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Published resume

  1. 1. Jane Doe 888 Memory Lane, Late City 3322 (222) 444-3333 OBJECTIVES To minister to the needs of people through a relational means that they may learn how to become emotionally and spiritually intelligent in their lives in turn establishing or/and improving their relationship with God. EDUCATION Southern Adventist University B.A. Theology, Minor in Family Studies Anticipated May 2015 EXPERIENCE 2013 – Present Life-Group Student Director |Southern Adventist University Learned experience: In this role, I am learning to minister to different types of personalities and the efficiency of running a small group. Oversee 10 female coaches Schedule 30 minute mentoring session A small group study session of one-hour Mentoring sessions with the head director 2012 - 2013 Life Group Coach | Southern Adventist University Learned experience: Through this position, the most important experience I learned is how to work with leaders that are not being paid. Responsibilities: • Oversee 3 volunteer life group coaches • Scheduled 30 minute mentoring session • One-hour small group Bible study once a week • Manage budget • Create spiritually challenging events for both the campus and my bible study • Provide for leaders’ spiritual well-being and motivation Summers Andrews University DLIT Moodle Computer Service Support 2011-2013 Learned experience: It was here that I really learned how to teach others with patience. I worked hand in hand with teachers showing them how to use their grading program and better enable them to teach their material through Moodle, the education software. Responsibilities: • Computer Coding for online classes • Conduct teaching seminars for Andrews University Professors • Phone support for Moodle Support • Edit Moodle online courses
  2. 2. Jane Doe 2011-2012 Admissions Service Support| Admissions, Southern Adventist University Learned experience: I learned how to be an effective listener with frustrated parents, students, and faculty. It was a great experience, teaching me how to be a peacemaker between Southern and frustrated customers. Responsibilities: • Run 1-800-SOUTHERN • Assist customers with financial aid information  Record transcripts and applications  Participate in tours for Preview Southern CHURCH EXPERIENCE • Conducted Bible Studies with Pastor Litchfield in effort to reach Collegedale Academy Students and Spaulding Elementary Students • Participation in Externship program in Collegedale Church and currently Hamilton Community Church  Working with Hamilton Community Church in Evangelistic Series “Son of Man” • Member of the Renewal Service Coordinating team for the Collegedale Church • Currently working with Pastor Verrill in Children’s Ministries in the Collegedale Church • Assisted in the Fountain Sabbath School CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS, AFFILIATIONS • Cooking Club  Latin American Club  Naked Voices Acapella club • ICantori Select Tour Choir Ensemble • Football Intramurals co-captain • Basketball Intramurals team captain • Softball Intramurals team captain SKILLS I have learned the value of hard work and professional excellency through my job as a custodial worker in the Washington Conference Administrative Building. I have learned to work with young people through small groups and a VBS Fiji mission trip. I have been equipped to work with families through my Family Studies minor and have created a Family Education Program called Latino Fathers in Redefined Machismo to encourage immigrated fathers to have a nurturing relationship with their children. I speak Spanish and English. I am skilled in piano, guitar, voice, and ukulele instruments. I enjoy and have learned to present well through devotional talks, as well as youth programs. REFERENCES Dr. Paul Gary, Southern Adventist University Professor (777) 333-0000 Dr. Alice May, Conference Leader of Seventh-day Adventist, Pastor Tom Deer, Ministerial Worker of Seventh-day Adventist (999) 555-8888 Dr. John Doe, Southern Adventist University (333) 777-2222