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NFC Enabled Mobile Payments
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NFC Enabled Mobile Payments


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Rogers credential management service

Rogers credential management service

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • Canada is unique in the world in its “readiness to scale” with the most advanced contactless card issuance and acceptance ecosystem.25% of cards in circulation are contactlessApproaching 20% contactless terminalization
  • Transcript

    • 1. NFC Enabled Mobile PaymentsRogers Credential Management Service Make your phone … behave like a wallet
    • 2. More than Payments Payments Transactions Intelligence - Payment credentials - Non-payment credentials - Access - Ticketing - Govt. credentials - P2P - Mobile Point of Sale - Coupons - Mobile Remote Payments - Fraud, Risk & ID Services - Hyper Relevant LBS - Contextually targeted Ads 2012-2013 2013-2015 2013-2017 -1-
    • 3. Rogers Aligned with Market State Stabilize Technology Educate Ecosystem Grow Technology Develop Drive Consumer Business Usage Models Enhance Expand Support SaaS and Ecosystem Understand Operations Standards High Privacy Tech. Emerging Technology Business Definition Business Scale (’06-’10) (’09-’12) (’13->) Technology Trial -2- Commercialization
    • 4. Key Market Enablers are Falling into Place Consumers are increasingly becoming familiar and comfortable with contactless payments and NFC is an evolution of this trend All of the top 10 credit card issuers already Mass-merchant penetration of contactless- in-market with contactless cards enabled card readers is increasing NFC-enabled mobile phones arrived mid- Payments industry currently exploring re- 2011, prompted by ISIS regulation and Rogers is actively working to advance support for mobile payments Credential Management Service -3-
    • 5. Consumer Interest in Mobile Wallet Canadians continue to find the mobile wallet target audience concept appealing 100% • NFC will eventually become a standard feature interested in mobile wallet (7-10) on all smartphones. Adoption of NFC enabled devices will rise sharply after 2013 64% • Canadians ranked top 4 globally for VERY interested smartphone usage in mobile wallet (9-10) • 41% of Canadians have a smartphone 33% outstripping the worldwide average of 28%1 • 64% of Canadian Mobile Users are interested in mobile wallet.Source: Maritz Canada, February 2012 -4-
    • 6. Principles for Mobile Proximity Payments 1. Consumer-centric 2. Open and Inclusive 3. Focused on Security and Global Standards 4. Complimentary to Existing Issuer / Client Relationships 5. UICC as the Secure Element -5-
    • 7. NFC SIM as the Optimal Secure Element The UICC is the only secure element option that fulfills all stakeholder requirements for: • Best customer experience • Portability • Security • Scalability • Reliability • Cost-effectiveness -6-
    • 8. Consumer View of Mobile Proximity Payments Secure Element Mobile Wallet App Download of virtual Manager (SEM) Enables Allows customers to manage 1 credentials over the air to secure distribution and their credentials (e.g. add/ the UICC (SIM) management of delete, select default card, pay) credentials on the UICC (SIM) of Rogers NFC- enabled mobile phones Make your phone behave 2 like a card (e.g. NFC mobile proximity payments) -7-
    • 9. Multiple Aggregation Points for Issuers to Consider Credential Issuers Carrier Credential Secure Element Handset OEMs Aggregator Model Managers RIM Apple Option 1: Direct Connection(s) • UICC Android Windows Option 2: Aggregate Via RIM Option 3: Aggregate Via Apple • UICC Android Windows Option 4: Aggregate Via RIM Apple • UICC Android Windows -8-
    • 10. NFC Offers a Compelling Innovation Platform for Developers GLOBAL MOBILE COMMERCE ~ $1 T BY 2015 Mobile Send and receive Mobile Application Mobile Point-Of-Sale (Low- Coupons Money Purchases Value Payments) ($6.5 B)* (local/intl. remit.) ($9 B)*** ($100 B)**** ($1 T)** -9-*Source: *Juniper, July 2011, ** Source: GSMA 2010, *** Source: IHS Screen Digest Research, May 2011 (Global Market), **** Source: EDC Analysis (Canadian Market)
    • 11. • Thank You - 10 -