Winning mind maps for authors and marketers


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Learn how mind maps can help you save time writing books, blog posts, and other content marketing and and personal branding activities.
The author of over 40 books, including the New York Times recommended bestseller, Looking Good in Print, Roger C. Parker has introduced authors around the world to mind mapping as a personal productivity tool.
Mind mapping can help authors at every writing step, including choosing a title, creating a table of contents, analyzing competing books, creating a daily writing plan, creating an editorial calendar for their blog, and locating potential marketing partners.
Roger C. Parker has been using and sharing mind mapping's benefits for for over ten years.
At Published and Profitable, Roger shares numerous mind map templates as well as interviews with lessons learned from interviewing over 500 published authors during the past decade.

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Winning mind maps for authors and marketers

  1. 1. Winning Mind Maps for Authors and Marketers Let Roger C. Parker show you how mind maps can multiply your writing productivity!
  2. 2. Why is mind mapping so important for authors? Changing perspective: Mind maps let you begin with a “big picture” view of the main sections of your book, then…
  3. 3. Switch to a detailed look at the chapters in each section
  4. 4. Then plan each chapter, which saves writing time later!
  5. 5. If desired, plan each chapter before you start to write
  6. 6. Other time-saving mind mapping features • • • • • • • Insert reminders Track your daily progress Indicate priorities Add Start Dates and Due Dates Use links to keep track of files Create a book launch plan Schedule your blog posts
  7. 7. Start with my award-winning mind map writer’s template! • Learn the story behind the winning map • Explore the mind map template with the Mindjet Viewer • Download the template and put the map to work helping you write your book
  8. 8. Free report & tips • Tens of thousands have downloaded my 4-page report • Includes bonus tips • Download it here
  9. 9. Recent guest posts and template resources • Mindjet Content Dashboard series • Learn how track experts, #hashtags and testimonials • How to track ideas before they disappear • Create a 3-step Blog Post Tracker • More content marketing ideas
  10. 10. 99 Questions to ask yourself before you start to write a book It’s like having the world’s greatest writing coach in the room with you! John Fox, author, The Marketing Playbook • Free step-by-step writer’s workbook • Download, print, and start planning your book’s success • Saves time and provides a fresh perspective
  11. 11. Let Roger C. Parker help you tap the power of mind mapping • Learn mind mapping from an author’s perspective • Author #Book Title Tweet and 40+ other books. • Resources, templates, training, and help planning and writing your book. • Client comments
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