodarte, xoJane.com,girls the world over ISING: starred alongsideauper in a campaign forR: 50,534 followersy, blue, pink, red, blonde, currently no longer bobbed...# S h a d e s On
  16. 16. # S h a d e s On
  17. 17. Life-cycle of a Trend # S h a d e s On
  19. 19. unched July 2010o print, no commercial advertising ld mainly online through web boutiques Karmaloop and Revolve kes off in a big way on Lookbook, 1516 entries ature Lookbook users on homepage pular in blogosphere, becomes a wearable meme.ame one variety after blogger Pink Kitten, who owns 222 pairs of Litas # S h a d e s On
  20. 20. # S h a d e s On
  21. 21. # S h a d e s On
  22. 22. # S h a d e s On
  23. 23. # S h a d e s On
  24. 24. # S h a d e s On
  25. 25. Fashion and Social Experiments # S h a d e s On
  26. 26. UNIQLO Lucky Counter, September 2012, Dentsu Tokyo-personalised social sale -original take on Fast Fashion-won D&AD and Spikes Grand Prix # S h a d e s On
  27. 27. r , I t s R u t t i n g S e a s o n , A u t u m n 2 0 11, b y G u i d e d C # S h a d e s On
  28. 28. local bloggers // 12,300 Twitter followers // 53824 Facebook friends// During campaign, 1 million new Facebook fans, 10% rise in sales # S h a d e s On
  29. 29. Consumers and would-be consumersSocial network on own terms; augmented crowd sourcing with p7.5 million views in first year10% rise in sales during campaign, 50% increase by start of 20111,225,431 Facebook fans830,594 Twitter followersBurberry hailed as the first truly digital luxury brand
  30. 30. 2,760 Twitter followers -real-time representative -Tumblr grew out of Twitter followin
  31. 31. Lanvin Autumn 2011 Campaign, August # S h a d e s On
  32. 32. # S h a d e s On
  33. 33. # S h a d e s On
  34. 34. # S h a d e s On
  35. 35. # S h a d e s On
  36. 36. T H A N K YO U :) #S h a d e s O n@R o is in t h e M ir r o r