HP | Integrated Media Campaign


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HP | Integrated Media Campaign

  1. 1. IMC Rohit Rohan | MICA
  2. 2. Company overview
  3. 3. Hewlett Packard, known as HP electronics producer founded in 1939 company has gained prominence around the world major leader in the industry of electronics and technology in 2001 the company merged with Compaq forming HP Compaq • merger ensured efforts were made to further establish the brand as a leading company • done through aggressive marketing tactics via concepts of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) • • • • • Overview
  4. 4. HP’s IMC strategy
  5. 5. • HP invested several hundred million dollars in its first-ever global marketing campaign • The goal of the campaign was to grow a more profitable worldwide business • ..via introduction, support and marketing of innovative products, services and solutions that will deliver the absolute best customer experience in personal technology Strategy
  6. 6. Major communication message
  8. 8. Vertical integration
  9. 9. • Vertical Integration • level of coordination between communication objective, corporate objective and marketing objective • Corporate objective • Customer loyalty, profit, growth, market leadership, commitment to employees, leadership capabilities and global citizenship • Marketing objective • To increase market share, compete with Dell, target young generation • Communication objective • Focus on personal relationships to PC and show consumers the different tasks made possible by HP technology Objectives
  10. 10. • Synergy can be seen among these objectives • All advertisements were base on same theme • Celebrities from different field were talking about how HP PC and technology is part of their life • Faces were not shown in any of the commercials and focus was on different tasks that HP makes easy • It reinforced customer loyalty - the corporate objective • Advertisements in this campaign were appealing to young generation • Through social media viral effect HP reached new customers which were otherwise non-respondent to traditional media, thus increasing market share. Objectives
  11. 11. Horizontal integration
  12. 12. • Horizontal/functional Integration • fit of MarCom and business functions like operations and HRM • HP had strength in selling through retail stores in consumer segments rather than selling online which was Dell’s core competence • New campaign communicated that PC is a commodity which is close anyone’s personal life, it’s a part of life rather • It pushed customers to visit the nearest retail store to touch, feel and learn how HP technology can be useful t Objectives
  13. 13. Marketing mix integration
  14. 14. • Marketing mix integration • How well the promotion (with communication message) goes with the other 3 Ps of marketing mix • Although the general theme of the campaign was universal throughout the 100 countries where HP was doing business, some variation can be seen • For example in India ‘personal again campaign’ was supported by ‘Business is Personal Again’ campaign that targeted SMEs • Although the basic theme remained unchanged, local celebrities and eminent personalities were used for promotion in particular places Objectives
  15. 15. Communication mix integration
  16. 16. • Communications mix integration • Different communication tools portray a consistent message • Every channel used to communicate message delivered consistent message • TV commercials, internet promotion, PR program, newspaper, billboards, reality shows etc. • whichever medium was used in ‘personal Again’ campaign was complement to each other and had same tone/message Objectives
  17. 17. Creative integration
  18. 18. • Creative design integration • creative design is in accordance with the positioning of the product • With this new campaign HP wanted to acquire a trendier brand image • They wanted to target youth market and position itself as a consumer loyal company • “Personal again” campaign was very much on the line • It relied heavily on animations • Hand gestures were used to convey connectivity, assurance, and emotional connect • Celebrities shown in the commercial were those, who are followed by young generation Objectives
  19. 19. Communication channels
  20. 20. • Broadcast • Television • Print • Newspaper • Magazines • Internet • • • • Social Networking Sites Blogs Interactive websites Viral Video Media
  21. 21. • Online ads featuring celebrities • Adverts on websites such as • Yahoo, MTV, MySpace, MSN, Weather Channel, CIO, Forbes, Entrepreneur, InfoWorld, CNet • HP’s own interactive websites • www.meetordelete.com and www.fingerskilz.tv • Social networking and blog sites Direct response and interactive
  22. 22. • Outdoor • Billboard • Sponsorship • Celebrity endorsement Others
  23. 23. Key insights and highlights
  24. 24. • This HP campaign focused on the highly individual and personal relationship people have with their computers, unique to each user • Whether what they are creating is a spreadsheet or a work of art, HP’s goal was to make the personal computer a more powerful personal tool • HP’s aim was to drive its core concepts and ideas through all PSG communications around the world, including print, broadcast, online and outdoor advertising Insights and highlights
  25. 25. • For television and web, the company highlighted celebrities, noteworthy business people and other recognizable figures, and how their PCs are personal to them • At first, the viewer was to only see the achievers hands, and each personality was revealed by showing what types of things they do and have on their PCs • The company also joined with MTV’s college network, on the “Meet or Delete” series, which follows college students as they size each other up and decide if they’d like to meet, based solely on the contents of their hard drives Insights and highlights
  26. 26. • This meant that the company was going back to the marketing basics of USP, Positioning and Differentiation • There is ample scope for extending this positioning to all product ranges, new products and across segments • The campaign also gives the marketer an opportunity to experiment with the product, change its design and sometimes make mistakes all in the name of reinventing PC • With regard to the theme and its execution in Indian market, the ads were mainly targeted at the affluent middleclass tech savvy customers Insights and highlights
  27. 27. Challenges
  28. 28. • Extensive use of celebrity endorsement • by having a long term association with celebrities there is a risk that any indecent behaviour of celebrity may affect the company’s image • Company was over focused on advertising • under used other elements of communication mix like personal selling, sales promotion, PR • As the company grows in size and market share with huge number of customers, company also needs to address the retaining of existing customers Challenges
  29. 29. • As small and medium business sector is emerged very attractive segment company should try to acquire number of customers in this segment as in the last campaign some critics said that the campaign was more focused on consumer sector rather than SME and corporate • In the current era of globalisation the economies are interlinked and interdependent on each other • Due this globalisation where new markets are opening like India, China, Brazil the company must adopt the strategy according to the culture of these countries Challenges
  30. 30. Recommendations
  31. 31. • Use the multiband strategy in future to acquire the more shelf space and beat the competition • Use personal selling as tool to improve sales • Use combination of push and pull strategy • More emphasis on sales promotions in store • Use of PR to retain existing customer and maintain good relationship with stakeholders • Become more interactive with consumers through new media (develop message board and forums) • Focus on corporate advertising as well as consumer advertising • Continuous development of innovative new products Recommendations
  32. 32. • Integrate at Different Levels of management • Put 'integration' on the agenda for various types of management meetings • Horizontally - ensure that all managers, not just marketing managers understand the importance of a consistent message - whether on delivery trucks or product quality. • Advertising, PR, Sales Promotions staff are integrating their messages. Recommendations
  33. 33. • Wrap communications around the customer's buying process • Identify the stages they go through before, during and after a purchase • Select communication tools which are right for each stage • Develop a sequence of communications activities which help the customer to move easily through each stage • Build Relationships and Brand Values • All communications should help to develop stronger and stronger relationships with customers Recommendations
  34. 34. End of presentation