The Why Chai Campaign


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The Why Chai Campaign

  1. 1. The WHY CHAI Campaign An IMC plan for Tea Trove Integrated Media Communication PGP-19| MICA Akanksha Mittal Gaurav Dobhal Jayati Mitra Rohit Rohan Tarini Bandhu
  2. 2. Current Scenario
  3. 3. Current Scenario  With coffee tapping onto the pulse of the youth and being branded as the ultimate drink over which people bond , tea faces quite a challenge while targeting the same audience.  Coffee is synonymous with more than what is in the cup- it’s about friends hanging out together , about the incessant chatting with comes with it , or just the rejuvenating time spent with self.  There is a “cool” quotient attached to the idea of sipping hot coffee in winters or chugging down cold coffee in scorching heat.  With the marriage of chocolate and coffee , many sinfully tasty concoctions rule the bakery and the hearts of young students stealing some time to hang out with their friends.
  4. 4. Problem Analysis
  5. 5. Problem Analysis  Tea faces a dual problem- first , of being a the boring beverage of the “old” people and second, of being a mundane drink had at home.  Tea Trove currently competes with the same image as that of the popular coffee outlets.  The menu offerings , the ambience , the décor-all are very similar to the reigning categories of Barista , Café Coffee Day and Costa Coffee.  So , what is new in the offering?
  6. 6. Key Insights
  7. 7. Key Insights  In India, tea is a part of almost every relationship building process, and has been vastly portrayed in popular media as a beverage consumed during discussions.  Tea is perceived as a drink consumed at home, not a beverage that youngsters will order in food outlets.  Tea is perceived as a beverage consumed by older, more traditional people..  Tea is also seen as the drink of the intellectual and mature people.  The main competitor, café, is considered to be a hang-out zone for teenagers and young adults.  Coffee is gaining increasing acceptance among our TG due to its positioning as a youth-centric beverage.
  8. 8. Key Insights  The main allure of coffee outlets is that they are specifically designed to cater to the youth segment and are thus socially accepted as a popular choice for catching up with friends.  Teenagers and young adults prefer outlets which are group/couple friendly.  Youth more enthusiastic about discussion on current issues, philosophy, personal issues, politics, etc.  Our TG is very active on social and digital media and access a lot of information online.  Outlets which offer engaging and relevant activities are preferred over other outlets offering similar products.
  9. 9. Competitor Analysis
  10. 10. Competitor Analysis  Cafes   Have offerings in the form of hot and cold coffee based beverages, snacks and desserts  Casual seating environment   Cater to age group 15-40 Growing trend of coffee outlets in India Bakeries  Cater to age group 15-45  Have more offerings in snacks and desserts, less focus on beverages  Less focus on dining-in
  11. 11. Competitor Analysis  Restaurants   Have a large variety in terms of appetizers, main course, drinks, desserts, snacks, side dish, etc.   Cater to age group 20-60 Do not cater to teenagers Other tea outlets  Cater to age group 25-50  Have several offerings in tea, less variety in snacks and deserts  Not a well-established trend  Have a serious, intellectual and upscale positioning
  12. 12. Target Group
  13. 13. Target group  Students and young professionals in the age group 15-30  We will also cater to married couples in the age bracket 24-35 without children and tourists  Members of this market segment dine out frequently, approximately two times or more per week  Spend Rs. 200 or more per dining
  14. 14. The Approach
  15. 15. The Approach  Tea has an added advantage over coffee- it is deeply Indian and synonymous with warmth.  Every guest who comes to our homes is offered tea-tea breaks barriers.The youth enjoys diversity.  If one day they enjoy a slightly “english” set up and the kick of coffee through their system , the next day they will look for a different experience.  It is necessary to realize that tea has an appeal of its own.  If coffee is flirting with chocolate , chai can tease senses with its ultimate partner- the biskut Tea Trove can promise an experience- an experience of chai in desi style , with a dash of some Angrezí snacks for change in taste.  Afterall , the youth today is a cultural khichdi.
  16. 16. Marketing Idea
  17. 17. Marketing Idea  Marketing will focus on:   Promoting Tea Trove as the ultimate joint for sipping tea , where tea as a product is projected as differentiated and youthful. Tea trove will aim to promise an experience – with ek chamach cheeni and quick english bites. Communication objective:  To glamourize chai from being just a ghar ki daal for uncle-aunties to an excuse for getting together with friends and sipping through endless talks.
  18. 18. Marketing Strategies
  19. 19. In House  The interiors of the café should have a desi touch – chaarpai, cutlery (teapots), interior designing  Prof. Tealawney – A tea leaf reader could visit the café once a week  Invite school/college bands for gigs on weekends to keep them and their friends engaged  A small shaded sitting area outside the café - Tea Grove for those who prefer drinking their tea in the open  The café should hold Friday night Karaoke  There should be good visibility of the books and games in the café  A Photo booth should be present all the time – To encourage digital elements  An in house guitar for the visitors to keep them engaged with the café
  20. 20. In House  Offer new products in the menu – A couple of varieties of coffee  Offer complimentary biscuits and rusks with each cup of tea  During monsoons, we can offer pakodas and samosas – These products go well with tea  There are a lot of Sportspersons, leaders and authors who have slated quotes on tea.  We can use these in the café and net  Meri Chai – On special occasions, we can invite the young visitors to the kitchen to prepare their favorite tea.  This is primarily to promote the tea culture and give the customers a real time - with in the tea pot experience.
  21. 21. Branding  Cutlery and decoratives based on friendship theme  Testeamonials – Display the pictures and messages of loyal customers on a friendship wall (dedicated to friends)  Music – Acoustic/Piano/classical fusion (Goes with the target audience and product)  Not open 24*7 – We’re targeting youth and would like to encourage early risers (another tea concept)  Friends to change the world – Tea is an intellectuals drink, so we can have a discussion forum online about the most troubling issues and make the ideas visible on the digital platform
  22. 22. Branding  Continuing with the previous point, we can also promote the discussions in the café by having a circle seating arrangement (in the area suggested outside the cafe)  On friendship day, we can hold an unplugged acoustic concert (music competition), in a teams of 2. This again shall go with the theme and attract footfalls  Tea tasting at street theatre festivals in Delhi university and campus festivals  Tea-shirts to loyal drinkers (band performers - Branding)
  23. 23. Online  Make an interactive website/FB page – feedback and custom menu (new flavors founded by customers)  Add the café visitors on Facebook – Click pictures and tag them.  This should make the page more viral and enhance the reach  On the website – Post testimonials/daily pictures  We can launch a Chai why campaign on YouTube: People would be invited to upload videos of times when they dipped their fingers in their tea-cups
  24. 24. Media Mix
  25. 25. Media Mix  Majority of the promotion and visibility of the brand would be done on the digital platform since the target audience (youth in teenage and early twenties) share most of their time on social media  Promoting through BTL advertising as it is both appealing to the youth, as well as measurable  Leverage mobile media as instrumental component of the marketing campaign – Latest flavors/events communicated  Use print media – Promote through supplements such as Lifestyle (magazine), You & I, Teen Voices
  26. 26. Monitoring Progress
  27. 27. Monitoring Progress  Social media engagement will focus on providing an effective feedback mechanism.  The number of likes on the FB page , the comments exchanged etc would be indicative of the growing popularity of Tea Trove.  Currently, their social media presence is dismal- a mere 3000 likes with no more than 40 people talking about it.  This number should increase manifold post the launch of the Chai Why campaign.  Currently , they are not on Youtube.  With this campaign it will be launched on Youtube and by tracking the views , a good estimate of its visibility could be arrived at.
  28. 28. Monitoring Progress  Nothing works better amongst students than WOM  Given the revamping of the services offered , there is something new in the experience promised.  Tea Trove will be a success if it becomes the talking point.  Footfalls will be the ultimate test because they would show conversion to sales.  These should include both-the existing loyal customers, and the new target i.e. the young students.
  29. 29. The End