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Practical tools to help you
streamline logistics, reduce costs
and make better decisions.

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  1. 1. FLEET OPTIMIZATION HANDBOOK A guide to optimizing your fleetCreating World-Leading Internet Experiences
  2. 2. GETTING MORE OUT OF YOUR MOBILE ASSETS5 Practical tools to help you streamline logistics, reduce costs and make better decisions. BUSINESS CASE RESOURCESYour mobile assets, most notably your vehicles, trailers, freight and evenemployees, are a significant investment for your company. Wireless tech-nology can help you get more out of this investment. 1In this e-book you’ll find advice, ideas and tools that can help you extendthe life of these assets, cut costs and give you real-time visibility into your 2operations, so you can make better, faster decisions.This practical resource is designed to help you build the business case forwireless technology. Use this guide as a workbook – take notes, share what 3you’ve learned with your colleagues and start getting more our out yourmobile assets today. 4 5 FLEET OPTIMIZATION HAND BOO K l 2 l
  3. 3. 1 FLEET OPTIMIZATION IQ QUIZ Fleet Optimization IQ Quiz FLEET OPTIMIZATION IQ QUIZOptimizing your fleet can have a measurable impact on your bottom line. Take this quiz and gauge your company’sDon’t assume you are getting the most out of your mobile assets. BUSINESS CASE RESOURCES fleet optimization IQ.Find out for sure. What’s Your Company’s Fleet Optimization IQ? CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE ONLINE QUIZ HAVEN’T THINKING ACTUALLY CONSIDERED ABOUT IT DID IT My business is using a GPS tracking solution on our vehicles and 1 assets. ❍ ❍ ❍ Our drivers are equipped with electronic tools to track their 2 hours of service (HOS) and vehicle inspections. ❍ ❍ ❍ We track fuel consumption by vehicle and actively monitor/ 3 improve driver routes. 5 ❍ ❍ ❍ We have implemented a driver behaviour monitoring program 4 to reduce poor driving habits (e.g. speeding, hard breaking and ❍ ❍ ❍ idling). We electronically monitor our engine diagnostics and automate 5 maintenance schedules. ❍ ❍ FLEET OPTIMIZATION HAND BOO K l 3 ❍l We use loss prevention tools that proactively deter theft or 6 provide alerts if back doors are opened or assets are moved. ❍ ❍ ❍
  4. 4. 2 WIRELESS TRANSPORTATION ECOSYSTEM Rocket Sti ck Rocket Sti ckTASKS Pickup Delivery Y Delivery RM D ELIVER CONFI X WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES THAT DRIVE SUCCESS Explore this interactive ecosystem to learn about the wireless technologies that are changing the transportation industry. Click on an image to learn about how these wireless technologies can help drive your business forward. FLEET OPTIMIZATION HAND BOO K l 4 l
  5. 5. 3 CALCULATING THE ROI OF WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY ROI TOOLS AND RESOURCESA discussion of the value of wireless technologies for your transport operationswould not be complete without exploring ROI. Take a look at these compelling INTERACTIVE Save Money with ROI Calculator Fleet Trackingstatistics from the Aberdeen Group†. Companies that adopt real-time, location-based fleet management solutions not only reduce overall operating expenses Find out how much Watch this video from more your fleet can be Mentor and discover howby an average of $1,100 per vehicle* per year, they also enjoy: optimized with this ROI you can save you money calculator from XATA . by reducing speed and13% CUT IN FUEL COSTS idling.27% RAISE IN DRIVER COMPLIANCE Managing Your Bottom Line Reducing Fuel Consumption25% INCREASE IN REGULATORY COMPLIANCE See how mobile fleet management solutions Find out how to reduce can impact your bottom fuel consumption with13% REDUCTION IN OVERTIME COSTS line with this video from this white paper from Mentor. Mentor.23% IMPROVEMENT IN SERVICE RESPONSE TIMES Telematics ROI27% IMPROVEMENT IN FLEET UTILIZATION Learn how much you can15% REDUCTION IN VEHICLE DOWNTIME reduce costs and improve productivity with this white paper from Web Tech Wireless.* 57% of best-in-class companies reduce operating costs per vehicle by an average of 10.4%. The survey revealed that the average operating costper mile was 33 cents, and the average miles driven per year were 33,243, resulting in a reduction of operating costs of ~$1,100 per vehicle.† Aberdeen Group Report Cited: Service on the Move: Driving Profitability via Fleet Management, March 2007 FLEET OPTIMIZATION HAND BOO K l 5 l
  6. 6. 4 PEER INSIGHTS SUCCESS STORIESSmart companies are investing inwireless transportation solutions to get CANADIAN COVENTRY HIGHWAYmuch needed visibility into their opera- FREIGHTWAYS CONNECTIONS TECHNICALtions and gain a competitive edge. Discover how Canadian See how Coventry Connec- Find out how much High- Freightways tracks and tions, a taxi fleet operator, way Technical Engineering manages its truck fleet, uses wireless POS to Services expects to saveWhether you run a trucking or logistics provides its line haul driv- reduce costs and provide a with its fleet management ers with electronic logs higher level of service to its solution while making surebusiness or manage a fleet, best and manages pickups and customers. its employees are safer.practices from other businesses can deliveries in real-time.help you build the business case andmotivate your leadership team to actnow. Pacific SAINT John WILCO Coach Lines TRANSIT CONTRACTORSLearn from your peers in these success Discover how Pacific Learn how Saint John Learn how Wilco Contrac-stories. Coach Lines uses wireless Transit tracks buses and tors Northwest tracks and technology to provide provides arrival times to its manages its mobile assets. differentiated customer riders on mobile devices, Discover how its manage- service, improve trans- the Web, and digital signs. ment team views asset portation service and cut details, pulls up performed costs. tasks, uploads photos and comments, and finds the location of specific assets. FLEET OPTIMIZATION HAND BOO K l 6 l
  7. 7. 5 TRANSPORT TECH CHECKLIST CHECKLIST5 TRANSPORT TECH CHECKLIST This checklist will help you plan and evaluate so that you make the right COMPLETE this CHECKLIST and GET A PERSONALIZED, decisions. Check the items that matter most to you. Then, click RESULTS PRINTABLE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY PRIORITY LIST. for your personalized, printable wireless technology priority list. CLICK HERE for THE inter active checklist FEATURE REQUIREMENTS SAFETY & SECURITY SUPPORT SOLUTION Driver behaviour monitoring (to Real-time visibility of vehicles and Cloud/web -based managed eliminate idling, speeding and assets solution (offers easy integration hard breaking) with little IT support) Alerts when unscheduled stops Route productivity / GPS Route are made or backdoors opened Fixed Solution (hardware and optimization software licenses that reside on a In-vehicle video surveillance, computer or fixed server) to ensure safety and seatbelt Dispatch capabilities compliance HARDWARE SOLUTION Fuel consumption monitoring Panic buttons Fixed in-vehicle hardware (with Support for sustainability/ GPS and mapping capabilities) Safety alerts for drivers environmental initiatives Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) which Accident prevention/reconstruction can move from vehicle to vehicle Signature or point-of-sale capabili- features ties and electronic invoicing Leverage existing mobile devices NETWORK REQUIREMENTS (smartphones/tablets) Diagnostics and maintenance scheduling Wireless Network (real FLEET OPTIMIZATION HAND BOO K time l 7 l routing, data and information Trailer tracking or inventory from any wireless device management Wi-Fi (upload information daily/
  8. 8. THE BUSINESS CASE IS CLEAR MORE TRANSPORT RESOURCES CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW FOR Business Advice,As seen in this guide, wireless technology can extend the life of your mobile Tools and Insightsassets, cut costs and give you real-time visibility into your operations, so youcan make better, faster decisions. So don’t delay. Use these practical resourcesto build your business case and start getting more out of your mobile assetstoday. BOOK AN ROGERS BUSINESS DATE APPOINTMENT TOOLSNeed help pulling it all together? Click here to contact Click here for more tools a Rogers Solution and advice that will helpTalk to an objective Rogers Solution Consultant who can help you narrow Consultant who can help you build your owndown your options and build the business case. you narrow down your knowledge base. options and build the business case for wirelessRogers has a proven track record, with over 10 years experience in the technology.transportation industry. We are experts in wireless transportation technologiesand work with a network of best-in-class technology partners who specializein your industry.™Rogers & Mobius Design are trademarks of Rogers Communications Inc. Other brand names & logos are trademarks of their respective owners.©2012. Rogers Communications Inc. FLEET OPTIMIZATION HAND BOO K l 8 l