How to Choose the Right Book Title


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Writing and publishing success begins by choosing the right title for your book. Bestselling nonfiction author shares 7 keys to choosing a title that will attract the right readers and set your book apart from the competition. Book titles play a major role attracting the right readers to your brand-building nonfiction book, lead-generating premium books, and online list-building premiums for content marketing.

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How to Choose the Right Book Title

  1. 1. R O 1 Roger C. Parker’s 7 Keys to Choosing the Right Book Title for Your Book Book marketing tips & examples from the $32 Million Author!Roger C. Parker 1
  2. 2. R O 2Why book titles matter Book marketing success begins with choosing the right title. The right book title: Instantly attracts your ideal readers Sells at a glance Sets your book apart Drives search engine traffic Book titles also create your brand… Your book title is the key to the long-term32 Million Dollar author profitability of products and services based onOver 1.6 million copies of your book.Roger C. Parker’s 40 bookshave been sold in over 30 I hope you enjoy the visual guide to book titlelanguages around the world. success on the following pages. Roger C. ParkerRoger C. Parker 2
  3. 3. R O 31. Make a promiseRoger C. Parker 3
  4. 4. R O 42. Target specific readersRoger C. Parker 4
  5. 5. 5You can target your title on…R O Age Attitudes Income Marital status Occupation Experience level Health status Resources Geographic regionRoger C. Parker 5
  6. 6. R O 63. Specific (numbers = credibility)Roger C. Parker 6
  7. 7. R O 74. Positioned (re: other books)Roger C. Parker 7
  8. 8. R O 85. Short title (long subtitle)Roger C. Parker 8
  9. 9. R O 96. Memorable (engaging)Roger C. Parker 9
  10. 10. R O 107. Always test your titles Pay-per-clickRoger C. Parker 10
  11. 11. R O 11Summary1. Promise. Offer a specific benefit.2. Target. Focus your title on your ideal readers.3. Specific. Provide details to support your offer and promised benefits.4. Position. Set your book apart from others.5. Short. Use a short title, longer subtitle.6. Memorable. Engage your reader’s curiosity.7. Test. Test your title before publication.Roger C. Parker 11
  12. 12. R O 12Quick, concise book title tips#BookTitleTweet: 140 Bite-Sized Tips for CompellingArticle, Book, and Event Titles. Get a fresh perspective on book title success. Order your copy of #BookTitleTweet today! Visit and choose either the print or Kindle version.Roger C. Parker 12
  13. 13. R O 13Agent recommended From Michael Larsen’s Foreword to #BookTitleTweet From my 30-year perspective as a literary agent, titles sell books. Getting a book picked-up is half the battle. Browsers look at books for just seconds; titles help determine if they’re going to read further. Roger’s excellent, easy-to-read ideas will help you come up with titles to excite agents, editors, booksellers, the media, and book buyers.About Michael LarsenMichael Larsen is a partner in Larsen-Pomada, Northern California’s oldest literaryagency,’s also the author of How to Write a Book Proposal and How to Get a Literary Agent,and co-author, with Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, and David Hancock, of GuerrillaMarketing for Writers: 101 Weapons for Selling Your Work.Roger C. Parker 13
  14. 14. R O 14More book title resources Ask me your questions about choosing the right book title Let me help you choose the right title for your brand-building book. I offer a variety of resources, including checklists, worksheets, and research recommendations for choosing titles for nonfiction and premium books. Contact Or, use my form, Get personalized helpExperienced book coach I also offer 1-on-1 book title coaching andPut my expertise to work consultation in an online, shared-screen webinarhelping you choose the right environment. Ask for title for your brand-building bookRoger C. Parker 14
  15. 15. R O 15 Thank you! Contact Roger@PublishedandProfitable.comRoger C. Parker 15