The return of evil pumpkin
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The return of evil pumpkin






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The return of evil pumpkin Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Evil Pumpkin, who you may remember from the 2011 Surfingdirt Pumpkin Carving Competition, had an even eviler twin brother... …who hated mountainboarders and cunningly camouflaged himself behind leaves with holes in them.
  • 2. Then, one day, some mountainboarders came to the woods to enjoy the leafy goodness and the evil pumpkin saw his chance. He quietly sneaked towards the mountainboarders...
  • 3. The Evil Pumpkin pounced on the innocent mountainboarders paralysing them with fear (not just making them smile with mild surprise).
  • 4. The Evil Pumpkin opened his evil mouth, exposing his evil fangs, and was just about to tear out the throat of the mountainboarder...
  • 5. …when the spirit of the freerider materialised with the axe of destiny and an ATBA-UK hoody. The spirit swung the axe at the Evil Pumpkin with no regard for health and safety procedures.
  • 6. The spirit landed the axe of destiny perfectly into the Evil Pumpkin’s head.
  • 7. The Evil Pumpkin fought back with all his evil might but in one fell swoop the spirit threw it to the ground, narrowly missing the Nompa.
  • 8. The Evil Pumpkin glared at the spirit of the freerider but the spirit mercilessly swung the axe of destiny again...
  • 9. RRRA AA GGHH H HHHH H ...and again...
  • 10. ...and again... RRRA AA GGHH H HHHH H
  • 11. RRRA AA GGHH H HHHH H ...until the Evil Pumpkin lay smashed on the ground and the axe of destiny dripped with pumpkin juice.
  • 12. RRRA AA GGHH H HHHH H The spirit held the remains of the Evil Pumpkin aloft and roared with victory.
  • 13. The End ...or is it...