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  • 1. Web 2.0 and Social Media for BusinessChapter 7: Social Buzz and Viral Phenomena: Part B Roger McHaney, Kansas State University
  • 2. Alternate Social Media ApproachesWeb sites such as StumbleUpon and Reddit have become giants onthe Web. Both provide venues for finding and sharing interestingmaterial. For a business, this can mean publicity, new customers andfree exposure.
  • 3. StumbleUpon
  • 4. StumbleUponStumbleUpon is designed to help a user“discover new and interesting stuff onthe Web”Users provide basic information aboutlikes (a marketer‟s dream come true)and are given a journey to relevant Websites, videos, blogs, photos and othermaterialThe more other users like a page, thehigher it is rated and it is more likely to beviewed by more „Stumblers‟.User profiles become more specific andbetter tailored as they provide feedbackon pages
  • 5. StumbleUponStumbleUpon drives over 50percent of its traffic to the restof the WebOffers a great way to get peopleto link to a business site forcomments and to boostsubscriber numbersSurpassed 25th million click inAugust 2011Tracks over 3 million sites
  • 6. Business Use of StumbleUpon From: The Hatcher Group, 2008
  • 7. From: The Hatcher Group, 2008
  • 8. Paid Discovery at StumbleUpon
  • 9. RedditKnown for its openness and diverse user communityPremise: Users submit content (text-based posts, images, links or other items) Most posts are discussion related or controversial statements Users vote posts up or down Most popular posts reach the Reddit‟s front page Comments to the posts can also be voted up or down Web site divided into subject areas called subreddits Often used to raise public awareness regarding issues Often considered revolutionary Provides a platform for individuals to build a following Reddit users turned off by self-promotion
  • 10. Why Reddit?• Used by businesses to promote blog or other content• An article can be submitted and voted up resulting in even more readers• Reddit works best with well written informative content, particularly when it has a social conscience• Negative side: Reddit communities criticized for hive mindset and negative aspects of group interaction, crowd psychology and collective consciousness
  • 11. Why Reddit?• Unique• Interesting to businesses: Reaches engaged individuals• Users predisposed to leaving comments and participating in dialog
  • 12. Paid AdvertisingProvides paid advertising service. Allows business to reach those reading andposting in particular subreddit areas. Reddit ads also include comment threadswhere viewers can discuss the ad and the product being advertised.
  • 13. Reddit Business Hints
  • 14. More Reddit Business Hints
  • 15. Web 2.0 and SocialMedia for Business End of Chapter 7 Part B
  • 16. Slide Media from:Slides Prepared by Professor Roger McHaneyKansas State University PresenterMedia.comTwitter: @mchaney support@presentermedia.comBlog: http://mchaney.comEmail : 4416 S. Technology Dr Sioux Falls, SD 57106