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Bio presentation

  1. 1.  Female foeticide is the act of aborting a foetus because it is female.  It has cultural connections with the dowry system that is ingrained in Indian culture, despite the fact that it has been prohibited since 1961, under The Dowry Prohibition Act.  Foetal sex is determined by prenatal diagnostic techniques.  Social discrimination against women and a preference for sons have been promoted.  Female foeticide has led to an increase in human trafficking.
  2. 2.  This process began in the early 1990s when ultrasound techniques gained widespread use in India. There was a tendency for families to continuously produce children until a male child was born.  This is reflected by literacy rates among women as well as economic participation, which are both particularly low in states where female foeticide is prominent and an unequal population ratio exists alongside.  The Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act was passed in 1994, making sexselective abortion illegal. However, the PCPNDT Act has been poorly enforced by authorities.
  3. 3.  In 2011, 15,000 Indian women were bought and sold as brides in areas where foeticide has led to a lack of women.  Today the number of girls is decreasing, one of the several side effects of this is that many boys don‟t get girls to marry with.  A woman is considered a financial obligation, as money spent on bringing her up, educating her, marrying her will not be repaid – as she will go to her husband‟s house after marriage, and the benefits of all that „investment‟ shall go to his family.  The girl shall take up her husband‟s surname.  Most prominent cause is the age-old dowry system.
  4. 4.  Although several acts have been passed to combat the situation, many of them are not enforced strongly enough.  India‟s prime minister acknowledges gendercide as a national shame, however, the police and judiciaries do not implement the law because they believe in the same thing.  Authorities often let the unlawful parents and doctors off with light punishment. “Female foeticide is a gruesome fact which is a big dark blot on the canvas of modern India.” - Aamir Khan( Satyameva Jayate ) "There is an urgent need for widespread public mobilisation aimed at gender sensitisation. We need to introspect on the sad decline in our moral values and reflect on how we can reset our moral compass.“ – Shri Pranab Mukherjee “When I hear about female foeticide, I am reminded of the story of 'The man in the tree'... the one who sawed off the branch he was sitting on.” - Farhan Akhtar( MARD )
  5. 5. Female foeticide, as disapproved by many, Is a shame to our entity, As murdering an unborn woman, Is neither an act of pride nor a fun activity. A humble request to sensitize upon this issue, And act upon it practically, Because it is a matter of great concern, When seen in figures and factually. These disheartening cases are increasing so much, That they can be observed in every public vicinity, I‟d like to convey this message to all those criminals, To at least give her a chance to spend a life of dignity!
  6. 6. Now I would request you to kindly take an oath/pledge with me.